The 5 Best Bathroom Stools for Kids of 2022

Bath stool for children – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are thinking of buying a bathroom stool for children, you need to compare the models, so that you find a functional one for your requirements. It is recommended that, before selecting at random, you can know the opinions and criteria of other users about the quality of the stool. There are several recommended models, but two of them lead the preferences of users for being practical. The first is the BabyBjörn 061121, a model made of plastic, with non-slip rubber on the top and bottom, which prevent possible accidents. It has a weight of 558 grams and is recommended for children between 12 months and 10 years, in addition to being available in various colors. The second model is the Bamny ‎BCA-007, a stool suitable for children and adults, available in various shades, whose design is very safe. In addition, it is easy to clean.

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The 5 Best Bathroom Stools for Children – Opinions 2022

If among your plans is to buy a bathroom stool for children, you should know that there are many models and brands that present designs with notable benefits that make them stand out and be suitable, hence, among so many options, your selection process may be extended..

For this reason, we present a section in which we describe and explain the characteristics of the five models that lead the preferences of users, so that after knowing them you can choose the most convenient design, according to your needs and those of your children.

1. BabyBjörn Children’s Stool Deep

Main advantage:

Since the design of the stool includes non-slip materials, both for the top and for its legs, it is a product that offers comfort and stability, so that children can climb easily and do not have the feeling that they could fall.

Main disadvantage:

Probably for some users the height of 15.5 cm of the stool is a bit small, so that very small children can reach some places such as the sink, which can be inconvenient as they grow.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a model made with quality materials and finishes that make it one of the best options on the market. In addition, it has a design that could be to your liking.

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If your little one needs a place to sit comfortably to play or climb to reach something that is out of reach, this stool will be of great help, since it is designed with a top platform of 35 x 25 cm.

Due to this quality, it is easy for him to stand on it without major difficulties, since his feet will have enough space to find a stable position.

As for its durability, this model has been made of resistant plastic, so you probably won’t have to think about buying another stool for a long time. In addition, thanks to the number of colors available in the model, you can offer your little one the one they like the most, so they will feel even more motivated to use it.


While the height of the little ones in the house is not enough to access places such as the toilet or the sink, they will be able to use this practical stool. This is because it only weighs 558g, so it is considered light. This quality also allows them to take it where they need it without much problem, getting a little autonomy to do things for themselves.

In addition, since it has a smooth surface in most of its sections, it is an easy-to-clean stool, so passing a damp cloth over the model could be enough to keep it looking clean.


The safety of the little ones is one of the biggest concerns of parents, that is why this stool has taken special care to cover the needs in this regard. For example, because its upper platform has a non-slip rubber coating, your little one will be able to stand up safely, even when their feet are wet, which adds confidence to its use.

In addition, it also has a non-slip insole on the legs, which prevents it from moving when it is placed on the ground, thus providing a safe space. While it is also important to note that because these are very wide, the weight of the little one is distributed properly.

On the other hand, the fact that all the edges of the stool are rounded prevents your little one from getting hurt in the event of an accidental hit with the furniture.

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2. Bamny Infant Step Stool for Babies

Reaching places like the sink or bathroom will be a project that toddlers can do safely and without help, by having the best bathroom stool for kids at hand. A product that can obtain this qualification is the one offered by the Bamny brand. This is because it has two handles on each side, so the little one can transport it to where it is needed. Such quality is combined with a weight of less than one kilogram, which contributes to making the task easy to achieve.

On the other hand, due to its appearance and colors, it is easy to combine it with your bathroom and furniture. In addition, it is a robust product, which even adults can use, since it supports a weight of up to 80 kg. 

Similarly, it should be noted that its mostly smooth structure makes cleaning easier, while, in terms of safety, the stool will not move when used, since it has rubber feet that make it more stable.

If you are wondering which is the best bathroom stool for children, but you want something discreet and robust, this model could be your best choice.


Versatility: It can be used as a child seat, but also as a climber to reach high places.

Design: Its appearance is discreet and with good finishes. In the same way, it can be combined with the rest of the furniture in the home if it is chosen in the right color.

Capacity: Since its manufacturing materials are robust, it supports a weight of 80 kilograms.

Safety: Its non-slip rubbers both on the legs and in the climbing areas give children stability.


Upper surface: For an adult, the step may be too tight for the size of the feet. However, for children it is ergonomic.

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3. Keeper Igor Paw Patrol Stool

If your little one is a fan of the Paw Patrol animated series and you don’t know which bathroom stool for children to buy, you could surprise him with this interesting model. His design combines red polka dots with a white background, but these same circles are a safety element, since they are made with a non-slip material that will provide stability to the little one when he stands up on his platforms.

Similarly, at the base it has four rubber bands that will effectively fix the furniture to the surface of the bathroom or any place where it is placed, preventing it from moving. This is combined with a very low center of gravity, which naturally reduces the chances of tipping over and therefore accidents.

We know that the aspect of durability and resistance is also important. In this sense, you may be interested to know that it is an accessory that resists a weight of up to 120 kilograms, being a product that you can use for a long time. However, its weight is only 782 grams, so it will be very easy to transport it.

The best bathroom stools for children of 2022 are those that best meet all your expectations. Review the highlights offered by this model.


Resistance: It is made of PP/TPE plastic, a material that, due to its density, supports a weight of up to 120 kg.

Safety: Thanks to the way the stool is designed, with open legs and non-slip rubber, it is very stable and difficult to tip over.

Appearance: Children can be motivated to use the toilet and reach the sink by themselves, thanks to its print whose protagonists are the friendly characters from Paw Patrol.


Maintenance: To prevent the rubber bands from losing their non-slip quality, it is recommended to clean them frequently.

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4. Natumo Folding stool for 150 kg of kitchen

Looking for the best value for money bathroom stool for children, we have found this proposal. It is a model that competes to be the cheapest in our list and is very practical, since it is foldable. In this way, you can store it in a small space when it is not being used. You can also take it wherever you need it without getting too tired, since it is very light.

When assembled, its height is 22 cm, so children can comfortably climb on it. As for its width and depth, they correspond to 28 x 21 cm. Thus, they can comfortably stand up and stay on the platform. However, when folded it measures only 31 x 33 x 4 cm. 

Regarding its resistance, it can carry up to 150 kilograms, a quality that allows it to be used by both children and adults and, regarding its versatility, it is a piece of furniture that children could also use as a seat or shelf while playing..

On this occasion, Natumo presents us with a very practical model at a reasonable price, with which it seeks to become the best brand of bathroom stools for children. Read more below.


Non- slip: Its design includes rubber circles on the surface, so that the little one can stand safely.  

Colors: You can choose the model in various color options, depending on the availability of the manufacturer.

Portability: When folded, you will have a handle available to transport the stool comfortably and its weight of only one kilogram is very light.

Capacity: It can hold a load of up to 150 kilograms, making it robust.


Assembly: It is not recommended that children carry out the assembly of the stool, nor its folding, as they could injure themselves.

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5. Tatkraft Prince Kids Bathroom Step Stool

With a weight of 440 grams, this is one of the models recommended by users for being light, but resistant. It has a support capacity of up to 100 kilograms. This model from the manufacturer Tatkraft has a white design and apple green dots.

It is a single step and adds an extra 13.6 centimeters of height for little ones to reach places of difficult access, while the rest of its measurements are 38 x 28 centimeters. In addition, it incorporates handles to facilitate the portability and transport of the stool.

It is made of high-density, high-quality polypropylene plastic. It is a safe model for the smallest of the house, which has a non-slip rubber on the bases that prevents the stool from losing balance. In addition, it has a silicone protector on the upper part, to offer better stability and grip of the feet.

Any user wants to buy the cheapest bathroom stools for children, although, yes, it will be necessary to assess whether they meet certain requirements.


Protector: This article consists of a protector made of silicone on the upper part with anti-slip properties.

Easy to clean: Being made of plastic material, it is enough to use a damp sponge and soap to clean it.

Carry handle: This step-stool includes two side holes that act as a handle to facilitate moving from one place to another.

Resistant: Made of the highest quality polypropylene plastic, this model stands out for its extraordinary resistance, as it is capable of supporting up to 100 kg of weight.


Height: With a height of 13.5 cm, some users mention that it is a bit low model, especially if it is used by smaller children.

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BabyBjörn Children’s Stool Deep

For those who are looking for the best bathroom stool for children, they cannot stop reviewing the properties of this model with a light structure of only 558 grams. This stool has a classic unisex design, it has a single step and adds an extra height of 15.5 cm, which allows children to easily access the WC or the sink.

The safety of the little ones is an aspect that is taken care of, which is why the product is equipped with non-slip rubber on the bases, a feature that adheres it to the ground and prevents the child from falling. Also, it has rubber on the surface, which provides greater firmness.

Due to its size and resistance, it is recommended for children between 12 months and 10 years. This stool is a simple model and although it is made of plastic, it is suitable for the use of the smallest, since they can carry it from one place to another.

The children’s stools facilitate the cleaning of the little ones in the house. We therefore recommend that you opt for the best bathroom stool for children of the moment.


Non- slip: Since the surface of the stool is covered with non-slip rubber, as well as the bottom, there is no risk of slipping or unintentional sliding.

Light: It is an item that barely weighs half a kilo. It is so light that the child will be able to move it from one place to another without great difficulty.

Manufacturing material: The bathroom stool is made of plastic without bisphenol A, a totally safe material for children’s use.

Easy to clean: Thanks to the material in which it is made, it is enough to gently rub with a damp cloth to clean this item.


Height: Several users have commented that this stool does not have much height, so it may not be suitable for all children.

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Buying guide – What is the best children’s bathroom stool on the market?

Both children and adults may need a stool for the home, which allows them to add extra inches of height to reach hard-to-reach areas. This product may seem like a simple item, but before buying the first model that appears, you should know a series of basic qualities such as safety, which make these items functional and suitable for children.

For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best bathroom stool for children, preparing a section with which we detail these characteristics that you cannot ignore when making your selection.


When making a comparison of bathroom stools for children, you must add the design as one of the characteristics to be contrasted. Design is more than flashy style, it’s about the shape and structure of the bench. There are various designs available; Some manufacturers feature single-tier models, while others offer dual-tier designs for two height options.

Similarly, in the design, the user can select between models that have an ergonomic handle for transporting and a folding closing mechanism for easy storage. The styles are also varied, since some have monochromatic and simple colors, while others combine striking tones and prints, to attract the attention of the little ones.

The most advisable thing is to select models that are practical, that allow a comfortable hold for children to carry, that have an adequate height so that they reach certain areas and a striking drawing or color that invites them and generates the confidence to use the stool..

Materials of construction and capacity

The manufacturing materials and the support capacity of a stool have a direct impact on the final price of the product, so if you wonder how much a bathroom stool for children costs, you should analyze what materials the manufacturer incorporated for its production. Quality and resistance reside in the materials.

In the case of children’s stools, it is necessary that they be made of light materials, but that they have robustness, which provide durability and safety to whoever is on them. The capacity of these items is related to the materials, because the higher their quality and density, the greater the weight they support.

So it is appropriate to select models that have a low weight so that they are portable and that their support capacity exceeds 80 kilograms, so that they are resistant.

This will allow you a wider use and a longer life time of the stool. The most common material is reinforced plastic. On the other hand, it is of great importance that the furniture has a stable and safe base, in order to avoid any risk of falls.

Stability and security

Beyond that a model of bathroom stool for children is good and economical, it is important that it has a high level of safety, which gives confidence to the user when using it.

Nobody wants their child to climb on a risky step from which they could fall and hurt themselves. This is why when making a suitable choice, you should look for designs that have a non-slip safety mechanism that provides firmness, balance and stability to the stool on different surfaces, regardless of whether they are smooth or rough.

At the same time, these stools must provide a sense of stability to the user while on them and have a wide top that prevents the feet from slipping.

For this, the recommended are designs with non-slip rubber on the support bases, in addition to added details in silicone or rubber on the surfaces in contact with the feet, since both safety mechanisms will reduce the risk of falls and accidents.

Dimensions and height

According to the size of your bathroom, the rest of the rooms and other spaces in the home, you must select the dimensions of the bathroom stool for children. Some models have large sizes that may not be convenient for small bathrooms or small houses, because carrying them from one room to another can be complicated.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​these articles is to provide greater height, which helps children to reach areas of difficult access and provide them with a certain degree of autonomy.

For this, you must select between different heights, knowing that some models start from 13 centimeters, while others can give up to 27 additional centimeters. This selection will depend on the age and height of your little one, as well as the height of your shelves, WC and sinks.  

How to use a bathroom stool for children

Stools are very useful in homes because they allow you to add a few extra centimeters to the height of any person. In the case of children, they will need some support in the bathroom to reach the sink more easily and carry out their personal hygiene correctly. But, you have to help them to use them properly and thus avoid any accident.

Check the stool

As soon as you receive it, you should verify the structure of the product in detail, remember that the person who will use it will be a child and it is essential to check that it has all the appropriate security measures before starting it up.

Check the stability, that the legs are firm, that it does not sink in the middle or in any area, that it has an adequate weight so that children can transport it and, even more important, that the height is appropriate for them.

Show the child the stool and explain what it is for

This point will have more relevance in direct proportion to the age of the child. The smaller they are, the better you have to explain them so that it does not cause a negative impact and they know what its usefulness is.

For this, take the stool and head to the bathroom with the child. Explain to him that it is to reach the sink and how he should get up. There are models with a single step and others with two or even three. If the child already knows how to climb alone, let him practice, otherwise let him lean on your hand to climb until he is in the correct position.

It is also necessary to inform you that it is not a toy and that it must be used with caution to avoid knocks or falls. Children should not jump on it or use it to reach very high things that they want, like cookies in the kitchen for example.

For this, it will be very useful to design hours for using the stool and comply with it daily, such as the hours to brush your teeth or after performing the physiological needs to wash your hands. In any case, it will always be better to keep them well supervised.

Find a specific place to keep the stool

This is another important step to keep the stool accessible to the child and give him confidence that he will find it in a certain place. You can take advantage of a corner or a cabinet that is inside the bathroom. It will also do just to leave it to one side of the sink so that the child only has to pull it when they need to use it.


We can take advantage of this product to incorporate children into house cleaning tasks. Most of the stools are covered on the surface with a non-slip rubber coating to prevent falls, but the rest of the structure will be made of plastic with some design.

To clean it, it is advisable to wipe all the areas with a damp cloth without exerting excessive friction so as not to ruin the printed details, if any. It should also be checked on the inside. You can include your child in this activity so that they better recognize the usefulness and generate discipline of care with their things.

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