The 5 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2022

Cybex Car Seat – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cybex car seats are one of the latest developments on the market when it comes to child safety. These seats have been designed based on ISOFIX systems and incorporating safety elements that have led the brand to receive numerous awards from consumers and users. Among the favorite models of users we find the Cybex Silver Pallas M-fix chair. This product has adapter elements, so that it can be used from any age, having the possibility of keeping it in use up to 11 years. Another car seat that can be used at different stages of the child’s growth is the Cybex Gold Pallas S-Fix model., since it has removable parts and adjustable mechanisms, designed to allow the structure to adapt safely to the infant’s body.


Buying guide – What is the best Cybex car seat on the market?

When it comes to offering a safe environment to our little one when traveling by car, it is necessary to resort to car seats. But just any chair is not enough for us, it must be comfortable and adapted to the specific requirements of our little one. Something that is easy to find in Cybex models. In any case, if you are not sure what to find, nothing better than our guide to buying the best Cybex car seat. A guide that goes beyond how much the product costs to discover what really matters.

chair group

As with the rest of car seats, in Cybex seats we must also start looking for models that adapt to the size or group corresponding to our traveler. Some groups that cover different parameters of both age and weight, so that as our little one grows, it will be time to change the chair for another. However, we always have cheaper methods so as not to despair, such as buying chairs that cover several groups.

Starting with the seats for the little ones, we would have the seats for groups 0 and 0+. Group 0 chairs reach up to 10 kg of weight and an approximate age of 9 months. Those of 0+ reach 13 kilos, an age of about 15 months. These seats also usually cover group I, where we can carry children from 9 to 18 kilos in weight and ages ranging from 8 months to three or four years, more or less.

If we are already looking for larger seats, it is time to give up on the group 2 and 3 models. The Group II ones are intended for 15 to 25 kg, while the Group III seats cover from 22 to 36 kg more. or less. Chairs that would range from 3 years of group 2 to 12 years that group 3 can reach. So always respect these parameters and measure your little one to know which product suits you.

Traveler comfort

One of the aspects that makes the difference in any comparison of Cybex car seats is the comfort they offer. A comfort that is always present, thanks to elements such as the quality of the padding or the belts, but which never hurts to review in greater depth.

And it is that within the elements that give greater comfort to the little ones we have the folding backrests. These backrests can be adjusted to various positions for greater comfort. Something similar happens with the support area of ​​the head, which we should also be able to adjust in order to achieve that comfort.

In this comfort, the quality of the fabrics that the chair has is also very important. An aspect that stands out with a note even in the cheapest models of the Cybex range and that also adds comfort to parents by facilitating cleaning. And to top off that comfort, it doesn’t hurt to bet on models with light fabrics, which don’t get as hot as models in black or dark colors.

additional security

Since the safety of this manufacturer’s seats is something that is guaranteed, as the last element to find a good and cheap Cybex car seat, we are going to delve into these elements that add extra safety to the product when it comes to protecting our small.

Among these elements we find the side reinforcements, designed to better protect the head in the event of a side impact. These protections are located in the backrest area, giving our little one that extra that prevents damage in the event of an accident. Something similar happens with five-point belts, whose quality adjustment adds extra security to the product.

Another strong point of these chairs is the possibility of rear-facing assembly, being the most recommended for when our little ones are young and should be kept for as long as possible. And to top it off, it is always a good idea to bet on models that include the ISOFIX mounting system, since this adds extra security in the event of an accident.

The 5 Best Cybex Car Seats – Opinions 2022

1. Cybex Silver Pallas M-Fix 519001093 Car Seat

Main advantage:

Among the car seats there are different groups that determine the age at which children should use them. This chair spans three age groups, allowing a child to use it for at least eleven full years, helping the family budget in the long run.

Main disadvantage:

According to some parents who buy this chair, tying the children to it is a bit complicated, proving to be uncomfortable for the infants who go in it. However, this in no way implies that these mooring mechanisms are unsafe.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The Cybex Pallas M-fix car seat is one of the best options on the market, because it can be used for approximately eleven years. The chair has all the features to ensure comfort for the child, regardless of age. (If you want another good option, here is the Cybex Pallas 2-Fix car seat)

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The great difficulty in manufacturing car seats is knowing how to combine safety with comfort. Many children feel trapped in their car seats, unable to move during the journey. The priority, which makes its use mandatory, is security.

In this sense, the Cybex Pallas M-fix car seat has been rated as safe by its buyers, because it has an adjustable safety cushion, which reduces the risk of sudden movements in the neck of the child who is sitting in the car seat. To this is added the headrest, which is reclining and is adjusted in such a way that the head does not wander from one place to another, but remains stable.


Car seats are not usually cheap products. However, being a mandatory product for infants in cars, buying one is a must for parents who want to transport their children in their vehicles. So, in addition to looking for the best price, car seats that are more durable over time are more in demand, as is the case with the Cybex Pallas M-fix.

The chairs have different age groups, intended for each child. This Cybex belongs to three groups, 1, 2 and 3. This is because the chair can be extended as the child grows. The manufacturer calculates that due to belonging to these three groups, this car seat can be used for eleven years, meaning that you do not have to buy this piece of furniture throughout your child’s childhood.


As previously mentioned, safety is one of the main features that a good car seat requires. However, comfort turns out to be the other big factor that moves parents who care about the well-being of their children. Children constantly complain if they don’t feel comfortable in the chair.

That is why car seats such as the Cybex Pallas M-fix do not have factors that provide comfort to the infant, such as reclining the seat by simply pushing it backwards, in addition to the adjustable safety cushion that not only provides fixation in the chair, but also a more pleasant trip because of its ergonomics.

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2. Cybex Gold 2-in-1 Car Seat

This is a car seat with a robust design, safe and adaptable to the different stages of the infant’s growth, since it has been provided with removable parts and a series of adjustment mechanisms, to modify both the height and the structure. Thus, the product can be used by children from 9 months of age and up to 12 years, offering a maximum load of 36 kilograms.

The chair has an ergonomic backrest with adjustable height. For its part, the backrest can be reclined to 12 different positions, just by pressing a lever, making it an easy-to-handle device. Likewise, this model includes a three-level adjustable headrest and a removable cushion, which absorbs the energy of impacts. In addition, there is the assembly of the structure, which can be done directly with the seat belt or with the Isofix Race anchors.

Here, more details about this car seat with a modern, robust and safe design from the Cybex house.


Cushion: Thanks to the built-in cushion you can provide greater security to the child’s neck area, since it cushions the energy of impacts.

Adjustable: The chair can be adjusted according to the growth of the child, making it suitable from 9 months to 12 years.

Assembly: It is an easy-to-assemble equipment, which you can fix with the help of the seat belt or through the Isofix Race anchoring system.

Cleaning: You will not have problems cleaning the chair, since it was provided with a removable cover and suitable for being incorporated in the washing machine, at a maximum of 30°C.


Instruction Manual: The instructions in the manual might seem a bit confusing to some people. However, fixing the chair is simple.

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3. Cybex Silver Juno 2-Fix 517000957 Car Seat

We finished with a car seat that won the 2013 European Test, in which it obtained the best score in all categories thanks to the safety cushion, the optimized side impact protection, its easy handling and its excellent ergonomics. This is definitely one of the best Cybex car seats of 2022.

The Cybex Juno 2-fix is ​​specially designed for group I (9-18 kg) and is equipped with a safety cushion that reduces the risk of neck injuries without restricting the child’s freedom of movement. In the event of a crash, the impact forces are distributed over the surface of the cushion and are neutralized thanks to its materials designed to absorb the energy of the blow.

With this seat, the head, neck and chest areas are protected during a collision. ISOFIX connectors offer stability and safety. In addition, these connectors can be hidden so that the seat is compatible with cars that do not have the ISOFIX system.

The headrest has 8 adjustment positions for personalized, comfortable and ergonomic performance depending on the size of the child. In addition, it has a ventilation system so that the material stays cool even on a hot day.

As if that were not enough, the Cybex 2-fix has Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP Plus System) which absorbs the energy of a side impact, allowing the subsequent operation of the shoulder and head protections, thus the child it remains isolated and protected.

With so many options, deciding which Cybex car seat to buy comes down to your needs, the size of your car, and the comfort of your little one:


Cushion: the Juno 2 – Fix model has an integrated front safety cushion that will protect your little one in the event of an impact. This will prevent your head or chest from hitting anything.

Headrest: To enhance comfort, the headrest can be adjusted to eight different recline positions should you wish to go awake or asleep.

IsoFix: and in order to guarantee the stability of the chair, it has IsoFix-type connectors for the car.


Maximum weight: unlike the other two models mentioned, this option belongs to group 1, so it can only be used up to 18 kilograms of weight.

Discomfort: Some children may feel uncomfortable at first due to the design of the chair, but after they get used to it, there will be no problem.

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4. Cybex Silver Solution X2-Fix Car Seat

The Cybex Solution X2-Fix seat is one of the cheap options with which we can safely transport our little ones from the age of 3. A model of group 2/3 with a safe design as usual in the brand.

This chair has details such as the adjustable headrest or the side specially designed to protect the traveler against those side impacts. An improved protection that is also completed with details such as the reclining backrest or the installation compatible with the ISOFIX system, for greater safety and protection.

So with so many functions, it’s not surprising that we talk about the best value for money Cybex car seat in our selection. And for you to take better advantage of it, the product can be used up to approximately 12 years of age.

If you’re not sure which Cybex car seat to buy but need a category 2/3 model, this affordable solution may be just what you need.


Sides: The side protection adds an extra safety in case of suffering any of these impacts.

Adjustable backrest: The adjustable backrest grows with your little one, so that its age of use can reach 12 years of age.

ISOFIX : The product is compatible with ISOFIX mounting, also including the necessary connectors for it.


Colour : The black color is not exactly the most suitable for the chair to be cool on the hottest summer days.

Comfort : Some users indicate that the comfort of the chair can be improved, although this can be solved with an appropriate configuration of it.

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5. Cybex Gold Sirona M2 i-Size Car Seat 

The Cybex Gold Sirona M2 stroller is an interesting novelty as far as this type of product is concerned. A model that stands out for details such as its support bar to the ground that fixes the position of the chair or a base on which it is possible to assemble and disassemble the chair itself when necessary.

Something that makes it easier to take the child out of the vehicle without having to remove it from the “egg” where it stays. In this area we have all the usual comforts, such as padding, the five-point belt and protections to enjoy greater safety and comfort during the trip.

A model suitable for use from 45 to 105 centimeters in height, or up to 19 kilos in weight, depending on which comes first.

Featured as the best Cybex car seat of the moment within its segment, we analyze some more data on this product and its functions.


Support : The included foot support makes it easier to fix the chair to the floor of the vehicle, simplifying assembly and increasing safety.

Direction of assembly: The chair can be mounted both in the direction of the march and in the rear, depending on what you prefer.

Reducer : The seat includes the reducer with which it is possible to start using the seat practically from birth.


Use : In this case, we are talking about a chair that supports a maximum weight of 19 kilos and for users up to 105 centimeters long.

Installation : The installation of the base can be somewhat complicated due to the unusual nature of its design, although once assembled you can forget about it.

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How to use a Cybex car seat

The safety of our little ones when traveling by car is paramount. Fortunately, car seats have evolved so much that in addition to allowing us to be safe, they also make them travel comfortable. If you have any questions regarding the use of a Cybex chair, we will try to help you here.

Use the version of accessories appropriate for your child’s age

Since these seats can offer different adjustments, depending on the age of your child, you will need to make sure you have the parts that correspond to the safety of each version. For example, for group 1, it is essential to have the cushion that supports the baby at this stage, since it is the only way to stay in the chair and it is specially designed for his size.

adjust the cushion

If your little one is around 9 months old, then you will need depending on his size to adjust the cushion so that he is comfortable. You can do this by pressing the buttons on each side of the cushion at the same time and slightly pushing in or pulling out until you find the right space.

Secure the seat properly in the car

Use the corresponding anchors for your car; if you have isofix then the most appropriate thing is that you take advantage of it. The chair will provide you with mechanisms to open the connectors so that you can place them in their corresponding anchors.

When hooking them, you should verify that the visible guides indicate that it has been placed in the correct position, generally a visible green mark indicates that they have been fixed as they should. Check this information with your instruction manual to make sure.

For correct positioning, the back of the seat must rest completely on the back of the car. If you have difficulty achieving this due to the headrests, it is best to remove or raise them until they no longer interfere.

How to secure the seat without Isofix

In case you do not have an isofix system, check that it is possible to use the belt provided in the car to fix the seat. This type of adjustment is very simple and will consist of passing the belt through the spaces determined for this function.

When placing it on your brooch, you should keep in mind that it does not have to be loose. Adjust the tension appropriately and check that the chair is well supported and that it does not move too much.

Use the side guards

Do not forget to activate the side protections in case your model has them. These are released by pressing a button and you can use them both on the right and on the left depending on the location in which you have placed the chair.

Other security aspects

It is important that the chair is well anchored even when it is not being used. This is due to the fact that if it is loose, it can become a dangerous object in the event of a crash for the people traveling in the car at the time.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Cybex or Concord car seat?

Cybex has been awarded more than 250 times and has a long history in the market, designing, manufacturing and distributing car seats for children. On the other hand, there is Concord with a wide variety of proven designs and with an ISOFIX safety system that will guarantee stability and grip strength so that the car seat stays in position and the child is safe in the event of any unexpected braking or accident. However, we do not doubt that the products offered by Concord are of quality, but Cybex on this occasion is preferred by most users.

Q2: Cybex or Römer car seat?

These brands have a long history in the market in terms of the development of safety and well-being products for children in cars and, in this case, we will specifically talk about the advantages of Britax Römer and Cybex car seats.

Although both brands are very popular and have a variety of products that will keep our children safe inside the car, regardless of their young age, both brands must be evaluated to clear up any doubts and you can decide which is the most suitable to have. in the car between the two. These brands have ISOFIX international certifications and both have a long history in the market, so it can be said that the products produced by both are 100% safe. Therefore, we will focus more on designs, comfort and market price.

On the one hand, there are the Cybex designs, with several winners of the international Red Dot 2018 award. Encompassing that they have protection on their sides, these have the function of preventing the body from moving during an accident, including the neck. On the other hand, there are the Britax Römer designs, simple, straightforward, practical and apparently comfortable designs.

They protect the neck, but in its lower part it does not have pads to imprison the body. As for the prices of Britax Römer, the best-selling chair has a price 20% lower than that of Cybex, the latter being the most expensive between the two, so if you want an economical option you can buy the Britax Römer or if you If you prefer more features, you should raise the amount a little more so you can get one from Cybex.

Q3: Recaro or Cybex car seat?

Depending on the model you are going to compare or if you want to do it in a general way, you should take into account the design and protection that the products of both brands can provide. Cybex has a long history and has been racking up award after award at the Red Dot Award for product design, safety and quality. However, Recaro has been making car seats and safety systems for more than a decade.

Although it is a brand that is not very noticeable, its products and the security system it applies are of high quality standards. In addition, it won an award at the iF Design Award and at the German Design Award 2017. Therefore, if you want a Cybex seat you can enjoy it with or without the ISOFIX safety system and with Recaro you can adapt your favorite seat to the system or purchase one of those offered in the market to enjoy the advantages.

» Review information from previous years

¿Cuál es la mejor silla de coche Cybex del mercado?

Todos sabemos que los niños son los más vulnerables en caso de accidente automovilístico, por lo que el uso de sistemas de retención como la silla de coche y el cinturón de seguridad infantil son obligatorios. Si estás buscando la mejor silla de coche presta atención a este artículo que hemos preparado especialmente para ti.

Muchos de los niños que salen más lastimados en accidentes de tráfico son los que no cuentan con un sistema de retención infantil apropiado (y a veces ninguno). En cuanto a las sillas de coche, hay que tener mucho cuidado al escoger una pues las hay de muchos modelos y aspectos externos llamativos, pero lo más importante es que sean seguras y cómodas para los niños.

Otra cosa a tomar en cuenta son las ofertas con precios muy bajos que resultan sospechosas. Hay modelos de sillas de coche que están descontinuados porque no cumplen con la normativa vigente, y habrá quien tenga muchos en el Stock y quiera deshacerse de ellos a costa de la seguridad de tu bebé.

Una de las características fundamentales a tomar en cuenta es que la silla de coche cumpla con la norma International Standards Organisation FIX (Isofix). Es un sistema de anclaje que garantiza una mayor seguridad a la hora de instalar la silla de coche de tu bebé y ofrece de esta forma una mejor protección en caso de accidente.

Otro detalle que debemos revisar en las especificaciones del producto es el grupo de edades o peso que cubre la silla. Según el Real Automóvil Club de Cataluña (RACC) hay cuatro grupos fundamentales: el Grupo 0: hasta los 10 kg (hasta el año aproximadamente), luego está el Grupo I: de 9 a 18 kg (entre 1 y 4 años), le sigue el Grupo II: de 15 a 25 kg y finalmente está el Grupo III: de 22 a 33 kg.

Si quieres que la silla te dure varios años para de esta forma ahorrar algún dinero, es recomendable que escojas una que abarque más de un grupo, aunque también hay unas que abarcan un solo grupo, pero cumplen con la norma de seguridad y tienen un precio accesible.

Otra de las características que garantizan la calidad de las sillas de coche es la marca. Esta vez queremos mencionar de manera especial a la marca Cybex, ya que no sólo cumplen con la máxima seguridad, sino que sus sillas se adaptan perfectamente al estilo de vida de los padres urbanos, es una marca con prestigio en el continente europeo por brindar seguridad, diseño moderno y funcionalidad, características que la han hecho acreedora de importantes reconocimientos.

Por eso hemos preparado esta selección de las mejores sillas de coche Cybex del mercado actual. Tenemos como propósito ayudarte a hacer una buena comparativa para que elijas una silla de coche con excelente relación calidad-precio.

Cybex Gold Silla de coche para niños Solution M

Esta podría ser la segunda mejor silla de coche del mercado por su increíble relación calidad-precio. Abarca los grupos 2 y 3, pero al mismo tiempo es una de las más económicas de la marca Cybex.

La silla de coche Cybex Solution M-fix tiene un reposacabezas reclinable patentado, exclusivo de CYBEX, lo que evita que la cabeza del niño caiga colgando hacia adelante, incluso si está dormido. Además, incluye el sistema L.S.P. Plus individual y regulable con protectores laterales que garantiza seguridad y comodidad.

Este maravilloso mueble infantil tiene canales de ventilación de malla distribuidos a través del respaldo y los componentes de la silla para asegurar una temperatura agradable aunque haya mucho calor.

Cuenta con unos protectores laterales que se pueden ajustar de forma individual, para una seguridad personalizada.

En caso de impacto lateral, la fuerza es absorbida de manera sistemática e incluye protectores de hombros y cabeza que complementan este sistema de seguridad. La Cybex Solution M-fix cuenta con un sistema de conectores ISOFIX para garantizar estabilidad y seguridad pero es compatible con coches que no están equipados con acoplamiento ISOFIX.

Gracias a sus característica y a su precio, la Solution M – Fix podría ser la mejor silla de coche Cybex por 200 euros del momento:


Reposacabeza: la siguiente opción se encuentra dentro de las sillas de coche tipo 2 y 3. Posee un reposacabezas regulable, que podrá ajustarse según el gusto y comodidad del niño, de manera que pueda dormir en la silla con total comodidad.

L.S.P.: también posee el sistema de L.S.P. para garantizar la máxima protección del infante en caso de algún accidente en el coche. En este modelo, estos protectores pueden regularse para adaptarse a la contextura del niño.

Ventilación: se podrá mantener un buen nivel de ventilación dado que el respaldo de la Solution M – Fix cuenta con un tejido de malla que permite la correcta circulación del aire para mantener al niño fresco y cómodo.

IsoFix: y para que puedas adaptarla sin problemas al seguro de tu vehículo, esta silla de coche Cybex está equipada con conectores IsoFix.


Cinturón: al parecer, uno de sus compradores ha tenido problemas para enganchar el cinturón debido al tamaño de la silla, aunque esto también puede deberse al modelo de coche.

Cybex Pallas M-fix

Abrimos esta lista exclusiva con una silla de coche que muchos usuarios consideran la mejor del 2022. La Cybex Pallas M-fix es ganadora del Grupo 1/2/3 en el test 06/2016 de la organización alemana independiente de consumidores Stiftung Warentest y de numerosos premios de las organizaciones europeas más reconocidas de consumidores.

Esta maravillosa silla de coche abarca los grupos 1, 2 y 3. En el primer grupo, tiene un cojín de seguridad que durante un choque  funciona como una bolsa de aire hinchada, protegiendo al bebé contra posibles lesiones en el cuello pero al mismo tiempo permitiéndole una óptima movilidad.

Cuenta con un cojín de seguridad ajustable con una sola mano para el grupo 1 y un reposacabezas reclinable patentado. Gracias a su sistema “L.S.P. Plus” ofrece protección lineal ajustable e individual contra impactos laterales.

No está de más decir que la Cybex Pallas M-fix cuenta con conexión ISOFIX para una seguridad y estabilidad adicionales, pero también puede ser instalada en coches que no tienen este sistema de acoplamiento. Esta silla de coche cumple con la nueva norma ECE R-44/04, y puede ser utilizada durante 11 años, de manera que acompaña al niño durante su crecimiento brindándole seguridad y confort.

Para algunos compradores, Cybex es la mejor marca de sillas de coches, por lo que no puedes dejar de evaluar las ventajas y desventajas de sus modelos:


Cojín: el primer aspecto a destacar de la silla de coche Cybex Pallas M – Fix es que cuenta con un cojín con patente pendiente de la marca. Este cojín se encuentra en el área frontal de la silla y está diseñado para funcionar como si fuera una bolsa de aire en caso de impacto para protección del niño.

L.S.P.: combinado con lo anterior, este modelo también hace uso del sistema de protección lineal L.S.P. el que ha sido diseñado para proteger al ocupante en caso de impacto lateral. Gracias a los cojines en ambos lados, se evita que pueda golpearse.

IsoFix: para mantener la silla en una posición fija y poder adaptarse a un gran número de modelos de vehículos, la Pallas M – Fix posee conexión tipo IsoFix, la que también es de las más populares y recomendad

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