The 5 Best Baby Scales of 2022

Baby Scale – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to keep informed of your child’s health status, growth and development, perhaps knowing their weight in a practical and periodic way through a baby scale can be a practical solution for you. The important aspects that you must know to acquire a high quality and reliable model are the type of scale, which can be mechanical or electronic. We also recommend choosing scales with data calculation and memory functions to maintain greater control of the weight for long periods of time, in addition to the size being suitable for the size of your baby. Among the best scales on the market today, we can highlight the Miniland Scaly Up, with a maximum capacity of 50 kilograms, it can be used in children up to 3 years of age. Another outstanding model isChicco 5577, with a simple and comfortable design, can be used on babies weighing up to 20 kilograms.


Buying Guide – What is the best baby scale on the market?

If you are one of the parents who want to guarantee their little ones the best development and growth, maintaining control over their diet, you could consider purchasing a baby scale for a small price. This guide to buying the best baby scale aims to indicate the main aspects that you should look at in order to invest your money properly.

A comparison of baby scales will offer you relevant and decisive information for you to make a good purchase decision. These teams are usually used in pediatric medical offices, since they allow to know in detail the body weight and fat of the child.

During the first months of life, it is very important to closely monitor the rhythm of both cognitive and physical development of the little one, so that measures can be taken in case something goes out of the rule.

Some parents choose to purchase their own baby scales, so they can keep a little more close and balanced check, so they can gauge their child’s growth rate, so they know if they’re feeding properly. When faced with the question of which is the best baby scale on the market, we have certain basic aspects to take into account, such as the type of scale, the functions, the dimensions, the capacity, among others.

In order for you to be able to acquire a good and cheap baby scale, we have compiled certain information through different web pages in order to offer you in a single space everything you need to know about the different models.

Likewise, if you are also interested in knowing how much each one costs, you will be able to find all the necessary data if you carefully study what is expressed in this article and we hope that, after reading it, you will feel a little more confident when choosing between one model or another..


We will start with the type of scale. You may assume that a baby scale is simply a measuring mechanism capable of telling you the weight, but the truth is far from that. Baby scales can be classified into two types: mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical-type scales are made up of internal mechanical systems that indicate readings in analog form. The confidence provided in this type is given by the fact that the weight is recorded using counterweight equipment, so it is a physical data obtained through a controlled record.

Now, electronic type scales are governed by programs integrated into internal software systems, that is, they provide virtual readings. Generally, these types of scales use sensors or load cells to obtain the readings. Their advantage lies in the fact that they are capable of offering more information such as fat, comparison of previous readings, among others.


We could say that mechanical scales are a little more basic than electronic scales, however, it is possible to obtain more data through mathematical calculations and records, although these must be applied by hand, which means spending time and effort.

If you opt for electronic scales, we recommend you look at the different functions that it is capable of executing. As mentioned, the electronic ones can offer much more complete readings and rigorous data about the child’s growth. Some have internal memories that allow you to compare the readings in order to determine the difference between one weighing and another. Thanks to this you will be able to analyze with more confidence if the food you are giving your baby is adequate.

Also, taking into account the weight and height, some equipment is capable of calculating the percentage of body fat of the child so that you can verify if it is within the recommended values.


Now, we focus on the general characteristics of the different baby scales. When we mention this, we refer to the dimensions, weight, tray, cables, among other physical aspects of the equipment.

In order to choose a good model of baby scale, we advise you to pay special attention to the measurements of the tray. This is due to the fact that, if you were to acquire a very small one, its usefulness would be drastically reduced due to the fact that small children grow very quickly. On the other hand, it is good that you know the maximum weight supported by the scale, as well as the internal measurement mechanism so that you can trust the readings provided.

You must not forget that, if you decide to acquire a mechanical type scale, it must be carefully calibrated every time you decide to change places, because they work taking into account the gravity exerted by the child’s body.

The 5 Best Baby Scales – Opinions 2022

This selection, of what we consider to be the best baby scales of 2022, have significant advantages that make them stand out from other options on the market. The best way to invest your money correctly is to take into account both your needs and the experiences published by previous buyers and it may not be so difficult for you to know which is the best baby scale.

1. Miniland Scaly Up Evolutionary Scale

Main advantage:

This baby scale stands out for its evolutionary design that allows control of the weight of children from birth to older children.

Main disadvantage:

Although there are no reports of complaints regarding its design or functionality, one buyer has complained that the scale came without batteries. However, this detail is clearly indicated on the Amazon page (batteries not included).

Verdict: 9.8/10

Its quality, versatile design and ease of use for parents, coupled with its high score on the web, indicate that it is a reliable product and deserves to be recommended as an excellent purchase option.

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weight control

As responsible parents we are concerned not only that our baby has adequate nutrition, but also to keep track of other parameters that can tell us if the child is developing and growing according to WHO standards.

To do this, we have at our disposal tools such as medical examinations and anthropometric evaluations, which tell us if growth follows its natural rhythm. Anthropometric tests include weight, height, arm circumference or head circumference, among others.

If you want to accurately monitor your child’s weight and keep track of all their progress, we present the innovative Miniland Scaly Up baby scale. This device allows you to control the child’s weight from the moment of birth up to an age in that has reached a maximum weight of up to 50 kg.

evolutionary scale

Weight in children is a variable that indicates both normality and deterioration, in which case nutritional rehabilitation measures must be taken.

Both weight and height are the indicative values ​​to observe the growth and development of a child; In this sense, baby scales are of great support when assessing these parameters. You can always find reference values ​​to guide you and know if your child continues with a normal growth rate or not.

This model of scale has been designed with all stages of the child’s growth in mind, for this reason it is an evolutionary scale, which adapts to the child as he grows. It is equipped with 2 interchangeable trays that offer comfort to the baby when weighing him lying down; and when the child is able to stand up, he can weigh himself on the scale as an adult does.

versatile design

Miniland’s Scaly up is a scale designed for families who want to monitor their baby’s weight from the moment of birth and throughout child development, since its trays allow children to be weighed both lying down and sitting down, and the scale can weigh the child standing, up to 50 kg. It is equipped to detect a variation in weight with great accuracy of 10g, especially useful for newborns.

It has a digital LCD screen on its front part with intuitive and simple handling that shows you the weighing values ​​clearly. And to check if your baby has grown, you can compare the last measurement with the current weight, thanks to the data stored in its memory.

It offers you different measurement units: ounces, kilos and pounds, which you can easily adjust. In addition, it has the function of low battery indicator and also when the maximum weight has been exceeded.

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2. Chicco Digital Baby Scale

Finding the best baby scale can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the basics to consider before investing your money. If you are interested in a model of the renowned Chicco brand, the 5577 could be to your liking.

This baby scale has a fairly simple design. It consists of an integrated tray with sensors that will offer you a fast and reliable reading. Its control panel is quite intuitive and does not have more buttons than necessary.

It can be used from the very birth of the child until an overload of more than 20 kilograms is reached, which will activate a warning alarm. Although this indicates that it is a team that can be used during the first months of the child only.

It works with two AA batteries which are included with the purchase and its low battery indicator will notify you when it is time to replace them.

In addition to being a recognized brand, Chicco also has the best baby scale for 50 euros on the market:


Display: The Chicco 5577 baby scale has an LCD screen with large numbers and clear indications that will help you easily read the readings of the child’s weight through the integrated sensors.

Stabilizer: In case the little one moves a lot, the 5577 has a stabilizer and a damper so that the readings are not altered by this fact.

Ergonomic: it is ergonomically designed so that the child feels comfortable lying on it and, in addition, it is easy to use since it does not have complicated controls.

Batteries: the batteries necessary for its operation (two AAA type) are included with the purchase of the equipment so that you can use it as soon as you get home and you do not have to incur extra costs.


Capacity: as a negative aspect we have the fact that this scale can only weigh up to a maximum of 20 kilograms, so it is useful during the child’s first year.

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3. Laica PS3001 Digital Baby Scale

Laica’s PS3001 baby scale is also a practical and easy-to-use model. It is an electronic type model so it has weight reading sensors from 5 grams.

It is capable of supporting a maximum load of 20 kilograms and can be used with newborn children.

It has a weight stabilizing system that will allow you to obtain reliable readings even if the child does not stop moving in the tray, which is much more comfortable for both you and him.

It has dimensions of 52 x 32 x 56 centimeters and a weight of 1.8 kilograms, which allows it to be located and moved easily and, in addition, offers enough space for the child to lie down without problems.

It requires four AAA batteries which are not included with the purchase of the equipment, so you will have to invest a little more to start using it.

It is very important to know which is the best brand of baby scales so that you can fully trust the readings about your child’s weight:


Stabilizer: Laica’s PS3001 scale has a vibration stabilizer that will serve to maintain reliable results even if the child does not stop moving while being weighed.

Dimensions: it is a compact model with dimensions of 52 x 32 x 56 centimeters and a weight of just 1.8 kilograms.

Accuracy – The accuracy of the electronic weighing sensors has a maximum difference of 5 grams, so their analyzes are accurate enough.


Batteries: the PS3001 requires four AAA batteries which are not included with the purchase and must be purchased separately.

Capacity: it has a maximum weighing capacity of 20 kilograms, which limits its use considerably in case permanent controls need to be applied.

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4. Beurer BY-80 Baby Scale

If you are looking for a practical and functional baby scale, the BY – 80 model could also be a good option. This scale is capable of recording readings from 5 grams to 20 kilograms, making it an ideal choice for young children.

It is an electronic scale so it also has an integrated 23-millimeter LCD screen that will allow you to easily read the numbers.

It also has a “Hold” button that allows you to record the weight in case the child does not stop moving and you can activate it automatically or manually according to your comfort.

Its tray has a curved surface designed to keep children in place and give them a little more comfort while weighing them.

And thanks to its materials, it is quite easy to clean since you will only need a towel and a little water to make it look like new again.

It is common to have doubts about which baby scale to buy, so we advise you to take into account the reviews and comments published by previous buyers:


Screen: one of the advantages of the Beurer baby scale is that it has a 23-centimeter high-contrast LCD screen that makes it easy to read the results.

Functions: it has the “Hold” function that will freeze the child’s weight on the screen so that you can write it down if you wish.

Tray: its tray is curved, ideal for keeping the baby in a comfortable and fixed position during the process.


Accuracy – Some users reported that if the child moves around too much, the scale can give inaccurate results.

Position: They also made it known that it is necessary for the baby to stay completely within the space of the scale without sticking out any of his extremities since the weight can vary drastically.

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5. Meilen Life Baby Scale with Tray

A home scale can be very useful for monitoring your baby’s weight, as well as for other applications depending on its design.

On this occasion, the Meilen Life model could be considered multifunctional thanks to the fact that it has a load capacity of 100 kilograms, allowing it to be used with your baby, pet or food.

Its size is also comfortable, since it measures 82.9 x 32 x 6 centimeters, offering ample space to lay down the little one. On the other hand, it is quite light at just 2.6 kilograms, so you can easily move it around or store it.

Regarding its handling, the scale offers a touch panel accompanied by a digital screen, where you can see the weight with large numbers and in red on a white background to create a high contrast. In addition, the batteries necessary to use it are included with the purchase.

If you want to have a good scale at home to control your baby’s weight, here are more details about the Meilen Life product:


Measurement: The scale has stamped measurements to check the baby’s growth.

Capacity: It can support a load of up to 100 kilograms, being more than enough for children.

Management: Its management is simple and intuitive and can be used through touch controls.

Screen: The screen can be seen even in the dark thanks to its backlight.


Stability: If your baby is restless and moves when you put him down, this will affect the weighing, so you should keep him busy.

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Miniland Scaly Up Evolutionary Scale

The Miniland Scaly Up model could be the best value for money baby scale because it has an interchangeable tray so it can also be used with children. This will allow you to enjoy its benefits for at least a few years.

It has a maximum weighing capacity of 50 kilograms, so the reading range is wide for infants, probably up to 3 years of age. It is an electronic type scale and has a compact high-contrast LCD screen that will make it easier for you to understand the readings.

In addition, it has the advantage of being able to offer the readings in different formats such as kilograms, pounds, and ounces so that you can activate the one that you handle best.

It also has a low battery indicator so you can replace it in time and a special alarm for when the maximum reading weight of the scale is exceeded.

Many consider the Scaly Up the best baby scale of the moment and if you want to know it a little better, here are its most relevant aspects:


Capacity: This type of equipment is often very useful for those who want to keep control of their little one’s development. The Miniland baby scale has a maximum weighing capacity of 50 kilograms, maintaining great versatility and freedom of use for parents.

Ages: as indicated by the manufacturer, the scale can be used by newborn babies and even by children up to 3 years of age only by removing the resting base, which will allow you to take advantage of it for a long time to monitor growth of your baby

Screen: you will be able to read the collected data very easily thanks to the high-contrast LCD screen integrated in the equipment. The equipment requires the use of two AAA batteries which you must purchase separately.

Formats: another of its advantages is that it doesn’t matter which weight measurement system you handle better, since you can adjust it so that it shows you the results in kilograms, pounds or ounces and thus you don’t get confused when having to make conversions.

Indicators: finally, don’t worry about being left in the middle of a measurement with this evolutionary scale since its system has a low battery indicator that will notify you when it needs to be replaced.

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How to use a baby scale

Like any mother concerned about the growth and development of your baby, you have made the decision to purchase a scale. In case you have doubts about its use and functions, in this article we are going to show you what you should know about how to use a baby scale correctly and you can get the most out of your purchase.

Check the instructions of your product

In order for you to know a little more about the functions included in the scale and the general characteristics, you need to review the product instructions. In addition, it can provide you with useful information about the care of the product and some precautions that you should take when using it.

Place the respective batteries to the scale

Most baby scales use two AAA alkaline batteries. To do this, you must locate the battery compartment, remove the cover and place them as indicated in the instruction manual. Once the batteries are installed, you can start using the scale.

Proceed to turn on the scale and perform the basic settings

Locate the ON//OFF button and press it once. If the scale has already been used, the first thing you will see when it turns on is the last recorded weight. Press the power button again several times to choose the unit of weight measurement, such as Lb, Oz, Kg. Then, wait for the scale to zero before weighing the baby.

Proceed to weigh the baby on the scale

Some models of scales are versatile, since they include an interchangeable base for weighing babies and it is removed when they are already grown. Therefore, proceed to place the base for babies. Then press the TARE button to remove the weight from the base.

Next, place the baby on the scale very carefully until it is centered, making sure it does not move. Keep weighing the baby until the word HOLD appears on the screen to record the current weight. If you want to weigh the baby again, you must press the HOLD button again to restart.

Use the scale at another stage of the child’s growth

Some models of baby scales have the function of weighing the child, even when he has reached an age, which can already stand alone on the scale. In this case, remove the interchangeable base as instructed and go through the scale setup procedure again. Once restarted, place the child standing on the scale in the center, wait for HOLD to appear, and record the child’s weight. Remember that the scale has a load capacity, do not exceed it because it can damage the device.

Final considerations

If the LOW BATTERY indicator appears on the display, replace the batteries before continuing to use the product. Make sure that the scale does not drop any type of liquid, to clean it, pass a soft cloth with natural detergent over the entire surface of the device. Make sure that the device does not receive shocks, to avoid damage.

The most popular brands

In order to be aware of your baby’s well-being, you are thinking of purchasing a scale and thus control his weight. That is why we are going to present you in this article the most recognized brands that sell this type of product, so that you have a much broader criteria when choosing the one you want to buy.

Europe’s largest baby brand, Chicco has stood for excellence for over 50 years. In addition, it is part of the Artsana corporation, a company that is responsible for innovating everything necessary to care for the little ones, from food systems to cosmetics and medical supplies.

The passion of Pietro Catelli, its founder, is based on personal well-being, which led him to expand his company to offer a wide range of baby care products that enhance and support the pleasure of raising children from pregnancy. up to preschool. Chicco is now in more than 120 countries on six continents.

The company is highly dedicated to meeting the vital needs of children’s physical and psychological development in their early years of life, collaborating with experts in the medical and scientific fields to ensure that each new product is developed in accordance with the latest and best research..

Chicco baby scales are a product that is responsible for monitoring the progress of your baby’s growth, thanks to its advanced technology that provides security, this brand being one of the most recognized worldwide.

Beurer GmbH is a German company that manufactures electrical devices for health and wellness. The company was founded in 1919 by the husband and wife Käthe and Eugen Beurer in the German city of Ulm.

Since the 1980s, Beurer has been developing in new areas and that’s when the company started specializing in health care and wellness with its blood pressure monitors.

Beurer has functioned as a medical partner for prevention, diagnosis and therapy, offering a wide range of high-quality medical products. Within these, there are medical products for babies such as scales, nebulizers and thermometers for their youngest users.

The evolution of this company has shown that the success of this company has been achieved in the long term and is safeguarded by innovation and uncompromising pursuit of new product fields.

Throughout its 95 years of experience, Beurer has strengthened its position as a specialist in high-quality and innovative health care and wellness products, with a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Miniland Baby is a company belonging to the Spanish organization Miniland Group which works in four business categories, including baby products, educational toys and promotional items.

This company is one of the favorites in the market that offers the most technologically advanced, healthy and safe products for the baby, with the life cycle of children from birth to 14 years of age.

Since it began operating in 1962 as an auxiliary industry for toy companies in the area, Miniland has invested heavily in testing areas to assure its buyers of products that meet the strictest safety and quality standards.

Definitely, Miniland is a company in full expansion, which supports the development and innovation of its products, the continuous expansion of trade, direct and personal contact with its customers and attention to consumer needs.

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Jago Báscula para bebés con pantalla digital

Ahora, una de las básculas más baratas, pero igual de buenas, es la BBWG 02 de Jago. Este modelo te ofrece una lectura precisa que podrás obtener a partir de los 10 gramos hasta los 20 kilogramos de peso del niño, lo cual te permitirá utilizarla al menos durante el primer año y medio de vida del bebé.

Posee una pantalla digital LCD con buen contraste que podrás reconocer con facilidad para ayudarte a llevar un control de las lecturas.

Es capaz de ofrecer los resultados en tres diferentes formatos; libras, kilogramos y onzas para que pueda ser utilizada por cualquier padre sin importar su grado de conocimiento de los formatos.

Requiere de dos baterías AAA para funcionar y éstas no están incluidas con la compra. Aparte, posee un manual, pero éste está en francés, alemán e inglés por lo que puede costarte un poco el entenderlo, aunque el panel de control de la BBWG 02 es bastante sencillo de comprender.

En caso de que no tengas intenciones de gastar demasiado, la BBWG se encuentra entre las más baratas de nuestra selección:


Pantalla: este modelo de Jago cuenta con una pantalla electrónica LCD que te mostrará el peso obtenido para que puedas evaluarlo fácilmente.

Formatos: también podrás escoger entre diversos formatos de peso al escoger entre kilogramos, onzas o libras.

Precisión: según lo comentado por uno de sus usuarios, la precisión de la BBWG 02 es bastante buena para llevar registros y controles.


Baterías: este equipo utiliza 2 baterías de tipo AAA que no están incluidas con la compra, razón por la cual deberás invertir un poco más en adquirirlas.

Peso: tiene una capacidad para pesar desde los 10 gramos hasta los 20 kilogramos, siendo útil durante el primer año o año y medio del bebé.

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