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What is the best Reborn doll?

Many girls love to play with baby dolls to feed them, dress them and even bathe them, but when it comes to Reborn dolls, the enjoyment is greater due to the realistic features that these dolls have. If you still don’t know them well, here we show you a selection with the best Reborn dolls of 2022 so you can see options if you are looking for an original gift.

1. Nines Artesanals d’Onil 1035 Reborn Doll Girls

Precautions: This toy is appropriate for children over 3 years old.

Main Characteristics: Tita is a 100% Spanish handmade doll that stands out for having very realistic features, details that have been taken care of to give it the finish it has. The plump, flushed cheeks, the expression in the eyes, and the softness of the hair are some of the resemblances this doll bears to a real baby. It also includes a bottle, diaper, blanket, a pacifier and a plush rabbit. On the other hand, she comes dressed in a delicate set of wool, pants and tights, as well as some very nice boots to complement her outfit.

Functionality: The doll has a soft and articulated body to give more realism to imaginative games. It also has a very pleasant smell, which users define as the particular scent of a baby. Its size of 48 cm and weight of 1.5 Kg favor the features of the doll.

Educational Value: With this toy the imagination of the little ones and the sense of affection are developed, being a special gift for birthdays or other commemorative occasions.

Maintenance: Contact with water should be avoided so as not to damage your paint.

New Edition: There are 5 more versions of this doll: with pigtails, with pajamas, dressed with a border, dressed with specks and with a gift elf. In addition, the manufacturer has been a specialist for more than 30 years in the design of reborn dolls, so it has a wide catalog of toys, clothing and accessories in this category.

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2. Mary Jesus Baby Reborn Simulation 1496

Precautions: This doll is specially designed for girls over 3 years old, so adults should prevent it from being manipulated by the little ones.

Main features: If you are looking for the perfect gift for your daughter this Christmas 2022, you could consider this doll made in Spain with high quality standards. It is a Reborn baby girl with realistic details that resembles the appearance of a newborn baby. She has a soft and cuddly body, rosy cheeks, hair, eyelashes, and her eyes are open. She also has various accessories: a white cushion decorated with pink pom-poms, a wooden pacifier with its respective clip and a woolen outfit that includes a hat, coat and pants with foot covers.

Functionality: The doll is presented in a Premium box, which you can use as her bed or as decoration. Similarly, its size of 45 cm, its weight of only 1.38 kilos and its soft and smooth body to the touch favor that it can be easily manipulated by girls.

Educational value: This is one of the most attractive newborn baby dolls on our list, so little ones will be happy to play mother and recreate stories with their imaginations.

Maintenance: It is not advisable to wet the body of the doll, as it could deteriorate and reduce its useful life, so care must be taken not to spill liquids on it.

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3. Ziyiui Soft Silicone Vinyl Reborn Baby Doll

Precautions: This toy is indicated for ages 3 and up, according to SAFE ASTM F963 and EN71 safety standards.

Main Characteristics: The craftsmanship can be seen in every facial detail of this doll, from its hand-painted eyes to the mohair hair implanted fiber by fiber to give that effect of sparse wavy hair as if it were a real baby; In addition to many other aspects that make this reborn doll stand out. The cotton body provides softness to carry the doll like a baby, while its arms and legs made of silicone vinyl maintain a very realistic appearance. In the same way, the mobile extremities allow to change the position of the doll easily.

Functionality: Children will be able to lie down and sit the doll, keeping it in the desired position. In addition, it comes with a magnetic pacifier that works well, as well as a set of clothes and a teddy bear. It should be noted that the doll’s eyes are acrylic and have a very natural shiny finish. It is all these elements that make the doll more attractive for both girls and adults who are dedicated to collecting these toys, so it is an interesting purchase that you can make completely online and start your own collection.

Educational Value: With this toy the child’s imagination, imitation games and family dynamics are stimulated, among other social skills.

Maintenance: The doll cannot enter the water and care must be taken not to stain its skin because it could be permanently damaged.

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4. Arias Reborn Dolls Pink Doll with Blanket

Precautions: This toy is designed for children over 3 years of age and adult supervision is advised during use.

Main Characteristics: Arias dolls is a brand specialized in reborn dolls and that has established itself in the market due to the realism of its pieces. In this sense, the 61-98020 model measures 45 cm and weighs approximately 2.5 kg. In addition, the details of the expression lines and the finish of the eyes are very similar to those of a real baby.

For its part, the soft body is soft, while the legs, arms and head are made of vinyl. The doll comes dressed in a cute pink and white outfit, accompanied by a pink blanket as well.

Functionality: This toy comes in a nice box, being a suitable presentation if you have the idea of ​​giving it as a gift. She also includes a magnetic pacifier and her arms and legs can move to change the doll’s pose. On the other hand, it includes a family book to write the baby’s data, as well as a certificate of authenticity that guarantees that it is an original Arias doll.

Educational Value: Affection, socialization and responsibility are some of the values ​​that are encouraged with the use of this toy in children, since its realistic details make the little ones play with it as if it were a real baby. caring for him and protecting him.

Maintenance: This doll cannot be immersed in water and its face cannot be painted.

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5. JIZHI Reborn Dolls

Precautions: This doll complies with CE and EN71 safety standards. However, the manufacturer advises its use for girls over 3 years of age, since the included accessory set contains small parts.

Main Features: This Reborn could be a pleasant surprise for any girl, regardless of whether it is a birthday or a Christmas holiday. It is a realistic doll that measures 43 cm, has hand-painted hair and eyebrows. It also has a body filled with PP cotton, which provides softness to the touch. Also, his head, hands and feet are made of vinyl, with wrinkles on the skin similar to those of a newborn. In addition, it includes a set of accessories that complement the play experience: feeding kit, magnetic pacifier, clothing set, rattle, hairbrush, headband and birth certificate.

Functionality: The doll comes with her eyes closed and, to sleep peacefully, the girl can put her thumb in her mouth. Also, thanks to her flexible arms and legs, she can lie on her side or back with ease. Likewise, she can be dressed in the clothes that are included or, if you prefer, you can buy her a separate outfit that could be size 0 to 3 months of age.

Educational value: It is a doll that encourages role-playing, improves communication, imagination and fantasy.

Maintenance: You should avoid exposing this toy to direct sunlight or high temperatures. It is also advisable to gently clean your arms, legs and head.

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6. Maide Doll Reborn Vinyl Baby Dolls

Precautions: It is a product suitable for children over 3 years of age that has different safety certifications.

Main Features: The craftsmanship of this toy is evident in all the details and finishes that increase its realism. The skin, for example, has been painted entirely by hand to give it a more natural color, as well as the folds typical of a baby’s body. In the face we can see flushed cheeks and a high level of realism in the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows.

As for the clothes, the doll is dressed in a set of white bodysuit and pink pants. The body has a cute bear print that matches the doll’s hat.

Functionality: The soft body of this toy has the approximate dimensions and weight of a newborn baby for added realism. In addition, you can sit and change the position of the arms or legs to simulate different postures. It also includes a magnetic pacifier that sticks to the doll’s mouth.

Educational Value: Social interaction is developed with this type of toys because it teaches children empathy, creative thinking and can even be a mechanism for their linguistic and intellectual development.

Maintenance: Care should be taken not to paint near the toy or get it wet, as this will damage its hand-made finishes and affect the face paint.

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7. Scnbom Bebes Reborn boy

Precautions: It is a product that fully complies with the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71. However, to prevent any inconvenience of use, it is best for girls over 36 months of age.

Main features: It is a Reborn baby who comes dressed in an outfit that identifies him as a child. His head, arms and legs are made of soft silicone, while his body has fabric with cotton padding, which provides a pleasant soft sensation to the touch. He has his eyes open and features of a smiling child. He also includes a complete outfit: a pajama set with a hat and socks, a magnetic pacifier and a matching baby bottle in blue. In addition, he has a birth certificate and an attractive gift box.

Functionality: This Reborn is sized for a real baby, measuring 55cm and weighing 1.2kg, making it suitable for wearing newborn clothes. Likewise, it is made of toxic-free materials and both its legs and arms can be moved up and down. In addition, the doll can sit and lie down.

Educational value: With this toy baby, the little ones in the house will be able to play to practice the care that a child needs. It also encourages imagination and creativity.

Maintenance: Since it is a toy that cannot be eaten, parents should guide the girls to prevent them from wetting or dirtying the doll with food.

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8. Zely Reborn Baby Dolls Silicone

Precautions: Not suitable for children under 36 months or 3 years.

Main Characteristics: This reborn with closed eyes is ideal to complete a collection of dolls of this style because it is a highly sought-after piece, since babies with open eyes are easier to obtain. Therefore, the details of this model allow us to appreciate the delicate work done by artisans who have taken care of how to recreate facial expressions, skin color and even the blush of the cheeks to increase its realism.

As for the clothes, this doll comes with a pink open-toed romper with polka dots and the embroidery of a playful monkey on the front and back. It also includes a pacifier and a bottle to complement it.

Functionality: With the Zely reborn doll you can play in different ways, simulating that it is a sleeping baby. His legs and arms can be repositioned to simulate various poses. Plus, his hair can be washed, styled and cut to change the doll’s look.

Educational Value: The use of this toy allows boys and girls alike to develop their social skills, emotional intelligence and creative thinking. Representation and imagination games are promoted.

Maintenance: It is not recommended to immerse the doll’s body in water or stain its face.

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9. Ziyiui Reborn Babies Sleeping Look Handmade

Precautions: The manufacturer recommends this toy for children over 3 years of age.

Main Characteristics: Ziyiui presents this new reborn doll with a sleepy look that stands out for the color of her skin, the details of her eyelashes and the redness of her nails that favor her natural appearance. Therefore, many people often confuse the toy with a real baby.

In the same sense, the doll’s hair has been implanted by hand using mohair fibers, achieving a very natural effect due to its softness. On the other hand, the fabric body of the toy has a weight similar to that of a baby, but it is manageable so that children over 3 years of age can play with it without any problem. As for the limbs, these are made of silicone vinyl, so they maintain a natural texture, in addition to being able to adjust to different positions.

Functionality: The Ziyiui doll is a good deal to buy as a gift because it includes various accessories such as a bottle, a magnetic pacifier, a birth certificate and another of authenticity. This doll can be changed from her original outfit because she can use the 0-3 month baby clothes and the specialized accessories for reborn toys that you can buy separately.

Educational Value: Children can pretend to care for a real sleeping baby, so they can practice their social skills and even reinforce family dynamics by caring for the doll as their parents care for them.

Maintenance: Avoid throwing the doll or hitting it against surfaces and sharp objects. It should also not be immersed in water or painted on its body.

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10. Hryeoy Reborn Girl Dolls Toddlers

Precautions: Its use is recommended for children over 3 years of age.

Main Characteristics: For those who already have several reborn babies, the version of Toddlers dolls that represent girls older than babies with their main characteristics such as hair, hairstyle and clothes typical of little ones 2 to 3 years old is a novelty.

In the case of this Hryeoy doll, we can highlight the natural appearance determined by her brown hair with two pigtails and dressed in a very cute panda outfit. Meanwhile, the acrylic eyes and hand-implanted eyelashes also add to the realism, so you can appreciate the quality of craftsmanship put into this toy. As accessories, this doll includes a magnetic pacifier, a bottle and a certificate of authenticity that guarantees its origin.

Functionality: There are many pretend and imitation games that children can do with this doll. Also, due to its high degree of realism, it has been used in television programs, short films and other entertainment programs as a double for real children. On the other hand, these types of dolls have become highly sought-after collector’s items by reborn doll enthusiasts.

Educational Value: Imagination, affection and development of social skills are some of the educational values ​​that this toy cultivates in children.

Maintenance: This doll cannot be immersed in water and care must be taken when changing clothes or combing her hair.

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