Stokke Sleepi 104201 Reviews

Main advantage: 

Users comment positively on the fact that the crib has adaptable dimensions to serve as a rest piece of furniture for the child as he grows and during his first years of life.

Main disadvantage: 

Assembling this crib can be a bit tricky, of course, if you don’t spend enough time reading the step-by-step instructions in the instruction manual.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

This baby crib made of 100% beech wood offers great strength and durability. Its oval design is spacious and can be adapted according to the growth of the infant.

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Main Features Explained


There are many baby crib designs on the market, but not all of them have a structure that grows with the child from the first months of life and up to an average of 10 years. The Stokke Sleepi 104201 baby cots have this particularity, since the oval design of the frame can be progressively adjusted. 

In this way, we can get the right size, according to the growth of the child. In this sense, you can vary the height of the base on which the mattress is placed.

Among other particularities of this crib, we have the bearing system with a manual locking mechanism incorporated into the base, designed so that you can easily move the structure whenever you want from one space to another without any inconvenience. Likewise, the release mechanism for the sides of the crib stands out, which will allow the infant to access the interior comfortably.

In addition to the price, we cannot fail to refer to the high-precision finishes, cuts and joints applied to each of the wooden slats distributed vertically. In fact, this design promotes a correct circulation of the air flow and allows the little one to be constantly monitored. Thus, a particular design full of elegance and minimalism is formed, considered by many to be the best baby crib.

Cradle making and cleaning

The manufacturing materials of a baby crib are always going to be a factor of great importance, because knowing their level of quality we will be able to know how long the useful life of the product will be.

For example, the Sleepi 104201 crib manufactured and marketed by the Stokke house has a structure that presents great quality indicators with respect to its manufacture, deserving of multiple positive opinions on purchase portals by those who have purchased it. This positioning is due to its 100% beech wood construction, an organic material, robust and of maximum hardness. Aspects that give us confidence that it is a crib that can last for a long time.

It is important to mention that this wood gives the structure of the crib a body with an adequate level of load, as well as stability. In addition, it has a darkened appearance that turns reddish over time, this being a peculiarity of the wood.

When it comes to cleaning the crib, all you have to do is take a soft cloth and gently rub it across the structure periodically to remove any accumulated dust. In this way, you will prevent dirt from taking root. You can also carry out a deep cleaning using special products for wood. But in any of the cases, it can be seen that the process is not complicated to execute.


When purchasing a baby crib, it is essential to have a mattress that adapts to its format and that offers the little one a comfortable resting surface. For this, it is necessary to make an additional investment to acquire said mattress independently. However, some brands include this part with the purchase, in order to improve the user experience with the product. This is the case of the Stokke house, which attached a comfortable mattress of considerable quality to its Sleepi 104201 model baby cribs.

The rest surface was made of polyurethane rubber, so it has a medium-high level of firmness and great flexibility, being suitable for children up to five years of age. Of course, this will depend on your build.

It is important to mention that the material has a system of interior channels, designed to improve air circulation. Thus, you will obtain greater perspiration. 

In addition, the mattress has a cover made of cotton textile fabric with a side zipper for quick removal. It is a light, fresh fiber that you can wash manually or in a machine without inconvenience. Likewise, the product has an Oeko-Tex quality certification, which refers to the raw material used, which does not have substances that could be harmful.

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