Reviews about LEGO Classic 10698

Main advantage:

You will be able to keep all the blocks of this Lego set protected from deterioration and free of dust while you are not using them, since the purchase incorporates a convenient storage box with a lid, which provides easy handling for children and adults.

Main disadvantage:

The incorporation of some dolls in this Lego set is missing, which allows children to play, once they have finished building.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The pieces of this Lego classic set offer endless combinations for the child to develop their creativity, building structures and creating stories, while learning about shapes and colors.

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Main Features Explained


This product stands out among the best-positioned Lego classics on the market, not only for its color and level of quality, but also because it offers a safe storage method that is easy for children to handle.

The Lego classic 10698 has been provided with a convenient box made of yellow polymer with a pleasant soft touch. The structure has a width, height and depth format corresponding to 37 x 26.2 x 18 centimeters, while its body is robust, light and resistant to deterioration caused by unexpected impacts.

In addition, said box has a spacious interior, so that the infant can organize all the pieces inside it every time the game session ends. In this way, it is possible to keep the blocks protected from dirt and loss.

spark the imagination

For years, Lego construction sets have been considered a good educational tool, used for children to learn to recognize colors and geometric shapes in a fun way. Likewise, the infant will awaken her imagination by being able to freely build structures that, in turn, will allow her to create stories and develop creativity to the fullest.

For example, with the Lego classic 10698, the child has a couple of brochures where the basic constructions that can be made with this series of blocks are indicated in a simple way. It is a motorcycle, a castle, a house, a bear with a gift in its hands, among others. Likewise, the combinations that can be achieved with this set, according to the opinions of the followers of the prestigious brand, are endless.

Manufacturing raw material

The elastic acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, better known as ABS polymer, is the manufacturing raw material used by Lego, whose composition is characterized by having a high level of resistance to impacts, being rigid and having a pleasant touch. For these reasons, it is one of the favorite plastics in the industry.

In this sense, this set has managed to be recognized among the best Lego classics, since it not only has a competitive price, but also provides the little ones with a series of blocks with a durable body, which does not deform with constant handling. attach them. In addition, as it is a material free of toxic agents, parents will not have to worry about generating any skin or respiratory allergies, due to, for example, infants accidentally putting the blocks in their mouths.

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