Reviews about LEGO City Commissioner of Police

Main advantage

It is a very complete Lego set, the police station is large, with several different floors and areas, full of details and accessories, along with various figures of policemen and thieves, as well as some vehicles.

Main disadvantage: 

The Lego City Police Station set has a somewhat high price, since it contains a large number of pieces, figures and vehicles, which can be a problem for some users.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

It is one of the most complete Lego City boxes, with which to start a collection, since it contains a wide variety of accessories and figures.

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Main Features Explained


Among the Lego City sets, the police station set is one of the most complete that can be found on the market. The police headquarters is made up of three different floors and several annex buildings. It has two separate cells, one above the other, an entrance for vehicles, a watchtower with an antenna and an access ladder, along with a heliport on top of the police station.

The building is designed to offer different action points, such as the entrance to the garage where the police cars are kept, which opens automatically when you press the lever, allowing the patrol car to go out and chase the robbers. Likewise, the cells are set up for robbers to raid using their truck.

The entire building is made of premium quality ABS-type plastic parts, which is clean and strong. The different pieces can be assembled solidly so that children can play without worrying about them breaking.


This might be the best Lego City set, as it contains a wide variety of accessories, figures, and vehicles with which to complete the police station. This set, according to most user opinions, is an excellent way to start collecting Lego City.

Among the accessories that the user will find in this box, it is worth mentioning all the police equipment such as the three sets of handcuffs, four mugs for the police officers, two radios, a megaphone, a recording camera and a stop sign. On the part of the thieves, they will also have several accessories such as a lever, a wrench and two sticks of dynamite.

The Police Station set also includes various vehicles such as a patrol car, police motorcycle and a helicopter that have spinning rotors and an opening cockpit for the pilot to get in and out of. Also includes the crooks’ truck with a lifting, rotating and extendable platform. The set also comes with several Lego figures, four policemen and three robbers.


The Police Station set, in addition to being one of the most complete, is also one of the most fun, since both the vehicles and the accessories are dynamic and can be used to play with the figures. It is ideal to share with friends, since each one can assume a role (policeman / thief) to plan an escape and protect the police station from the attack of thieves.

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