The 5 Best Baby Sunglasses of 2022

Baby Sunglasses – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Sunglasses for babies are an important piece to protect their eyesight and offer them the necessary well-being wherever we are, even in the countryside or on the beach, where the sun can have an even greater effect on their eyesight. To have adequate protection, it is essential to have quality lenses and a fastening system that prevents the glasses from falling or moving from your face. These two functions are perfectly covered by the Kiddus KI30223 model, which offers class 3 lenses, suitable for use from the age of 2 and which have become a consumer favourite. The Active Sol Polarized model is also interesting, a pair of glasses for babies that have lenses with protection against UV rays, being very useful to take to the beach. They are made of rubber and can be used up to 2 years.


Buying guide – What are the best sunglasses on the market?

Keeping our eyes protected from the sun is extremely important, as the sun’s harmful rays can damage our eyesight. But this becomes much more important when we talk about our baby’s eyes, since his lens, the filter of our eyes, is not yet fully developed and ultraviolet rays can damage his eyes up to three times more than an adult. so getting good sunglasses for babies should be a priority, without stopping to think about how much it costs, but about their quality and guarantee, leaving aside the economic aspect.

To help you in this important decision, we leave you our guide to buying the best sunglasses for babies so that they are always protected from the sun.

Lens protection degree

Properly protecting our children’s eyes is something that we should always keep in mind, since the sun’s rays on our little one’s eyes can cause sunburn, acute corneal alterations, degenerative injuries and acute retinal burns, among other pathologies. Therefore, within your comparison of sunglasses for babies, always choose models approved with the CE seal and that guarantee correct protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Protection index 3 (strong) should be the minimum you choose for areas where the sun does not shine too much, moving to very dark lenses with protection index 4 for those extremely bright environments. Even so, your baby should never look directly at the sun and you should not expose him to direct light to guarantee the total protection of his eyes.

lens materials

As a safe and quality lens material, you should always choose those models that have lenses made of polycarbonate, a type of flexible plastic, but resistant enough to withstand the bumps and falls that the little ones usually suffer on a daily basis. Never opt for glasses with normal tinted plastic or glass lenses, since these, in addition to not filtering the sun’s harmful rays, are a danger to your baby in the event of accidental breakage, so avoid glasses models that do not guarantee you this, no matter how good and cheap they seem to you.

Organic crystals are also practically unbreakable and light, but they obviously scratch more easily and are therefore not suitable for younger children, although they are for older children.

Frame Materials

The materials from which the frame is made are just as important. As a general advice, we will tell you that children’s eyeglass frames should always be made of quality plastic, which is normally known by the name of “pasta” or polycarbonate, which, in addition to being resistant and light, will provide flexibility to them so that They adapt much better to the contour of your baby’s face.  

If it includes temples, these must be flexible enough so that they do not squeeze and to withstand the use that these little ones usually give them if they take them by themselves. And if you want them for your baby, it is better not to include sideburns, since these will be a hindrance for him, in addition to the fact that his small head will surely mean that these do not adapt correctly.

clamping system

Within the fastening system of sunglasses for babies, we find two important factors to take into account. One is the area of ​​the nose, this must be specially designed for the small nose of the baby, so that they do not go down at any time.

For them there are glasses with the bridge of the nose inverted that will adapt better to their nose or those that have a piece of soft rubber so that they hold correctly. Equally or more important is the support rubber that must accompany this type of glasses.

When we talk about models for babies of a few months, this support is usually either made of soft fabric or neoprene with an adjustable velcro closure, so that you can always adapt them to the contour of their head, without tightening it, but without it being loose. Others, on the other hand, have flexible temples and a rubber or silicone that closes between temple and temple and that are behind the head. These models are more suitable for older children.

The 5 Best Baby Sunglasses – Opinions 2022

When we go out, especially at noon or during the summer months, protecting our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun becomes essential and this is much more important when we talk about our babies, whom we should always protect with best sunglasses for babies on the market since their eyes suffer three times more the consequences of these rays. So that you do not get lost in the midst of so many available models, here are some proposals for some of the best sunglasses for babies of 2022.

1. Kiddus Baby Sunglasses for Babies

Main advantage:

If what you want is to protect your little one’s eyes from the sun’s rays, this Kiddus Baby option is ideal, as it will keep him protected and at the same time comfortable thanks to a neoprene safety band.

Main disadvantage:

The main disadvantage of these sunglasses is that some children may take a little getting used to wearing them, so you will have to be patient and wait for them to feel comfortable.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Kiddus Baby has a good alternative in sunglasses to keep your child’s eyes protected from the rays, a wise decision especially in the summer months.

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Sunglasses are necessary for people of all ages, but when it comes to young children, their importance is even more radical since their eyes are much more delicate and can be blinded if exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, considering purchasing one for your children could be the right decision.

Kiddus Baby has excellent quality baby sunglasses for you, these are the KI30223. This model has special crystals and a comfortable design to adapt to the delicate contour of the face of the little ones. It can be purchased in three different versions depending on the color combination; blue with a checkered design, green with a dinosaur design, black with a pirate design and green with a stroller design. Thus, you can buy your child the one that best suits his style and taste.


When you go to buy any type of sunglasses, you must make sure that they have quality lenses with ultraviolet ray protection. The effects of these rays on sight can be quite dangerous, causing blindness, headaches, retinal wear, among other ailments. And if the glasses are for your children, this reason gets even more weight.

KI30223 by Kiddus Baby are glasses especially for the sun. The integrated crystals of this model offer good protection against ultraviolet rays, making them ideal for use on the beach or on a walk in summer. The protection is 400 UV, which categorizes them as category 3 solar comfort glasses.

As a gift, with the purchase of these glasses a practical microfiber cover is included, which will serve to keep them free of dust and safe from scratches when they are not being used.


When choosing a pair of sunglasses to protect your little ones’ eyes, it is essential that you check the recommended ages. This, in order that you can choose the size of glasses suitable for your face. In addition, there are options that can be adapted to growth, so that they can be enjoyed for several years.

Kiddus Baby’s KI30223 sunglasses have the advantage of having a neoprene band. This band will serve to adjust the glasses to your face and prevent them from falling off accidentally. The band is quite comfortable and soft to the touch, which prevents it from suffering lacerations due to rubbing.

An advantage offered by the band is that it is adjustable and allows the glasses to be used by children between 0 and 2 years of age, which indicates that you will get a return on your investment for at least a couple of years.

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2. Active Sol Baby Sunglasses

If you are looking for good sunglasses for your baby, the Active Sol brand offers you an alternative with multiple benefits.

The glasses are made with a flexible and pleasant to the touch rubber frame that will maintain comfort at all times and, in addition to this, you could purchase them in a wide variety of colors to satisfy your child’s preferences. As for their dimensions, their size makes them compatible for children between 0 and 24 months and they weigh just 18 grams, so you don’t even notice that you are wearing them.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the glasses have polarized lenses to offer protection against the sun’s UV rays and thus keep your child’s eyes free of risks. In addition, they have category 3 thanks to the UV filter, so they comply with European safety regulations for use on days with intense sun.

Protecting your little one’s eyes when leaving home is very important and the advantages of these Active Sun glasses could be of interest to you:


Design: They are sunglasses for babies with a simple and comfortable design that are practically unbreakable.

Materials: They are made of flexible rubber so as not to squeeze the child’s head but to adapt to it.

Crystals: The crystals have category 3 filters against the sun’s UV rays to protect the child’s eyes.

Contrast: By using them on sunny days, the reflected brightness can be reduced and the color contrast can be better appreciated.



Bridge: They have a rubber-coated bridge, but it can be a bit stiff for some tastes.

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3. Baby Banz Oval Sunglasses for Kids

Below we present the best value-for-money baby sunglasses, sunglasses recommended for children from the first months to approximately 2 years of age that have UV400 protection so that your baby does not suffer inclement weather in their eyes. sun and that include a soft rubber in the nose area so that they adapt perfectly to your face.

Its oval shape allows greater protection for your eyes, including peripheral vision, and its soft neoprene strap will fit perfectly to the contours of your head using comfortable velcro.

And best of all, if the lenses get damaged you can replace them.

This Baby Banz option could well be the best baby glasses for 20 euros thanks to its wide variety of colors to combine:


Colors: ABBREs come in a wide variety of colors so you can choose the one you like best for your baby. Among the most relevant we have blue, black, orange, green and even some prints.

Rubber: they have a special silicone rubber to support the glasses on the nose, which will prevent your little one from feeling discomfort.

Crystals: the crystals can be replaced whenever you want in case your child needs an ophthalmological formula or if they break at any time.


Case: this model does not include a carrying case, so it can be very easy for them to be damaged when carrying them in your bag.

Babies: In addition, many parents have indicated that their children take them off very easily since they make them uncomfortable, so they recommend acquiring them for older children of at least 1 year or more.

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4. Chicco 00007387000000 Pancake Sunglasses

With a frame designed to adapt perfectly to different age groups, these Chicco baby sunglasses will be extraordinary if you are looking for cheap models that offer the protection your baby deserves.

To do this, its polarized lenses with UV400 protection are capable of stopping ultraviolet rays, eliminating the effects of light on the eyes of your little ones, who are so in need of this protection, more than an adult. Its frame, made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic and shock-resistant material, is robust and resistant as well as very light so that your baby never feels uncomfortable with them.

Their one-piece and slightly moldable temples will adapt to the temple and the contour of your face without leaving annoying marks and without bothering you at any time and their rubber will help them not move.

Ideal for the princesses of the house, Chicco sunglasses are a complete bargain as they are among the cheapest options on our list:


Frame: Chicco baby sunglasses frames are made with hypoallergenic materials that will prevent your little one from having any reaction when in contact with them.

Protection: they are capable of offering protection against UV and UVB rays thanks to their polarized lenses.

Weight: they are very light in weight, only about 18 grams, so they will not bother your little girl too much while she uses them.


Age: you must bear in mind that this model does not have support bands but rather sideburns, so the girl must be old enough to use them.

Girls: In addition, its pink patterned design is more than anything designed for females, so if you have a boy, we recommend you look for another model.

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5. Kiddus Premium Polarized Baby Sunglasses

Kiddus is a brand that offers various products for babies, highlighting among them this pair of glasses for having protection against UV rays, being a striking purchase option to go to the beach or go out on a sunny day.

Kiddus Baby Premium baby sunglasses have a width of 43 millimeters, being suitable for children between 0 and 2 years old. The frame is made of silicone and they have a neoprene strap and velcro closure, to better fit the child’s face.

Regarding its UV protection, the glasses have an integrated UV400 filter, with which it can offer blockage against UVA, UVB and UBC rays, thus reaching category 4 safety to meet the requirements of European regulations. This makes them a very striking option to take care of your child while outdoors.

Kiddus offers you an alternative in glasses for babies that is quite practical and comfortable to use, so we invite you to know its pros and cons:


Design: Kiddus glasses have an ergonomic and adjustable design for the comfort of your baby.

Materials: They are made of silicone and have a soft bridge to avoid hurting or pressing too much.

Filter: The crystals have a UV400 filter with which they offer a high level of protection against the sun’s rays.

Closure: You can place the glasses according to the comfort of the child thanks to an adjustable strap.



Marks: You must be careful when putting the glasses on the child to avoid leaving pressure marks on his face.

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Kiddus Baby sunglasses for babies

These children’s glasses are perfect from the first months of your baby until approximately two years old.

Its super-resistant lenses made of polycarbonate will offer you great protection, category 3, with UV400 protection so that your little eyes are always safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Its fun designs will suit him wonderfully and its soft neoprene band, specially designed for the little ones in the house, will allow you to adjust them just to his size using velcro so that they always fit perfectly without any discomfort for him since this material is present as a pin.

It includes a microfiber cover so you can keep them when you don’t use them and that will also help you clean them and an original transparent case, so they are ideal as a gift.

In order to find the best sunglasses for babies of the moment, it is very important that you look at their comfort and how they adapt to the child’s face:


Band: Most children may feel uncomfortable not being used to wearing sunglasses, so it is necessary to secure them properly to avoid accidents. The KI 30223 have a neoprene band that you can adjust according to the baby’s head to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

Protection: the use of sunglasses by babies, in addition to giving them style, also protects them from the sun’s rays and the KI 30223 are no exception. This model has crystals capable of protecting your baby’s eyes from UV and UVB rays to guarantee the safety and correct development of her vision.

Colors: it doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl, another advantage of Kiddus sunglasses for babies is that you can find them in five different colours; pink and fuchsia with a flower design, blue with a planet design and two shades of green with a sailor and car design.

Case: and to always keep them looking new and protected from scratches and bumps, the KI 30223 includes a practical carrying case so you can put them in any bag or purse without worrying.

Ages: thanks to its design and adaptability, this pair of sunglasses can be used by babies from their first months of life up to approximately 2 years of age.

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How to wear baby sunglasses

Although many people think of sunglasses as a fashion accessory, the reality is a bit different; ophthalmologists consider them a crucial element for the protection of sight and recommend their use in children under 10 years of age whenever they are going to go out in the sun.

We know very well that the use of sunglasses for babies does not represent a major complexity, but, in any case, we want to share some important recommendations for use and maintenance to protect your investment.

Watch out

Sunglasses are a very important part of an active, outdoor lifestyle; therefore they are often susceptible to wear and tear and accidental abuse by children and adults alike. To take care of your baby’s glasses, try to carry them, whenever you are not using them, in a resistant case; These items are quite cheap and allow to maintain the original shape of the product, they are also the ideal option to protect lenses from scratches. If you want to keep them in even better condition, get a case lined inside.

It is very important to check the glasses regularly to make sure that the joints or elastics are in optimal condition; this is especially important in glasses for babies since the child can put the article in his mouth at the slightest carelessness.


The cleaning of the glasses is another important aspect, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health reasons, you must constantly disinfect any item that is within the reach of your children.

To clean the lens area, the best option is a cloth with a specialized mild solution that helps prevent abuse and scratches. Experts recommend not dry cleaning them since the presence of dust particles could scratch the surface; it is also not recommended to use paper towels or other rough materials.

How to make your baby wear glasses

One of the hardest parts for parents is getting babies adjusted to wearing glasses, especially on fun days at the beach. This is a matter of luck since while some children are excited and find it fun to use, others consistently reject them.

For older children, the most viable option is that they choose the model themselves, but with babies the best alternative is to make sure that you use the sunglasses yourself, with this simple action it is very likely that your baby will be eager to copy you. and wants to use the item you bought for him.

The most popular brands

That your baby is protected and fashionable is possible thanks to a product that cannot be missing to improve their well-being. This is the baby sunglasses, which you are looking for to make that dream outing with your little boy. To help you a bit, we have collected information on the three best brands that offer this product so that you have a broader selection criteria when investing in the one you need.

This brand of accessories for babies was born in 2001, when a young Australian wanted to find appropriate sunglasses for his child, but could not find one that suits his needs. Therefore, this person decides to create a small company that allows him to design and market his own sunglasses for babies, whose company name he decides to call BabyBanz.  

Since then, BabyBanz has been concerned with manufacturing not only glasses for babies, but also accessories to protect the little ones from the sun, such as beachwear, hats, caps, among other products.

Thanks to the quality of its products and its presentation of customer service, BabyBanz has been growing and its products have expanded to several countries in Oceania, Europe, Asia and the United States, the latter being where the main headquarters are located..

The range of BabyBanz sunglasses products are made with UV sun protection, being one of the most suitable and safest, as well as one of the brands preferred by users.

The Chicco brand has always been concerned with developing and manufacturing high-quality products for the little ones, and the wellness category could not be missing from its range of products.

Within this category, there are sunglasses, which are made of polycarbonate material, are quite resistant and durable, as well as withstand scratches and have a soft frame so that they can adapt properly to the baby’s face.

Chicco glasses are manufactured with a UV ray protection system, which allows you to protect your baby’s delicate eyes with the quality and safety that your child deserves.

Chicco has always been a brand that since its foundation has known how to satisfy the needs of its delicate public, which is children.

The Chicco company serves several countries around the world, leaving a high place in the world market, always being one of the brands with the most reputation for manufacturing quality products and obtaining good opinions from its users.

Kiddus is another European brand that manufactures and sells accessories and toys for children such as sunglasses, umbrellas and watches. Since the year of its foundation in 2003, Kiddus has counted on the collaboration of other companies and the immediate acceptance of its clients, to provide the brand with the place it occupies today in the market. This place has been well earned, thanks to the continuous effort of its employees and the framed evolution of its products, where meeting the needs of users is its main priority.

The company has had several achievements; In addition to seeking to satisfy the needs of its buyers, it has several stores worldwide and participation in large chain stores with notable popularity.

Kiddus also sells to other countries in Europe, working hard to incorporate its products in other latitudes such as America and Asia.

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Béaba 930257 Gafas con cinta para recién

Si quieres saber cuáles son las mejores gafas de sol para bebé seguro que este modelo no te dejará indiferente.

Estas gafas de sol infantiles cuentan con lentes de máxima protección UV categoría 4, ideales para cuando tu bebé se exponga directamente al sol ya que sus cristales son muy oscuros.

Su cuerpo, fabricado en policarbonato, permite que estas se adapten perfectamente a la morfología de la cara de tu bebé ya que se puede doblar sin que se rompa y su sistema corredizo de apertura y cierre te permitirán un ajuste perfecto a su delicada carita sin que esta sufra marcas ni roces en las sienes ya que está fabricada en tela muy suave para evitarlo.

También es necesario que sean fáciles de colocar y quitar por parte de un adulto ya que la mejor marca de gafas de sol para bebés varía según las opiniones y experiencia de los compradores:


Diseño: las gafas de sol para bebés de Béaba destacan por su diseño ya que son modernas, atractivas y llamativas por lo que podrán ser lucidas por tu pequeño en cualquier tipo de salida u ocasión especial.

Cristales: poseen cristales especiales irrompibles ideales para mantenerlas siempre protegidas en caso de caídas o accidentes y, además, ofrecen una protección contra rayos UV de categoría 4, los cuales indican espacios con luminosidad intensa.

Cerradura: cuentan con una banda con cerradura ajustable con sistema corredizo para poder adaptarse al tamaño de la cabeza del niño y así no incomodarlo.

Montura: además, la montura es flexible por lo que puede adaptarse a la morfología del cráneo y del rostro del pequeño para mayor comodidad.


Colores: no existen muchas opciones en cuanto a colores por lo que puede resultar un poco complicado el combinarlas con las prendas de vestir.

Ki ET LA Jokaki Gafas de Sol Unisex niños

Estas gafas de sol para bebé respetuosas con el medio ambiente, ya que su montura es reciclable 100%, cuenta con un novedoso sistema de ZigZag que permite unir la montura de las lentes a las patillas en una sola pieza ofreciendo aún así la elasticidad y la maleabilidad que necesita para que esta se adapte perfectamente a la cara de tu bebé sin que sea una molestia, además de que son prácticamente irrompibles.

Además su diseño aportará a tu pequeño gran confort ya que se adaptará también a su nariz sin roces y de manera muy suave para que siempre se sienta cómodo con ellas puestas y por tanto no intente quitárselas.

Sus lentes de policarbonato 100% UVA UVB UVC de gran protección e irrompibles, cuentan con Filtro Blue Blocker para luz azul, único en el mercado para la categoría de gafas de sol infantiles.

Si llegado a este punto aún no has podido decidir cuáles gafas de sol para bebés comprar, puedes fijarte en las características de la opción de Ki ET LA ya que son livianas y prácticas:


Banda: estas gafas de sol para bebés cuentan con patillas para la sujeción, pero aseguradas además con una banda de neopreno para mayor comodidad.

Montura: la montura está compuesta por una única pieza lo que dificulta mucho su desgaste o rompimiento por caídas.

Reciclaje: los materiales utilizados en la fabricación de estas gafas permiten que éstas puedan ser recicladas cuando ya no se les vaya a dar uso.


Edad: la edad de uso recomendada de estas gafas es a partir del año de edad del pequeño.

Estilo: este modelo tiene un estilo de diseño de las gafas de adultos por lo que algunos padres pueden preferir un modelo que se vea más infantil.

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