The 5 Best Children’s Trikes of 2022

Children’s tricycle. Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are looking for a toy that your children like and that they can use for a long time, children’s tricycles are undoubtedly a good option. Children’s tricycles will give thousands of hours of fun to our children, from when they are still a few months old until they are several years old, therefore, the investment in a good children’s tricycle should be based on its quality and safety, in order to offer the best to those we love most. There are some models of great quality and safety, such as the Little Tikes 634321C model, which has a 5-point harness and safety bar, as well as a footrest that can be removed or removed depending on the age of our child. Another model that we highlight is the Smoby Be Move Comfort Pop 444246 tricycle, a robust tricycle made with a steel frame and that has a waist belt and safety ring, for a better grip of the child to the seat.

The 5 Best Children’s Tricycles – Opinions 2022

When it comes to looking for items for our children, especially when it comes to products for them to have fun such as children’s tricycles, we should not stick to cheap models, which may not meet all the necessary safety for our little ones; For this reason, we always want to choose the best children’s tricycle so that they can have fun, but in the safest way possible.

The truth is that it is difficult to know which is the best children’s tricycle just guiding us by price or appearance, for this reason and thinking of helping you in your decision, we leave you with our selection of the best children’s tricycles of 2022, designed for all tastes, ages and pockets and of course, insurance.

1. Little Tikes 634321C Kids Trike

Main advantage:

This tricycle is a product designed to provide comfort to both the child and the parents, its main advantage being its functional and evolutionary design. The child can enjoy the tricycle from 9 months to beyond 3 years.

Main disadvantage:

The product in question has a weight of 9 kg; which is a bit heavy for a child, according to the opinion of some users. However, other buyers highly recommend it for all its benefits.


Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a tricycle capable of combining an attractive presence with safety and comfort, while offering resistance and durability to accompany the little one in his first stage of life.

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Design and utility

The tricycle is par excellence the favorite toy of many children, given the ability to move it can offer; but it can also favor the development of the psychomotor system of the little ones. The Little Tikes 634321C trike could be the ideal toy to help children reinforce learning, when it comes to motor coordination and spatial skills.

The manufacturer recommends using this trike starting at 9 months, when the child is able to sit up unassisted, and can continue to use it for a little longer than 36 months, when he or she is the ideal height to reach the pedals and enjoy it more. autonomy.

Thanks to its evolutionary design, this tricycle can also be used as a stroller for small children, in this sense this model has a push bar that favors the mobility of the toy by an adult. This bar is also easily adjustable in height to offer greater comfort to parents.

Materials and safety

This tricycle is a robust model that has highly resistant and durable materials, so it is capable of accompanying your child during their growth in their first stage. Its structure combines plastic with metal, in order to offer a product with a long useful life.

It has three rubber tires, silent and resistant, that offer stability; It also has non-slip pedals that help the child to explore their environment safely. Likewise, it offers a padded harness that provides comfortable 5-point support, in order to keep the little one stable and protected. In the same way, it has a footrest so that your child feels more comfortable.

It is also equipped with a handbrake that prevents the toy from accidentally slipping. In addition, it includes a cup holder for a bottle of water, a travel bag, a sunshade that protects the child from UV rays and a storage compartment on the back, where you can carry a wallet, a small umbrella or a blanket.

evolutionary and safe

This tricycle model, as it is an evolutionary product, has an easily adaptable seat in 4 positions, depending on the age and height of your child. That is why, in order to facilitate this adaptation to the different stages of the child’s growth, this toy has easily adjustable parts, and even some that are removable, so that you can gradually remove them to provide greater comfort according to the child’s development.

During the early stages of the child, this tricycle can be used as a stroller, in which case the child will use a protection bar at waist level, which also serves as a support for the arms.

Once your child has grown taller, the bumper bar and footrests can be removed so they can pedal freely. In addition, the included sunshade and push bar can also be easily removed.

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2. Smoby 444246 Trike Be Move Comfort Pop

The following model is an evolutionary tricycle of the Smoby brand that has a colorful design in the usual colors of the brand and that will grow with your baby. To give greater resistance to the set and its useful life is high, it has a steel tube frame.

In terms of safety, it includes a waist belt, a freewheel system and a safety ring, which acts as a bar. In addition, it has a steering lock and a parental bar, which will be very comfortable to use and that you can adjust in up to three different heights. You can remove this bar as your little one grows and learns to pedal.

To complete the set, it includes a footrest that you can use while your baby is still small, a storage basket on the back and a comfortable backpack, so you can take whatever you need with you.

Another excellent purchase option in this category of products is this Smoby model, more details below.


Variety: You can find the same Comfort Pop model in two color combinations, so you can choose the item that best suits your tastes.

Quality: As you can see, it is a high quality item with an excellent value for money; being even valued as one of the cheapest models in its category.

Safety: High-value safety measures such as a seat belt and a steering lock system are included in the product.

Evolutionary: The evolutionary design in the tricycle allows the model to be adjusted to the different ages of the child. The child can use it from 10 months and up to the age of 4 years.

Light: It is one of the models with the lightest structure on the market, weighing only 4.7 kg, a situation that benefits and facilitates the game of the little ones.


Wheels: According to conflicting opinions, the plastic wheels included in the product are quite noisy.

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3. Feber Baby Trike Easy Evolution 800009473 Tricycle

If what you are looking for is an evolutionary tricycle that adapts to all the stages of your little one, from when he is a baby until he can move with him by himself by pedaling, you will like the following FEBER model, since it can be used as a baby tricycle from when your little one is 6 months old until your child is able to carry it as a balance bike, which is a good investment with a long lifespan.

This model has a 3-point seat belt and a “T” shaped safety bar that will provide even more security for your little one and that, in addition, includes lights and sounds, so that they have fun while they go out for a walk.

In addition, it has a comfortable footrest that you can adjust to two positions and reflective stickers. The best thing about this model is that, in “baby” mode, you can carry it facing you, which will ensure that it goes quietly while it sees you.

It has a sun visor and a comfortable and robust push handle that you can remove when it is no longer necessary and from which a practical matching bag hangs, so you can take everything you need with you.

Feber is listed as the best brand of children’s tricycles in the online environment by the many users who have used their products and have been satisfied. Let’s look at the characteristics of one of its models.


Evolutionary: One of the most interesting points of the article is that it is a tricycle with an evolutionary design that adapts to the different stages of the baby, recommended for use from 6 months to 5 years of age.

4 in 1: In the process of adapting to different ages, its developers have achieved a transformable item, when you buy it you get 4 models for the purchase of 1.

Comfortable: According to the comments, it is also a very comfortable tricycle due to the integration of a reclining seat with 180-degree rotation and padding.

Quality: We must also highlight that it is an article with an excellent quality-price ratio and one of the best reputations for this category of products.


Umbrella: According to some conflicting opinions, the umbrella that is integrated to protect the baby from the sun does not protect as much as expected.

Weight: It is also a somewhat heavy product, with its 13 kg in total, handling the tricycle for smaller children can be complicated.

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4. Injusa City Max White Tricycle for Babies

If you want an evolutionary tricycle that your little one can use for several years, this model offers you a maximum weight resistance of no more and no less than 50 kilos. Its wheels, unlike other models, are made of non-slip rubber, which grips well on any terrain, preventing slips and other accidents.

In addition, its frame is made of highly resistant aluminum, which guarantees a long useful life for the product. It has a stroller-type hood, so that your little one is always well protected from the sun and includes a 5-point safety belt and a comfortable footrest for your child to use while he is a baby.

On the other hand, its push handle has two handlebars for easy handling and a support for the water bottle, as well as a practical matching bag so you can take everything you may need with you during the ride.

If you don’t know what children’s tricycle to buy for your child or to give as a gift, let’s see the qualities of the INJUSA City Max 327 as an interesting purchase option.


Evolutionary: Like other products studied on this page, it is an evolutionary tricycle model that offers the advantage of gradually adapting to the different stages of child growth.

Wheels: The wheels in this article are highly durable and stable, being a set of non-slip rubbers that take care of the child’s safety.

Capacity: Its robust structure has been designed to support a weight of up to 50 kg without problems.

Protection: It also has a hood that protects the child from the sun on summer afternoons or very hot climates.

Weight: The aluminum frame on which the tricycle has been built is quite light, so the item weighs 8 kg in total.


Seat: Based on the conflicting opinions, we can deduce that the height of the seat is a little lower than it should be, but nothing that is uncomfortable or unmanageable.

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5. Moltó Tricycle with Belts 12210

If you are looking for cheap tricycles, but that offer you the security that your little one deserves, this model may fall within your expectations.

It is a simple model in terms of design, which offers a structure made entirely of metal, so that your little one is safe, as well as a 5-point belt, which will keep him perfectly attached and without the risk of falling off during the walk. His seat is also comfortable and convenient for our little ones, since it will support their entire back, protecting it at all times.

It has a double push handle with double handlebars, for greater comfort on your part and that you can remove when your child is older. In addition, its pedals are non-slip and its handlebars are very easy for little hands to grasp.

Moltó is a brand that we recommend to all those who are looking for quality products and good prices, this time we bring the 12210 model as a candidate for the best children’s tricycle for 60 euros or less.


Light: It is a very easy product to handle for both children and adults, since it weighs only 6 kg.

Comfortable: Mixed opinions state that it is a very comfortable toy for both children and parents, since it includes an addressable control handle to push it.

Materials: The structure of the product is completely metallic to offer durability and resistance to possible bumps or falls during the game.

Pedals: A set of non-slip pedals are also included, which adds an extra point to the safety of children who use the tricycle.


Wheels: The set of wheels included in the product are made of plastic, this material is usually noisier and tends to offer less durability than rubber wheels.

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Little Tikes 634321C Kids Trike

If you are looking for a children’s tricycle that adapts well to the size of your child and with which to go really safe, you will like this Little Tikes model, since, in addition, it is the best quality-price rapport children’s tricycle according to its buyers.

So that you are really calm while your little one is on it, it has a whole security system consisting of a 5-point seat belt, which keeps the baby perfectly attached to the seat, a safety bar for the smallest babies, which you can remove later, footrest, so that your baby does not have his feet dangling and a practical handbrake, so that you can immobilize the tricycle yourself when necessary.

It includes 4 positions that you can change depending on the age and size of the child, as well as a practical handle so that you can push the tricycle and that you can remove. It also has a rear storage basket, an adjustable sunshade, a water holder and a practical matching backpack on the handle. It is indicated for babies from 9 months.

The Little Tikes 634321C model is a product that many describe as the best tricycle at the moment, below we provide more information about its specific characteristics.


Wheels: In this model it is important to highlight the high quality wheels that have been integrated into the set, a set of rubber wheels that offer us high durability and great resistance.

Structure: The entire main structure of the tricycle has been manufactured based on metallic materials, which offers a robust and resistant appearance.

Comfortable: It turns out to be comfortable not only for the children, but also for the parents, since a high bar is included through which parents and caregivers can push the trike.

Evolutionary: One of the best features is that it is an evolutionary design that can be modified depending on the changes in the child’s life.

Security: Very attractive security aspects are included, such as a 5-point harness type belt and plastic supports on the sides.


Heavy: Due to the robust structure of the product, the tricycle has a total weight of 9 kg, which means too much weight for very young children to carry the toy alone.

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Buying guide – What is the best children’s tricycle on the market?

Finding a cheap baby tricycle model or one that we like visually is not so easy, since it is a “toy” with which your children are going to spend a few years and that they are going to use directly with their body, for what needs to be as safe as possible for them.

Always thinking about this safety, making a good selection within the existing comparison of children’s tricycles becomes a necessary and essential task, but what to look for? What should we look at to know which is the best children’s tricycle?

To answer these and other questions, we leave you with our guide to buying the best children’s tricycle, in which we tell you the most important features to consider before buying.

Materials and structure

Buying a good tricycle for your little one should not focus on thinking only about how much it costs, but about the quality of its materials and the firmness of its structure, since its safety and useful life will largely depend on this.

Check that the chosen model has good quality materials and is as resistant as possible. Those models that have a steel or aluminum frame or structure, and even another resistant metal, are preferable to those made of hard plastic and that will not only last much less time, but can be dangerous for our children.  

On the other hand, look for the materials used for the saddle and other parts to be weight-resistant plastics that can be easily cleaned. As for grip parts such as the handlebars, the pedals and the wheels themselves, it is recommended that these be made of rubber or have some non-slip treatment, to avoid accidents and slips that could be dangerous.

Security measures

The most important aspect to take into account when buying the best children’s tricycle for our little ones is that it has all the necessary security measures so that our children are safe at all times.

It should be mandatory that all children’s tricycles include a seat belt. Some include a two-point waist belt, others a three-point belt, and others the safest of all, the five-point belt or harness, which allows full body restraint for our little one in the tricycle seat. If you can afford it, take preference, therefore, in those models that offer you this type of support.

Other safety measures include a safety bar, wheel steering lock, handbrake on the parent’s push handle, adjustable footrests and rubber wheels for better grip on the ground. Finding all these qualities in the same product is not impossible and it is only a matter of looking for the best tricycles on the market and comparing the one that best suits both our requirements and our pocket.

Evolutionary models and accessories

When we look for basic models of tricycles for children, we do not expect it to include anything other than the tricycle itself, since it is usually the most common, although the truth is that there are very complete models, especially the evolutionary children’s tricycles, which include everything necessary to that the tricycle grows with your child for years: from safety bars to removable footrests, bottle holders to always have water at hand, matching bags so you can take the most necessary things with you during the ride, adjustable sunshades and even hoods to completely protect your baby from the sun.

All these complete models are designed to be used from when our little one sits up until they are several years old, so, to use it in the early stages, they have a push bar for us that will allow us to guide them and carry them while they go. sitting on the tricycle.

These bars should be able to be removed later, when the child is already pedaling alone and can use the trike independently, and they should be sturdy and comfortable to hold, so that it is not difficult for you to push the trike with your baby on it. On the other hand, if what you are looking for are basic models of children’s tricycles, do not expect many accessories, although the minimum you should require is that it has a rear storage basket, so that your little one can store all his treasures in it.

How to use a children’s tricycle

If you are looking to pamper the smallest of the house with a nice and fun toy, without a doubt the tricycle is the best option, since it will keep your child distracted for a long time, while playing and having fun. On the other hand, having the privilege of teaching your little one to ride his first trike is sure to be a joyous and fun experience for you. Best of all, once you learn how to ride a trike, it’s super easy to ride a bike.

Check that everything is in order

Check that the entire tricycle is in good condition, as it will be necessary to guarantee your child a comfortable and safe learning period.

Read the instructions for use

Reading the instructions for use could be useful and necessary to know any detail regarding the tricycle. That is why it is recommended, prior to using the product, to take into account its characteristics, what your child can and cannot do while using it.

Check that the size of the trike is right for your little one

Being able to confirm that the tricycle has the right size for your child is of great importance, because in this way, he would be able to walk freely, without the help of someone else, either to get on or off, put his feet on the ground or even ride comfortably.

secure it

Like any child, on the learning path he could suffer a minor accident while driving his tricycle. That is why we recommend keeping it safe at all times, so you must teach it to put on the helmet by fastening the fastening strap correctly, just under the chin. Later, you will have to teach him to put on the elbow and knee pads, in this way your child will be ready to learn to ride a tricycle.

Teach him to sit correctly  

If your child is properly secured, you can proceed to teach him how to get on and off the tricycle comfortably, as well as the correct way to sit while driving; a simple way to do it, will be doing a small demo.

Teach him how to pedal

Now comes the most important step: learning to pedal! Place the child’s feet on the pedals and with your hand push down on one of them. In this way, he will be able to observe the movement and how to propel himself forward; then with constant practice, your little one will be an expert.

Learning to steer the handlebars is also important

Once the child has learned to pedal, he must learn to steer the trike. To do this, you will have to help him turn the handlebars to the left or right while he is moving. Now you should let him walk on his own to create a little independence for him, until he gets used to it.

Teach him to use the brakes

Show him how to use the brakes to stop the trike. Although many tricycles do not have this system, you need to learn, otherwise you will have to use your feet to slow down and be able to brake.

The most popular brands

Tricycles are toys that help develop the child’s psychomotor area and with which he can spend pleasant moments with family and friends. So we invite you to learn about some of the best tricycle brands on the market, which according to users are Molto, Chicco and ColorBaby.

It is a family business that was created in 1955 by a trio of young entrepreneurs such as Pedro, Antonio and José Molto, in Spain. His main idea was to create innovative toys for the time, using resistant materials such as wood and tin.

Over the years, new materials such as plastic were incorporated, making the brand’s products among the best on the European continent. Currently, they have subsidiaries in Spain, Mexico and Hong Kong with more than 100 points of sale in 82 countries around the world. Among the different lines of toys that Molto offers, its children’s tricycles stand out, which are recommended for children from 10 months of age. These toys are recommended to go for a walk and spend a pleasant time with your child.

They have metal structures that provide balance and stability to children while they use them. In addition, they have a lower compartment that allows them to carry their belongings without problems. Tricycles help keep children active and improve their motor development over the years, which is why Molto makes sure to deliver the best quality in its different prototypes.

Chicco is a brand recognized worldwide for being one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of all kinds of items for the care of children from birth.

It was founded in Italy in 1958, when its creator Cavaliere del Lavoro decided to invent a special toy to celebrate the first birthday of his son Enrico, who was nicknamed “Chicco”, this being the definitive name of the brand. With more than 50 years of experience, the brand has evolved by adding new lines of items for the comprehensive care of babies.

It has more than 12 categories of products designed for all stages of the baby, from the mother’s pregnancy period, lactation and first months, to toys and skin care. Among its most popular toys are tricycles, which adapt to the child’s growth, in addition to having a safety system with straps that keep the child safe during the ride.

Chicco has expanded around the world, with stores in more than 120 countries and subsidiaries in Mexico, Russia, India and Poland, being the preferred brand of mothers for the care and fun of their little ones.

In 1985, the ColorBaby brand was founded, with its headquarters in Ibi, Alicante. From the beginning of its commercial activity, it has been dedicated to the distribution and creation of various consumer products in the population, such as children’s toys, stationery, office, home and personal care items, as well as offering items for leisure and enjoyment. of free time.

The children’s tricycles offered by ColorBaby are made of plastic resistant to any type of accident; They also have a handlebar adjustable to the child’s height with a safety belt, which will adjust the child during the journey.

Its light pedals make it easier to ride the tricycle and they come in a wide variety of colors to suit the tastes of each customer. ColorBaby is characterized by the good quality of its products at competitive prices in the market, being one of the brands with the highest sales in online stores. It has good reviews from buyers that encourage first-time customers to choose to buy its products.

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