The 5 Best Baby Bikes of 2022

Baby Bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bicycles for babies, which in some cases can be used even from one year of age, are perfect products both to improve the mobility of our little ones and help their development, as well as for them to have a fun time and enjoy the outdoors. For your little ones to enjoy more, it is convenient that the product adapts to their measurements, that it is solid and safe and, if possible, that it also has a fun design, although this is perhaps the least important thing. Within these models, an outstanding product is the Early Rider Classic 12/14 baby bike. A model made of wood and recommended from 2 years old, which offers an elegant and solid design so you can rest easy while your little one enjoys. If you prefer something more classic, the Chicco First Bike modelit is a traditional bicycle. A product adjustable to different sizes, light and with anti-puncture wheels so you don’t worry about the hardness of the road.

The 5 Best Baby Bikes – Opinions 2022

When it comes to choosing toys for the little ones in the house, you surely want to know which is the best baby bike that you can find on the market. A task in which our selection of the best bicycles for babies of 2022 will be useful for you to find the right product that your little one needs. Let’s see what we can run away with…

1. Early Rider Classic 12/14 Balance Bike

Main advantage:

It is a bicycle made of wood, an unconventional material for this type of vehicle, but which provides the smallest with greater resistance, comfort and dynamism when walking.

Main disadvantage:

The body of the bicycle can become stained and change its appearance due to continuous exposure to the sun.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This bicycle sets a trend thanks to its unique style with its structure made of wood, with real wheels and classic cut, a feature that adds elegance to its design. It has a padded and adjustable chair so that, as the child grows, he can continue enjoying it.

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Materials and safety

The body of the bicycle is made of birch wood, which is resistant and makes it suitable for plywood, a technique used for the overlapping and molding of several layers that reinforce the structure.

In addition, its manufacturing process is more traditional and greatly reduces the generation of toxic greenhouse gases, so you can use it knowing that it will not harm the environment, compared to other models.

Likewise, the bicycle complies with important safety standards that certify its high-level production, having the credentials EN71 in Europe and ASTM 963 in the USA.

Adjustable seat and lock

Thinking that this product will be used for several years in the child’s childhood, Early Rider has an adjustable seat from 30.5 to 39 centimeters, so that children between 2 and 5 years old can have this bicycle as much as possible. they grow up

In addition to this, the steering has a lock that in principle will help the little one learn, so that you can teach him how to drive the bicycle phase by phase and then gradually incorporate these functions as he becomes more expert.

If you deactivate this function, the handlebar will be able to turn up to 2.5 centimeters in both directions, a prudent and safe measure for the child, which will allow him to have a good degree of mobility when steering the bicycle sideways, but without endangering him.

Ergonomic and padded design

Its ergonomic design was designed so that the child has a proper posture while riding the bicycle, without causing discomfort or pain in the back and legs from pedaling for a long time.

In other words, it improves the child’s movements and helps them have a much more pleasant experience, since it adapts to the child’s figure. The seat is padded so that you feel much better when sitting on the bike.

In addition, the seat cover was made in an embroidered imitation leather material that is removable and washable to maintain the hygiene of this piece, so it can be kept in good condition or even replaced in case the padding becomes flimsy.

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2. Chicco First Bike Balance bike with adjustable seat

The Chicco First Bike baby bike without pedals is a timeless classic that continues to enjoy good shape. A very light product thanks to its metal frame, which helps the child move around comfortably.

A product that also stands out among cheap bicycles, with high quality, very typical of what would be the best bicycle for babies for value for money at the moment.

The best thing is that this bike grows with your baby, with an adjustable handlebar and seat to position it as needed, so it will accompany him until he is approximately 5 years old. For this, it has a support of up to 25 kilos of weight, among other things thanks to its solid wheels and its structure.

The model presented to us on this occasion by the well-known Chicco brand can well be described as the best baby bike for 30 euros. We invite you to study it in detail with our list of pros and cons.


Color : Supplied in bright colors with a metallic finish that make the bike stand out.

Adjustable height : The handlebar and seat are adjustable to adapt to the height of the little one as he grows.

Light : Its weight of 2.7 kg can make it easy for children to use, as they do not need to exert much effort to move it.

Wheels : You will not have problems with punctures in these wheels because they do not have an inflatable inner chamber.

Seat : Since it provides an ergonomic seat, the child will sit comfortably on it.


Size : Not recommended for children 3 years and above average height based on the experience of some users.

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3. Korimefa 3 in 1 Kids Tricycle

It is an appropriate tricycle for children from 1 to 3 years old, ages in which they are still developing their ability to balance. In this sense, it has 3 modes, one with 3 wheels, one with only 2 wheels and another without pedals, which increases the options of use.

It is also important to mention that the seat is made of PU leather to promote comfort and can be adjusted in height between 30 and 36 cm. Also, the wheels have a closed design and are covered with EVA foam, which provides better support and increases safety.

In terms of resistance, the frame is made with carbon steel, so it is very resistant to constant use for greater durability. In the same way, its structure is light to give the child greater control and facilitate its transport.

According to the opinion of several people, Korimefa is the best brand of baby bicycles, so if you are looking for a quality model, you should know this product in depth.


Versatility: It is possible to use it as a trike with 3 wheels, 2 wheels and without pedals, which increases versatility.

Assembly: It can be assembled quickly, since it includes a manual with very detailed instructions.

Adjustable: Both the angle of the handlebar and the height of the seat can be adjusted, allowing you to adapt it to the size of the child.


Odor: The plastic parts may have an unpleasant odor when new. However, it dissipates after a short time.

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4. Gonex Balance Bike for Girls and Boys 

The Gonex model that we analyze below is another interesting option if you are not sure which baby bike to buy. This proposal is mounted on a frame made of carbon steel, light and resistant, together with a deployment of four wheels, which gives more stability to the ride.

For this reason, the bicycle can begin to be used from 10 months of age, as soon as your little one is able to walk alone. Best of all, its height is adjustable, both on the handlebar and on the seat. So as your baby grows, the bike adjusts to what he needs.

As a bonus, the assembly process is very simple. All you need is a hex key, which is included with the product. With it you will not need more than 10 or 15 minutes to have the bike ready to roll.

Developing your little one’s motor skills is very easy thanks to models like this complete bike from Gonex.


Age : The bicycle is suitable for use by children from 10 months of age and lasts up to approximately 3 years. In addition, the saddle and seat are adjustable in height.

Design : Its low-profile design makes it easier for your little one to move safely, while maintaining better control of their movements.

Rotation : The handlebar rotation system is limited to 135 degrees, to prevent accidents or falls due to an unexpected handlebar hit.


Skill : Remember that your little one must be able to stand alone before using the bike.

Upholstery: The upholstery of the seat is somewhat fragile, so it should be treated with care to prevent it from deteriorating.

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5. YGJT Balance Bike for 1 Year Old Baby

It is a bicycle without pedals that allows the child to propel himself just by using the strength of his legs. Therefore, it is recommended for children of approximately 1 year of age.

It is important to note that the wheels are made with EVA, which does not generate noise when turning and does not produce scratches on the ground. Similarly, this type of material offers good support so that the child can walk safely inside the house, in the garden and even on uneven surfaces.

On the other hand, the seat is made of PU, which provides comfort in the crotch. As if that were not enough, it weighs only 1.8 kg and measures 36 x 18 x 51 cm, so it is easy to move.

A bicycle can be a good gift to give to a child from 10 to 24 months. If you are looking for a resistant and durable product, you should learn more about this model.


Safety: It can prevent the child from falling to the sides, as the steering wheel has a 135° steering limit.

Wheels: The wheels are made of EVA to provide optimal support, prevent noise and protect the floor from scratches.

Benefits: By not incorporating pedals, it allows the child to develop their strength and balance.


Adjustment: The seat does not have a height adjustment system, so it cannot be adapted as the child grows.

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Early Rider Classic 12/14 Balance Bike

The Early Rider Classic 12/14 model is a wooden bike for babies from two years old, which has an integral wooden structure and a traditional design so that your little one can move with the best comfort.

Unlike other models, this product has real wheels with conventional spokes, with an inner tube, as well as a foam seat with imitation leather, removable and washable.

This product is suitable up to 5 years of age, with a weight of 5 kilos and an adjustable seat system to adjust it to your height. A quality product made from sustainably sourced birch and finished in such an elegant way that it could very well be the best baby bike of the moment.

It may be that more than one considers the Early model as the best baby bike of the moment, if you want to know it better, here we present an analysis of its most notable features and if we have found any inconvenience in the model.


Material : Due to its wooden design, it provides a pleasant touch and is solid enough to be a resistant bicycle.

Tires : Thanks to the diameter and rolling width of its tires, it can facilitate the child’s balance.

Cleaning : The chair cover of this model can be removed for easy cleaning.

Comfort : Due to the ergonomics and padding of its seat, it is comfortable to play for long periods of time.

Adjustable : The height of your seat can be changed to continue to provide comfort as your child grows.


Maintenance : Although it has a wood treatment, it is recommended not to expose this bicycle to direct sunlight for excessive periods of time, so that it maintains its appearance for longer.

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Buying guide – What is the best baby bike on the market?

When it comes to taking their first steps or rather their first rides, baby bikes have become a good alternative to ride-ons and other products of this type. Given the novelty of this type of product, it is interesting to know what aspects we should consider when buying, so the advice in our guide to buying the best baby bike on the market will surely be of interest to you. Let’s see what aspects you should consider so that finding a bicycle is a smooth task.

Measurements and dimensions

The first aspect that we have to assess when buying a baby bike is its measurements and dimensions. Something that also affects the recommended age of the user, although since each child is different, if your child is especially large, it is always better to take into account the corresponding measurements of the handlebar and the seat than the age recommendations.

In general, almost all the baby bikes that you can find in a comparison usually start at a recommended age of 2 years, although some products lower that age to just 1 year. As for the maximum age, this can reach 4 years, although again some products extend the age to five years. In any case, a good and cheap bike will always last as long as possible.

But as we have said before, the best thing is that if your little one has a good size, let’s talk better about measurements. These measures must be wide and adjustable, with models that allow the seat and handlebars to be adjusted, since these will grow with your little one to give them greater comfort. In general, the seat has a play of about 4 or 5 centimeters, although if it is greater, it will give your little one more possibilities to use it for longer.

Frame manufacturing materials

As with other toys, the wide variety of baby bike models that we can find on the market is also based on different types of materials. Today we can find traditional products made of metal or plastic as before, or the most current models made of wood, for example, which also take care of the environment.

Starting with the metal models, these offer greater resistance than plastic, for example, although it is convenient to check the weight of the product. Unless we are talking about products made of aluminum or light metal, it is possible that the product has a somewhat higher weight. As for the plastic models, we all know what happens. This material is light, more or less resistant and has good durability, although we must also be careful with the blows so that it does not split or break.

Finally, regarding the wooden models, they are a good novelty both for their image and for their resistance. This wood normally comes from sustainable sources and has been treated and worked to offer optimum resistance during use. By the way, if you have questions about the materials, with few exceptions, there is not much difference in how much each product costs depending on the option you choose.

wheels and rims

The last aspect to consider is the wheels and tires that the bicycle mounts, since these have a special importance both when it comes to offering a displacement and allowing you to move comfortably on all types of terrain, as is the case with airless wheels., which are not affected by punctures as in the models with tube.

In this section, then, we find, on the one hand, the models with wheels made entirely of plastic material. These wheels have a large-caliber spoke rim also made of this material, which gives the wheels good resistance so that you can move without any problem. The same happens with the wheels that they usually mount, since they are made of solid rubber and therefore do not puncture or break down.

The other proposal is that of bicycles for babies with conventional wheels. In this case, the wheels have the usual spoked rim system, accompanied by an external wheel with a tube that must be inflated. It is true that this system allows better cushioning of bumps that may occur along the way, but they do not have the aforementioned anti-puncture effect, and it is also necessary to take a look at the air pressure from time to time.

How to use a baby bike

Baby bikes have always been very useful for the smallest of the house, since since they start using them they create a little more independence, as well as the ideal balance for when they have to ride a bicycle with pedals, facilitating assembly easy and quick to learn.

In this way, once you have purchased the bicycle for your baby, you will be able to take a look at our list of steps to follow, ideal for carrying out a comfortable and safe assembly if it requires it, as well as to know what the proper use that your little one should give his new toy.

Unpack the baby bike

Once you have received your baby bike at home, you will need to unpack it. So you will only have to remove each of the pieces from the box where it is supplied and then place them in an easily accessible place with space available to carry out the assembly, if required.

Check that everything is in order

Verifying that all the parts of the bicycle are in perfect condition will be a primary task that you must carry out after unpacking it, since, as parents, the first thing that must be taken into account is the safety that your little one will have while riding. use of the bicycle.

That being the case, you will have to check that the wheels do not have any damage or perforation that could contribute to the loss of air in them, and that the structure of the bicycle does not present any dent, if it is metal, or cracks, if it is made of metal. way, since in case of anomalies it could influence both the assembly process and the safety of your little one while using the bicycle.

Proceed with the assembly of the bicycle

If the bicycle you have purchased requires assembly, the first thing you should do is have the instruction manual at hand, since it clearly specifies the order in which you will have to join the pieces until they form their original shape.

In the case of bicycles made of wood, you will have to join each of the pieces using special nuts, taking into account that you will have to adjust them tightly to prevent them from being unstable. Now, if the bike is made of metal, it will be necessary to mount the saddle and wheels using an ideal adjustment system to offer your little one a comfortable and safe toy.

How to use the baby bike

Being a bicycle without pedals, your baby will have to push himself with his little legs until he gets up to speed. Once the bike is running, he can put his feet up, managing to stay balanced throughout the ride.

It should be noted that this type of bicycle is usually ideal for your little one to gain balance and essential strength in their legs. In this way, when it is your turn to ride a bicycle with pedals, you will already have the basic knowledge, as well as the balance to stand firm while driving it.

The most popular brands

If you are looking for a baby bike that is capable of providing moments of maximum fun for your little one while improving their mobility and development, we recommend that you take into account brands such as Chicco, Feber and Injusa, since they are capable to offer you a variety of functions in a single product, being the same of great quality and durability.

Known worldwide as one of the best brands in terms of the production of items for the use of the smallest of the house, Chicco has been available on the market for more than 50 years.

It was founded in 1958 by Pietro Catelli, a family man who anxiously awaited the arrival of his first son named Enrico, whom they later affectionately called Chicco.

Today, the brand is available in more than 120 countries around the world, and it is Enrico, Michelle and Francesca, Pietro’s three children who, after his death in 2006, have decided to continue expanding the brand considerably. to the point of founding branches in countries like Mexico, Poland and India.

Likewise, it should be noted that it also maintains a total of 150 stores in Italy and some 160 more stores in different countries, always offering quality products and intended for the different stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as hygiene, protection, games and clothes of the spoiled of the house.

Feber is a company specialized in the manufacture of children’s toys in order to encourage their daily activity and, of course, contribute to their days of fun.

It should be noted that it was founded in 1956 in the well-known Valley of Toys in the province of Alicante by José Rodríguez Zurita, a great businessman who enjoyed innovating with the production of new toys to sell in the market to the general public..

Mainly, Feber specialized in making houses, vehicles and garden toys to encourage the little ones in the house every day. Likewise, his name came from an acronym of its owners, the Ferre brothers, who were also owners of a renowned pyrotechnic company.

Among the many successes that the company obtained, the sale of the famous Chabel doll based on the Licca model of a Japanese named Takara stands out. Likewise, the Family Feber toys, Few Freckles and the Multihobby Construction Kit were also a trend at the time.

Today, the brand even maintains its own research and development department, which was opened in 1989 to carry out the respective studies at the time of any manufacturing they decide to carry out.

Injusa stands out in the market not only for remaining a family business capable of offering you quality products, but also for its more than 850,000 toys manufactured annually to meet the needs of mom and dad who want to see the most spoiled in the house having a great time.

It was founded in 1947 by Antonio Berbegal, who decided to ally himself in the sixties with two capitalist partners until he managed to achieve the expansion of the company, to the point of becoming a world-renowned company exporting its products to more than 120 countries.

It should be noted that it was dedicated to the manufacture of wooden and metal cars, as well as miniature trucks and boats, but over time it decided to bet on the manufacture of battery-powered electric vehicles, as well as garden toys, tricycles, swings, houses and many more toys.

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