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What is the best Lego City set?

The fascinating thing about the Lego City sets is that, in addition to offering the usual educational value of the brand’s products, children will also be able to learn about life in the city and the different professions. Thanks to this, each product in this list contributes to the fun and learning of children of all ages; for that reason, any of them will be a good choice for a smart little one looking to play and learn.

1. Lego City Police Station Building Set 60141

Cautions: Due to its level of difficulty and small parts, this product is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Key Features: With this Lego City Police Station set, kids can experience the thrill of being a cop and catching crooks. The large structure is divided into 3 sections: the watchtower, the offices and the jail; and these have enough careful details to give more realism when playing. In addition to the place, the lego set also comes with 7 minifigures and various important vehicles, which will be interesting for little ones; Among them you will find: the police motorcycle, a police car, a helicopter and, finally, a truck for the thieves. To keep the product in good condition with ease, the parts are made of strong plastic.

Functionality: For the set to work properly, it needs the participation of each of the 894 pieces and a battery. By having them in place, you’ll notice how the truck can make use of its extendable, elevating and rotating platform, for example. Alongside this original detail, there are other notable features such as the inclusion of an opening grille, a wall with an explosion function for thieves to escape, and spinning rotors on the helicopter.

Educational value: Children, in addition to developing their ingenuity, logic, and creativity, will be able to better understand the operation of a police station and adopt role-playing games that will improve their communication level.

Maintenance: Dusting from time to time and keeping the parts organized so as not to step on them is enough to keep it in good condition.

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2. Lego City Fire Fire Station 60215

Precautions: Manufacturers recommend that children under 5 years of age do not use the product to avoid accidents.

Main features: This Lego City set is one of the most complete, as it comes with everything necessary to give children an idea of ​​what a life as a firefighter means. The set consists of a 3-story structure next to a garage, in order to show the different areas that make up a station. In the upper part the drone can be landed, while in the lower section the fire truck can be stored. All this is complemented by 4 characters, a dog and even a jet ski. In addition to this, you will have elements to extinguish the fire with the hose and water.

Functionality: Because this offer comes with various sounds and lights, children will be able to enjoy the entire fire station with greater realism. For example, the fire truck has a siren to alert everyone of the fire and also turns on the lights; both things work with the push of a button. For its part, the drone has rotating rotors so that children can play with it.

Educational value: By using this set, children will not only develop their creativity and logic, but they will also learn new concepts and gain knowledge about the work of firefighters.

Maintenance: As long as the pieces are kept organized so as not to step on them or lose them, much more maintenance will not be needed, since the set is made of resistant plastic.

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3. Lego City Mobile Control Center 60139

Precautions: The manufacturers recommend that this set be used by children from 6 to 12 years of age.

Key Features: This Christmas, kids can play cops and robbers with this new Lego City set. Purchase comes with 5 minifigures and assorted add-ons; therefore, you will get two policemen, a dog, and two robbers, along with a police motorcycle, a bag of money, and a four-wheeler. As for the main structure, this set stands out for its bright colors and shows a mobile control center with a cabin, cell and surveillance room. To facilitate the game, the sections provide adequate space to play; in this way, all children will be able to enjoy every detail of this product.

Functionality: The Lego City mobile center is quite functional, as it allows children to activate different mechanisms to give the game more realism. The main cabin, for example, is removable; however, the highlight of the set is the cell with release function. On the other hand, the four-wheel motorcycle comes with a chain and a hook to release the gate and, in this way, the chase can begin.

Educational value: Creativity, spatial memory and ingenuity will be the three skills that will receive the most stimulation when playing. In addition, children will also be able to learn more about the police and their work.

Maintenance: A cloth to dust off the product is enough to keep this set in good condition.

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4. Lego City Space Port Construction Toy 60226

Precautions: Children, from the age of 5, will be able to assemble this set.

Main features: The exploration of outer space in this 2022 is also possible with Lego City, because along with the two small astronauts included in the set comes a large spaceship and a rover, so that children can discover the surface of Mars as a professionals. White is the base colour, however the combination with black and orange offers a brilliant contrast. To add more forms of play, the toy includes two innovative geodes with blue crystals for children to play with inspecting them; In addition to that, the ship has space to seat the figures in front of the screen and its control panel.

Functionality: In order to assemble the pieces, the Lego Life app has all the necessary instructions to do so, so it will be much easier to follow the construction process. Once you have everything ready, you will notice how you can interact with each of the accessories. The drone, for example, comes with a rotating propeller, while the rover comes with a long holding arm. To complement, the ship has a folding cabin with two hatches that can be opened.

Educational value: The little ones will be able to unleash their imagination with this interesting Lego City set, as they will assume the role of astronauts. Thanks to this, they will learn more about outer space and how ships and explorers work.

Maintenance: The plastic of the products of this brand is resistant, therefore, the figures only need cleaning from time to time.

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5. Lego City Fire Fire Rescue 60214

Cautions: Manufacturers recommend that children ages 5 and up play with this set.

Main features: Those who want cheap sets will find in this small but fun Lego toy what they need. The building set comes with everything you need to save a burger joint from a huge fire; Because of that, kids will be able to play with a fire truck and motorcycle, along with three minifigures ready to save the restaurant. For more detail, the flames are included in the hamburger that decorates the restaurant. On the other hand, the different colors stand out for being bright and contrasting effectively with each other. As a complement, the set comes with accessories such as a garbage can, different protective helmets, an oxygen pump and a fire extinguisher. 

Functionality: For the little ones to interact more with the set, they can not only have fun assembling each piece, but also activating the fire truck to put out the fire. Kids can also open the cockpit to seat a doll, make use of the storage compartments and even enjoy a steerable water cannon for the llamas.

Educational value: With this toy children will act as firefighters, so they will learn more about this profession. In addition to this, its educational value will also be noted in the development of creativity and imagination, and the memorization of new concepts.

Maintenance: All the parts are made of resistant plastic, therefore, just by keeping them clean you can keep the product in good condition.

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6. Lego City Freight Train 60198

Precautions: Due to its difficulty, this set is recommended for children 6 years and older.

Key Features: With 1,226 pieces, kids can have hours of fun building and shaping this railway. With the online purchase of this product you can get a motorized locomotive, a truck, a forklift, a snowmobile and three wagons: a container, a lumberjack and a crane. This, in addition, is complemented by 6 minifigures that will be the workers of this control center to be able to make everything work.

Functionality: This model could well be a special birthday present for LEGO fans, because, in addition to having to assemble the pieces as usual, they can enjoy controlling the cars with the Bluetooth wireless controller; This one has 10 speeds and will make the figures move along the rails. In addition to this, you can also load logs with the crane and place them in the lumber wagon; it will even be possible to change tracks.

Educational value: Logic, spatial memory and ingenuity will grow quickly with this set. Furthermore, creativity and imagination will also be developed with the role play.

Maintenance: To be able to play, you always need to treat the pieces delicately and clean them from time to time. It is also necessary to purchase the batteries required for the product to work.

New Edition: Although this product is not a new edition, it is compatible with other Lego sets which will allow you to expand the tracks and add add-ons to create a new and improved version.

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7. Lego City Space Port Space Rocket 60228

Precautions: This toy is recommended for children 7 years and older.

Main features: Following the models developed by NASA itself, this set comes with a multistage rocket that has a cockpit for two figures who will be responsible for discovering space. In addition to this, the purchase also comes with an explorer rover and a space telescope that comes with collapsible solar panels and a magnifying glass. As if this were not enough, the offer includes a monorail system to be able to mobilize two wagons with workers from the central structure to the rocket. As for the characters, you will have 2 scientists, 1 launch director, 2 astronauts, 1 robot and 1 technician.

Functionality: In addition to moving the cars along the track, you can also carry out other activities with this set. The rover, for example, has an articulated arm with a clamp to move all the things you need and, in addition, in the investigation area you can reveal the secret symbol used by the scanner. Finally, the control center provides space to place a mobile device that will allow you to connect and enjoy the interactive options of the Lego City Explorers app.

Educational value: Being able to assemble each piece of this product already benefits children’s spatial memory, logic and ingenuity. However, considering that NASA rockets have been used as inspiration to create this set, children will also learn about these wonderful ships.

Maintenance: To keep everything in good condition, you only need to clean the pieces occasionally and organize them correctly when storing them.

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8. LEGO City Police Air Police Base of Operations 60210

Precautions: All children, from the age of 6, will enjoy playing with this fun product.

Main features: The air police are also important, and for that reason, children can learn more about them with this eye-catching 529-piece Lego set. The cart features a three-story structure that doubles as a control tower and also comes with a police plane, motorcycle, car and 6 minifigures representing the police and robbers. As for accessories, this set includes screens, handcuffs, walkie-talkies, security cameras, helmets, among other things. Each of these pieces helps add more detail and realism to play.

Functionality: By turning the radar antenna that is located in the highest part of the police station you will be able to know if there is an emergency and, if so, the plane will be able to open the lower hatch to launch one of the crew members in the parachute included in the buys. On the other hand, if your little one wants to play as a thief, then he can pull the wall with the hook of the car to allow his partner to escape from prison.

Educational Value: Fun will bring learning with this product as children develop imaginative, logical, creative and spatial memory skills by playing with the set.

Maintenance: Keep each of the pieces organized to avoid loss or accidents; this, along with occasional cleaning, will keep the product in good condition.

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9. Lego City Town Donut Shop Opening 60233

Cautions: Children 6 years and older will be able to easily assemble the set and have fun with it.

Main Features: With 10 minifigures included, including a reporter, a robber, a policeman and two waiters; This set is one of the most varied and complete on the market. The two main structures are a toy store and a donut shop, and these are complemented by four vehicles: a taxi, a reporter’s truck, a tow truck and a police motorcycle. In addition to all this, the set comes with various accessories to complement the game and make it more realistic.

Functionality: There are different ways to make this fun Lego City set work, such as opening the doors of the shops to let all the characters through and raising the support arm of the crane to put the donut in its place. This piece will look very nice on top of the shop, however, if you want to roll it, you just need to activate the lever located on the ceiling. Finally, in the Lego Life app you will find all the instructions to make the assembly with ease. 

Educational value: With so much variety, children will be able to take on various professional roles to learn more about them. In addition to that, cognitive skills such as creativity and communication will develop more quickly and easily.

Maintenance: The small pieces should be treated with care to prevent damage, however, apart from this, nothing more than cleaning the set is needed. Only with that everything will be kept in good condition.

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10. Lego City Town Auto Center 60232

Precautions: Made for the little ones in the house, this product is suitable for children 4 years and older.

Main features: For younger children there are also Lego sets, which require a simpler and faster assembly; This is a great example. The Lego City car center comes with three structures: a gas station, a car wash and a mechanic shop. In any of them you will be able to service the three vehicles included in the purchase: a tanker truck, a crane and a bright red sports car. To complement all this, the set includes 4 small figures of different professions as well as traffic cones, buckets, tools and different accessories.

Functionality: Children will be able to play to work in each of the places, assuming the role of a mechanic, a gas station worker, a driver or a car wash. The tow truck has a holding arm so the sports car can be brought to the mechanic and after repairs the flexible hose can fill it up with petrol so it can then be cleaned under the rotating wash rollers.

Educational value: While they are making the assembly, the children will develop their motor skills and will also exploit their creativity and imagination. As the construction is simple, they will not require much help and, thanks to this, they will feel more independent. In addition to that, by playing the game, you will be able to learn more about the different professions while having fun.

Maintenance: Passing a damp cloth through the pieces will be enough to keep the toy clean.

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