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What is the best Lego Marvel set?

It’s true that Marvel’s shared universe franchise has had more popularity in the last decade than it ever did before. This is mainly due to the multiple film projects that have been very successful at the box office and please both children and adults. This is how all kinds of games inspired by superhero characters have appeared on the market, and among the most demanded toys are Legos, since they are even used to collect them. Let’s find out which are the most outstanding Lego Marvel sets of the moment.

1. Lego Super Heroes War Machine Predator 76124

Precautions: The use of this model is recommended for children over 7 years of age and preferably in the presence of parents or an adult, since the robot has cannon parts that have very small dimensions, similar to pills, so can cause suffocation in young children.

Main features: This set can be an interesting gift idea for a Marvel fan, as it features the Predator robot from War Machine, with dimensions of 17 cm high, 14 cm wide and 6 cm long. Plus, it includes 4 Lego minifigures, including Ant Man and War Machine in the white suit from the Endgame movie. It also comes with 2 Outriders, the aliens that we can see fighting in the Battle of Wakanda.

Functionality: It is appropriate for combat games, since it has cannon and missile shooters. In the same way, it allows you to detach the weapons from the hands and place them on the mini figures for greater versatility.

Educational value: It is a toy to build, which in addition to entertaining children can develop their creative abilities. Also, by including heroes and villains, it helps them distinguish between what is right and what is not.

Maintenance: It is not recommended to submerge the pieces in water, since it has many compartments that can accumulate moisture. Therefore, for its maintenance it is advisable to use a dry toothbrush to help remove dirt.

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2. Lego Super Heroes Iron Man: Hall of Armor 76125

Precautions: It is indicated above all for children 7 years of age and older, since some of its pieces have a delicate structure that must be treated with due care.

Main features: This is one of the most outstanding Lego sets of 2022 among fans of the Avengers saga, thanks to the fact that it is inspired by Iron Man’s famous Hall of Armor. In this sense, it includes 4 minifigures with different versions of the suit, as well as 2 Outriders. Among its accessories, it also has a laboratory with detachable modules, a platform with 2 robotic arms, a chair for a minifigure, a kitchen area with a blender, an armory with a cannon, a jetpack, among others.

Functionality: It can be a special birthday or Christmas gift for children to have fun creating and modifying Iron Man’s modular laboratory. For more interaction, the platform can rotate, the modules can be rearranged according to the child’s imagination and the robotic armor It has an articulated cabin to introduce a figure.

Educational value: It offers an imaginative game of interpretations, which favors the creativity of children. In addition, being inspired by Iron Man, it helps children develop some of the main values ​​of superheroes, such as bravery, commitment and responsibility.

Maintenance: Its pieces are made entirely of plastic, which allows you to clean the set easily, putting the legos in warm water to remove dirt and bacteria.

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3. Lego Super Heroes Thanos Robotic Armor 76141

Precautions: On the toy box, the manufacturer indicates its use for boys and girls over 6 years of age. Also, the instructions can be a bit difficult for little ones to follow, so enlisting the help of an adult is recommended.

Main features: It is one of the cheapest Lego Marvel sets on the list and yet it is based on one of the most important characters in the Avengers saga. In this sense, it includes a Lego figure of the villain Thanos and his robotic armor, in which the infinity gauntlet with the 6 incorporated gems stands out.

Functionality: The figure can be inserted into the armor to pilot the robot. In addition, it has articulated arms and legs, which allow the child to crush enemies during the game and create villain poses.

Educational value: The character represented by this figure inspires strength and determination in children, since despite being one of the most feared Marvel villains, he is also one of the most human and powerful.

Maintenance: It does not have stickers or elements that could deteriorate with water. Therefore, for its maintenance, you can put all the pieces in warm water to disinfect them at least once a year.

New edition: This Lego set is part of the Super Heroes collection and is one of the brand’s newest models. Launched on the market as a promotional and collectible toy for the movie The Avengers: Endgame.

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4. Lego Super Heroes Avengers Ultimate Quinjet 76126

Warnings: This Lego set has a large number of pieces, which could make it difficult for very young children to build. In this sense, the recommended age according to the manufacturer is 8 years and older.

Main features: It is an original product of the Lego brand, which includes 2 Chitauri as the villains and 4 figures of the main characters of The Avengers, such as Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Rocket, dressed in white suits. from the movie Endgame. On the other hand, the main piece of this model is the representation of the Quinjet flying device, with an internal cabin, secret compartments, cannons, weapons racks and other accessories that expand its versatility, providing a more interactive experience.

Functionality: The Quinjet features 2 quick-deploying stud shooters so kids can fire away. There’s also a trike with spinning wheels, which can be stored inside the Quinjet and shot out when kids need it. Also, each character includes removable weapons for added functionality.

Educational value: It is a very interactive game, suitable for developing children’s construction skills. In addition, it encourages imagination and allows them to create their own stories between superheroes and villains.

Maintenance: It is recommended to clean the parts dry with the use of a toothbrush or a brush to remove dust. In addition, each piece must be carefully stored after the game to prevent loss.

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5. Lego Super Heroes Spider Man Robotic Armor 76146

Precautions: It can be used by children 6 years and older. Similarly, it is recommended to assemble its structure with the help of an adult, to speed up the construction of the main frame.

Key Features: If you’re looking for an attractive deal among Marvel Legos, this Spiderman-inspired model may be a good choice. In this sense, it includes a minifigure of the famous arachnid in the classic red and blue suit. It also features a robotic armor that is approximately 15 cm tall and incorporates 4 large legs on the back, which gives it an eye-catching style.

Functionality: This model has an opening cockpit on the robot so that the child can seat the minifigure in it. Also, the right hand has a web shooter to trap villains. For added functionality, you can download the interactive LEGO Life app that offers pan and zoom functions.

Educational value: It is a toy that encourages children’s imagination and is inspired by Spiderman, which has a story full of humor, responsibility, courage and commitment, values ​​that children can learn during play.

Maintenance: For greater durability, it is advisable to avoid continuous exposure of your pieces to the sun’s rays, as this could reduce the intensity of the colors. Similarly, for cleaning you can use a disused toothbrush, with which you can remove dust and dirt.

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6. Lego Super Heroes Spider Man Motorcycle Rescue 76113

Precautions: The manufacturer specifies on the box that its use is for children over 6 years of age, because many of its pieces can be very small and others can have a delicate structure, so it is recommended that the little ones play with this Set under adult supervision.

Key Features: If you’re looking for a cool new gift to give a child on a special date, then this set is inspired by Spiderman and includes a motorcycle, multiple webs and a power generator for added versatility. Plus, it comes with 3 minifigures, including the spider superhero in the classic suit; Miles Morales, with the attractive black suit of him and the villainous Carnage, who has 4 removable tentacles.

Functionality: The motorcycle has a powerful trigger and the generator has an explosive function, which can bring more fun experience to children. Likewise, it is a construction toy that must be assembled before the game for added fun.

Educational value: This model allows children to use their imaginations to create fights between Spiderman and Carnage. In addition, it favors their creativity and encourages their skills in the area of ​​construction.

Maintenance: The most appropriate thing we can do when cleaning this set is to use a dry toothbrush, which allows us to remove dirt and dust efficiently.

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7. Lego Super Heroes Captain America: Attack of the Outriders 76123

Precautions: The minimum age for the use of this set is 6 years, since it has many elements that can be delicate and others that have small dimensions, so they can cause suffocation in very young children.

Main Features: If you are looking for a special gift to give a child, then you should know that this model of the First Avenger is one of the most striking, since it has a mini figure of Captain America with the white suit from the Endgame movie and the classic blue helmet. Also includes 3 Outriders minifigures to battle the Super Hero, plus an 8-inch-long flamethrower motorcycle for added versatility.

Functionality: The front wheel of the motorcycle features detachable flames, which simulate gunshots, plus the triggers can be attached to the minifigure. Also, it has 2 side launchers to eject Captain America’s shield by pressing the red button on the back.

Educational value: It is an interpretation game that helps children develop their imaginative and creative abilities. Likewise, it promotes the main values ​​of superheroes, such as responsibility, determination and courage.

Maintenance: This toy should not be in contact with water to maintain the strength of its structure, so it is recommended to clean each piece separately with a brush to remove dirt.

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8. Lego Super Heroes Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock 76148

Precautions: It is recommended for children over 6 years of age, because the legs of the motorcycle and some of its parts have sharp points, which could be dangerous for the little ones.

Main features: It is one of the most interesting toys on this list, as it includes a spider motorcycle with a design never seen in the comics. In this sense, it has 8 lateral legs and an area to place one of the 3 mini figures included in the package, among which are the classic Spiderman, Spider Girl and Doctor Octopus. Each figure has their respective accessories, including the Doctor’s 4 robotic arms. Also Includes Other Elements Such As Banknote Batches And Cannons.

Functionality: The motorcycle and the spider can be separated, which offers more play options for the child. In addition, on the sides of the bike’s wheel there are triggers to launch cannons and spider webs of different shapes.

Educational value: It has male and female characters, which allows boys and girls to play with each other and exchange the characters, which helps improve their social skills.

Maintenance: The most recommended for the maintenance of this set is to clean it at least once a year to remove dust and dirt, as well as to avoid prolonged contact with sunlight, as this could deteriorate the quality of the colors.

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9. Lego Super Heroes Avengers: Motorcycle Attack 76142

Precautions: Only children over 6 years of age can play with this set and it is recommended that they be in the presence of an adult for greater safety.

Main features: If you are looking for a good purchase option, then the best thing to do is to get to know this model, since it is not too expensive and includes the Black Panther and Thor minifigures, two of the most important avengers in the Marvel universe. In addition, Thor comes with his powerful Mjölnir and Black Panther has a blue and gray motorcycle. Also, this set includes an AIM Agent minifigure, with numerous weapons and gadgets to attack the heroes. As if that were not enough, you can get other minifigures online to expand the set.

Functionality: The AIM Agent has a jetpack that can fire stud shooters, however, Black Panther’s motorcycle also features a stud shooter, so one or more kids can play at the same time and simulate battles.

Educational Value: Encourages children to use their imaginations, providing the inspiration needed to create epic stories between good and evil. In addition, it includes several figures to motivate them to share with family and friends.

Maintenance: For a deep cleaning of this set, you must disassemble all its parts and group those that are only made of plastic, such as many of those that make up the motorcycle. Afterwards, you can put the pieces in warm water for 10 minutes and remove the dirt with a disused toothbrush. In the case of figures, it is recommended to clean them dry for greater durability.

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10. Lego Super Heroes Stark Jet and Drone Attack 76130

Cautions: This may be one of Marvel’s most elaborate Lego sets, so the manufacturer recommends its use for children ages 8 and up, and some building knowledge is required to follow instructions. and correctly assemble the set.

Main Features: This is an original and attractive toy to give to a Marvel fan. It is the white Stark Jet that we can see in the Spiderman: Far From Home movie. In addition, it has 4 minifigures, Happy Hogan, Spiderman, Mysterio and Nick Fury, all with different weapons to fight. Also, the figures of 2 drones and bombs of the Jet Stark are included.

Functionality: Inside the Jet Stark there is a compartment so that the child can introduce the mini figures. As for combat, the hero’s ship has a rear hold with a capacity for 3 bombs, after which they can be thrown by simply pressing the button on the top. Also, both the Jet Sark and the drones can launch cannons for added functionality.

Educational value: Invites children to use their creativity to recreate and modify the battle of the Spiderman movies, thus achieving different endings and imagining new stories.

Maintenance: To ensure correct storage, it is advisable to store each piece and keep track of them to avoid losing them. As for cleaning, it must be done dry for greater durability.

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