Rodies of animals for children

When the little ones are passionate about the animal kingdom, this theme is very interesting in any activity. Such is the case of riddles, because these are not only a great alternative for family or group enjoyment, but also favor the intellectual development of children.


Children ‘s riddles about animals are simply a riddle where characteristics of a domestic or wild species are described, so that children can guess what animal it is. Thus, given the great diversity of fauna that exists in the world, there are innumerable riddles that describe its characteristics.

20 Alternatives to enjoy

Next, we leave some riddles that can awaken the cognitive abilities of your little ones, since just by interpreting their statement they will be able to solve them.

1. A bug walks along a path ahead, and the name of that bug, I’ve already told you.

Answer: The cow.


2. It has two little legs and no feet; colored feathers and beak too. When she is hungry she says “cheep”; when it is cold she goes into the nest.

Answer: The bird.


3. I carry my little house on my shoulder, I walk without a leg, and I leave my mark with a silver thread.

Answer: The snail.


4. I was born green, I lived green and I will die green.

Answer: The lizard.


5. I fly by night, I sleep by day and you will never see feathers on my wing.

Answer: The bat.


6. From cell to cell I go, but I am not a prisoner.

Answer: The bee.


7. Many ladies in a hole, and all dressed in black.

Answer: Ants.


8. I don’t look like it, but I am a fish and my shape is reflected by a chess piece.

Answer: The seahorse.

9. Jumps and jumps and the tail is missing.

Answer: The toad.


10. If there is a race at sea, who is the last to arrive?

Answer: The dolphin.

11. I am not like that, I was not like that, I will not be like that until the end.

Answer: The donkey.


12. Go out to the countryside at night if you want to meet me, I am a man with big eyes, a serious face and great knowledge.

Answer: The owl.

13. I sing on the shore, I live in the water, I am not a fish, nor am I a cicada.

Answer: The frog.


14. I am cunning and playful and hunting a mouse is my biggest hobby.

Answer: The cat.


15. I sleep in a bed that never wrinkles. Of all the herbs, I prefer lettuce. I have long ears and a tiny tail. If we have a race, I win hands down.

Answer: The rabbit.


16. Gnawing is my job, cheese is my snack and the cat has always been my most feared enemy.

Answer: The mouse.


17. This is an animal in such an original way, that when turned face up, it is no longer called the same.

Answer: The beetle.


18. Sing when the day breaks and sing again when the day disappears.

Answer: The rooster.


19. Sometimes I am a messenger and a symbol of peace; In the parks and gardens you can also find me.

Answer: The dove.

20. Wings of a thousand colors and are lost among the flowers.

Answer: Butterflies.

Importance of riddles for children

Games throughout childhood are necessary for the enjoyment of children, but they are also very beneficial for their development, even more so if they are played together with the family. For their part, riddles for children encourage their intellectual and critical development, since while they listen to their sentences they have to understand the language and associate the ideas to arrive at an answer.

As most of the cases are riddles that are elaborated in the form of rhyme, it offers children a literary learning, and they are even an alternative to encourage their creativity. In the same way, thanks to the introduction of this theme of the animal kingdom, it is a simple and fun way to teach them how to reinforce their knowledge about animals.

Thus, through these riddles, children can recognize that animals not only need a bed, shampoo, a cat brush or dog food, but that, outside the domestic sphere, there are various characteristics that differentiate the species, either how they live, what senses they have more developed or how they feed properly.

Are riddles about animals difficult to solve?

Given the wide variety of riddles about animals, you could find difficult riddles, but there are also many very simple ones. All this will depend on the type of animal that is mentioned, either because it is known or it is a peculiar species.

Hence, the importance of discarding difficult riddles with answers and starting with riddles that do not contain more than four verses, since they are easier to solve. When the child has more practice with short riddles and recognizes a large part of the animal kingdom, her brain will be able to progressively assume the difficulty of the riddles.


Some alternatives to enjoy with the family

Guessing games are so practical and easy to do that they are very suitable for all kinds of environments, such as parties, meetings, waiting rooms or a trip to the park. Now, if the family wants to spend an afternoon in the comfort of home, they might as well prepare some cards contained in a jar, as well as a small prize. When everyone is gathered together, they could come up and take one of the riddle cards to solve them.

On the other hand, if they take a long summer trip in the car and after a few hours the toy for children aged 3 and over ceases to be a distraction, parents could use animal puzzles to keep the children happy. Calm and entertaining little ones.

On the other hand, it should be noted that these funny riddles about animals have passed from generation to generation and are still present in moments of family entertainment. Not surprisingly, they are enigmas that invite children and adults to spend some time together as a group while they put their mental agility to the test.

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