The 10 Best Baby Costumes of 2022

Baby Costume – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Carnival, Halloween, Christmas or a theme party can be the ideal occasion to dress up your baby and take beautiful photos that will remain for posterity. Thus, when reviewing the most popular baby costumes today, we find a couple of very striking models. The first is My Other Me 203261 with which you will dress the little one as a sweet little devil with a red suit with wings, horns and a tail. For its part, the BabyPreg Halloween 4 PCS is the ideal set for girls on their first Halloween, as it is comfortable and well made, so they will look very pretty with this tutu dress.

The 10 Best Baby Costumes – Opinions 2022

Below we present a selection of outstanding products such as the best baby costumes of 2022, made from the characteristics of each model and the respective evaluation that other users have given of these products, for this reason we invite you to know our options to dress up your baby and be the center of attention at parties.

Baby Halloween Costume

1. My Other Me Me-205058 Baby Devil Costume 

The classic devil is an infallible option when you are looking for a Halloween costume for babies, because we all like that duality of the mischievous red angel with the tenderness of babies. 

This My Other Me model has been made of polyester and can be dry cleaned if it gets dirty. The costume consists of a jacket with sleeves and wings that are fastened with Velcro.

In the same way, the hat with the horns gives a more fun touch to the costume accompanied by the black tail. It is for all these characteristics that the 203261 model has been described by some users as the best baby costume, in addition to being one of the cheapest, fulfilling its function without affecting your budget.

Regarding the size of this costume, it is available in sizes M and L for babies from 7 to 12 months and from 1 to 2 years, respectively. 

For some users, this is the best baby costume of the moment, that’s why we summarize its characteristics below.


Size: You can choose this model in two sizes: M for babies from 7 to 12 months and L for children from 1 to 2 years.

Accessories: Wings and horned hat are included to complete the devil look.

Washing: Being made of polyester, this suit can be dry cleaned to maintain its structure.

Unisex: This model can be considered unisex, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a boy, the baby will look very mischievous with this costume. 


Feet: A non-slip base is missing on the feet of the suit, so babies can feel more secure if they are learning to walk.

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Baby pumpkin costume

2. BabyPreg® Girls Halloween Dress

If you don’t like the traditional baby pumpkin costume that makes your little one look like a fruit with feet, we recommend this model of a tutu dress, very pretty for girls and with an evil pumpkin embroidery on the front. 

The BabyPreg costume is ideal for Halloween because it has the classic black, purple and orange colors, plus the tutu detail on the edge of the dress gives the outfit a very feminine look.

For their part, the included accessories fully complement the costume, since they are the slippers, the stockings and a matching headband that will give the girl a more delicate style, and may be the best option when you are looking for the best costume for baby. 

Consequently, this model has important features that we summarize in the following list of pros and cons.


Materials: The costume is made of cotton, nylon, and satin, so it’s comfortable for baby girls, not hot, and the color scheme is cute.

Placement: The costume is easily put on because it is a short-sleeved bodysuit and the lower buttons make it easier to change the diaper, if necessary.

Accessories: The accessories included and matching the colors of the tutu dress give the outfit a more delicate touch, as the slippers and headband are very pretty. 


Size: The size of this costume can vary from one baby to another, and even if a size is ordered according to the child’s age, it does not always fit as expected.

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Lion costume for babies

3. Rubies Lion Costume for Kids Size Baby 1-2 

In any school parade or carnival, the theme of wild animals is always present, so for a boy or girl you can buy a lion costume for babies like this Rubies model that is very funny, with beautiful details and totally unisex..

The costume is made up of a jumpsuit, hat and slip-resistant booties, ideal for little ones from 1 to 2 years of age, who are already more active and independent when walking. The material, for its part, is polyester with a very soft touch finish and the quality is good, according to users, while the price corresponds to the product received.

On the other hand, the easy opening allows a quick donning of the costume or a diaper change without difficulty. As a general recommendation, the hair of the hat should be combed to recreate the effect of the mane every time the little one wears the costume. 

Now we invite you to read the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in this product, so that it is easier for you to make your choice.


Finish: The making of the costume has a good finish in each of its parts to give a fun and comfortable appearance.

Design: The costume is easily put on thanks to the opening system that also allows for comfortable diaper changes.

Size: This model is available in an appropriate size for babies from 1 to 2 years old, and can be used for carnival, Halloween and some event in the nursery.


Hood: In some cases the hood has been too small for babies, but parents have solved this defect by placing a longer Velcro strap. 

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Baby Christmas Costume

4. Vine Baby Christmas Clothing Sets

The good: This costume has the most traditional image of the Christmas elf, with all the details. Among them, we have the suit, the hat and also the footwear. All the elements are comfortable and have a very interesting color.

The bad: Although the sizes are correct, the hat can run slightly larger than is desirable for optimal fit, although this is also easy to solve. 

Verdict: A typical Christmas costume with which to turn your baby into a pretty elf, with all its details.

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Lion costume for babies

5. Lito Angels Minnie Mouse Costume for Girls

The good: This fun Minnie Mouse costume includes all the necessary elements for any baby to become the most famous mouse on television. In addition, its wide range of sizes makes it easy to find the most suitable for such a task.

The bad: The fabric with which it is made is rather thin, so it is recommended that the baby wear some type of garment underneath, especially in cooler times.

Verdict: A classic costume with a very fun design that is also comfortable for the baby and very easy to put on.

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Santa Claus costume for babies

6. Odziezet Christmas Set Baby Boy Girl Santa Claus 

An original baby costume is this Odziezet model, a Christmas costume that includes 4 pieces, including the characteristic white beard that looks very funny on babies and toddlers.

This Santa Claus costume for babies is the ideal outfit for your child’s Christmas photos, as it is very complete, as it comes with the shoes, the suit, the beard and the hat. In addition, it is available in different sizes, so you should check the size table offered by the manufacturer before buying it. 

To wash this garment, it is recommended to do it by hand and separately to prevent the red fabric from fading. For its part, the beard must be kept inside a package until the moment of wearing the costume and it must be combed a little so that it looks more funny on the little ones.

From this model we can summarize some characteristics such as pros and cons, according to the assessment of its buyers. 


Outfit: This costume comes complete with the suit, shoes, beard and hat, so you don’t have to spend extra money on other accessories.

Design: It is a very original model for babies, because we are used to seeing adults dressed as Santa Claus, that is why it is so fun to see little ones with their red suit and white beard. 

Opening: The snap buttons in the pants area make it easier to put on the set and change the diaper in babies, a very important aspect for parents. 


Size: The set is small, so it is recommended to choose two sizes larger than the baby’s size to avoid inconveniences.

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Ladybug costume for babies

7. My Other Me Me-201309 Insects Ladybug Costume for Girls

Insects are among the favorite designs to dress children for carnival or Halloween, for this reason the ladybug costume for babies has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, being one of the best sellers for girls.

In the case of this model from My Other Me, made up of a dress, panties and headdress, the comfort of the little ones is the priority. For this reason, the suit has been made with excellent quality materials, breathable and soft to the touch so that the girl who wears it feels good and can move freely.

Regarding the size, this costume is available in two sizes: 0-6 months and 7-12 months, but it does not include the shoes, so you must take that aspect into consideration to buy the booties or slippers that match the outfit.. 

Before deciding whether to buy this model or not, we recommend reviewing the summary of its characteristics in the following section.


Materials: The costume is made of polyester so it has a sturdy design and nice finishes for a dainty look on girls.

Washing: The set can be dry cleaned to take care of the fabric and keep it in the best conditions.

Comfort: The design of the dress and panties favors the movement of babies, being comfortable to wear. 


Antennas: The antennas are not held vertically, so some users decided to place a wire with silicone to keep them standing.

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Indian costume for babies

8. Karmabcn N25 for 9 to 18 Months Baby/Child

If you’re looking for the ideal accessory for an Indian costume for babies, you can’t forget to check out the features of this feathered hat, an Indian chief’s hat with very realistic finishes that will give an original touch to an aboriginal outfit. 

This hat is designed for babies from 9 to 18 months and is used very often in photo sessions that are carried out for little ones to commemorate the birthday or the celebration of the months with a thematic setting.

Regarding its construction, we must point out that the hat is made of real feathers, felt and synthetic fur, and is available in 7 different models and colorful tones so that you can choose the one that best suits your baby’s costume, or if you prefer to buy it depending on the gender you can also do it.

You should also know that this model is not cheap compared to the other products in our selection, but its design and the quality of its manufacture make up for the investment with its pros and cons.


Design: It is an Indian chief hat with an excellent finish and well-cared details that increase its realism, designed for babies from 9 to 12 months.

Materials: Real feathers give the hat a pretty look, also made with matching colored felt and faux fur to make a very attractive piece.

Utility: This accessory is ideal for an Indian or Aboriginal chief costume for Halloween, carnival or any theme party, even for birthday photo shoots. 


Price: It’s a bit expensive for just an accessory, but it’s a very attractive accessory to turn a simple Indian costume into a tribal chief’s outfit. 

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Disney Baby Costume

9. Disney Princesses Snow Princess Baby Costume Multicolor

Classic fairy tales are among the favorite choices when it comes to dressing up little ones, especially when it comes to Disney princesses like Snow White. 

That is why we recommend this Disney baby costume for girls aged 12 to 18 months, although it can also be purchased for little ones aged 3 to 6 months, made with high-quality materials and a velcro closure on the back for quick donning..

Comfort is part of the design of this short-sleeved dress with an elasticated waist and a delicate organza skirt. In addition, it includes a matching headband to complement the princess outfit.

We must also point out that to be an original product with a Disney license, it has an affordable cost, although it is more expensive than other models on this list, but its quality corresponds to the value of the product, as some users express in their opinions.

In conclusion, we have observed some positive and negative aspects of this costume that we summarize below to help you in your purchase.


Design: It is a Snow White princess dress for girls 12-18 months with a matching headband and the color combination of yellow, blue and red.

Construction: The costume has very nice finishes and the waist is adjusted with a comfortable elastic that allows good freedom of movement for the little girl.

Washing: The polyester fabric is easy to maintain and hand washing is enough to leave the dress very clean.


Value: This model has a high price, compared to other cheaper costumes, but it is an original Disney licensed product and of good quality that is worth the investment.

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Bat costume for babies

10. Polp Costume Halloween Girl Unisex Bat Jumpsuits

Valued by users as the best value for money baby costume, we have this Polp model made of cotton with a soft and breathable finish that is very comfortable for little ones.

This bat costume for babies stands out for its simplicity and well-cared details, since it is made up of a long-sleeved black romper and the complement of wings that can be seen when the baby extends his arms. It also includes a fun hat with ears to complete the bat costume.

With regard to donning, this costume is easy to put on and hassle-free adjustment thanks to the snap fasteners in the leg area, an aspect that also facilitates diaper changes. 

This Polp model is one of the cheapest in our selection, and its positive aspects outweigh the negatives, thus representing a good purchase to dress up your baby.


Comfort: The costume is comfortable because it is made of cotton and has a romper design, so the baby can crawl and move comfortably while wearing it.

Design: It is a unisex suit, made in black with some white and gray details, so it works well for girls or boys.

Price: This model has the lowest value on this list without this meaning that it is of poor quality, since it is made with resistant fabric and includes nice accessories to complement the design.


Sizes: You can only buy this product in two sizes: for babies 0-6 months and 12-18 months.

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Shopping guide

Making a guide to buy the best baby costume allows us to summarize the most relevant aspects when buying a themed costume for your little one, since there are many occasions when you can show off your child’s tenderness with the attractiveness and grace of the different costumes available in the market. We invite you to continue reading to find out what a good baby costume needs and help you in your choice.


On many occasions, the most difficult thing to start a comparison of baby costumes is to define the theme you are looking for, especially if it is Halloween or Carnival, parties in which you can dress the child as any fantasy character, animal, historical character, professions and much more.

From the classic doll costume for little girls to that of a firefighter, police officer or superhero, you have an almost infinite range of options to choose from, some more picturesque than others and with the advantage that many designs are completely unisex. 

This aspect is highly sought after by large families, as a costume can be used by younger children after the brother grows up, and even exchanged between relatives.

Similarly, the design of the costume can also go according to the occasion, because for Christmas many parents will opt for classic red suits or the costumes of elves helping Santa Claus, while for All Hallows’ Eve the dresses of witches, monsters or ghosts are the favorites.

Materials and manufacturing

As we are talking about baby suits, these must be made with good quality materials, breathable and soft to the touch, that are not too hot for children or that are warm enough if used in cold weather. 

Also, the finishes of the costume must be excellent so that it does not look sloppy, especially when it comes to seams or loose threads. Remember that babies can get bored easily, so an extremely pompous costume is not the best idea if you are going to take the child for a walk or to a theme party to show off her costume. 

In this sense, it is very important to check the type of closure, opening and fastening that the costume uses, as well as the accessories that include such as slippers, hats, headbands, among others, since these have to be easy to put on and take off., in addition to being properly attached to the rest of the suit. 


On this aspect we must consider several points. First of all, you must know your baby’s measurements in terms of weight, height and other dimensions because, although most baby costumes are indicated with sizes in the range of months, like children’s clothing, it can happen that the size is not indicated because your baby is below or above the percentile established by pediatric associations. 

In the second instance, the opinions of the buyers are an excellent reference to know if the size of the costume is as expected and even the data offered by other users such as the age, weight and height of their children serve as an example to calculate the size. ideal costume for our baby. 

In this sense, we observe that many parents opt for sizes larger than those of the child because they prefer the costume to be a little big than one that is too tight and uncomfortable to wear. In addition, a fix with a couple of stitches can always fix the situation so that the suit is as desired.


Many times we stop to see how beautiful the costume is, how much it costs or what colors it is available in, but we forget to check if its design is comfortable for both the child and the parents and caregivers.

Let’s remember that even if the costume is used for a short time for a photo shoot, for example, or for several hours for a carnival parade, the baby will need to relieve himself, so the chosen costume must facilitate the correct diaper change so that the Parents have no complications. 

Similarly, and depending on the age of the baby, the costume should allow good freedom of movement, especially for babies between 12 and 18 months who are beginning to take their first steps. For this reason, those models that include non-slip feet in the area of ​​the feet are more recommended when they are complete suits, since the baby will have more security when trying to walk with the costume.

The same thing happens with accessories, because, even if a costume is cheap, some accessories are always necessary to make the costume more attractive, but without sacrificing the comfort of babies. Above all, if it is about headbands, hats or hats that are hot, are tight or simply do not stay in place. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a baby costume?

Nowadays there are models of costumes for babies that are so versatile and casual that they can even be used to go to any party, without having to be themed. Others are fleece or cotton onesies that can be very convenient as pajamas for the cold, comfortable clothes for traveling by plane or other transportation because the baby will be protected and it allows for easy diaper changes. 

Q2: How to make a baby costume?

If crafts are your forte, we are sure that your creativity, a hot glue gun, needle and thread will be enough for you to reuse the baby’s clothes, complement it with some accessories and create a very original costume for the little one.

In this sense, the colored bodysuits that we buy to dress the baby on a daily basis are the perfect allies to recreate an inexpensive, original and very pretty costume. For example, a white, blue or pink body would only need a ball of wool on the back and an oval piece of fabric in skin color or gray to make a cute rabbit costume. 

In addition, with a cotton hat that matches the body, you can make the head of the costume, placing a pair of ears made with EVA rubber that has a plush effect and sticking them with silicone to the fabric or, if you prefer, you can also sew them.

As simple as this, on the Internet you will find plenty of ideas, video tutorials and patterns on how to make baby costumes with materials you already have at home, which will be cheap and fun for you. 

Q3: How to clean a baby costume?

Reviewing the manufacturer’s instructions will be the first step before washing the baby’s costume, since we know that it will surely end up stained, so read the washing instructions on the label and proceed to clean it. You must be very careful, as there are models that only allow dry cleaning or hand washing. Others made of more resistant fabrics can be machine washed, but be careful not to mix them with clothes of different colors that can fade and stain the costume.

Q4: What should a safe baby costume look like?

First of all, it must be comfortable, with a comfortable and secure placement system, large zippers, snap buttons or Velcro strap for adjustment. It’s best if the costume doesn’t have small choking hazard accessories.

In addition, it must be made of a breathable and soft fabric that does not irritate the baby’s skin. In case of making a homemade costume, plastic bags should never be used to make a ghost costume, for example. 

In the case of rompers for babies older than 12 months, it is recommended that they have non-slip feet so that the little one can walk more safely. 

Q5: When can we wear a baby costume?

A themed party can be the perfect excuse to dress up a baby, as well as the monthly photo sessions that have become very popular for parents who want to keep track of how their baby grows each month until their first birthday. Thus, each session can be carried out with a different theme, prepare a simple scenario and dress up the baby so that it stands out as the protagonist in the scene.

In addition, traditional holidays such as Christmas, Carnival and Halloween are also occasions to dress up the baby.

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