The 5 Best Anti-Colic Bottles of 2022

Anti-colic bottle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The feeding of our little ones in their first months of life is essential, however, many times they do not adapt to the mother’s breast for breastfeeding, so we are forced to buy them a bottle to give them milk. Now, it is important to have one that takes care of your stomach and avoids gas or colic. Currently, there are many models on the market due to the wide variety of brands, but we will focus on the most outstanding to simplify the search. First of all, we find the Suavinex Zero-Zero whose teat is ergonomic and very soft, suitable for mixed feeding and can be used from 0 to 6 months. The next model is the  Tommee Tippee Closer to Naturewhich includes two 260 ml bottles with anti-gas valve. In addition, both have an easy-grip nipple for the baby.


Buying guide – What is the best anti-colic bottle on the market?

We know that this important utensil, which is intended for the baby to feed without problems, has evolved considerably, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. To give you some ideas about what’s most relevant to consider, we’ve put together this guide to buying the best anti-colic bottle, so you’re less likely to overlook those features when making your selection.

Technology and use

Air intake during milk intake is the main reason that causes discomfort in babies, since they have a small stomach. That’s why the designer brands of these devices strive to reduce the possibility of it ending up in your little one’s tummy. In such a way that you will find very diverse techniques and patents in each model, which may include valves or mechanisms that use other accessories. Our first recommendation is that you review the rating it has obtained from users and assess whether it helps you provide your baby with the nutrients he needs in the best possible conditions.

On the other hand, since this type of object is made up of several pieces, you might be interested in taking a look at the assembly process, which you will have to master to use the bottle properly, this will allow you to evaluate the model with respect to its ease of use..


Now, holding the bottle comfortably to feed your little one is also important, remember that it will be an activity to which you are going to dedicate several minutes at each feeding and probably more than an hour a day, so it is convenient that both of you are as comfortable as possible and a well-designed bottle can make a difference.

On the other hand, but no less important are the teats, which should also resemble the mother’s breast as much as possible, so that the suction movement is as close to natural as possible and thus achieve the growth of the jaws and strengthening of other muscles. involved in feeding the little one.

Capacity and number of bottles

The baby’s first months are when he is most prone to colic and discomfort related to digestion. Generally at this time the amount of milk that he ingests is not too much. However, you should evaluate how many milliliters you can offer your little one with each model, in order to determine if it could be enough. It may be appropriate for you to select those that are medium, since they will be useful to you both in their first days and in the following months.

On the other hand, the number of bottles that you may need is not limited to one, so if you identify a good and cheap set, we invite you to consider the idea of ​​including it among your purchase options, because it could cover your needs to have enough and use them throughout the day.

Cleaning and compatibility

It will be a frequent task to clean the bottles, which is added to the rest of the activities that involve having a baby at home. For this reason, one of the characteristics that we consider most important is that the model has been designed to facilitate easy cleaning, in which there is no risk of any impurity getting stuck in a duct.

Check if its hygiene is indicated by means of a dishwasher and if there is any special indication in this regard, since some soap formulations can deteriorate some parts, reducing the efficiency of their anti-colic effect.

It also analyzes if there are specific utensils such as a brush to rub difficult places and how much it costs, in order to have a broad picture regarding the additional expenses that the bottle implies.

You probably have some other accessories at home such as sterilizers or teats that you might be interested in using with the anti-colic bottle, check the characteristics of the model in this regard, to find out if they could be compatible.

tests and tests

These types of products confirm their effectiveness when used by associations of mothers or pediatricians. You should analyze if the model you have chosen for your comparison of anti-colic bottles has a certificate. It also checks that it has been manufactured based on the standards and quality required by the CE. This way you make sure that it is a safe model.

The 5 Best Anti-Colic Bottles – Opinions 2022

1. Suavinex Zero-Zero Anti-colic bottle +0 months

Suavinex bottles have the necessary technology to reduce colic in newborns. An example of this is the Zero-Zero model that mimics the physiology of the mother’s breast with an anti-colic bag, simulating the natural mechanism of the mammary glands and avoiding the appearance of air bubbles.

Regarding the design of the nipple, you should know that it is made of ultra-soft silicone, imitating the mother’s nipple, which avoids the baby’s confusion when mixed breastfeeding is practiced. This element has been endorsed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry, so it will not generate any long-term complications in the baby’s teeth. On the other hand, the container has a capacity of 270 ml.

Definitely, the anatomical design of this bottle stands out among its features. But, there are also other positive and negative aspects about it which we summarize below.


Teat: The design of the soft silicone teat and its natural format is similar to that of the mother’s nipple, to avoid confusion in the baby with combined breastfeeding.

Anti-colic system: Air bubbles disappear inside the bottle, as it contracts to the rhythm of the baby’s suction, reducing the appearance of colic. 

Cleaning: Due to its semi-flexible silicone construction, this bottle is easily cleaned without using special accessories. 


Spare parts: Being able to buy spare vacuum bags is missed, since these can be damaged by the continuous use of the bottle.

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2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

The anti-colic bottles of the Closer to Nature line of the English brand Tommee Tippee contain a unique system made up of a tube and a valve, through which optimal aeration is offered during the suction process, to avoid or help reduce bothersome baby colic.

Model 422525 includes 2 anti-colic bottles with a capacity of 260 ml and 2 slow-flow silicone teats, which are soft and easy to grip for the baby’s mouth, since they have a breast shape to help him in the transition from breast to bottle Each teat features flexible, stretchy waves that allow it to mimic natural flexing and movement during feeding, providing continuous suction.

Closer to Nature bottles have an ergonomic and compact design so you can hold them properly and comfortably, keeping your baby closer.

It is normal to have doubts about which anti-colic bottle to buy and on many occasions, knowing the pros and cons in depth can help you decide:


Set: Tomme Tippee has a set of two anti-colic bottles for you so you can feed your baby more comfortably. Both are 260 ml and have the anti-colic system that will guarantee a safe rest and free from stomach pain.

Nipples: two soft nipples are included with the purchase that simulate the sensation of the mother’s breast, which can help the little one feel much more comfortable and thus facilitate feeding.

Ages: thanks to the design combined with the capacity of these anti-colic bottles, you will be able to use them from the very birth of the child until they are at least four years old, guaranteeing you a fairly long useful life.

Safe: in addition, both bottles are made with materials free of bisphenol A or BPA, which allows you to be much calmer knowing that your little one is not in contact with toxic substances in plastic.


Compatibility: if you decide on this model, you should keep in mind that it is only compatible with special Closer to Nature Anti – Colic Plus teats, which can make it difficult to exchange them.

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3. Dr. Browns DRB-PP-455DE Anti-Colic Bottle

Another bottle that has an internal ventilation system that minimizes air intake to your little one, reducing the likelihood of colic, gas and burping, is the famous Dr. Browns brand natural flow and anti-colic bottle.

The DRB-PP-455DE model is an anti-colic bottle with a 240 ml capacity that includes a level 1 teat, that is, for suitable use in newborn babies under 3 months. The ventilation mechanism eliminates air bubbles and the vacuum that forms in the bottle, preventing air from mixing with the content, which also minimizes the oxidation of vitamins A, C and E, providing a better nutrition for your baby. small.

The bottle is made of polypropylene, without BPA, and the teat is made of silicone. They can be hand washed with detergent and hot water or placed in the dishwasher.

The advantages of this Dr. Brown’s model make it possibly the best anti-colic bottle for 10 euros that you could buy, so we invite you to compare them:


Vitamins: this option among Dr. Brown’s anti-colic bottles has an anti-colic system that allows the natural vitamins and minerals of the food to be maintained so that they can reach the child without being modified.

Cleaning: it is an easy-to-clean bottle since it can be easily disassembled and placed in the dishwasher if desired so that you do not waste time.

Standards: it has a certification of compliance with quality standards of the European community which guarantee its safety and quality.


Teat: The teat included with this bottle is level 1, that is, for newborns up to three months of age.

Indicators – Some buyers found it very uncomfortable that the bottle quantity indicators are transparent, making them very difficult to read.

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4. Chicco NaturalFeeling Anti-Colic Slanted Teat Bottle

Ergonomics is one of the key points that has been emphasized to create this model of anti-colic bottle for newborns, a feature that seeks to make your baby feel comfortable and that you can hold it easily.

This is achieved because the teat is always full of milk thanks to its inclination, preventing the flow of air while feeding. On the other hand, to provide greater effectiveness in reducing uncomfortable colic, it has a double valve. All this without increasing its cost too much, which is why it could be described as the best value for money anti-colic bottle.

In addition, it should be added that its nipple retains good flexibility and resemblance to the mother’s breast, so you could provide your baby with mixed breastfeeding without major problems.

Let’s see below a list of pros and cons regarding this model, which is one of the cheapest so that you can get to know it better, it may be the one to offer food to your little one.


Design: Due to its ergonomics, it is a bottle that you could hold comfortably and helps prevent the nipple from filling with air during the process.

Double valve: Thanks to its double valve system, it keeps the air flow away from your baby’s mouth.

Softness: Because the design of its teat is very soft and resembles the mother’s breast, it could be an effective option for mixed breastfeeding, that is, breast milk offered either by breast or bottle.


Flow: Some parents find the flow to be higher than expected, so some babies may have trouble adjusting at first.

Polypropylene: Some users may prefer a glass container, however this presentation is only available in polypropylene.

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5. Philips Avent SCF810/14 Anti-colic bottle with patented system

Among the best anti-colic bottles, we find options such as the Philips Avent SCF810/14 model. This product has been improved with the new AirFree technology, which prevents air from entering the teat area and evacuates it efficiently. This almost completely eliminates the air in the feeds, which your baby will certainly appreciate. 

In addition, this system has the additional advantage of being very easy to clean, as is the case with the rest of the product. The outside of the teat also has quality, anatomically designed to facilitate feeding and to prevent spills during feeding. 

As for its capacity, you have two sizes to choose from, 125 and 260 milliliters respectively. And how could it be less, the bottle is free of BPA and other harmful elements for your little one.

We leave you more information regarding what this complete bottle puts at your fingertips to feed your baby.


Airfree: This patented system prevents air from entering your little one’s intakes, for more safety.

Teat: The teat is completely anatomical, so it has a format that favors a secure hook.

Cleaning: Its approach makes it much easier to clean the bottle and the teat.


Alignment: For the valve to work, it is key to align it correctly, which is a bit difficult at first.

Slow Flow: Slow flow is not as “slow” as it should be, so care should be taken when feeding very young babies.

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How to use an anti-colic bottle

Feeding your baby as often as necessary is essential, but when it comes to giving him a bottle, some models are more efficient at avoiding annoying colic. To use an anti-colic bottle, the following recommendations that we offer in this guide may be useful to you.

Properly sterilize all parts

Good feeding practices for your baby begin with proper hygiene of the parts that make up the bottle. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove dirt and properly perform sterilization processes.

Wash each piece carefully, removing any traces of food and using only detergents in adequate concentrations, since exposing the pieces to high concentrations can accelerate deterioration. On the other hand, if you use cold sterilization tablets, avoid leaving the pieces submerged in the solution for longer than the recommended time.

Assemble the bottle parts

The anti-colic bottles have very precise assembly instructions for each model, but don’t worry, they are also simple. You just have to take into account each time that each piece has been correctly placed according to the instructions and that especially the teats cover the entire ring on which they will be mounted, with this you will prevent air from entering or liquid from coming out. of the bottle where it shouldn’t.

For anti-colic bottles that use internal valves, you will need to ensure that when assembly is complete, the position is completely upright inside the bottle.

Use nipples with an appropriate flow

During your baby’s first months, his feeding rhythm and needs will be different from the following months, so it is recommended that you use slow-flow teats for this first stage. As your child changes his eating habits, you can introduce other faster flow teats to meet his new needs.

Feed your baby in a quiet place

In addition to using an efficient anti-colic bottle, it is convenient that your little one is calm and in a comfortable position whenever you are going to feed him. It is recommended that you also find yourself with your head slightly elevated in relation to the rest of the body. This way the flow of food will be more appropriate and it will reach your stomach properly.

Replace damaged parts

The constant use of bottles brings natural wear, especially of the teats. Replace them as soon as you notice any change in their surface texture or elasticity.

In addition, any part should be discarded if it shows cracks, as these can interfere with the efficiency of the bottle to prevent uncomfortable colic. Some manufacturers recommend replacing them every 3 months for hygiene, regardless of their appearance, because they can begin to reduce their efficiency.

Finally, do not forget that bottles are exclusively for feeding your little one, avoid using them as a toy or as a replacement for a pacifier. In the same way, it is convenient that you do not fall asleep with him and always supervise his feeding.

The most popular brands

All parents want the best for their babies and take care of them so that nothing bad happens to them. They need special protection because they are so defenseless. Anti-colic bottles are special to avoid discomfort to little ones. If you are thinking of buying one, the experience of other people indicates that there are three special brands: Dr. Brown, Closer To Nature and MAM.

The research led a doctor in 1996 to design a bottle with a ventilation system capable of eliminating air bubbles, negative pressure and vacuum: Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow. From then on, the Dr. Brown’s brand was patented to produce more sophisticated bottles than the conventional ones on the market. It is currently responsible for manufacturing bottles, training cups and pacifiers that help mothers with their babies.

The Dr. Brown’s brand came to improve the nutrition of the little ones and reduce the discomfort caused by gas. This is achieved through an exclusive design that guarantees a fully ventilated bottle and that is not achieved with other brands. These innovations have garnered recognition and awards from the medical community.

Dr. Brown’s anti-colic bottle guarantees an exclusive design with high quality standards and perfect functionality for the baby and his mother, which maintains the health of the little one. Their bottles are used in pediatric clinics and hospitals. You can trust the products of this brand that maintains research to innovate in the market. Testimonials around the world recommend it for the benefits it presents.

A product closer to nature offers the Closer To Nature line, from the English brand Tommee Tippee, which has established itself, for more than 50 years, as one of the most recognized in the world for its accessories for babies. This range of articles was developed with the aim of making children happier by satisfying their needs through natural mechanisms.

Closer To Nature bottles are designed with an extra wide nipple that has the ability to mimic the stretch and flex of a natural breast. This way, babies won’t know the difference when their mom is feeding them at the breast or bottle. They are premium quality products that require a rigorous research and development process.

Do not hesitate when purchasing the Closer To Nature anti-colic bottle, as you will guarantee your child a natural feeding without discomfort, backed by one of the most famous manufacturers of accessories for babies. They also have a practical and original design that has earned the preference and trust of millions of parents who have verified the benefits of these products around the world.

When the MAM brand emerged in Vienna (Austria) in 1976, the goal was to help parents achieve the full development of their babies. It began with the sale of pacifiers and then developed a wider range of products to make everyday life easier for mothers, fathers and children. Such has been the success of the company that it currently has subsidiaries all over the world: Germany, Hungary, Brazil, the United States and Spain, just to mention a few.

MAM loves babies. For this reason, it has worked on expansion to ensure that more children have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of its products made with materials and production techniques that have won awards on some occasions. It has been running for more than 40 years and its goal is to continue promoting the health of children and guaranteeing peace of mind for parents.

MAM’s anti-colic bottles are a wise choice, as it is an article in which designers, doctors and scientists work to provide a bottle that creates a trend in the market, thanks to the verified medical features it offers. Your baby will thank you for pampering him with this brand.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How does the Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottle work?

Anti-colic bottles have a design that allows an adequate flow of milk, which prevents the presence of air bubbles while the child feeds. Therefore, the possibility that the baby may suffer from gas, reflux, vomiting and colic is avoided.

The Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottle incorporates an innovative ventilation system formed by a cannula or tube, which is attached to the neck of the bottle and easily directs the air to the bottom of the bottle, thus producing a flow of adequate pressure to the extent that the baby extracts the food; in this way, the child absorbs the least amount of air and without much effort.

Thanks to this operation, all the vitamins and nutrients are maintained, since the air does not come into direct contact with the milk, which is an additional advantage when using this bottle.

Q2: How to give an anti-colic bottle

Bottle time should be a pleasant moment for both the baby, the parents or the person in charge of feeding them; As when breastfeeding, it is important to transmit pleasant and affective sensations, so it is advisable to do it in a comfortable and quiet place.

However, to prevent unwanted colic from occurring in young children, it is important to follow some guidelines recommended by experts, who recommend not only the use of an anti-colic bottle, but also adopting a correct posture.

The ideal position in which you should put the baby should be slightly tilted over either of your arms, the one that is most comfortable for you, this will help the nipple to fill with milk as the bottle empties.

Likewise, you should take some breaks, avoiding rushing the shot and during those moments, it is important to rest the child on your shoulder or chest so that he expels the air that he could consume. Finally, remember that you must remove the bottle before it is completely empty, since it is essential that the baby does not suck up to the last drop.

Q3: Which is better, Avent or Doctor Brown anti-colic bottles?

Both brands of bottles base their operation on the same principle, an internal ventilation system that prevents air from accumulating and prevents colic problems in babies; this encourages bottle feeding to be similar to that provided by the mother during breastfeeding.

First of all, we have that Avent bottles are comfortable to use, since babies can hold them easily thanks to their ergonomic designs. They are practical, functional, easy to handle, their parts can be washed in the dishwasher and, furthermore, they can be sterilized without any inconvenience at high temperatures. We can find models of 125, 260 and 330 ml on the market.

On the other hand, one of the main qualities of Dr. Brown bottles is that thanks to their design, you can avoid and overcome gastroesophageal reflux problems in your baby. For this reason, it is a product that has received numerous awards and recognitions from the international medical community. Their designs are available in various sizes, ranging from 60 to 300 ml, adapting to the requirements and stages of growth.

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¿Cuál es el mejor biberón anticólico del mercado?

Los biberones son elementos necesarios que se usan varias veces al día y durante un largo periodo de tiempo y ya que en el mercado la oferta es variada, queremos ayudarte a reconocer algunas características que debes tener en cuenta al escoger el biberón más adecuado para tu bebé, logrando a la vez obtener una buena inversión.

Los biberones pueden ser de vidrio o plástico, de distintos tamaños y variados diseños, pero solo algunos son creados para manejar apropiadamente el aire y el vacío. Un biberón tradicional contiene aire y en el proceso de succión este se mezcla con el contenido y va a parar al estómago del pequeño, causándole molestias de gases, distensión abdominal y otros problemas que devienen en cólicos. Los bebés necesitan succionar con fuerza para sacar el líquido del biberón y luego de unas cuantas succiones, se ven obligados a interrumpir la toma para dejar entrar nuevamente aire, lo que además les causa ansiedad.  

Cuando el biberón permite la entrada de aire a la misma vez que sale el líquido, el pequeño puede tomar a la velocidad que quiera, sin dificultad. Estos son los llamados biberones anticólicos, los cuales están dotados de un sistema de ventilación que crea un circuito que permite que el aire entre mientras el bebé succiona, evitando mezclarlo con el contenido, de tal modo que el pequeño ingiere solo el líquido, sin aire.

Philips, Tommee Tippee y Dr. Brown’s son algunas de las marcas más populares del mercado, mejor conocidas por sus innovadores productos, los cuales proporcionan comodidad al bebé y tranquilidad a sus padres. Al hacer una comparativa de biberones anticólicos, no olvides incluir los siguientes modelos, los cuales han sido muy valorados por los usuarios.

Philips Avent SCD290/01 Set Biberones

Ventaja principal:

Su exclusivo sistema anticólicos permitirá eliminar el aire de forma efectiva en cada toma de modo que tu bebé evitará tragar aire y por tanto tener molestias digestivas como consecuencia de tragar aire durante la alimentación.

Desventaja principal:

A Se trata de un set adecuado desde el nacimiento y hasta los 6 meses aproximadamente, si tu bebé es más mayor, seguramente este set se le quede pequeño en muy poco tiempo.

Veredicto: 9.6/10

Un completo set de biberones con el que tendrás todo lo que necesitas para alimentar correctamente a tu bebé recién nacido y hasta que este tenga unos 6 meses de edad.


Tamaño y materiales

Para que un set de estas características cumpla con nuestras expectativas, este debe incluir todo lo necesario para que podamos alimentar a nuestros pequeños de manera efectiva. Este set incluye todo lo que necesitas.

Dos biberones de 125 ml y dos de 260, todos ellos fabricados en material plástico libre de sustancias nocivas para tu bebé como el BPA y todos ellos con sus respectivas tetinas, de flujo 1 y 2, fabricadas en silicona alimentaria de gran calidad y que fomentan un agarre natural por parte del bebé, por lo que son aptas para suplementar durante la lactancia materna. Poseen, además, pequeños hoyos en forma de pétalos que permiten al bebé succionar de manera más efectiva y segura.

Sistema anticólico

Lo mejor de este modelo Philips Avent es que gracias su sistema anticólico ubicado en el diseño de su tetina en forma de doble válvula, evitarás los cólicos de tu bebé causados por tragar aire durante las tomas quedando el aire en el interior del biberón y no pasando a la boca del bebé. Debes tener en cuenta que el bebé también tragará aire cuando llora, por ejemplo, por eso es muy importante usar este tipo de biberones para su alimentación, a fin de evitarle el mayor paso de aire posible a su sistema digestivo.

Accesorios y limpieza

En cuanto a los accesorios incluidos en el set, lo cierto es que incluye todo lo necesario para que puedas alimentarlo e incluso para que puedas limpiar los biberones correctamente, ya que cuenta con un cepillo especialmente diseñado para llegar a todos los rincones del biberón, por dentro y por fuera, así como de la tetina, por lo que estos siempre quedarán perfectamente limpios antes de pasar a su posterior esterilizado.  

Además, incluye cuatro tapas en las que proteger las tetinas y cuatro tapas anti

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