The 5 Best Bath Reducers of 2022

Bath Reducer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the most difficult stages in the growth and maturity of a child is the removal of the diaper. For this reason, as parents we must look for all the options to facilitate this transition period, without it being traumatic for the little one. Currently the market offers bath reducers as a comfortable, practical and functional alternative. In the first place, there is the Pejoye XY-123, with an easy folding structure. In addition, it has lower pads to provide a secure fit on the toilet lid. Another alternative is the Keeper Ewa, a reducer specially designed for children from 6 months to 3 years. It is light, resistant and very easy to clean.

The 5 Best Bath Reducers – Opinions 2022

When the child learns to use the toilet and to pee on his own, he will be taking one of the main steps in his life as an independent person. For this, you must provide a reducer that favors comfort and facilitates its use. Many parents wonder which is the best bathroom reducer, so we have prepared the following comparison with practical and functional, cheap and good quality models.

1. Pejoye Folding WC Reducer Kids Toilet Seat Material PP

This bathroom reducer is an essential piece to help children who have started to use the toilet, since thanks to this structure they will be able to sit safely, just as an adult does.

The product has a resistant synthetic body, made of green polypropylene. It is a plastic free of toxic agents, which is not dangerous in direct contact with the delicate skin of the infant, so you will not have to worry about the generation of allergies. In addition, it incorporates two pairs of special silicone pads, which adhere to the lid to prevent unexpected slipping.

Another flattering aspect is the easy folding system, which saves space when storing the reducer or carrying it together with the child’s everyday objects. Also, you will have a convenient transport bag, made of waterproof fabric and with drawstring closure.

This is a themed bathroom reducer, which will help the child to use the toilet easily. Here are its pros and cons.


Folding: A quick folding mechanism is incorporated, which saves space when storing or transporting the reducer.

Bag: You will be able to keep the structure protected from dirt, bacteria or scratches, thanks to the practical drawstring bag attached to the purchase package.

Non-toxic: Its manufacture in polymer free of toxic agents is convenient for the safety of the infant, since the reducer can be in direct contact with their skin, without generating allergies or irritation.

Design: The child will quickly become familiar with the product, since it is a themed design with a fun frog shape.


Stability: The structure of this reducer could give the feeling of instability when placed on some toilet models.

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2. Keeper Ewa Winnie Toilet Reducer

The best bathroom reducer is the one that provides comfort, safety and hygiene; but in addition, it is the one that offers a fun design that motivates and encourages the child.

Just like this model that we present to you today, the one that has a cheerful design that can be chosen from various colors and motifs that children love, such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Frozen.

It is a practical and functional model, with a complete structure that easily adapts to any round toilet. It has a slight rise in its front part, which prevents accidental splashes out of the cup. It also offers light weight and ease of washing.

It is a suitable model for children from 6 months to 3 years. It is made of resistant plastic with a rubber coating, which prevents slipping and ensures grip and stability when used by the child.

If you are looking for the best bathroom reducer for 20 euros, it is very likely that this model meets all the requirements. Here is a list of its pros and cons for you to analyze.


Ergonomics: Since it is shaped according to the dimensions of the little ones and adapts to their anatomy, it can be comfortable.

Hygiene: Thanks to the fact that the child cannot move too much in the reducer, drips are avoided, which can be convenient.

Durability: Its materials are strong enough to support the weight of the child and tolerate frequent use without deteriorating.

Non- slip: Because it has a non-slip surface, it offers adequate firmness so that your little one feels safe.


Fixation: This model is not attached as it happens with other models, its effectiveness consists of its non-slip surfaces and the correct adaptation to the shape of the bathroom, so it is necessary to analyze the compatibility with your toilet.

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3. Bamny Toilet Seat Kids Toilet Ladder

If you are looking for a reducer to start your little one in the stage of abandoning diapers, this model could be an excellent option. Many parents consider it among the best bathroom reducers of 2022, given its features, its high quality and its modern and functional design.

It is a reducer that goes beyond the conventional, as it integrates into its design a practical ladder that makes it easier for the child to climb to the toilet. It also offers stability and safety, for this it has non-slip bases both on the ladder and on the reducer and for greater comfort, it has a padded seat.

It is a model that you can also easily fold after it has been used by the little one and thus keep it close at hand in the bathroom. Its step can be easily adjusted to two heights, depending on the child’s height, and it is also very easy to assemble and is compatible with different toilet formats.

Homfa is probably the best brand of bathroom reducers. We will take a closer look at your model highlighting its features and if there is anything that can be improved.


Autonomy: Since it includes a step so that children can reach the height to sit down, they can go to the bathroom without needing help.

Comfort: By including a cushion in its design, it is more comfortable for your little one due to its softness.

Non-slip rubbers: Thanks to the non-slip rubbers that it offers in the lower part, the reducer is prevented from moving, which provides safety.

Height: Its screws allow you to adjust the height of the reducer to adapt it to your sanitary model and make it firm.


Practicality: It is possible that if you have only one bathroom in the home, it will be necessary to place it and remove it on many occasions. Which for some users may not be practical.

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4. Oxo 6349700 Reducer with foot support

This is one of the best-selling bath reducer models on the web and has a high rating, as many parents recommend it and consider it an excellent option for their young children. For this, it has a design that provides the child with great comfort and easy cleaning for the parents.

It is a product designed in a single solid, compact piece, with rounded edges and without dangerous corners. It is made of high-quality plastic, which offers quick and easy cleaning. It also has two side handles that allow comfortable grip by the little one, which provides security and confidence.

On the other hand, it has a base that allows it to be stored in a vertical position, which favors space saving and discretion. In addition, it incorporates an anti-splash design for greater hygiene and according to buyers, it can be used perfectly in elongated toilets.

Oxo offers us this time one of the cheapest reducers, let’s take a moment to review each of its most outstanding features and possible drawbacks.


Cleaning: Because it is a model designed in a single piece, its cleaning is considered easier than in others that include pieces.

Storage: Due to its supports that allow vertical storage, it can take up little space when not in use.

Assembly: Its practical handles allow easy placement by both adults and children, something that is considered practical.


Portability: It may not be the best choice if you need something to take with you, but it is suitable for use at home.

Colors: The model is only available in white, which can be a small inconvenience if you are looking for variety in this feature.

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5. Badabulle B027006 Mountain toilet seat reducer

If you have a little one between 2 and 4 years old and you want to offer them greater comfort when going to the bathroom, this reducer model could meet all your expectations. It is an economical and good quality model, as many parents who have acquired it and are satisfied with their purchase let it be seen.

This bath reducer offers comfort and an attractive presence for the child, since it has a padded seat that prevents the little one from getting tired or mistreating their skin, while the waterproof lining of the seat offers fun figures of animals in full color. In addition, you can choose between a blue tone and a gray tone, according to your tastes.

It is equipped with a design with two side handles that allow the child to grip the reducer, this favors confidence and encourages him to continue using it. It also offers non-slip feet for greater stability, which prevent the little one from slipping.

Deciding which bathroom reducer to buy has probably seemed confusing to you, but perhaps this model will clarify your doubts and help you decide which one is the best for you.


Comfort: Because it has a padded seat, it can be more comfortable for the little one to sit on this reducer.

Firmness: Thanks to the fact that it includes non-slip rubber pieces, it does not move when your little one is sitting, providing comfort.

Design: Its pattern with cartoon animals is usually attractive so that children feel motivated to use it.


Cleaning: It is possible that due to the fact that it is made in several pieces, the dust gets to enter between the joints of them, which can be an inconvenience.

Use in males: Some children may have difficulty urinating inside, so it is necessary to explain to them the proper way to avoid leaks outside the bathroom.

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Jerrybox Folding Toilet Seat for Children

If you go out with your child frequently and you don’t want to expose him to the germs present in a public bathroom, this model of reducer could be what you are looking for.

It is a product equipped with a folding mechanism that favors its portability, it is made of resistant plastic, it has an ergonomic design and it is affordable. For all this, many consider it the best price-quality bathroom reducer.

It is a reducer with a high reputation on the net, recommended for children from 1 to 6 years of age. It is versatile, since you can use it in different sanitary formats: square, round, oval and rectangular.

It has dimensions of 30 x 35 x 3 cm and once folded it only measures 18 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm; so it fits perfectly in any travel bag or diaper bag. In addition, its ABS plastic is resistant, toxic-free, odor-free and easy to wash.

For you to decide if this is the best bathroom reducer of the moment, we provide you with more information regarding this model. This way you can be more convinced that it meets your expectations.


Lightweight: Being a model of only approximately 300 g, it does not add too much weight to your accessories when traveling with your little one, but it does provide comfort.

Resistance: It is made of resistant materials, so it can last for an adequate period of time.

Fixation: Since it has two lower tabs, it is properly fixed, which prevents it from moving during use.

Compact: Measuring only 18cm x 15cm x 5cm when folded, it doesn’t take up too much space and stores easily.

Ergonomics: Thanks to its ergonomic design it provides comfort, this can motivate the little one to use it.


Use for children: Perhaps for children the front opening is a bit small. But still, it can be handy to use when you have to be away from home.

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Buying Guide – What is the best bath reducer on the market?

Bath reducers are products designed for the comfort of the little ones during the adaptation stage to the WC, so regardless of how much it costs, we recommend that you look for a product adapted to the needs of your child. To do this, we offer you this guide to buy the best bathroom reducer, with some tips for parents and the parameters that you must consider so that your purchase is successful.


utility and initiation

Getting the child to learn to relieve himself in the toilet is a difficult task that requires patience and time, so it is convenient to choose the appropriate resources to facilitate this learning.

In many cases, this stage causes anguish and many complications for the parents, who sometimes cannot get the little one to willingly accept doing their little things in the toilet.

Sometimes we offer children a potty as a first alternative to direct them to pee without diapers, which implies a double learning for the little one and double effort for the parents; since after he has learned on the potty, the teaching for the use of the toilet follows.

A bath reducer could make everyone’s life easier, since these accessories favor the comfort of the child, less work for the parents and greater cleanliness and hygiene.

It is convenient before introducing your child to the use of a toilet adapter, that you begin by explaining to him the importance of doing his physiological needs in the toilet as an adult and progressively replacing disposable diapers with cloth diapers; this will teach the child the uncomfortable sensation of being wet and the pleasure of feeling clean and dry without the need for a diaper.

Remember that not all children learn at the same age and it is very important to teach them by example, with patience and with good spirits; but above all, do not exert any kind of pressure.

Security and installation

When looking for a bath reducer for your child, it is very important that it offers stability and easy assembly. The idea is that the child gains confidence, that he does not slip and feels safe on the toilet. To do this, modern models include fixing systems that adhere to the lid and guarantee good support.

Mounting it is very simple and does not require a complicated procedure. You should only place it on the lid of the toilet and never do it directly on the ceramic.

This is because if you put it under the two covers, the reducer could move and cause a fall when the child climbs on it. For this reason, they are specially designed with non-slip rubbers to be used on the toilet seat.

size and format

It is essential that the size and format of the reducer adapt to the design of your toilet. In this sense, you should look in your comparison of bathroom reducers for a model that fits perfectly with your toilet, whether it is a round, oval, square or rectangular model, for which there are appropriate reducers with this geometry.

Likewise, the adapter must be adjusted to the child’s age and complexion. For this reason, it is convenient that the model is not excessively small but it should not be large either, since it would cause the child to pass by and fall into the toilet.

In either case, if the reducer is not sized to the child’s anatomy, this could result in an unpleasant experience for the child; so far from promoting the use of the toilet, we would be causing a rejection on their part.


Design and materials

There is a wide range of options on the market where you can choose a good and economical bathroom reducer that suits your needs. Some models feature a foldable design for easy portability; others come in round, square, oval or rectangular format (depending on the shape of the toilet). Likewise, there are reducers with designs that integrate a comfortable ladder, which provides greater support and stability to the child.

As for the materials, you must select a model that facilitates washing, since it is an accessory for the toilet and as such must be kept hygienic and disinfected.

In this sense, plastic is an excellent option, since it can be easily washed, repels moisture and dries quickly. Likewise, some reducers incorporate a padded seat covered in waterproof material, which favors cleanliness and comfort for the child.

Remember that you should not leave your baby sitting in the bathroom for a long time and even less alone. Prolonged immobility can numb their little legs and damage their skin; so you must accompany him and be aware of his progress.

How to use a bath reducer

Some children do not seem to be very interested in using the small potties or they are in a phase of change and show a better disposition to use the toilet that adults use. For that, a bath reducer can be very useful. Now, although it may seem like a simple accessory to use, we have compiled some ideas regarding its use that could be of interest to you.

Avoid as far as possible that it is used by other children as a toy

To prevent the reducer from being removed from its proper place when you need it most, it may be very convenient for you to reduce its use by other members of the family, since excess weight could damage it.

Check the security aspects and its correct placement

Placing the reducer correctly in the toilet is essential for it to perform its function properly. Some models are very simple in this respect and it is only necessary to put them on.

On the contrary, others usually need more dedication for their assembly, but generally this will only take you some time in the first uses, later it will be simple. Analyze the instruction manual and check if it includes some adjustment pieces that are correctly placed to give it firmness. In case it requires assembly, make sure it has been done as indicated.

For folding models, it is best to make sure that each piece has been opened as it should and is in contact with the toilet lid to prevent it from pressing down on your baby’s skin when sitting down and causing damage.

Hold your little one while using it

Building confidence in the reducer is part of success in using it correctly. For this it is very important that your baby feels safe with the device, that he knows it and sits on several occasions even if he is not sure about urinating.

You can hold his hands to help him sit up. Remember that although you are confident that it will not fall through the central hole, your little one must experience it for himself and it may take time before he dares to use it on his own.

Keep the device hygienic

It is normal for these items to get dirty. We recommend you always have a cleaning and disinfection cloth or wipe at hand, so that you can return its cleaning as soon as it is finished. This will prevent aromas from adhering or even staining. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on this, especially if it has any stickers or printing that could come off if you carve too much.

Promotes the autonomy of your little one

In case the model is easily removable and assembled, an activity that could interest your little one is taking charge of placing the reducer by himself. Encourage and instruct him to do it correctly.

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Jerrybox Tapa WC Plegable para Niños

Ventaja principal:

Lo más destacable de este modelo es su diseño portátil, con un sencillo mecanismo de plegado podrás doblar el reductor y llevarlo en tu bolso cómodamente. Además, dado sus materiales, es fácil de lavar y mantenerlo siempre limpio e higiénico.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos padres echan de menos una superficie acolchada que brinde mayor comodidad al pequeño. Sin embargo, para otras personas este reductor ha sido una compra acertada.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Es un reductor de baño práctico y funcional, ya que puede ser usado dentro y fuera de casa; por lo que muchos compradores lo recomiendan y consideran una inversión inteligente.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Todos los que tenemos un pequeño en casa, sabemos lo difícil que resulta la transición para que deje sus pañales y use el orinal. Por esto debes usar todas las herramientas necesarias para ayudar a tu hijo en esta etapa de aprendizaje y para ello, nada mejor que contar con un reductor de baño. En este sentido, hoy traemos para ti un modelo que podría ser tú gran aliado a la hora de enseñar a tu hijo a ir al baño.

Con este reductor, el pequeño podrá desarrollar su sentido de independencia, ya que los padres no tendrán que mantenerse vigilantes junto al niño mientras usa el inodoro. Además, es un modelo que favorece la higiene y el cuidado de la salud, sobre todo cuando sales de paseo y usas baños públicos, ya que el niño no estará en contacto directo con otros sanitarios.

Diseño plegable

Existen muchos modelos de reductores de baño; sin embargo pocos te brindan entre sus prestaciones, la posibilidad de plegarlo y llevarlo contigo a cualquier parte. El Jerrybox Plegable es un reductor que cuenta con un diseño plegable que favorece su portabilidad, por lo que es recomendado para llevar de viaje o de paseo.

Cuenta con tamaño idóneo para ser usado por niños y niñas entre 1 a 6 años y dado su tamaño compacto una vez que pliega, podrás almacenarlo cómodamente en la pañalera o en tu mochila. Para ello, se reduce y ofrece unas dimensiones de tan solo 18 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm y pesa 300 g.

Así mismo, dispone de un formato ergonómico que favorece la comodidad para que los niños se adapten fácilmente a su uso. También ofrece estabilidad y seguridad, ya que cuenta con fijaciones y almohadillas que garantizan el agarre al inodoro. Además, podrás elegir el color de tu preferencia entre varias opciones disponibles.

Materiales y versatilidad

Cuando se trata de reductores de baño, mantener una correcta higiene es fundamental. Por ello, este modelo está fabricado con materiales que no solo ofrecen resistencia y durabilidad, sino que también favorecen un fácil lavado.

Por esto, cuenta con plástico ABS que puedes limpiar y lavar con total comodidad después de cada uso. Así mismo, este plástico es un material inocuo para la salud, ya que no es tóxico, ni emite olores; además es respetuoso con el medio ambiente.

Así mismo, este reductor te ofrece un formato versátil que puede ser utilizado en diferentes modelos y estilos de inodoro. Por esto, podrás usarlo indistintamente que se trate de sanitarios redondos, cuadrados, rectangulares u óvalos. De ahí, que se trata de un producto el cual puedes utilizar en cualquier baño público cuando salgas con tu hijo y evitar el riesgo de exponerlo al contacto con bacterias.

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