The 4 Best Toy Organizers of 2022

Toy Organizer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Organization is a habit that is taught from an early age. Therefore, if you want a toy organizer cabinet so that your child can have everything in its place, we must tell you that you must first think about its size and design, knowing that it must correctly occupy the space where you plan to place it, that it must have the necessary compartments to separate the types of toys, and a good closing method that is safe. After knowing and reviewing the various options on offer, we found that the Kidkraft 16774 model is an interesting option, since it has 12 separating drawers to locate toys without problems and, in addition, it allows assembly and disassembly depending on each case. But, if you are looking for an attractive, versatile design with a large storage capacity, the organizerSongmics RFB760P01 could be an excellent option for children’s rooms, thanks to its functional structure and fun colored animal figures.

Buying Guide – How to choose the best toy organizer?

The children’s room or the play area needs certain accessories that allow the organization of toys such as baskets, boxes, cabinets, in short, furniture that helps maintain order and motivate the little ones to take care of their belongings. So to find out what to look for in this furniture, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best toy organizer.


Depending on your child’s room or the space for toys, plus the amount of things you want to store, you will have a reference on the size of the organizer you need. 

It is important that the dimensions of the furniture adapt to the child’s room and to avoid problems with this aspect you should have a tape measure at hand and thus compare the measurements of the organizer that you like with those of the space in which you will place it and the respective distribution of the other belongings of the child.

That is why, in the market, you will find a wide variety of sizes and formats in the different organizers, designed to adapt to the needs of each buyer, therefore we recommend that you review carefully until you get the model that is right for you. 


When making a comparison of toy organizers you will realize that there is a wide variety of materials in their manufacture as a variety of models. However, MDF furniture has become popular today due to its resistance, durability and low cost, without forgetting the good finish that many of them have.

Likewise, there are combinations of wood with fabric, in which the structure is solid and the levels or drawers are made of lighter materials. On the other hand, there are metal or wooden shelves with plastic boxes and an open design to empty the toys, separating them by size or category. 

In any of the available models, it is important to verify that the materials are not toxic and that they maintain safe finishes, without sharp edges, corners or splinters, since we must remember that children will have permanent access to the organizer. 


Picking up children’s toys is not simply putting them in a trunk or a basket to prevent them from being all thrown on the floor. With an inexpensive toy organizer they can be sorted by category, size and even animated characters, which is why it is very useful for the chosen piece of furniture to facilitate this distribution.

According to the format of the organizer, it can have different levels to separate the toys according to the frequency with which the children use them, leaving the most common within the reach of the little users. On the highest shelves you can leave the decorative type or those accessories that are not for playing. 

Consequently, the more space and drawers the organizer has, the more functional it will be, as it will allow you to order the toys correctly or, with the help of the child, create an organization system so that he himself keeps his things in order.


In addition to looking at how much the organizer costs, it is necessary to verify how simple or complex its assembly is, especially if we make an online purchase. In this sense, reviewing the opinions of other buyers will help to have a clearer idea about this aspect.

Additionally, many manufacturers include illustrated mounting instructions along with screws, fasteners, and other hardware to secure the organizer frame. But, if you are not a dedicated handyman, you can go for the drop-down models that do not need any type of tool for assembly and that can be used as soon as you receive it.


The usefulness of the organizers has also been extended in the decorative aspect thanks to the designs and prints with which they are currently made. This is how you can choose from a modern piece of furniture in a neutral color and combine it with accessories or other elements of the room so that it becomes the center of attention in the room.

You can also choose a colorful design with the print of your child’s favorite character to match the sheets and curtains or to add color to the play corner. 

In addition, many prints also come in colorful and unisex tones, suitable for use in playrooms, schools and mixed rooms. On the other hand, some parents prefer to opt for functional designs that can be used after infancy to organize books, shoes or even clothes, thus ensuring a long-term investment. It should be noted that the quality of the material will also influence this aspect.

The 4 Best Toy Organizers – Opinions 2022

Something difficult to achieve, but that all parents would like, is that our little ones learn to organize and store their own toys, so it is advisable to have a striking and practical toy organizer. We invite you to check these beautiful and highly valued models.

1. KidKraft 16774 Sort It Children’s Shelf

Main advantage:

Being able to disassemble the modules makes it much easier to find exactly the toys that your little ones want at any given time without having to rummage too much among the others.

Main disadvantage:

The stability of the drawers could be somewhat better, according to users, since the current structure can be somewhat fragile, especially if we load the different drawers that make up the product with a lot of weight.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Organizing your little ones’ toys has never been so easy or more fun than with the Kidkraft 16774 toy organizer. This organizer has up to 12 drawers of different sizes and capacities with which to always have toys at hand at a glance.

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So that you do not have to worry about organizing your little one’s toys, this product has twelve different drawers, totally free and that you can extract directly from the structure of the product to be able to fill them, remove them or play with them and put them back properly. Best of all, the product has twelve drawers, but these have different sizes, so that they can be organized according to your preferences.

However, it is convenient that the two largest drawers are always placed in the lower part of the organizer to avoid slipping and other problems that could end up knocking down the whole.

Measurements and dimensions

So that your little one can move around with this piece of furniture, it has been convinced with suitable measures for the smallest of the house so that they can move without worries and use it without risks. Specifically, this product has measures of 85 centimeters high by 92 centimeters wide and about 47 centimeters deep, so that you can have a comfortable and very accessible space to see all the toys.

As for the drawers, these have measures of 30 centimeters deep and around 40, 30 and 20 centimeters wide, so that you can configure it as it suits you best to store your little ones’ toys or so that they themselves can handle safely with them.

product assembly

The product has a simple and highly resistant assembly once assembled. Mainly, the product consists of two main supports on which the wooden rods that serve as support for the two drawers are screwed, one at the front and one at the back, both being duly inclined and fixed to give it adequate security.

The extended legs give greater stability to the set so that we do not have risks when it can tip over or fall forward, also having a high-resistance system that allows it to properly support the weight of the drawers and the handling of the themselves. The assembly system is so simple that you will only need a couple of keys and a few screws to leave the product fully assembled.

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2. Songmics Children’s fabric storage box

If you don’t know which toy organizer to buy, Songmics offers you this product that promotes order and also adds a decorative touch to children’s rooms. It is a model with three stackable drawers and a fun design with full color covers, alluding to animal figures: a lion, a cat and a rabbit.

Also, the dimensions of each drawer are 38 cm wide, 25 cm deep and 35 cm high, a size that provides ample storage space. In addition, for greater security and comfort, its structure does not have sharp edges and its magnetic system can keep the front cover open, which favors easy access to the interior.

On the other hand, it is an organizer that not only provides lightness, but also stability and confidence. To do this, it is made of resistant cardboard and a metal frame, all covered in toxic-free non-woven fabric.

To learn more about this model, we invite you to read its strengths and possible disadvantages below.


Light and easy to handle: It only weighs 300 g and, thanks to its side handles, it can be easily handled.

Design: Its stackable design favors space and also provides decoration.

Colors and drawings: Each drawer offers an animal drawing painted in attractive colors.

Magnetic door: Thanks to its magnetic system, the front door stays open when access to the interior is needed.


Load: In order to prolong its useful life, you should consider the load limit for each drawer: 2 kg in storage and 5 kg in the upper part.

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3. Paw Patrol Toy Storage Unit

When we look for functional furniture for the children’s room, it is a good idea that they are themed and colorful, especially when they include the favorite characters of the little ones. Therefore, Paw Patrol is one of the favorite children’s series today, so the pattern of an organizer cabinet with this theme will give the room a lot of appeal.

On the materials of this model, the base is a three-level MDF structure and in each of them there are two large printed fabric boxes with an open design to make it easier for children to store and take out toys.

With the colorful and patterned design of this piece of furniture, it is intended to encourage children to participate in the organization of their room, creating a routine and an adequate space to store toys, games, books and even clothes or shoes. 

To learn more about this model, we summarize its main characteristics in the following section.


Functionality: The cabinet helps small children to organize their toys by themselves, as the drawers are open and easily accessible.

Levels: It has three levels of organization with 6 drawers in total, having a maximum height of 60 cm.

Assembly: The furniture is easy to assemble, you do not need many tools or be an expert in assembly.

Print: The colorful Paw Patrol design with the main characters increases the appeal of the organizer for children.


Cost: Some users comment that the furniture seems a bit expensive. Still, they recognize its usefulness.

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4. Hello Home Toy Storage Unit

Mixed wood and fabric furniture is very useful due to its compact size and easy assembly, which is why we recommend this organizer from Hello Home, printed with the famous Disney mouse, Mickey Mouse. 

With dimensions of 23 x 51 x 60 cm, this organizer can be moved around without difficulty because it weighs just 2.12 kg. However, its solid and stable structure is not compromised. For its part, the design of open drawers makes it much easier and faster to collect toys to put them in their place, being a fun activity for younger children if they are invited to participate in the organization of their room.

The fabric drawers also have prints alluding to Mickey Mouse and his friends, making it a fun and attractive design for boys and girls alike. Therefore, the functionality of this piece of furniture is also used in nurseries, children’s living rooms and much more. 

With its offer of children’s furniture, Hello Home can be considered the best brand of toy organizers and that is why we summarize the main characteristics of the 471MKS model.


Height: The organizer is 60 cm in height, making it easy for small children to access all the boxes to use and store their things. 

Stability: The main structure of the organizer is made of MDF, solid and resistant, to support the weight of the toys.

Design: The colorful Mickey Mouse design is totally unisex, being widely used in nursery schools, pediatric clinics and other spaces for children.


Boxes: The organizing boxes have a cardboard base, an aspect that could be improved if a more resistant material were used.

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KidKraft 16774 Sort It Children’s Shelf

Another excellent option to purchase a children’s toy organizer is the KidKraft model 16774, an American company with 47 years of experience in the distribution of children’s toys and furniture.

This organizer features a solid MDF (Medium Density Vulcanized Fibreboard) frame hand-painted in a subtle wood color, and 12 sturdy plastic drawers in bright, eye-catching colors: reds, blues, yellows and greens, in groups of 3 (2 medium and 1 large) for each color. The drawers are easily interchangeable and can be divided into 4 levels.

The total measurements of this shelf are 85 cm long, 47 cm deep and 92 cm high. It is specially designed to store toys, clothes and other accessories, thinking of children over 3 years of age. Includes detailed step-by-step assembly instructions and all necessary hardware for fitting.

If you want to know which toy organizer to buy, you can both study the reviews published on the web and follow buying guides like this one or simply take into account the number of toys your children have:


Compartments: The most remarkable and appreciated aspect of the Kidkraft 16774 toy organizer cabinet is the fact that it has no more and no less than twelve organizer drawers, so your children will have plenty of storage space to keep everything in order.

Organization: likewise, the twelve drawers of this model are removable and interchangeable both in position and in level, this will allow the little ones to choose where to place each one and to have the most preferred toys at hand.

Colors: the drawers of this organizer cabinet are tinted with the primary colors in a bright and attractive tone making it look very nice in the room.

Structure: and best of all, the structure of the Kidkraft 16774 cabinet is quite practical and resistant, which could mean that it will last for many years.


Stability: it must be taken into account that due to the design of the structure, the drawers can fall easily, due to this it is recommended to instruct children for correct use.

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How to use a toy organizer

To teach the little ones good organization habits in spaces, it is best to start by organizing your own toys. That is why you decided to acquire a toy organizer for your room. In this sense, we have made this article with the purpose of guiding you on how to use this product in a profitable way so that your little one’s room looks much better, in addition to making your investment worthwhile.

Install the product through the user manual

To install the toy organizer, you need to be guided by the user manual. There you will find a practical way and often in the form of graphics, the step-by-step instructions of the organizer assembly process. In addition, you will be able to determine which tools you are going to need to carry out said process, although in many cases, these tools are included in the package.

Put the organizer in the right place

For your child to have access to their toys in an organized way, the ideal is to allocate a space to place the toy organizer in their room. Therefore, locate the appropriate space in your child’s room so that he can organize them himself, once he has finished using his toys. If you have a game room in your home, it is also an ideal place to place and use the toy organizer. In kindergarten schools, it is a piece of furniture that is widely used by teachers when they need to use and collect toys.

Arrange the drawers to your liking

Depending on the organizer model, you can combine the drawers on the shelf, depending on whether they are plain or one of your children’s favorite television characters. You can also take into account the size of the drawers. If you like variety, you can swap the drawers regardless of size, or organize the larger ones first to accommodate large toys and then the smaller ones for smaller toys, or vice versa.

Place the toys in the drawers according to their type and size

Start by sorting the toys by type, then by size. You can put all the small stuffed animals in one small drawer, the cars in another drawer, the dolls, balls, and so on. The idea is to place the toys in an orderly manner in the organizer so that your child’s room looks much better, as well as that your child has access to his toys in a practical way.

Once the toys are organized, your child can access his toys much more easily, he no longer has to mess up the whole room to find his favorite ball or the cart that he likes the most. There are models of toy organizers whose drawers are removable, allowing the child to take the entire drawer with their toys and take them to another side of the room and play with them. Once the child is done playing, he can collect all the toys in the drawer and return them to the organizer without any inconvenience.

The most popular brands

As our little ones grow, we give them their respective toys, and it’s not just us, friends, uncles, grandparents and other relatives do it. Organizing that mess becomes a challenge, although it stops being a problem if we have a toy organizer. This is how we see technical aspects in its design and resistance, but we also check the existing brands on the market, and that’s where they come from: Delta Children, Disney, Songmics.

In 1968 Louis Shamie founded the Delta Children company that managed to establish itself in the market, thanks to the fact that he was inspired by the wonders of raising children. Actively responding to his needs, her revolutionary ideas in engineering and health transformed and grew a small shop in Brooklyn, NY, into one of the world’s leading crib manufacturers.

The fact of becoming a father allowed him to know exactly what parents with the same situation need. 49 years later, the vision of this company remains: “Offering stylish products for children and backed by appropriate quality and safety with affordable prices for families”, is its premise.

Its main product is cribs, to guarantee the sleep and rest of the little ones in the most important stage of their growth. This is how its engineers and technical staff have based their studies to give maximum comfort to children. It also creates baby furniture, children’s furniture as well as baby clothes and toy organizers among other objects.

Products such as the toy organizer offer a higher level of order than is generally the case. Because they are products that generate empathy with children. They are simple but entertaining in their aesthetics. They are also of quality and have adequate resistance to the weight or blows that could be given.

This brand was born in October 1923 with the idea of ​​Roy and Walter Disney, brothers who created the magical world of all individuals who go through the childhood stage. Disney was listed worldwide with the creation of significant characters, the first of them Mickey Mouse and from there others were born that are marked in our memory.

Characters like Pluto, Goofy or Goofy and Donald arrived and along with them who would give love to their hearts: Minnie, Daisy and Clarabella. This world’s largest media and entertainment company supported its brand by creating thousands of objects for the enjoyment and comfort of users who fell in love with this magical world.

This is how the Disney brand came to clothing, shoes, caps, key chains and mainly toys for the enjoyment of the little ones in the house. Equally suitable for adults who keep their inner child alive. A large number of objects for the little ones were created, including thermoses, lunch boxes, books and toy organizers to contextualize our little ones in that magical world.

Toy organizers are characterized by having resistant materials, as well as varied designs that allow for order in entertainment objects. The aesthetics of these objects adheres to the lines of Disney, so that the act of organizing the toys also becomes an entertainment activity.

It is an exclusive brand of Wuppessen, Inc., founded in July 2014 by an Amazon seller who independently built his business. Taking that beginning in Amazon as a starting point, he took into consideration all the needs of the users to define what they wanted.

And it is not only about selling quality products, but about giving feedback on what is being sold. This points to excellence in the sale of products, since it is also concerned that customers are satisfied with the products they receive. They also have an ideal customer service to answer the questions that arise in the various audiences.

Now, this company sells, among other things, organizers of all kinds, so that people can have their significant objects in an orderly manner, which is why jewelry, toys, as well as shoe racks, ottomans and clothes are objects that it sells. In essence, they are organizers that are not going to break with the aesthetics or decoration of our home.

Toy organizers contribute to having our children’s entertainment accessories located in a strategic place. This allows that when they want to look for them, they will have them at hand. In addition, they will not get lost and will generate in our little ones a sense of responsibility and organization.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Delta Children TB84869MN

Otra buena opción a considerar como el mejor Organizador de juguetes es el modelo TB84869MN que comercializa la marca americana Delta Children, empresa familiar que desde 1967 fabrica y distribuye mobiliario infantil.

Este práctico organizador tiene una hermosa decoración en tonos de rosado y blanco con dibujos de los personajes Minnie Mouse y Daisy Duck. Cuenta con una estable y robusta estructura de madera y 6 cajas de almacenamiento elaboradas en tela no tejida, distribuidas en 3 niveles. Tres cajas pequeñas y dos medianas, que se pueden colocar indistintamente sobre el nivel superior o medio, sobre una base de tela enganchada en la estructura, y una caja grande que va a ras de piso en el nivel inferior.

El organizador mide en su totalidad 298 x 635 x 664 mm en ancho, profundidad y altura. Incluye herraje e instrucciones de fácil montaje. Recomendado para niños mayores de 2 años.

También podrías optar por uno de los modelos más baratos si no tienes ganas de invertir demasiado y aun así podrás obtener un excelente producto con muy buenas recomendaciones:


Diseño: este mueble organizador de juguetes será el ideal para comprarle a la pequeña de la casa ya que tiene un diseño en colores rosa y pastel con figuras de la ratoncita Minnie y la patita Daisy.

Materiales: este modelo cuenta con una estructura fabricada en madera, cajones de plástico y un recubrimiento en tela estampada por lo que se siente bastante suave al tacto y robusto para una buena duración.

Dimensiones: presenta unas dimensiones de 29,8 x 66 x 63,5 centímetros,lo que lo convierte en un mueble bastante espacioso y cómodo para que tu niña pueda guardar todo lo que desee.


Cajones: algunos clientes consideran que el material de los cajones podría mejorarse ya que un uso intenso puede desgastarlos rápidamente.

Suelo: además, también hicieron notar que el cajón inferior va directamente puesto sobre el suelo ya que la estructura no cuenta con una tabla para él.

Songmics LPC33P

Otro de los productos baratos que merece nuestra consideración al buscar cuál es el mejor Organizador de juguetes es el modelo LPC33P de la marca alemana Songmics, una estantería plegable de fácil montaje, con predominio de suave color rosa y puertas, fondo blanco, con diversos estampados infantiles.

La resistente y durable armazón está elaborada con plástico PP de buena calidad, enmarcado en alambre de acero y con elementos cromados. Incluye 33 placas lisas unicolor y 9 placas estampadas para las puertas, con arandela a manera de tirador, de 35.5 cm de cada lado, 32 conectores blancos plásticos y 18 cierres negros plásticos con magnetos para las puertas.

Mide 112 cm de ancho y altura y 37cm de profundidad, y está pensado para niños de todas las edades. Se construye mediante un sencillo sistema de montaje a presión, para lo cual incluye un pequeño martillo de madera e instrucciones paso a paso.

Considerado por muchos cibernautas como el mejor mueble organizador de juguetes por 50 euros, este modelo cuenta con una serie de ventajas y desventajas que lo hace un fiel candidato a quedarse con el puesto:


Diseño: el mueble organizador LPC33P de Songmics se gana el puesto en este listado debido a que presenta un diseño un tanto diferente con cajones de abertura y tapa frontal, por lo que puede lucir más organizado debido a que se puede cerrar la tapa.

Compartimientos: este modelo te entrega nueve cubículos de compartimientos para que puedas organizar lo mejor y más cómodamente posible los juguetes de tus pequeños.

Uso: asimismo, el diseño aplicado en este mueble organizador permite que éste sea utilizado por varios niños a la vez si se les asigna a cada uno un espacio de almacenamiento.


Estructura: se pudieron apreciar algunas reseñas que advierten que la estructura de este mueble organizador sólo debe ser utilizada para almacenar juguetes de poco peso para evitar accidentes.

Estampados: además, el diseño de estampados de las puertas son enviadas al azar por lo que no puedes guiarte por la imagen de referencia del fabricante.

Worlds Apart 66EFB02

Otra opción que merece ser tomada en cuenta entre los mejores Organizadores de juguetes del 2022 es el modelo 66EFB02 que comercializa la marca inglesa Worlds Apart.

La estructura de este pequeño organizador está elaborada en robusta fibra vulcanizada de densidad media MDF, pintada y barnizada en blanco con diseños de mariposas y flores en color rosa, una hermosa decoración que estimula al pequeño a poner en orden sus cosas, convirtiendo la suave tarea en un efectivo placer.

Los cajones son de tela dura, 6 cestas de igual tamaño y suave coloración rosa en distintos tonos, para ser colocadas en 3 niveles. El mueble mide 63.5cm de ancho y 30 cm de profundidad, y está diseñado a 60 cm de altura, para fomentar la independencia de los niños, mayores de 18 meses, en su propia habitación. Es fácil de ensamblar, se fija con tornillos e incluye todos los componentes, así como el folleto de instrucciones, para su montaje.

Al momento de buscar información acerca de cuál podría ser la mejor marca de muebles organizadores de juguetes hallamos que este detalle no es tan imp

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