The 5 Best Dolls Prams in 2022

Doll Stroller – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Within those toys that do not go out of style despite the passage of time, we find doll strollers. Strollers that, although in some cases maintain the traditional and almost Victorian line of the most traditional products, now also copy the designs of the most modern baby strollers, even in the smallest details. Among the products most highlighted by consumers, we find in the first place the Knorrtoys Coco 90794 stroller. This stroller is made up of two pieces with a modern-cut stroller as well as a carrycot so that the little ones in the house can carry their dolls just like their parents do. Also interesting is the Knorrtoys 61888 model, which perfectly mimics a traditional trolley with the advantage of being height adjustable, making it ideal for children of any age. The product is made with the same materials as traditional sized chairs, and is also foldable for storage without taking up space.

The 5 Best Dolls Prams – Opinions 2022

1. Knorrtoys Coco 90794 Stroller for dolls with carrycot

Main advantage:

It can be used as a stroller or as a stroller, being able to switch between the carrycot and the chair when the little one wants it based on the size of the doll and what she plans to do.

Main disadvantage:

The assembly instructions, according to users, are a bit scarce, making it difficult to assemble the equipment, and changing the carrycot for the chair can be a bit complicated for girls.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Knorrtoys Coco 90794 is made of quality materials, according to customers, and in conjunction with its multiple functions of both folding and height adjustment, it becomes a great option among eligible doll prams for any girl.

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When purchasing the Knorrtoys Coco 90794, different measurements must be taken into account due to the different options it can offer its little user. Mainly, it has approximate measurements of 55 x 86 in width and length, mentioning on the other hand that its handlebar can be adjusted in height, causing it to be established at a minimum of 43 centimeters and a maximum of 82 centimeters.

Now, dolls with a length that does not exceed 55 centimeters in height can be used both in its stroller and in its carrycot as a stroller, since the former has dimensions of 52 x 42 x 39 centimeters, while the seat for the stroller is about 56 x 26 centimeters approximately. The good thing about this model is that its weight does not exceed 5 kilograms, being easy to maneuver for the little ones in the house.



As previously mentioned, users have let it be known that the materials with which this doll stroller is designed are of good quality, declaring that even after two years of intensive use, the equipment is still like the first day, which means that After acquiring this model, your little girl will spend many days with it.

Whether you prefer to use it as a stroller with its carrycot or as a stroller with its protection, the design of this model will allow girls to expand their imaginations and create different environments for their dolls.

In addition, thanks to the fact that its handlebar is adjustable in height, as the girl grows, it can be adapted to her, improving her experience. In physical aspect, it is made in a combination of navy blue with pink, a design that will be liked by any growing girl.


Users have commented that this stroller is a very good imitation of the baby strollers that are sold day after day in the market, so it is not surprising that it even has a sunshade so that the little one can protect her dolls from the sun, although there are who add that said hood is really hard when moving.

On the other hand, at the bottom of the stroller, your girl will find a storage basket so she can put toys or any other accessories that her dolls need, be it bottles, diapers, combs or even extra clothes.

Although users have missed a bag to complement the stroller, the team has shown that it has certain quality standards, especially by including two swivel front wheels to facilitate and extend the movement of the stroller.

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2. Knorrtoys 61888 Kyra Stroller for Dolls

Among the best cheap doll prams, we have to mention Knorrtoys again with its car 61888: this pram has a very feminine and attractive design that your daughter will surely love. Made of pink canvas with floral designs, it is more than guaranteed that the smile of your girl when you see it will be immense.

You can have a lot of fun imitating your parents by being able to play with a toy car that is as real as the one your family owns.

This stroller also includes a host of accessories that only add to the fun level by coming with a tote bag, diaper bag, storage tray and footrest.

Just imagine all the hours of healthy fun that you will be giving the little one in the house by giving her this incredible doll stroller!

If you are looking for the best doll stroller for 50 euros, you should give the Knorrtoys 61888 a try, but not without first reviewing the pros and cons that we present to you, below:


Adjustable: Like the previous model, the height of the handlebar is fully adjustable, being able to vary the height between a minimum of 33 centimeters, up to a maximum of 62 centimeters and thanks to this, your baby will be able to grow accompanied by his doll stroller.

Accessories: In addition to the stroller with which she can transport her dolls and other companions, she brings with her a bag that she can carry from one place to another with her things and even use it as a diaper bag. On the other hand, it includes a shopping basket at the bottom, along with a footrest.

Foldable: The best thing about this model is that it is foldable, so you can take it in your car or wherever you go with the little one, and without taking up so much space. It is worth mentioning that this stroller measures 48 x 42 x 35-65 cm, and weighs 4 kilograms.

Materials: The chassis is made of metal, making it super resistant. Likewise, as far as the carrycot is concerned, it is designed with pink canvas, decorated with butterflies that any girl will love.

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3. Kinderplay Gondola 3in1 Doll Stroller

One of the most attractive aspects of this model, in addition to being one of the cheapest, is its versatility. Due to its design and accessories, girls will be able to transform and adapt it according to their needs. In the same way, it is a robust but light model, so they can move it without help and take it wherever they want.

To complement the toy, the package includes a matching maternity bag. Likewise, the basket can be removed to be able to transport the dolls in a practical bassinet. However, they can also be walked in the traditional way, pushing the stroller to make it roll. On the other hand, it is easy to keep the model hygienic, since the fabric sections are removable and can be machine washed.

If you are wondering what size of dolls it can be used with, you should know that it is compatible with any toy that does not exceed 40 cm, a very common length on the market. Now, even if the girl using this stroller grows quickly, you won’t have to look for a replacement any time soon, as the height of the handle is adjustable.

Now we invite you to read a summary of qualities, which could help you decide if this is the best doll stroller to pamper your little one.


Compatibility: Due to its height-adjustable handle design, which adapts to the height of 120 cm girls, it is suitable for various ages.

Weight: This toy weighs only 2.56 kg, so girls can move it without complications.

Accessories: This model comes with various accessories that will make the gaming experience more complete, such as a bag, mattress and removable bassinet.


Instruction manual: The car is shipped unassembled and the manual is not in Spanish, which is inconvenient.

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4. Nenuco Folding metal pushchair for dolls

Nenuco is a benchmark in the manufacture of one of the most attractive dolls designed for girls. This brand also offers accessories that complement the game. Such is the case of this stroller, which stands out among the best doll strollers of 2022, since it offers a modern, lightweight, easy-to-handle design with a folding structure.

It is a model that has an adjustable belt and adequate dimensions so that the little one can play with different sizes of Nenuco dolls. It also offers a comfortable handlebar, stable wheels that provide a smooth ride and a height of 54 cm, so it is recommended for girls from two years old.

It also has a resistant metal structure and a seat designed in a striking pink color. In addition, thanks to its lightness and ease of folding, it is a toy stroller that can be taken anywhere without any problem.

If you want to pleasantly surprise your daughter with a gift that complements her creative play, you could consider this Nenuco chair.


Functionality: It is a stroller specially designed for the little one to take different models of dolls and Nenuco dolls for a walk.

Folding design: It has a light, modern and easily foldable design, so you can take it anywhere without taking up much space.

Resistant: Thanks to its structure made of high quality metal, it is a resistant model with a long useful life.


Height: It would be appreciated if the height of the handlebars is adjustable, in order to favor older girls.

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5. Bayer Design Doll Stroller

If you want to buy the best quality-price doll pram, you should definitely know a little more about the Bayer Design 15012 doll pram: this beautiful toy car measures 77 x 43 x 75 centimeters so it is ideal for little girls to play and have maximum fun imitating mom and dad with their baby.

The push handle is adjustable, so you can place it in a position that is comfortable for the child, as well as being transversible, which will allow the girl to go in front of the toy.

It has an extra bag included that you can use as a purse and place all your accessories, toys, food, dolls or whatever you need to ensure hours and hours of fun by having the best doll stroller.

If you have not yet made a decision on which doll stroller to buy, we invite you to review the pros and cons below that pertain to the Bayer Design 15012 baby stroller, so you can decide which model will best suit your little one. of the house


Adjustable : This model, unlike the previous one, does have the provision of being able to change the height of the handlebar to the preferred one, being able to choose between a minimum of 46 centimeters and a maximum of 75 centimeters.

Accessories: In the same way, it additionally brings a bag in which the little one can put her things and those of the baby. In addition, in the lower part of the stroller you have plenty of space to place more utensils, since it includes a shopping basket.

Carrycot: It is a model that gives you the possibility of removing the carrycot from the stroller, thus being able to use it in various ways, either to carry the dolls carrying the carrycot, or using the stroller to transport the dolls from one place to another.


Small: According to users, it could be a little small being its measurements 77 x 43 x 75 cm. However, this will depend on the size of the girl who will use it.

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Knorrtoys Coco 90794 Stroller for dolls with carrycot

If you want to know which is the best doll’s stroller, you should definitely know a little more about the Coco 90794: this beautiful doll’s stroller has a multifunctional modern car design that will give your daughter whole hours of wholesome fun.

This pushchair is sold as a combo, which includes the traditional stroller and an extra carrycot that will allow you to let your imagination run wild and have great fun caring for and walking your favorite dolls.

It also has the presence of front swivel wheels that will allow you to push the stroller and avoid jams, as well as having a small basket for purchases that give the stroller an even more real air and this will be of great pleasure for your girl and the seat, the carrycot and the handlebar have the possibility of being adjustable so that they can be placed in the most comfortable position to play.

So, if you are interested in knowing a little more about the best doll stroller on the market, as the Knorrtoys Coco 90794 is appreciated, then we invite you to take a look at its specifications below.


2 in 1: One of the best virtues of this model is that it is not only a doll stroller, but also offers an extra carrycot for a walk, so it will give your little one many ways to use both, both the traditional like this bonus. And, best of all, they are completely foldable.

Adjustable: Another point in favor is that the height of your little one will not matter, since the handlebar is fully adjustable, reaching a minimum height of 43 centimeters and a maximum of 82 centimeters, being ideal for girls with a height of 110 centimeters. On the other hand, the view of the carrycot can be adjusted, either so that she sees straight ahead or so that the little girl can see the doll.

Wheels: Its wheels are double, fully rotating, capable of preventing it from getting stuck as it is easily manoeuvrable. And this is why, and more, Knorrtoys, known as the best doll stroller brand, does not disappoint.

Accessories: In addition to incorporating a carrycot, it also has a shopping basket, thanks to which the girl can use her imagination with this small accessory, shopping or carrying other toys there.

Assembly: According to users, the assembly of this stroller is very simple and fast, so you should not worry about it.


Hard: Similarly, it has been made known that raising and lowering the top could be difficult because it is a bit hard.

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Shopping guide

From the typical traditional pushchairs to models that imitate those of adults. Doll prams have evolved remarkably, offering a wide range of proposals for all tastes. Options that are easier to assess if we have a guide to buy the best doll stroller on the market like the one we present below. The perfect complement for a more fun and safe game.

stroller type

If we take a look at a comparison of current doll strollers, as we have mentioned, we will surely see a wide variety of models. Products that range from the economic stroller to the most complete models, which in some cases resemble the best-selling models on the real baby stroller market.

Starting then with the type of stroller, we can find the most traditional models, of English style, which have dark hoods and spoke wheels. It is not the cheapest model, but it does have a touch of special elegance. A design that they share with modern models created in the image of those used by parents to carry their little ones. In some cases, we can even find models with a carrycot so that the gaming experience is more complete.

If we prefer something simpler, we have models similar to a stroller, in different variants of both design and format. In this case, the similarity is maintained, although to a lesser extent.

To finish, we find the simplest models, which would be the typical chairs with a fabric back, the base and the structure along with the wheels to carry it. It is the cheapest option, although it is also the one with the least quality and fidelity to current designs. In any case, we have models and styles to choose from among different proposals, so finding one that our little ones like will always be easy.

Accessories and complements

Within the different strollers that we have on the market, another aspect that we must consider is the presence of different accessories or complements. Elements that, together with the stroller, make the gaming experience more complete and pleasant and that, if we buy them in the first instance and not separately, always lower the cost of the complete set.

Among these accessories, one of the most striking is the carrycot. As with conventional-sized strollers, the carrycot offers a more complete gaming experience, as it can be placed on the stroller during the “first stages of life” of the doll we are walking. A carrycot that normally includes both the hood and the top cover, so that nothing is missing.

It is also common for the stroller to include a basket or tray where we can carry our things. In this case, the baskets are usually made of fabric, mesh or metal and have an adequate capacity for small objects.

The same goes for the matching bags that we usually find in some outfits. Bags with a good space, that are hung on the handlebars and that allow little parents to carry everything they need close at hand, just as adults would. As we have mentioned, the more accessories the set includes, the better.

product safety

As in all products that have children as their recipients, it is essential that the chosen model has all the necessary safety measures both to avoid accidents and other possible risks during play.

The good news is that practically all the products that are currently sold are safe and with a few precautions, we can adjust this safety to the maximum for our little ones.

One of the important issues in terms of safety is to adapt the measurements of the stroller to those of those who are going to play with it. Obviously, not so much that they sit in the stroller, but so that it is easy for them to carry it. A car that is too big can be heavy and place the handlebar, for example, at a dangerous height for the face. If it is the other way around, the wrong position can also cause falls when carrying the stroller.

The other important aspect when choosing is the design and the materials. A design that should be free of dangerous elements such as sharp points, dangerous edges, corners that could pose a risk and other elements.

The same happens with the materials, which must be safe enough to withstand the game adequately without deteriorating and without generating risks. Elements such as the CE label and other similar ones are a guarantee of peace of mind in this regard.

How to use a doll stroller

Doll prams are usually one of the toys that girls of any age are most excited about, which, despite the passage of time, have never ceased to be one of the favorites of the spoiled ones in the house. It is for these reasons that this article is intended to give some recommendations that will allow you to use the stroller in an appropriate way, so that you can handle it and keep it for a long time.

Adjust it according to the age of the girl

When you buy a good car for your girl of a certain age, the little one will be able to use it for a long time, since they are resistant and durable. All you have to do is adjust the height of the handlebar as she grows, so that she can comfortably play with her doll’s pram that she has kept for a long time.

combine the room

The important thing about a good doll pram is that, apart from being a toy for the little ones in the house, you can also use it when you stop using it definitively as a decorative object, either in the room itself or in other rooms in the house. house, for the classic style that many of these toys present.

Enjoy your accessories

The accessories that dolls strollers incorporate make them look as close to the real thing as possible and that is why they attract girls more. You can use the handbag to put brushes, combs and other things. In the basket you can store other toys, the doll’s feet can rest on its footrest and thus she will enjoy her doll pram more.

Store it or transport it comfortably

When you stop playing with your doll pram, you can store it anywhere in the home easily and comfortably, since, being foldable, it will reduce its size considerably. You can also carry it on the seat, accompanying the girl anywhere, because it takes up little space.

They’re safe

When the girl uses her doll pram, she will feel comfortable maneuvering it, since its size is not very tall and is ideal for her age. She, too, will not be inconvenienced while she is driving it, as the stroller’s wheels are far enough apart and can swivel to prevent her from tripping and getting injured.

They are versatile

Thanks to its versatility, the girl will be able to expand her imagination, as she creates different environments for her doll while playing with her pram. She can use her stroller with her carrycot or she can use it as a stroller with her protection.

Similar to baby cars

By using the doll’s stroller accompanied by her mother who is carrying her younger child in another car, she creates a realism that will allow her to get closer to her mother’s love and vice versa. In addition, the little girl will accept her little brother more and will avoid the jealousy that affects her so much.

The most popular brands

Doll prams are the favorite accessory for girls for their toy dolls, there are a large number of designs and brands on the market, they vary in size, color and even for the type of doll. In this summary we will talk about the Knorrtoys, Bayer Design and Arias brands, we have taken as a reference the opinions commented by Internet users and the main characteristics exposed on the official pages.

This is a German company that is responsible for distributing children’s toys and accessories from the most recognized brands in the children’s toy market. Among the brands we can mention Barbie, Disney, Minnie, Trunki, Glitza and Maclaren.

We can find from rubber kitchen utensils, aprons with Disney prints, cookie cutters with figures of characters, camping tents for children, trampolines, rocking chairs, educational games, children’s chairs, among others. Knorrtoys products feature designs of animals and figures of Disney characters, preferred by younger children.

The doll stroller includes a stroller and a small mesh compartment at the bottom of the car for shopping, it has two pairs of front swivel wheels. The dimensions of the car are approximate with 60 x 42 cm in length and width, the chair is 56 x 26 cm and its backrest and footrest are reclining.

The age recommended by the manufacturer for its use is a minimum of 3 years, the chair is completely foldable so it is very easy to store and takes up little space, its designs are in pastel colors and with floral prints.

Bayer Design is a German company that designs and produces children’s playful toys and accessories that accompany your child during their different stages of growth, such as the unique and eye-catching Bayer Design puzzles, which help to expand the cognitive faculties of children so that learn to recognize geometric figures and the similarities between colors and shapes.

Bayer Design dolls have a natural style and reflect the daily functions of babies, so girls learn to change diapers, feed them and calm their crying. Among its products we can find clothes for dolls up to 46 cm, folding and wooden strollers for dolls, plush dolls, among others.

The doll strollers can be folded so they can be assembled and stored quickly, they are very light and have a basket-type model. Some models come for twin dolls and have floral or animal prints in pink, lilac and purple colors, it comes included with a diaper bag to hang in the car.

Arias dolls is a Spanish company that originated more than 30 years ago in Alicante, where the company’s headquarters are still located. This company has a family tradition made up of its creator José Antonio Arias and his wife along with his two children. The company has managed to adapt to the constant changes in the market and the globalized consumption of toys.

The company has facilities in the Spanish country and in some locations in Asia, with a national and international distribution network. Arias dolls are of unparalleled quality inspired by a sweet and artisan design, created under rigorous manufacturing processes so that your daughter can play with the most real doll on the market and thus develop her emotions of sensitivity and affection and above all her creativity and responsibility.

The doll prams have a very elegant and formal English style, they are recommended for girls over six years old, the product weighs about 5 Kg and measures 70cm high by 43 cm wide, it is available in pink and navy blue. It can be converted into a folding chair and comes included with a diaper bag.

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