The 5 Best Crib Quilts of 2022

Crib Quilt – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Just as we care about choosing a good quilt for our bed, it is also important to choose a quality quilt for our little one’s crib. Products that we must adapt to the specific measurements of the bed, as well as to the shelter needs that they may have depending on the season and the weather. In any case, it is advisable to opt for quality models such as the Ullenboom BD-RG-70 bedspread, made with certified and safe fabrics with regard to respiratory or skin allergies. For its part, Interbaby Superkky is a set of bedspreads, pillows and bumpers for the crib, which has a colorful print with the image of a nice cartoon Indian chief.


Buying Guide – What is the best crib quilt on the market?

Apart from the sheets, when it comes to dressing our little one’s crib, the quilt is the most common choice. A quilt that not only covers the bed, but also protects our little one from the cold without generating feelings of overwhelm, as long as we bet on quality products. Products like the ones you will find with the tips in our guide to buying the best crib quilt on the market, which we include below.

quilt measurements

As with conventional sheets or blankets, in any comparison of crib quilts, the first aspect that we must assess is its measurements. Some measures that, with the increase in crib models that we are seeing on the market, should be assessed accurately, to save us returns and inconvenience after the purchase process.

Within these measures, the most common is that of the traditional crib, which is 120 cm long by 60 cm wide. If this is the size of your crib, surely it will not be difficult for you to find models with all kinds of designs and properly adapted so that you can choose the one you like the most.

If we take a look at the most particular or less frequent models, we can find the compact crib format, which measures approximately 80 cm long by 50 wide. On the other hand, we have the extended crib models, which have dimensions of 120 cm wide by 140 cm long, which are dressed like a conventional bed. Therefore, it will not be very difficult for you to find products suitable for this design.

Lot composition

When we talk about crib quilts, it is normal that this is the only element present in the lot. However, more and more manufacturers are expanding the offer, offering more complete batches to dress the crib efficiently. An option that reduces the price of how much it costs to fully dress your little one’s crib, thus improving their comfort and well-being.

Within this expanded offer, the cot bumper is one of the elements that most often accompanies the quilt. A protector that helps avoid problems when the little one slides down the crib and can hit the sides of it. If you bet on a model with an integrated protector, do not forget to check that it has a good thickness, so that the protection is efficient.

On the other hand, regarding the quilt, we find more and more models with a differentiated design, which allow us to choose either the model with a conventional quilt or with a format similar to that of a duvet cover. A proposal that is a good alternative for those looking for a product with which to fully protect the sleep of the little ones when the cold presses down, without the need for any additional element.

Manufacturing materials

When it comes to finding a good and cheap crib quilt, the manufacturing materials of the same are another element that we must take into account. Some materials that establish the season in which the quilt is going to be used, as well as the degree of heat that they conserve when resting.

Among these materials, the most common is cotton, which is usually used in its entirety for the manufacture of all types of quilts. This generates quilts with a very pleasant touch and an intermediate weight, so that our little one is more protected inside. A material that offers good breathability and is highly recommended for the colder seasons, as long as the quilt has a good thickness or includes padding if it is a Nordic-type model.

As an alternative, we have models made of polyester. In this case, the material can be combined with a certain percentage of cotton to better exploit the properties of both materials.

Quilts with all or part of polyester are lighter and cooler, being generally more suitable for hot seasons. However, it is advisable to verify it directly with the characteristics of the product, in case it has any additional padding that makes the quilt warmer.

The 5 Best Crib Quilts – Opinions 2022

When it comes to dressing our little one’s crib, the quilt is one of the most versatile elements we can find. To take care of our little one’s sleep, it is important to find the best crib quilt that we can find, adapted to the measurements and the climate in which we are going to use it. In this case, it will surely help you to have the models selected from our list of the best crib quilts of 2022, with products of different sizes and designs adapted to the most common crib formats on the market.

1. Ullenboom Baby Quilt

Main advantage:

The fabrics used to make the quilt have been duly certified, which is quite convenient, since you won’t have to worry about the presence of toxic substances in the fibers that could affect the baby’s health.

Main disadvantage:

Although this quilt is made with materials capable of keeping the baby warm, it is also true that it may not be robust enough for the coldest season of the year.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a quilt with an attractive design and convenient softness, which you can use on the baby’s resting surface, to lull him or her or in the stroller when leaving home.

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certified textile

Knowing the composition of the textile used to manufacture the crib quilt to be purchased is an aspect of great relevance, since if it is a low-quality material it could have a series of consequences. In this sense, we refer to the generation of respiratory or skin allergies in the baby, as well as the rapid deterioration of the garment due to constant use and washing.

With this crib quilt from the Ullenboom house you will not have this type of inconvenience, because a combination of polyester was used in the interior area and cotton on the surface for its preparation. Both fabrics are resistant, comfortable and enjoy ÖkoTex certification, which means that the fibers are free of allergens or any toxic substance that affects the health of the baby.


Crib quilts are in direct contact with the infant’s skin, whether we lay the baby on them or use them to wrap him up. For this reason, maintaining the correct hygiene of the textile is imperative, so as not to cause an allergy at the level of the skin or the respiratory tract due to the dust or dirt that can accumulate in it.

Ullenboom, aware of this situation, provided a practical cleaning method for this crib quilt model as it can be placed in the washing machine. You just have to program the machine on a gentle cycle with a temperature no higher than 30°C, which is ideal for eliminating mites and bacteria without damaging the fabric. In addition, you must apply a detergent free of bleaches and softeners, as well as it is necessary that you dry the garment in the open air.

Format and use

One of the advantages of crib quilts is their versatility of use, since they are not only limited to being used within the home, but also for those moments when you go out for a walk with your baby.

This crib quilt could be a good example of this, since it has a fairly convenient format of 70 x 100 centimeters and weighs only 268 grams. Thanks to these dimensions you will be able to place it on the baby’s resting surface, as well as wrap the infant with it while you rock it. In the same way, it is possible to carry it with you in the child’s backpack to use it in the stroller, which will keep the little one always comfortable and warm.

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2. Interbaby Coordinated Crib Indian

Interbaby offers you a convenient set for your baby’s crib, made up of a quilt, a small pillow and a protector for the walls of the structure. Thus, the child will not only get to be warm thanks to the cover, but will also get a comfortable posture in the area of ​​his head and will be able to turn without hurting himself with the cot.

All the textile used is 100% cotton, so the little one will enjoy a product with a pleasant touch, hypoallergenic and breathable. In addition, you can easily wash the fabric manually or in a machine, without fear of the print deteriorating or discoloring.

Among other flattering aspects, we have that the quilt incorporates a filling that makes it much more cozy and warm for the winter season. However, you can take it out to use as a blanket during the spring or summer. Thus, you will keep the child warm without suffocating him.

This quilt, pillow and bumper set will help keep your baby comfortable from the first day of birth. Below you will find more details about this product.


Textile: Hypoallergenic organic cotton was used to make the product, so you will not have to worry about the appearance of allergies when in contact with the material.

Removable: You can remove the padding from the quilt to use it in warm environments, since this way it is much more breathable and fresh.

Pillow: With the purchase, a pillow with a foam core is included for the correct rest of the baby.

Print: The textile used to make this quilt has a nice print with cartoons alluding to the Indian theme.


Deterioration: Due to the fact that the white color predominates in the textile, you must be careful with dirt, since it can be reflected more easily.

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3. Cambrass Star Quilt Set I/V

Within the complete lots that include crib quilt and its corresponding protector, we would also like to highlight the Cambrass Star model.

A complete product with which to dress the crib in an integral way, given that the model incorporates three ruffles that completely cover the bed to facilitate rest.

This lot has been designed to completely protect 120 x 60 cm cots. A model designed to protect against the cold, with an approach similar to that of a duvet cover or a light blanket, providing little weight, but good protection.

A set that comes in four different colors, to choose the one you like best.

Among the manufacturers of this type of clothing, Cambrass could be the best brand of crib quilts by offering us this beautiful model. We invite you to learn more about it in our list of advantages and disadvantages.


Pieces: By including both the quilt and the protector, you will be able to cover the crib properly, without having to resort to looking for additional accessories.

Protection: Thanks to the fibers that make up the protector have holes, the shocks that could be caused when your baby moves while sleeping or playing are efficiently cushioned.

Decoration: Its beautiful star print can create an attractive contrast for your baby and it is offered in several shades, so you can select the one that best suits your preferences.

Versatility: Thanks to the fact that it is removable, you can use it both in winter and in summer.


Protector length: Those looking for a full side protector are likely to have doubts about this model, since it only covers half of the crib.

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4. Pro Cosmo 5 Piece Ensemble Set

The selection of a quilt for the baby’s crib is a task that we cannot take lightly, since a bad decision in the selection of the material could reduce the useful life of the textile or cause allergies in the skin or respiratory tract of the child.

In the case of this product, we have that cotton fabric was used for the outer area, since it has a soft touch and is quite breathable. For its part, the padding is made of polyester, so that it retains heat for greater warmth. Both materials comply with ÖEKO TEX safety regulations, which indicate the absence of toxic agents in the fibers.

In addition, you will like to know that with the purchase other pieces are attached, such as a protector with a 180-centimeter format for the internal walls of the crib, as well as a pillow with a height – width corresponding to 40 x 60 centimeters.

If you want to know the details related to this product from the Pro Cosmo house, you will be interested in reviewing its pros and cons.


Thermal: The filling selected for the bedspread, pillow and protectors has been based on polyester fiber with hypoallergenic treatment, which provides great warmth.

Softness: For the outer area of ​​the pieces that make up this set, 100% cotton was used due to its softness and breathability.

Set: With the purchase of this product you will not only have a quilt for the baby, but also crib bumpers and a comfortable pillow.

Certification: All the fibers used have ÖEKO TEX certification, which means that they are free of toxic agents that may affect the health of the baby.


Protectors: The format of the protectors could be small for some cribs, so you should check the dimensions prior to purchase.

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5. Ullenboom Crawling Mat

Ullenboom is a brand committed to providing parents with the necessary tools for the correct care of the baby from birth. Its wide line of products has anatomical, resistant and completely safe designs, to be in direct contact with children.

This is the case of this crib quilt, made with high-quality fibers and OEKO TEX certified, which means that they are fabrics free of any type of toxic agents that can affect human health. 

For the upper face of said cover, 100% cotton was used, which is breathable and soft to the touch, while the reverse of the garment has been made of polyester. In this way, body heat is retained for a greater sense of comfort. Thus, you can use the quilt to lull the infant, keep him warm or spread it out as a mat to sit or lay the child on it.

This product has pros and cons that could be interesting if you are looking for a warm quilt, suitable for outdoor use.


Fabrics: This quilt combines cotton for the upper face and polyester on the inside, giving the product warmth and breathability.

Format: The quilt has a surface of 100 x 100 centimeters, which is quite spacious to shelter the child, but compact enough if you want to take it with you when you go for a walk.

Certification: The fabrics used in this quilt are OEKO TEX certified, so you won’t have to worry about the presence of toxic agents.

Cleaning: You can put the textile in the washing machine and use a gentle program with a temperature not exceeding 30 °C, to always keep it clean.


Accessories: Although this product is compatible with a large number of protectors, mattresses and pillows, these elements have not been incorporated.

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How to use a crib quilt

The crib quilt is one of those accessories that our little one should never miss. Among other things, because a quality quilt is all they need to rest properly with the correct temperature both when the cold is pressing and when the good weather begins to rule. So that you know how to get the most out of this product, we offer you the tips in our guide with which it is easier for your little one to enjoy the touch and comfort offered by the crib and the peace of mind that a good product will give you.


Once you receive your crib quilt, it’s time to remove it from its packaging. A process in which you must be careful to eliminate all cardboard, plastic and other elements of the packaging that may be stuck to the quilt or to the rest of its elements.

Usually you’ll just have to remove a large piece of cardboard used to fold the quilt, but just in case, check the entire surface for anything that shouldn’t be there before assembling.


Depending on the pieces included, it is time to place the quilt and its different accessories properly. In case the quilt has padding, we must previously place it inside, if this is recommended due to the temperature.

In the installation of the quilt, it is convenient that it is well attached both to the bottom of the mattress and to the side of the bars so that it does not move more than necessary. As for the rest of the elements, such as bottom sheets or pillowcases, these must be placed properly and without leaving folds or wrinkles that could disturb rest.

Add a guard

Some crib quilts include the matching mattress protector in the kit, whether it is waterproof or not. In case your game includes it, you must mount it to keep the mattress in good condition and avoid inconveniences during use.

In case you do not have it, you will have to think about whether you are interested in getting one of them or not, although your thing is that you add it to your crib. Among other things, because this protector will prevent dirt and other elements that can harm the mattress from reaching it.

Keeping the crib quilt always perfect

The last step we have to take is to keep the crib quilt in good condition. Something for which we must proceed to clean the bedspread and the rest of the elements that are part of the game with a certain frequency, more in case the game includes bottom sheets or pillowcases that tend to stain more easily.

As for the cleaning process, it can be carried out in the washing machine following the instructions indicated on the product label. It is always advisable to wash the product at a low temperature, if possible, to remove the most stubborn dirt without difficulty.

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Praia Bobo Colcha Cuna y Protector

Ventaja principal:

Por tratarse de una colcha que incluye un relleno nórdico de 250 gramos es posible considerar este modelo como versátil, ya que podrás utilizarlo tanto para el verano como para el invierno. Mientras que su estampado y color pueden ser apropiados tanto para niño como para niña.

Desventaja principal:

Es posible que algunos tipos de manchas se fijen con cierta facilidad al algodón de la colcha. Sin embargo algunas personas es probable que consideren este rasgo como poco importante, debido a la suavidad y cualidades térmicas del modelo.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Se trata de una colcha que además de ser versátil para regalar o utilizar tanto para niños como niñas, cuenta con una calidez apropiada para abrigar incluso durante el invierno.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Con frecuencia en los artículos para bebés nos encontramos con productos que están diseñados para ser complemento de una habitación para niño o bien para niña. Pero cuando no se quiere saber qué sexo tendrá el bebé o bien se desea algo versátil es difícil encontrar algo acorde a las necesidades.

Pensando en esto la marca Praia sugiere una colcha con la que no tendrás problemas de este tipo, ya que su bonito estampado puede decorar de manera adecuada tanto la cuna de un niño como de una niña. Así podrás volver a utilizarla si tienes otro bebé.

Por otro lado, sus medidas de 60 x 120 cm hacen sencillo que puedas adaptarla a muchos modelos de cuna. Además, ofrece unos protectores laterales con una altura de 35 cm, que se consideran suficientes para que el niño no se lastime por estar cerca de los barrotes y podrás amarrar este complemento sin problema.


Si te preocupa que tu pequeño pase frío durante el invierno por no contar con una colcha acorde a las necesidades, te agradará saber que esta  te ofrece un relleno nórdico de 250 g, por eso puede cubrirlo y proporcionar la calidez que buscas.

Esto se debe a que está compuesto 100% de poliéster que es un material aislante por naturaleza, pero al mismo tiempo es ligero, un rasgo que aporta comodidad. Por otro lado es un material muy resistente, por lo que seguramente podrás utiliza esta colcha por mucho tiempo.

Cabe destacar además, que para darle al modelo la textura suave que se busca en la ropa de cama y evitar que roce la fina piel del bebé, su exterior es 100% de algodón. Por esta razón también es fresco durante el verano y permite que la piel transpire cómodamente, lo que es conveniente.


Otro rasgo que podría interesarte saber es que para mantener limpio el modelo basta con introducirlo en la lavadora, por lo que no tienes que pagar servicios adicionales para conservar su apariencia e higiene y tolera una temperatura de lavado de hasta 30ºC.  

Además, por tratarse de una colcha ligera no tardará demasiado en secarse. Así puedes tenerla lista en poco tiempo nuevamente.

Por otro lado, sus protectores laterales son un accesorio que puedes quitar cuando tu pequeño sea lo suficientemente grande y ya no necesite de este tipo de complementos, algo que puede ser conveniente.

Micuna TX-1702 Mini Fresh Colcha para cuna

Si quieres que tu pequeño duerma literalmente entre las estrellas, la colcha para cuna Micuna TX-1702 es una buena propuesta.

Una colcha con unas medidas de 80 cm de largo por 50 de ancho y una fabricación que mezcla a partes iguales algodón y poliéster.

Un tejido que tiene un peso ligero y un diseño fino, de modo que es adecuado para su uso independiente en tiempos de calor, mientras que puedes acompañarlo de una manta o algo más tupido durante el invierno.

Cuenta con un bonito diseño de estrellitas, que además de vestir la cuna de forma elegante, ayuda a tu pequeño a dormir de forma más confortable en cualquier época del año.

Un modelo que nos propone calidad y buen precio es el de la marca Micuna, que podríamos calificar como la mejor colcha para cuna por 20 euros. A continuación te enunciamos sus características más notables.


Dimensiones: Por contar con un tamaño de  80 x 50 cm, puede ser una colcha apropiada para minicunas.

Resistente: Gracias a sus fibras textiles que integran 50% algodón y 50% poliéster, es una colcha resistente y lavable.

Estampado: Sus motivos decorativos de estrellas pueden ser versátiles tanto para niño como para niña y lucir bien en la habitación.


Fibras: Puede ser que algunos prefieran las fibras 100% naturales en la ropa de cama de los bebés, pero aún así, puede ser una buena opción.

Fina: Al ser delgada, puede que no caliente demasiado en invierno. Sin embargo, para verano puede ser una colcha muy apropiada.

Praia Piu Piu Colcha protector para cuna

Para que puedas vestir por completo la cuna de tu pequeño, el juego de colcha y protector de cuna Praia Piu Piu es otra alternativa interesante.

Aunque no es uno de los modelos más baratos del mercado, sí es cierto que, por lo completo de su presentación y la calidad de sus diseños materiales, el modelo bien podría ser la mejor colcha por relación calidad precio del momento.

El producto ha sido fabricado íntegramente en algodón, ofreciendo un buen nivel de acolchado en el protector, así como un tacto suave y ligero en la colcha.

Este material también facilita el lavado, de modo que puedes usar la lavadora para dejar como nueva la colcha y el protector cuando sea necesario.

Si estás buscando la mejor colcha para cuna del momento, este modelo bien podría cubrir tus expectativas, de manera que te invitamos a revisar en detalle sus pros y contras para que lo conozcas mejor.


Diseño: Por ofrecer medidas para adaptarse a cunas de 120 x 60 cm es muy probable que se pueda ajustar a muchos modelos de cunas, ya que se trata de una medida que se considera como estándar.

Materiales: Su fabricación en 100% algodón hace que sea una colcha resistente y durable, que no requiere de tratamientos especiales para su mantenimiento.

Practicidad: Gracias a que es desenfundable, es sencillo lavarla y por ser ligera no será complicado introducirla en la lavadora.

Comodidad: Puesto que está confeccionada en un material térmico por naturaleza, tu bebé podrá descansar confortablemente en distintas estaciones del año.


Invierno: Es posible que en lugares con un invierno muy intenso, sea necesario recurrir a una colcha más cálida.

Caleffi Colcha para cuna Disney Baby Minnie Fantasy

La colcha para cuna Caleffi Disney Baby Minnie Fantasy es un modelo de fantasía con unas medidas de 120 cm de ancho por 140 cm de largo, adecuado para cunas de estas medidas.

Un modelo fabricado íntegramente en algodón, agradable al tacto y con un diseño ligero para que sea fresco en cualquier estación del año. Este material también permite una sencilla limpieza del producto, con solo seguir sus instrucciones.

Una colcha para cuna en cuyo diseño está presente Minnie Mouse, siendo muy atractivo para las más pequeñas de la casa.

Además, está  fabricado por Caleffi, que igualmente cuenta con sábanas, protectores y edredones a juego, de modo que puedas completar la colección con toda la ropa de cama a juego.

Es probable que si aún no has decidido qué colcha para cuna comprar, una buena idea sea optar por este modelo con motivos de Disney. Te mencionamos sus ventajas y desventajas que te ayudarán a determinar si es el adecuado para ti.


Diseño: Por su atractivo estampado inspirado en Minnie Mouse podría ser atractiva para tu pequeña.

Materiales: Su composición en 100% algodón, puede ser apropiada los bebés, puesto que es un material térmico, natural y que no provoca reacciones adversas en su piel.

Medidas: Gracias a que su tamaño es de 120 x 140 cm, podría ser adecuada para cunas de dimensiones más grandes que las estándar.


Protector: Puesto que no incluye un protector en el set, en caso de que lo necesites será necesario adquirirlo por separado.

Medidas: Es aconsejable que analices bien las medidas para asegurarte de que es compatible con las de tu cuna.

Praia Bobo Colcha cuna y protector

La colcha y protector de cuna Praia Bobo es un set completo con el que vestir íntegramente la cuna de tu pequeño. 

El modelo cuenta con unas medidas adecuadas para cunas de 120 cm de largo por 60 de ancho, que se corresponden con la medida estándar de la mayoría de las cunas tradicionales del mercado.

Tal como se le exigiría a la mejor colcha para cuna del mercado, el producto ha sido fabricado íntegramente en algodón, lo que ofrece una agradable comodidad al tacto y una duradera vida útil a pesar de los lavados.

Un producto con unos acabados de calidad y que se presenta en dos versiones, tanto con colcha tradicional con un grosor agradable, como en formato pensado para funda nórdica, según lo prefieras.

La marca Praia nos presenta en esta ocasión una de las colchas para cuna más baratas de nuestra comparativa. Estos son los rasgos más notables que hemos identificado en ella y queremos compartir contigo.


Diseño: Por su alegre estampado infantil, puede complementar la decoración de la habitación de tu pequeño agradablemente.

Protectores: Gracias a que incluye protectores para los laterales de la cuna de 60 x 35 x 2,5 cm, tu bebé podrá descansar sin llegar a golpearse con ellos.

Calidez: Su cubierta al ser de algodón 100% es duradera y fácil de lavar, además incluye relleno nórdico de 250 gramos, por lo que podrá ser utilizada en invierno.

Compatibilidad: Debido a que está confeccionada para cunas de 60 x 120 cm te será sencillo adaptarla si tu cuna tiene estas medidas.


Temperatura: Es posible que en verano resulte demasiado caliente, pero debido a que es desenfundable, podrás quitar el relleno para que sea más fresca.

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