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What is the best Lego Jurassic World set?

Playing with Lego is not only fun, it is also a creative way to promote learning and cognitive development for children of many ages. In the case of the Jurassic World line, this will be complemented with a motivator to learn about dinosaurs and their different species, which has greater benefits for the youngest.

1. Lego Jurassic World Escape from the Stygimoloch 75927

Precautions: This fun toy is recommended for children from 6 to 12 years old.

Main features: A new Lego set will always be a good birthday present for any child and, in this case, the little ones will have the opportunity to assemble 222 pieces until they get an adrenaline-filled scene: the escape of a Stygimoloch; and the figures of Dr. Wu and the guard must catch the dinosaur to prevent it from causing damage.

To keep kids entertained, the set features an equipped lab, a creature confinement room, and an observation deck. Additionally, there are also little details like a yellow cup, two dinosaur eggs and a computer.

Functionality: The first thing that stands out about this model is that the Stiggy dinosaur has an articulated head and limbs to make the game more realistic. By controlling the animal it will be possible to escape through the mobile door, overturn the laboratory work table and knock down the window.

You can even lunge at the guard to escape while he activates his tranquilizer dart gun. You must have good aim to calm down Stiggy. When finished, you can reassemble the scene and start over. 

Educational value: Children will improve their motor skills while expanding their imagination through play; Plus, your logic and spatial memory will work together as you assemble the set.

Maintenance: Keep the set tidy, to avoid stepping on it by mistake. In addition, it is advisable to clean it occasionally so that dust does not accumulate.

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2. Lego Jurassic World Runaway Dilophosaurus 75934

Precautions: For added safety, the manufacturers recommend that the set be used by children 6 years of age and older, under adult supervision.

Main features: To get started in the world of Legos, there are interesting models that stand out for providing fun in an easy way for children. With 168 colorful pieces, this is one of them, as children will be able to quickly assemble an incredible scene: Owen Grady catching a Dilophosaurus.

To achieve this, this product comes with 3 minifigures: Hudson Harper, Owen and a park worker; besides the dinosaur that has escaped. This is complemented by a dinosaur head-shaped stall and a rather modern drone with a dinosaur net.

Functionality: To add more dynamism to the game, children can also enjoy being part of the action. The drone, for example, in addition to its impressive design and the 4 spinning rotors, offers the option of releasing the net to catch the creature at the push of a button.

Additionally, this piece has room to carry Owen on the top section. On the other hand, the dinosaur also has an articulated jaw, ready to take Hudson, so it will be necessary to stop him.

Educational value: Assembling the Lego figures will not only stimulate spatial memory and fine motor skills, but acting out the capture scene also promotes role play. This, in turn, benefits imagination, communication, and creativity.

Maintenance: To keep this set in good condition, it is necessary to treat each piece delicately so as not to damage the rotors, the dinosaur’s mouth and the net launcher.

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3. Lego Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Chase 75928

Precautions: Due to the number of pieces and the difficulty of assembly, this set is recommended for children from 8 to 11 years old.

Main Features: The leader of the Raptors pack has been kidnapped and it is necessary to find her. This 2022 Lego Jurassic World will let you chase down the velociraptor Blue on a quad bike while the enemies try to escape on the helicopter.

With the purchase of the set you will get 397 pieces, including 3 minifigures: Owen, Wheatly and a pilot, in addition to the big dinosaur. In addition to these main figures, it will also be possible to find accessories such as a cage with food and weapons.

Functionality: After doing the montage, you will be able to side with the bad guys and kidnap Blue. Guide her to the cage with the food and proceed to hook the trap to the helicopter. By doing so, you will be able to turn the propeller and prepare the cannons, since from the helicopter you will have the opportunity to shoot 6 times; however, Owen is also equipped with his quad bike, a cannon, and a crossbow. If you decide to rescue Blue, then you will be able to use her dart gun to calm her down and take her back to Jurassic World.

Educational value: With this dynamic set, the fun will not only be achieved by assembling, but also by playing with the creation. This process will stimulate children’s imagination, ingenuity, creativity and motor skills simultaneously; without them realizing that they are learning by playing.

Maintenance: In order not to lose small parts, it is necessary to keep them organized; Also, remember to clean the set from time to time.

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4. Lego Jurassic World Mayhem of the Triceratops

Precautions: The Lego brand recommends the use of this set for children 7 years and older.

Main features: In Jurassic World chaos often reigns and this special lego set is made to allow children to be part of those moments of danger. With 447 pieces included, this product will make it possible for children to build a park attraction and, with the Triceratops, terrify the visitors of the place.

In addition to the dinosaur, figures of Owen Grady, Allison Miles, Simon Masrani and a tourist are included in the offer, and these come with accessories for more realistic play. In addition to the fun they offer, Legos stand out for their bright colors and variety of shapes.

Functionality: When playing, the decision will be in your hands. Do you want the characters to enjoy this original park and admire the dinosaur? Then you can place the figures in the attraction and spin the wheel located at the top.

That way, the eggs will start to roll while the dinosaur stays behind the fence. However, if you wish, the Triceratops will be able to knock her down and cause a panic. In this case, Owen can get into his buggy and distract the animal with a bait while he communicates with the central through the walkie-talkie.

Educational value: The whole process of assembly and fun is beneficial for children’s cognitive development, since it will be necessary to exercise ingenuity and imagination if you want to assemble each piece.

Maintenance: Just an occasional cleaning will be enough to keep this set in good condition.

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5. Lego 5930 Jurassic World Chaos of the Indoraptor 75930

Precautions: The recommended age to use this set is between 8 and 11 years of age.

Key Features: Any child’s Christmas could be made more amazing by receiving this 1019-piece Lego Jurassic World set. On this occasion, it is 6 mini figures with: Owen, Maisie, Claire, Mills, Eversol and Whitley; In addition, 3 dinosaurs are also included: an Indoraptor, a Velociraptor and a baby dinosaur.

Despite all the characters, the real challenge is to assemble the Lockwood mansion, since it has 3 floors that are distributed in: an office, a bedroom, a laboratory and a small museum. In addition to that, this product also has a Triceratops skull, a motorcycle and weapons.

Functionality: Everything will be in your hands with this toy, since the house can be customized to your liking while you recreate the famous escape scene with the characters. All the dinosaurs are articulated to give greater realism and you will be able to face the reckless Blue against the Indoraptor, while the latter goes through windows and doors in the mansion.

Also, for her safety, it will be possible to hide Maisie under her bed and use Owen to chase down enemies. For added surprise and fun, you can pull the lever to make the roof collapse.

Educational Value: With so many characters to control, kids can play as a group to recreate the scene. This will promote effective communication and organization; additionally, it will stimulate the imagination and perfect fine motor skills.

Maintenance: In order not to lose small parts, it is necessary to keep them in order, while cleaning them regularly will also keep them in good condition.

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6. Lego Jurassic World Encounter with the Baryonyx 75935

Precautions: There are many small parts, so it is not recommended to allow children 3 years and younger to use. Manufacturers recommended age is 7 years and up.

Main Features: This toy is the right mix for those who enjoy cars, animals, adventure, action and beautiful scenery. Each of the 434 pieces contribute to assemble a small island, a car with a van attached for more space and a terrifying large dinosaur. Now, the 4 minifigures: Claire Dearing, Owen Grady, Danny Nedermeyer and Sinjin Prescott, along with the little dog Red, will be ready to fight the dinosaur with all the accessories they have and manage to take the treasure.

Functionality: To make the most of this set, each character will be able to perform a different activity that helps the common goal. The Baryonyx dinosaur’s posable jaws can open to receive a distracting fish, while two other figures drive the off-roader and fire the tranquilizer darts. The fourth character can stay with Red in the trailer to coordinate all the movements so that, when finished, the lever is activated and the treasure is visible to everyone. 

Educational value: Assembling each environment will expand the knowledge of concepts that children have, in addition to developing motor skills, memory and logic by fitting all the pieces. In the same way, when playing with this set, creativity, imagination and communication skills can be stimulated.

Maintenance: Dusting from time to time may be the only thing necessary to keep everything in good shape.

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7. Lego Jurassic World T.Rex vs. Robotic Dinosaur 75938

Precautions: Children can play properly from the age of 8, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Main features: By making an online purchase it will be possible to have a dinosaur fight in your home, as this 716-piece set makes it easy to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Robotic Dinosaur that will have to face each other. The machine includes space to place a minifigure, which could be Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Vic Hoskins or Danny Nedermeyer. In addition to this, the team will be able to receive help from Owen’s 4 baby Velociraptors: Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo.

With Legos it will also be possible to drive a boat at full speed towards a volcanic rock in great detail, where a very striking treasure can be found. The set comes complete with character accessories like a walkie-talkie, a soda, two little bats and a tranquilizer dart gun.

Functionality: Open the opening cockpit of the Dino Robot and attack the Tyrannosaurus to protect your friends. Both figures have movable jaws, along with articulated arms and legs to acquire combat positions and give more freedom of movement. From the boat you can shoot up to 4 projectiles and help defeat the Tyrannosaurus; that way the volcano will be able to open up and reveal the treasure with golden coins, jewels, ingots, etc.

The figures can also function as collector’s items, due to their detail.

Educational value: Children will learn about the Tyrannosaurus Rex, while stimulating various cognitive skills important for child development; These include observation, logic, creativity and imagination.

Maintenance: The plastic of the Lego pieces is resistant, so it will be enough to clean the set on a regular basis to preserve the toy.

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8. Lego Jurassic World T Rex Transport 75933

Precautions: The use of this toy is recommended for children between 7 and 12 years of age. The little ones must always be under the supervision of an adult.

Key Features: Hauling a T Rex might not be the best idea, but this Lego set will give kids the opportunity to experience those possibilities while having fun. With 609 pieces, little ones can assemble a large Tyrannosaurus while equipping Zia and the two guards with the necessary weaponry to control the creature if it escapes.

The set, in addition to the transport truck, also includes a laboratory to carry out blood transfusions between the dinosaurs as in the movie, as it includes a baby velociraptor.

Functionality: When playing with this set, two very striking options will be presented. You can position a figure and drive the truck to the lab while keeping the dinosaur safe and sound in the detachable trailer.

However, this Tyrannosaurus has limbs and a fully movable mouth that he can use to attack, escaping through the side doors and causing chaos all over the place. This will unleash an exciting chase in which you can use the cannon or the electric rod to calm down the dinosaur.

Educational value: Children will learn more about Tyrannosaurus Rex and this will surely motivate them to investigate about dinosaurs. Also, by playing, they will develop their spatial memory, logic, imagination, creativity, etc.

Maintenance: Cleaning the toy and keeping it organized will be enough to keep the pieces in good condition.

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9. Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Hunt 75926

Precautions: From the age of 5, children can use this Lego Jurassic World set. Adult supervision is always recommended.

Main features: Among the cheapest Lego models you can get a set that brings a flying dinosaur to dominate the sky while you have fun; In addition, having 126 pieces, it will be a toy with simple construction for the little ones. In addition to the dinosaur, the set also includes the famous Owen Grady and a tracker to make it possible to evacuate the Pteranodon from Isla Nublar.

Accessories included with purchase include: wrench, dino egg, net, tranquilizer dart gun and off-road car with space for a figure. Finally, the inclusion of small details to give realism is remarkable, such as the cabin to store accessories in the car and the license plate.

Functionality: It is necessary to prepare everything to achieve the rescue mission, for that reason, one of the characters must get on the off-road vehicle and follow the trail of the articulated flying dinosaur while another shoots the dart gun to calm the creature. With a push of a button on the car’s yellow cannon, the car will fire the net to catch the dinosaur and evacuate it safely.

Educational value: Children will be able to learn about dinosaurs while having fun and developing skills such as fine motor skills, logic and creativity.

Maintenance: Being few pieces, there will not be much maintenance to do. Playing with care will keep the set looking like new.

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10. Lego Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Attack 75931

Precautions: The recommended age to use this product is between 7 and 12 years of age.

Main features: When you open the box, the first thing you will find are 289 pieces so you can assemble the different structures that this set offers. It will be possible to mount a watchtower with a mobile crane, a fence with a hunting post and an entrance monitored by cameras for greater security. These structures have details such as screens, bars, etc.

While the main construction has dimensions of 14 cm in height, 37 cm in width and 6 cm in depth. The Dilophosaurus, for its part, reaches more than 7 cm in height and prepares for the attack. Meanwhile, the three minifigures have the duty of protecting the place, while the baby dinosaur helps the terrible Dilophosaurus.

Functionality: Using the mobile crane, you can lift the boxes with the dinosaur eggs to carry out the daily work. Meanwhile, prepare the dinosaur with posable limbs and a moving jaw to attack.

He rams the door and wall, activating the explosion function while the guards stand at the hunting post with binoculars and tranquilizer dart gun to calm the specimen. That way, you can play protector and destroyer simultaneously while having fun.

Educational value: The educational value of this toy is evidenced by developing motor skills, logic, spatial memory and imagination when playing.

Maintenance: Take some time to clean the parts and use them with care, only that is required.

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