Through the tradition transmitted from generation to generation, there are many ways to have fun created by each people and culture. In this sense, the sack race is one of those games that are easy to organize and practice in order to have fun while fostering friendship and camaraderie.


Traditional games are important in the cultural formation of our children. With them, feelings linked to each region are reaffirmed. On the other hand, the fact that its practice positively benefits children at a psychomotor, emotional and social level, makes it a highly relevant instrument. Plus, they’re easy to organize.

Some of these games are held by virtue of some special event or date. However, they are so versatile that they can be done daily by our children in any square or public space.


Race games

Racing games are the most popular among children, because to make them you don’t need any implements or extra items, just imagination and speed. Let’s take a look at some of these games:

  1. Sack races. Its origin can be placed in the seventeenth century and is known throughout the world. It is a way to improve children’s agility and balance , you only need a few jute bags or sacks and a piece of chalk to mark the start and finish points. For sack races you place the children at the starting line, with both legs inside the sack, you give the signal and they must jump out with both legs, if they take them out they are disqualified. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins.
  1. Wheelbarrow race. This game is very simple. It is done in pairs, where one child grabs the ankles of another who is on the ground, who must use only moving their arms to be able to move forward like a wheelbarrow. An arrival point must have been previously established and the couple that crosses it first wins.  
  1. Snake race. It is recommended to do it on a soft ground to take care of the teeth of the participants. They take a straw between their teeth that represents the tongue of a snake, then on all fours, they go as fast as possible from a starting point to the arrival. The first to cross the finish line wins.

run and jump games

Within the variety of games to practice outdoors , running and jumping games attract the attention of children, as they demonstrate their agility and physical condition. We leave you some of them, with instructions on how to put them into practice.

  1. Long jump. It is an exciting game for the little ones, since they will always seek to beat the previous record, both personal and that of their peers. Ideal to organize it on the beach. To do this, you indicate a starting point from where they will run to another point from which they will jump as far as they can.

With their practice they will learn the techniques to achieve a greater distance in the jump, of course, in the little ones it is only about having fun and exercising. You can set a number of opportunities, whoever achieves the highest jump will be the winner.

  1. Frog race. A route is established within which points are demarcated where the children must jump and croak like frogs and then continue the race. This activity develops coordination because when they fall they must continue moving towards the goal.
  1. The anteater. In this game, children run and jump as fast as they can. You must designate one of them as the anteater and the others will be the ants. The anteater will chase them all and whoever gets touched by his nose is disqualified.

Obstacle racing games

A variant in racing games for children are those that are made with obstacles in their path. They can be organized both inside the house, taking advantage of furniture and household items, and outdoors; where you will place any object at hand within the route, always taking care that it does not represent a risk for children, only that it makes the journey to the finish line a little difficult. There is a diversity of these games, depending on the age of the children and the place where they are played, here we show you some.

  1. Race in the yard. It is a game that you can organize in the patio of your house, where you will use elements such as bricks, boards, chairs, cushions, etc. Imagination is important, you can make a balance beam with bricks and boards, make them go under chairs or around them, jump cushions and if you have a hose they could go under the stream. For more excitement take the time so they try to decrease it in each tour.
  1. Race in the park. One of the favorite places to organize an obstacle course for children is the park. The first thing is to look for the elements that are going to serve as obstacles, some you can take (hoops, ropes) others you find in the area. Determine the route with a start and finish point, among which there will be natural (stones, trees, puddles) and artificial obstacles (we leave it to the imagination), you can take the time and offer a prize to the winner or winners.

The fun of children playing outdoors is incalculable. Of course there is a wide variety of toys for children of 4 years or any age that they can always enjoy. But that moment in the park, on the beach and in any open space available, you can’t let it go; Get the most out of it with a traditional racing game, as it is a way to foster interpersonal relationships, as well as develop the cognitive and physical skills of the little ones in an entertaining way.

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