Reviews about LEGO 60198

Main advantage

With the Lego City freight train, children can have fun and learn while they play, being aware of how a freight train terminal works and the loading and unloading tasks.

Main disadvantage: 

This is one of the higher priced Lego City sets, which can be a problem for some users. However, it is a very complete set that everyone will love.

Verdict: 9.5/10 

It could be the ideal gift for train lovers as they can play and have fun loading and unloading a freight train or building new tracks.

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Main Features Explained


This could be the best Lego City set for those users who are looking to complete their Lego City collection. The freight train could be a great complement to the rest of the buildings in the city, since it can be combined with other sets such as the train station, the police station or the fire station, in this way, it is possible to find new stories for children to enjoy to the fullest.

In particular, the freight train can be combined with the freight terminal to get the most out of it. The train contains a large number of tracks with which you can complete the terminal set and create a route for the train, which crosses your Lego city to deliver the goods wherever they are needed.

design and accessories

According to the opinions of the users, the design of the train and the rest of the vehicles is very attractive. The locomotive is green and white in color and has all the details you would expect from such a vehicle, with two driver’s cabins accessed through the roof, catenaries and storage space. At the same time, the train works with a Bluetooth remote control and has 10 speeds that are controlled from its remote control.

It also includes 6 Lego figures, four train workers, with all the details such as safety helmets and reflective vests, as well as a security agent who watches over the train goods and a thief, ready to steal the 12 gold bars that are included among the accessories.

Among the details that are part of the Lego City set, the user will also find 4 train tickets, 2 pallets to transport the goods, 3 trunks that you can carry from one place to another and a snowmobile for the watchman or the thief.

educational value

All Lego sets are designed to offer the child added value in the form of educational content. First of all, the Lego sets have to be assembled, which helps the child to work and improve her fine motor skills, so that they can function in the real world as well as possible. 

In addition, with a Lego City set, the child has the opportunity to learn more about how cities work. In this case, he will learn how to work in a freight train terminal.

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