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Main advantage:

This product, more than a purchase, is a true investment for all lovers of scale models, since the set offers an exact replica, with a series of details and full color of the 1960 Volkswagen Beetle.

Main disadvantage:

There are those who comment as something negative about the absence of a glass box, in which the model can be stored once the assembly is finished, in order to protect it from dirt.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With this Lego Creator set you will exercise your motor skills, dexterity and ability to concentrate, having to assemble a total of 1167 pieces, which make up this beetle or Volkswagen Beetle.

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Main Features Explained

collector’s item

As is known, Lego not only develops sets of blocks for the little ones in the house, but they also have many products aimed at those who enjoy assembling scale structures.

This Lego 10252 set is a good example of that. It is the Volkswagen Beetle, a classic car from the 60s, for which a total of 1167 small parts are available. The structure offers a large number of exterior details: bumpers, tires, rims, headlights and rear-view mirrors. 

Similarly, opening the hood will highlight the gas tank next to a spare wheel, while in the rear area is the four-cylinder engine. Also, it is possible to open the doors and remove the roof to access the interior. In short, it consists of a collection set valued by many as the best Lego Creator.

Accessories and mobility

With this Legos Creator set, the emblematic car of the 60s, the Volkswagen Beetle, also called a beetle, is recalled. A means of transport in which young people traveled the roads to get to the beach and enjoy pleasant afternoons.

According to the opinions of the buyers, this set of blocks has a series of elements to create a fairly real scale model with mobility in some of its parts.

For example, there is the opening and closing of the side doors, hood and trunk, designed to access the interior of the car and engine. Likewise, the reclining seats allow a complete visualization of the dashboard.

In addition, a removable base with a surfboard and a cooler stands out on the upper area of ​​the car. Both characteristic pieces of this Volkswagen, due to the beach boom of the time.

Assembly and acquired values

Lego 10252 is a scale model of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, which can be purchased at a competitive price and whose assembly, according to the manufacturer, is aimed at people over 16 years of age. This is because it is a construction set with a large number of very small pieces that, in the hands of children, could cause choking. Also, the car has a bit complex assembly, because it is an almost exact replica and, therefore, there are many details on the exterior and interior.

Regarding the acquired values, it is interesting to comment that regardless of age, Lego Creator 10252 develops fine motor skills in the hands and fingers when adjusting the blocks. Likewise, patience in the individual and concentration are encouraged.

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