Reviews about Lego Classic 10696

Main advantage:

The development of the child’s imagination will have no limits with this set, thanks to the variety of 35 colors offered through its pieces, which follow the principles of the color wheel, to encourage free and creative construction.

Main disadvantage:

Although the storage box at first glance offers a spacious format, its interior might seem a bit cramped to orderly distribute all the blocks.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With this Lego Classic set, the child will be able to build up to 10 different models, as well as an infinite number of their own creations, following the patterns of their free imagination.

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Main Features Explained


Classic Legos have been characterized by offering a wide assortment of colors in their blocks and built-in elements, with the purpose of giving the child a greater development of the imagination when carrying out each of their creations. In addition, it is a good way to encourage the learning of colors while playing daily.

Lego Classic 10696 is a set that offers the child a total of 35 different shades, which follow the principles of the chromatic table. In this way, various shades of blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, red, fuchsia, pink and purple stand out. Likewise, black and white tones as neutral values. All these shades, added to the shapes of the pieces, help in the cognitive development of the child for the acquisition of new skills.

Parts and elements

This Lego Classic 10696 is considered a toy capable of fostering the imaginative development of children in a fun and safe way. In addition, according to the opinions of the buyers, it is a product with a competitive price.

In the storage box you will find a total of 484 bricks, in which 18 wheels and the same number of tires stand out. Likewise, three pairs of eyes are incorporated to give life to some of the constructions, a base with a format of 8 x 16 centimeters and a door frame with its respective window.

Thanks to all these pieces it is possible to make flowers, cars, motorcycles, a tiger, a crocodile, a windmill, a nice toaster, a ghost and any other free creation that the child wishes.

educational value

Lego sets are toys that promote educational values ​​in children from an early age, so purchasing a product of this type would be a good idea. Thus, the infant will develop his memory, perception and attention span.

For example, this set is recognized as the best Lego Classic, as it allows the child to build freely. In this way, it stimulates fine motor skills, when picking up the blocks and making movements in the hands and fingers. Likewise, when making houses or buildings, mathematical thinking is enhanced, evaluating by itself aspects associated with proportions, spaces and quantities.

In addition, his confidence and self-esteem is increased, which we can see on his face every time he finishes a creation. Children usually smile as they look at the structure and show it to their parents.

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