The 5 Best Bottle Thermoses of 2022

Bottle Thermos – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Keeping our little ones’ food at a good temperature when we are on the street is something necessary for any parent. If we don’t like cold food, rest assured that our little ones won’t like it either. That is why it is convenient to have a thermos for bottles, where you can store these foods as they should. This is what the Jané 5010 model allows, since it is a thermos made of stainless steel, with a wide mouth that helps to better clean its interior. In addition, this product keeps drinks hot or cold for up to approximately 10 hours. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature model is also interesting, an economical product, designed for use from 0 months of age and that includes a system that heats food in just 4 minutes.

Buying guide – What is the best bottle thermos on the market?

Having a thermos that complements the use of your bottles can represent a small investment of money that in return will help you offer food for your baby at the most comfortable temperature. This can help you better enjoy this important moment even when you’re not at home. So that you get the right one among those that are offered, we provide you with our guide to buying the best bottle thermos.


Each baby has different needs in terms of the amount of food and this changes quickly as he grows, so it may be important that you analyze how much water you might need when you go for a walk with your little one, so that you do not lack it. Depending on how long you’re typically away from home, you can quickly do a simple calculation in milliliters, adding up the number of shots needed to get an approximation.

In addition, it must always be taken into account that the size of the thermos maintains a direct relationship with its capacity. Therefore, it is not highly recommended to carry too much, since your maternity bag will also become heavier. Among the options on the market you will find from those that are compact to those with a capacity of more than 500 ml, which could be enough to be away from home for several hours without worrying.


Maintaining the temperature of a liquid involves controlling several elements, but manufacturers have managed to balance the variations through thermal materials and insulating covers. To analyze the qualities of the models that you want to add to your comparison of thermoses for bottles, you could review the approximate number of hours that the thermos can keep the water at the desired temperature.

There are some very efficient ones that even keep it up to 10 hours, which is quite a long period of time in which you don’t have to worry about heating water for your baby to prepare his bottle.


If you like to limit the number of items in your maternity bag, you may need a versatile design that transforms from a thermos to a bottle by simply attaching the teat. Among the options on the market you will find versions of this type and surely there is a good and cheap one that meets your expectations, but if you prefer, there are also classic type options for you to transport the water in a special container.

As for its appearance, you can choose options that range from the elegant and basic thermos to the one that includes fun prints, so in this sense, it may be easy for you to find one that suits your preferences, to complement the accessories of your small.


Today we not only find thermoses that allow you to keep the water at a comfortable temperature, there are also those that can heat it, because they include mechanisms to transfer heat to liquids. If this is useful to you, we invite you to review the type of connection it allows and how long it takes you to get the drink ready.

On the other hand, if you are wondering how much a thermos that heats costs, it may be that these types of models are more expensive than those that only transport it and maintain the temperature. However, its practicality could make up for this trait, because you don’t have to worry about the water losing heat over the hours while you’re away from home.


Adding the thermos to your baby care essentials should be a simple task. That’s why some include bags with handles or hooks that attach to the stroller, or can simply be easily grabbed. Review the characteristics of your options regarding this trait.

On the other hand, so that carrying a container with liquids among your belongings does not pose a risk, it is very important that you verify that it has anti-spill seals and that it closes hermetically. This will allow you to be calmer when you leave your house and have to offer a milk supply, because you will not have to worry about adding bags to the thermos, to prevent liquids from reaching other objects in your mother’s bag.


Feeding your little one should not pose any risk, which is why we recommend that you do not forget to check that your favorite model is made of durable materials, but at the same time does not leave residues in the baby’s food. For example, if it is made of plastic, check that it is BPA-free or that the material does not rust if it is a metal model.

The 5 Best Thermoses For Baby Bottles – Opinions 2022

Now that you have more information to analyze thermos options, we present some of the models that have achieved good ratings by users. Reviewing its characteristics you could find some interesting to add it among your purchase options, to finally identify the best thermos to take with you everywhere.

1. Jané Thermos for Liquids with Silicone Teat

Main advantage:

In addition to having quality finishes and robust materials, it is a thermos that can maintain the temperature of the water for several hours. So it would be a good choice to go for a walk, without this meaning giving your baby cold milk.

Main disadvantage:

The flask cannot be closed with the teat on. That is why you should carry it as an additional accessory in your maternal bag, to be able to feed your little one, something that might not be very practical.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Perhaps it qualifies as the best thermos because it is ergonomic and capable of keeping the water at a comfortable temperature for several hours. In addition, its materials are of quality.

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The Jané brand is known in the market for designing high-quality products, which is why this thermos is no exception in its catalog of baby products. At first glance, we can see that it is an option with good finishes and the colors that have been chosen for its exterior are versatile, so you could use it for both boys and girls.

On the other hand, its ergonomics allows your little one to hold the bottle by himself when he is big enough or that it is comfortable for you to offer it to your baby, another aspect that might interest you.

As for its practicality, this model includes a neoprene cover with a handle and zipper, a quality that makes it easy to transport comfortably, because you can hook it to a stroller, for example. While its possibility of adapting a nipple simplifies the feeding of your little one.

Durability and hygiene

If you are concerned about the durability of the model, you will be pleased to know that it is made mostly of stainless steel, a robust material that does not present deterioration problems when in contact with food, even with those that have an acid PH.. On the other hand, the additional parts such as the lid, the seal and its sleeve are also of good quality, so it could be a thermos that will serve you for a long time.

With regard to its hygiene, thanks to the fact that it has a wide mouth for the bottle, it is possible to insert a cleaning accessory such as a brush, making it easy to remove any remaining food without any problems, thus maintaining its hygiene and presenting your baby their food without any risk.

capacity and insulation

As regards the number of hours that it can keep the water at a suitable temperature, this model is estimated to be able to do so for up to 12 hours, based on user experience. In this way you do not have to worry when you leave your house with your child even for several hours, her food will be at a pleasant temperature so that you can enjoy it as you wish. For all this we consider it among the best bottle thermos of 2022.

On the other hand, it is a model with a capacity of 300 ml, which is considered practical to carry a drink of milk with you in case the walk takes a little longer than expected.

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2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Thermos Warmer

When we dedicated ourselves to the house of the best bottle flasks of 2022, we soon realized that the product designed by Tommee Tippee was a product that we could not leave out of our list.

Labeled for use from 0 months of age, it is a product that allows us to take with us everywhere the traditional and practical way of heating bottles, through a main container that works as a hot water container and heat retainer, the bottle is placed or container of food inside and the temperature is adjusted by means of a simple system, in a maximum of 4 minutes the food is ready to be consumed.

With the Closer to Nature model, we may be dealing with the cheapest item on our list, as we believe that it is a product that both mothers and fathers will love, especially on those dates when we decide to spend the day at the grandparents’ or a relative’s house. near.

It can be a bit difficult to decide which bottle thermos to buy, so evaluating the pros and cons of each model would help a lot:


Temperature: this option has been designed to keep the water at high temperatures. The thermos is used to store the water and, when the time comes, it is emptied into its pot for mixtures or directly into the bottle.

Accessories: a mixing pot is included, which will help you prepare your baby’s food more easily thanks to its size. In addition, it is valid for preparing formulas, juices, porridge, etc.

Materials: the Closer to Nature model has the advantage of being made almost entirely of stainless steel. This makes it strong, attractive and highly durable so you can get years of value from your investment.

Use: in addition, it can be used from the very birth of the child, since its capacity makes the manufacturer indicate that it is useful for up to 4 years of the child.


Design: one detail to keep in mind before purchasing this bottle thermos is that both its size and shape have been designed to house bottles from the same manufacturer. Therefore, you could run into incompatibility if you try to save another bottle model.

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3. Olmitos 1213 Thermos for bottle and pacifier

If we are looking for attractive, economical and functional designs, Olmitos wins the gold medal in the category of the best thermos bottles for 2022; This product is made up of a practical and attractive bag whose special materials allow it to retain and preserve the temperature of the bottle or jars for long periods of time; It also contains a practical compartment in the upper part that allows you to store the baby’s pacifier hygienically and efficiently.

This is the ideal product for afternoon outings or walks in the park, in which you have to carry and keep food for your baby at the perfect temperature for one or more doses, since you can place it inside the Olmitos model. a bottle or large jars.

The Olmitos model could take the position of the best bottle thermos for 10 euros or less due to its dimensions and ease of use:


Design: one of the highlights of the Olmitos bottle thermos is that it has two separate compartments; one for the bottle and one for the child’s pacifier.

Dimensions: It is quite compact. It has dimensions of 26 x 12 x 8 centimeters and a low weight of just 141 grams. With this, you will not have discomfort when taking it with you and your baby.

Insulation: inside this model you will find silver insulation, which will help maintain the temperatures of the contents more than anything else if they are cold.


Handle: Some buyers indicated that the clasp that secures the handle is a bit stiff, making it awkward to remove and put on.

Hot: In addition, they also let it be known that the thermos performs better in maintaining cold temperatures, since hot ones can lose them within a few hours.

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4. Miniland Baby Thermos 

Although the thermos may look the same from the outside, the truth is that the most efficient ones in maintaining the temperature are the result of a meticulous manufacturing process. The model presented by Miniland is no exception, since it has 4 layers that allow it to isolate the drink you have placed inside from the outside heat or cold, so that you can keep it at the ideal temperature for many hours.

In addition, the thermos has an airtight seal that prevents disasters when transporting it and its lid with an easy pour valve makes it easier to dose the liquid without wasting it. 

The best thing is that all these qualities have not drastically affected its price, which is why it is one of the cheapest in our selection and users rate it as the best value for money bottle thermos.

Do not forget to analyze our section of pros and cons, which we show you below. You can find more relevant information there.


Capacity: It is possible to store up to 500 ml of water or drink in this model, but there is also a smaller option of 350 ml.

Hygiene: The thermos is easy to disassemble in order to carefully wash all the parts.

Colours: To match your maternity bag or your personal preferences, you can choose this model in one of its 4 available colours.


Dishwasher: Although some versions of thermos can be compatible with this type of washing, the Miniland model must be washed by hand.

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5. Pacific Baby 9722043 Thermos 3 in 1

Another model that has earned a place in our selection is this proposal from the Pacific Baby brand, because its 3-in-one design could be a very practical option for parents when they have to go out with their baby.

On the one hand, it manages to maintain the temperature of the water inside for up to 10 hours, so you can forget about heating it again, which is very practical. On the other hand, due to the included accessories, you can quickly turn it into a bottle.

In addition, being made of 304 stainless steel, it is a waterproof material that does not leave residues in your little one’s milk and is very resistant. You might also be interested to know that its components are free of BPA, so they are considered safe. Likewise, its cleaning is easy thanks to its wide mouth and the possibility of washing it in the dishwasher.

By making a detailed analysis of the characteristics of this model, we could finally decide if this is the best bottle thermos of the moment. We show you a list of its advantages and disadvantages.


Versatility: Because it is a model that can be easily transformed into a bottle, it can be very practical to carry your little one’s food.

Resistance: Thanks to the fact that it is made of 304 stainless steel, it is very durable and does not leave residues on your food.

Cleaning: Because you can put this model in the dishwasher, cleaning is simple.


Capacity: For some babies who feed more than 200 ml, it could be limited in capacity.

Pattern: The exterior pattern of the model may not be to the liking of all parents. However, for the little one it could be attractive.

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How to use a thermos bottle

One of the greatest wishes of every parent is to ensure that their baby eats well. Some little ones are somewhat picky when it comes to eating or simply have a very sensitive palate that is only pleased with certain things; for that reason, parents move heaven and earth to seek to effectively feed their little one.

The temperature can greatly influence whether or not the baby eats his food, because just as we like to eat our food before it gets cold, children also like their bottle to be at a good temperature. To be the solution to these cases, there are thermos for bottles: easy to carry and totally thermal.

Prepare the bottle

If you get a thermos that is also a bottle, then you will have to mix the ingredients or pour the mixture directly into it. Heat the water until it reaches a good temperature, add the amount of milk suitable for your child’s age and then pour the content into the thermos.

Remember that the thermos will maintain the temperature, so it is important not to heat the water to very high temperatures. Likewise, if your thermos for babies is not a bottle at the same time, you will have to prepare one to be able to carry it inside the thermos.

open the thermos

Open the thermos to be able to store the already hot bottle. Carefully insert the bottle and make sure it is snug to prevent it from wobbling when you put it in your baby bag or carry it with you.

Add hot water to the thermos if necessary

Some bottle thermoses work by having hot water added to the inside, so if the instructions in the user manual for the thermos you bought tell you to do this, do it. The thermos will be responsible for retaining the heat of the hot water and maintaining the temperature inside, thus keeping the bottle warm for a few hours.

You need to remember that if your thermos doesn’t say to do this, don’t do it. Bottle thermoses don’t need “extra help” to maintain temperature, so if you want your purchase to last a long time without getting damaged, refrain from placing your thermos in the microwave, stove, oven, or anywhere else it doesn’t. is indicated in the instructions.

close the thermos

This is an important step in preventing accidents and achieving maximum product effectiveness. Close the bottle thermos tightly enough that you can open it later, but not accidentally open it.

If the bottle flask is not closed properly, the external temperature could affect its performance and the bottle could cool down or lose heat more quickly; plus, if it doesn’t close properly, there’s a chance the bottle could slip out of the thermos, which could cause a mess.

Remove the bottle or throw away the rest of it

When you finish using the thermos, remove the bottle and if your thermos contains hot water, throw it away in the sink. On the other hand, if your thermos is also a bottle, make sure you get all the remaining liquid out of the bottle.

clean it very well

The last step is to keep it in good condition, so wash it well when you need it to ensure that your baby’s food is in contact with a hygienic thermos and in good condition.

The most popular brands

One of the drawbacks of feeding a baby away from home is that it can be difficult to heat his food properly or keep it cold. If you are interested in acquiring a thermos for bottles, we have selected three of the most representative brands, so that you can get to know them a little better:

The history of Philips Avent dates back to 1984 when the Avent brand was developed by the Avent Naturally company, a sub-brand of Cannon Rubber. Its main purpose was to design and manufacture a new bottle model for babies, which could provide comfort, quality, safety and ease of use. So they created a short-bodied, wide-mouth baby bottle, which turned out to be a huge success.

The Avent brand is also applauded for being a pioneer in the bottle nipple market, as they were the first to make silicone nipples without odor or taste, which made them more comfortable for children to use. All of the company’s innovations were patented and are still in use today.

In addition to bottles and teats, the brand owners wanted to cover the entire baby food and care market. This led to the development of all kinds of products and accessories that facilitated the general care of the little ones. Among them, we have sterilizers, kettles, milk pumps, etc.

The company was acquired by the multinational Philips in 2006, with what became known as Philips Avent, one of the most recognized names in baby products of our time.

In order to understand the range of Closer to Nature products, it is necessary to go back to the base company: Hasbro. This is an American toy company that owns several representative brands in the children’s consumer products market, including Playskool.

Playskool was created in 1901 by Lucille King, who wanted to design and make educational toys for children that could bring knowledge to the classroom. It wasn’t until 1940 that Playskool, now owned by Robert Meythaler and Manuel Fink, was considered a company in all its glory.

By 1985 the Tommee Tippee brand was born, which could be considered the mother of Closer to Nature. The latter is a range focused on the production and marketing of products to feed the baby, among which are the wide-mouth bottles combined with a natural-textured teat, which make the task of feeding the baby a comfortable and pleasant experience.. These types of nipples are much more flexible than other models and help the child to combine breast and bottle more easily.

Chicco is a subsidiary brand of Artsana and specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of baby products in general. They have a fairly extensive catalog in the area of ​​food, personal care, toys, etc.

It was founded in 1958 by Cavaliere del Lavoro, who wanted to honor his son Enrico, affectionately nicknamed Chicco. It is recognized for its beginnings and presence in products for the first months of children, which have been developed with the aim of facilitating work for parents and children.

It currently has more than 150 stores around the world, which gives it a presence in more than 120 countries, being one of the most trusted and quality brands today.

In addition to basic products, Chicco can also be found in baby clothes, transportation equipment such as strollers, mattresses and chairs, safety products such as harnesses and baby carriers, all kinds of fairly didactic toys for the stimulation of knowledge and motor development, among many other things.

It also stands out for presenting products at accessible and more affordable prices compared to other brands, always maintaining high quality.

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¿Cuál es el mejor termo para biberones del mercado?

El método consagrado de colocar el biberón con leche en un jarra de agua caliente durante un par de minutos ha sido utilizado por los padres durante generaciones. Es un forma barata y eficaz de calentar la leche, pero poco práctica para conservar el calor durante largos periodos de tiempo y ni hablemos de cuando tenemos que salir de casa con el alimento del niño listo. El uso de un termo para biberones es la forma más conveniente de asegurarnos tener la leche de los bebés calentada a la temperatura adecuada y lista en el momento que el niño grite por hambre.

Los mejores termos para biberones serán capaces de adaptarse a los tarros de alimento para el bebé de igual forma que a los biberones tradicionales de distintos tamaños; resultando en la mejor opción que tenemos los padres el día de hoy para conservar caliente y en estado ideal la leche más aún durante los fríos meses de invierno y con las frecuentes salidas fuera del hogar.

En el otro lado de la balanza tenemos que para nuestros lectores regulares les resulta un tanto complicado encontrar el mejor termo para biberones en medio del mar de opciones disponibles en el mundo de la internet, razón por la cual realizamos una comparativa entre los mejores termos para biberones disponibles en el mercado y decidimos presentar los ganadores a modo de listado en el presente artículo.

La tarea no fue nada sencilla tomando en cuenta que los termos para biberones presentan diferentes materiales y sistemas que permiten la retención del calor por más tiempo y que la variedad de estos sistemas determina el tiempo de retención de calor de cada uno de los modelos; así mismo, quisimos también priorizar cualidades importantes como el carácter de portabilidad de los distintos candidatos, la facilidad de uso, el grado de satisfacción general en torno a los distintos productos, la calidad de los materiales de fabricación y también los artículos de precios asequibles.

Pacific Baby Termo #206

Ventaja principal:

El termo de Pacific Baby garantiza mantener el líquido a la temperatura que deseas, ya sea frío o caliente, por diez horas, gracias a que está fabricado en acero inoxidable y plástico, conservando la temperatura interna por períodos más prolongados y dándole además un buen nivel de resistencia.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos clientes consideran que es algo pesado para los niños pequeños, han visto que en algunos casos se les dificulta sostenerlo en sus manos y llevarlo a la boca para beber. Basta con darles una ayuda a los niños o no llenarlo al tope para que no se les haga tan pesado.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Este termo que ofrece Pacific Baby garantiza mantener la temperatura de los líquidos o alimentos de los niños como la fórmula durante 10 horas seguidas, ya sea frío o caliente; además el termo es multifuncional 3 en 1 porque puede pasar un práctico termo a una taza o a un vaso de bebida antigoteo.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Mantiene la temperatura

El termo Pacific Baby está meticulosamente diseñado para mantener los líquidos de su interior a la temperatura que deseas, ya sea frío o caliente, por un periodo de diez horas seguidas. Resulta ideal cuando tienes pequeños y no puedes estar en la casa todo el tiempo por las diversas actividades del día a día, o no cuentas con algún lugar donde puedas calentar las bebidas de los niños, como los teteros.

Te evitará la angustia o preocupación de calentar el alimento o tetero en esas salidas durante el invierno, o cuando salgas a pasear por varias horas. Es un termo que crecerá con los niños, ya que los desarrolladores garantizan una vida útil de 5 años.


El termo de Pacific Baby está diseñado con una capacidad de contenido de 200 ml, tiene unas dimensiones de 21.6 x 7.4 x 7 cm lo que te va a permitir transportarlo con comodidad en la bolsa o en la pañalera con los demás accesorios del niño. El termo tiene una boca ancha para tener una buena visibilidad a su interior y así poder hacer un cálculo preciso para preparar fácilmente la fórmula.

Esta boca ancha también facilita el mantenimiento y el aseo del termo ya que da suficiente espacio para introducir esponjas o los cepillos para lavar botellas o biberones. Además puedes introducirlos en la lavavajillas sin ningún problema, ya que es resistente a este tipo de dispositivos.

Termo 3 en 1

Además de mantener la temperatura de los líquidos, el termo de Pacific Baby, es multifuncional ya que puede ser un vaso de bebida antigoteo, una taza o un práctico termo.

El termo o vaso está elaborado en acero inoxidable, el tapón también está elaborado en acero inoxidable y además es hermético, la mamila está fabricada de un suave silicón y las partes plástica

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