The 5 Best Group 2/3 Car Seats of 2022

Group 2-3 car seat – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When our little ones grow, car seats must grow with them to maintain adequate safety during our trips. For this reason, it is necessary to choose models that fit not only the corresponding group 2 -3, but also offer us the comfort and ease of assembly that you need so that everything is simple, from assembly to use. As the best seat of the moment, according to users, we find the Maxi-Cosi Kore model, a product that complies with the i-Size safety regulations and thanks to its functional design, allows the child to fasten the seat belt easily and quickly.; In addition, it offers extra side protection. It also highlights the Britax Romer Kidfix SL chair, which offers an Isofix mounting system that is really comfortable to use and an exclusive design with a V-shaped headrest that better protects both the neck and the back.


Buying guide – What is the best group 2-3 car seat on the market?

Buying a good car seat for our children may be one of the most important decisions we must make and it is that the safety of our little ones will depend on it for at least 8 years of their lives, since these types of seats have a wide use that It goes from 15 to 36 kg of the child.

And since this will be a long-term investment, it is best not to think about how much one of them costs and analyze all those features that give it the safety and comfort that your children deserve.

But, not for that you will have to give up a good and cheap car seat. To do this, we leave you below our guide to buying the best group 2-3 car seat with which you can find the best seat of the moment knowing that you are buying safety for the people you love most in this world, your children.

Anchoring system

One of the most important aspects when making a good comparison of group 2-3 car seats is that they have a safe anchorage system for our children.

Unlike the seats in group 1, which are anchored to the car by means of the car’s belts and include their own five-point belts to hold the child, these seats do not have their own belts, but must be the ones from the car that hold both to the child as to the chair.

For the seat to have greater resistance and above all much more stability, there are rigid anchor points that join the car to the seat using the ISOFIX, so that the seat will remain completely anchored to the car and without moving and the child will adjust the three-point seat belt of the car only to your body through the guides that these seats include. So if what you want is to bet on absolute safety, it is worth investing a little more and getting one of these ISOFIX seats.

And do not forget to evaluate models that include a design designed for greater protection against side impacts and of course against frontal impacts. In the latter, once again, the ISOFIX plays a great point in favor.


Another equally important aspect is the adaptability of the car seat. We are talking about a chair that will last us an average of 8 years, so it is extremely important and necessary that it adapts to both the growth and development of the child in an appropriate manner, without losing safety.

Any chair that falls within your comparison must be adjustable both in height and width, so that it adapts to the needs of your little one at all times, since he will use it from when he is a small child until he is almost a teenager, so it is a fundamental aspect.

In addition, both the backrest and the headrest should be adjustable not only in height but also in inclination, so that the head is always within the safety zone when, for example, the little ones fall asleep and tend to lean their heads forward. go ahead.


As a last aspect, but not least, we find the comfort of the chair. If you usually travel, you will know the importance of having a comfortable chair, otherwise each trip will be heavy and uncomfortable. The same thing happens to children. They need chairs that not only fit their body perfectly, but have breathable materials that don’t get too hot in the summer and are soft to the touch.

In addition, the chair should always be removable so that you can wash the covers whenever necessary. As for the grip of the child with the seat belts, the chosen chair must have the necessary guides that facilitate a correct posture of the same that not only protects it properly, but also does not bother their neck at any time and always are properly attached.

And going back to the recline of the chair and the headrest, this aspect will also provide greater comfort for your children. All these aspects will make your little one enjoy every trip and always feel comfortable and calm.

The 5 Best Group 2/3 Car Seats – Opinions 2022

That our children between 3 and 12 years old travel safely in the car is not only an obligation on the part of the DGT, but it is also essential if we want them not to suffer any damage in the event, not of major accidents, but of a simple range or sudden braking. That is why it is extremely important to look for child seat models that are perfectly adapted not only to their age but also to their size and weight and that are also comfortable for them.

And of course, that they are duly approved. But there are so many models on the market that it is sometimes difficult to know which is the best group 2 3 car seat, which is why we have carried out a small analysis for you on which are the best group 2 3 car seats in 2022 so that you can find including the model that best suits the needs of your children.

1. Maxi-Cosi Kore i-Size group 2/3 car seat

Main advantage:

It follows the guidelines of the i-Size regulation, making it a model that stands out for its high level of security. It has the Isofix anchoring system, allows the fastening of the seat belt and offers protection in the event of side impacts.


Main disadvantage:

It is the most expensive car seat in our selection. However, it is a model that is worth the investment, given its high quality and ergonomic design.


Verdict: 9.9/10

Its excellent reputation on the net is a product of the ease of assembly it offers, comfort, safety and independence for children.

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Maxi-Cosi is a manufacturer of car seats aware of the importance of providing parents with a product designed for the growth of their little ones. For this reason, it has designed this chair belonging to group 2-3, with evolutionary qualities that adapt to the different stages of child development.

It will no longer be necessary for you to have to buy several chairs for your growing child, since the Kore is an easily adjustable model in height and width; so it can be used in children with a height that can range from 100 to 150 cm and with a weight that ranges from 15 to 36 kilos. In other words, the chair can be useful in an approximate age range from 3 and a half years to 12 years of age; providing comfort and safety at all times.

i-Size regulation

This car seat faithfully complies with the modern and current i-Size safety regulations; It is a safer regulation than the previous one, since it includes 3 important innovations. In the first place, it establishes as a mandatory requirement that parents place the car seat in rearward facing up to 15 months of age (in the case of group 1). Secondly, it recommends the Isofix anchorage system and thirdly, it is a regulation that requires greater protection against side impacts.

In this sense, the Kore has been manufactured in compliance with the highest safety standards, since it is designed to be attached to the car’s Isofix system, which guarantees the immobility of the seat. It also has an efficient additional side protection system (SPS Plus), which protects your child in the event of a side impact.

design and comfort

You will have a chair for your little one that is padded, resistant and ergonomically designed, in order to provide maximum comfort. Its open structure, free from a safety harness, allows your child to get on and off freely; at the same time that it favors the fastening mechanism, since the child will be able to put on and take off the seat belt by himself.

It is a chair made of 100% high-quality polyester, resistant to intensive use and easy to clean. Additionally, it has a backrest lift system and headrest adjustment that provides comfort and adapts to the size of the child. Likewise, with an average weight of 6 kilos, you can handle it easily and without the need to make great efforts. In addition, you can choose the color of the seat that suits you best, according to the upholstery of your car, among the tones black, graphite, cognac and gray.

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2. Britax Römer Kidfix SL Car Seat

The following group 2 3 car seat is considered the best value for money group 2 3 car seat as it comes equipped with approved Latch-type flexible connectors for attachment to the isofix anchor points of your car with centralized adjustment.

In addition, it compensates for the underwater effect by means of a controlled deformation element that lengthens the distance from the base to the Isofix connectors to compensate for the elongation of the car’s belt in the event of a frontal impact.

Its ergonomic V-shaped headrest keeps the child’s head protected at all times and its guides to correctly position the belt will give you the guarantee that your child will always be perfectly protected during the journey.

The sides with thick and soft padding offer great protection in the event of a side impact. With its adjustable height, you can adjust it to the needs of your little ones from approximately 3 to 12 years old. Of course, it is removable so you can comfortably wash the cover in the washing machine.

It is very important that the physical aspects of the type of car and the frequency of road trips are taken into account in order to know which group 2/3 car seat to buy:


Headrest: one of the advantages offered by the Romer model is that it has a headrest specially designed to keep your child’s head protected at all times, it will even prevent him from adopting bad positions when sleeping.

Belt: it has indicators that will make you see the exact position to place the car belt around the seat, thus ensuring better safety and greater stability in the event of impacts.

Sides: it also has protection on its sides to take care that your little one’s arms and body in general are in danger in the event of a vehicle collision.

Cover: and finally, the cover that covers the Romer KidFix SL can be easily removed to be cleaned from the comfort of home, a detail that will keep it looking like new and maximize its useful life.


Anchorage: it was learned that the vehicle anchorage system uses straps, so the stability of the chair may be somewhat compromised.

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3. Cybex Group 2/3 Solution X-Fix Car Seat

As the third group 2 3 car seat model, we present the following Cybex model that offers you its innovative LSP (Linear Side Impact Protection) system that aligns the headrest and the shoulder protector so that in the event of a side impact the force of the accident is drastically reduced, something very important to protect what you love most.

Its lining is made of polyester with viscoelastic padding, which gives it great comfort during the journey. As for its fastening system, it includes rigid connectors to anchor to the isofix of your vehicle so that the chair never moves during the journey, as well as being protected by the car’s belts.

Its headrest can be reclined in up to 3 positions, which allows the child not to fall forward if he falls asleep and is always within the safety zone in the event of an impact. It is easily removable and machine washable at 30 degrees.

If you have no idea which is the best group 2/3 car seat brand, we advise you to search online for customer opinions and expert recommendations:


Protection: the option that Cybex offers you with its Solution X – Fix has LSP technology to improve the lateral protection of the child’s head and body in the event of an accident.

Padding: the chair itself has viscoelastic padding, which makes it quite comfortable and adapts to the contour and weight of the child.

Reclining: the headrest is reclining which prevents the child’s head from falling forward in case he falls asleep at any time.


Instructions: One of your buyers indicated that the instructions do not come in Spanish and this made it a bit difficult for him to install it inside the car.

Belt: another user considers that the car seat belt around the seat is cumbersome, but it seems to be an isolated event.

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4. Piku 6227 Group 2/3 car seat

If what you are looking for and need are cheap car seats that offer your children the safety they deserve, as a fourth model we present this seat that will allow you to acquire a good quality seat that fits your budget but without giving up safety. of the ones you love the most.

Suitable for use from 3 years old and up to approximately 12 years old, removing the backrest and leaving only the booster. As for its anchoring system, it uses the vehicle’s own belt that is easily placed at 3 points thanks to the guides that it includes and that prevent the child from sliding under the hip belt in the event of an impact.

The ergonomic headrest is adjustable to 7 heights so that the chair will evolve with your little ones and its extra padding not only provides great protection but also great comfort. Includes two integrated cup holders so your child can place their cup without it tipping over.

In case you don’t have much to invest, the Piku model is one of the cheapest on our list:


Adjustable: the Piku 6227 allows you to adjust the height of the headrest, which means that the car seat can adapt to your child’s growth.

Cup holders: It has a pair of cup holders on its sides that will help avoid accidents with drinks in the car.

Uses: the backrest of this chair can be removed to use the product as a booster, maintaining the safety of the belt anchorage.


Travel: several buyers consider that the 6227 is not recommended for long trips since it can be somewhat uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Dirt – They also recommended using a cover as the external materials allow it to get dirty very easily.

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5. Safety 1st Road Safe Car seat group 2/3 

Not only expensive chairs can be considered safe. As an example, we have the following proposal from the Safety 1st brand. Its design is basic, but it fully fulfills its function of protecting the little one. Similarly, it has an adjustable headrest in 6 positions, its backrest is also reclining to provide more comfort and will be useful for children from 15 to 36 kilograms. That is, from 3 to 10 years, approximately.

Another aspect to comment on is its removable cover, which you can wash in a machine to keep the seat always clean and, to make the use of the chair more practical, it only weighs 2.85 kg, which makes it easy to transport it from one car to another. If that’s the case. Or, remove it when not needed.

To adapt to the car, it is only necessary to pass the belt through its spaces designed for this purpose and it will hold firmly to the seat. In addition, in relation to its homologation, it complies with the requirements of the R44/04 standard.

If you are looking for a cheap chair for short trips, that you can remove and put on without any setbacks, this could be the best choice to include in your comparison.


Practicality: Its lightness and anchoring method allow a very easy use. As well as being able to put it on and take it off whenever it is needed.

Comfort: You can recline the backrest in 2 positions and also adjust the headrest in 6 levels, which makes it easier to find the most comfortable combination for the little one, according to their height.

Maintenance: The upholstery materials are resistant to use and easy to wash. In this way, the chair is always kept clean without much effort.


Padded: The seat is less soft than other car seats, so it is not recommended for long journeys.

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How to use a group 2-3 car seat

When traveling by car there is always the risk of suffering an incident, that is why they have seat belts. But when carrying children, these belts do not provide the security that their size and weight require. That is why group 2-3 car seats are the best option to keep them safe.

How to secure children to the chair

The fastening of the seats in this range, group 2-3, is based on covering three points on the child’s body, so you must use all the belts it has. Pass a belt from one side to another; This way you will hold the lower part of his body (by the hips), preventing him from coming out through the lower part of the chair. With the other two belts it surrounds the upper part of the shoulders and the clavicle.    

Respect the weight regulations

Although group 2-3 car seats are indicated for children of a certain age and weight, there are infants who, despite their age, weigh more or less, which would be a dilemma. However, the most important thing is that you respect the recommended weight to use this group of chairs.

The weight range of this group is between 15 and 36 kilos. Even if the child meets the age, but not the weight, it is best not to use the seat to carry it in the car, since it will not provide the necessary support in the body to keep it safe.

Where to put the chair

Although these seats can be placed in any seat in the car, there are three places that are safer, although the safety is reduced according to the placement. The safest place is the rear middle seat. And in the two rear side seats. Never carry a child in the front seat of the car.

How to install the chair

There are two systems for installing the group 2-3 car seat. To do it with the first system, check if your car has the label with the word ISOFIX on the seat chassis; if so, position yourself next to one of the side seats of the car with the chair. Pull the green handle that it has to extract the connectors, the ones that you are going to align with the anchor points of the seat frame. Push the chair until you hear a click and you can see the green handles on the chair pop out. Move the chair with a little force so that you can check that it is well secured.

The second system is when this type of gear is not available. Place the chair on the seat where you are going to install it; Attach the chair strap to the seat belt. Make sure that both are well joined, pulling a little to verify that they do not come off easily. Do this same procedure on the other side of the seat until it is attached to the car seat on both sides.

The most popular brands

There is nothing more important to a parent than the safety and comfort of their children when traveling. That is why choosing a suitable car seat so that the baby also enjoys the journey is extremely important. From the assembly to the use of the product are some of the concerns that concern customers when they go to buy their equipment. These are the best brands of car seats.

For more than 50 years, Chicco has patented a line of products for personal well-being, especially for the little ones in the house. The company belongs to the global Artsana Group. Its founder, Pietro Catelli took the care of babies very seriously. The name of the brand was put by his first-born son Enrico.

That is why in his happiness laboratory, as he called it, they study, investigate and collect data on the behavior of infants when they eat, sleep and play, in order to design, make and develop safe, quality and therapeutic articles. for its growth.

Chicco not only produces car seats of the highest quality and comfort, it also manufactures strollers, breastfeeding cushions, baby clothes and shoes, strollers, food, baby bottles, hygiene products for the little ones, among others. But it does not stop there, it also makes needles, thermometers and even hypodermic syringes, which enjoy a good level of reception in the market. The company has a presence in more than 120 countries around the world.

For this brand it all started in 1984 with a yellow sign that said: “Baby on board”. Shortly after, Safety 1st officially launched its first line of baby safety products. Their cars, vehicle seats, bathtubs, bed rails, toilet kits, power boosters and monitors, among many other devices, have attracted an important clientele that has positioned them as one of the companies with the best standards in terms of care. and protection of babies.

They are leaders in security thanks to their development protocols that are constantly refined to ensure the optimization of their products. Its team of knowledgeable professionals from various areas of design, engineering and medicine evaluate each prototype in great detail, its characteristics, functionality, ergonomics, durability and other factors to continue competing in the market as one of the best brands.

Safety 1st also promotes the importance of child safety and risk minimization through various events and social programs, also organizing fun and educational activities for both parents and children.

Since 2003, Jané has had one of the most modern laboratories for testing safety seats in the world. In it, cars with dolls that simulate being the driver and passengers are used to subject them to experiments with car seats. With the information gathered, engineers can begin the work of designing and manufacturing their products for baby safety. The vehicles are subjected to crashes of up to 85 kilometers per hour and pass up to 250 tests before going to market.

Each doll or dummies, as the company calls it, has sensors strategically distributed throughout the body to measure internal and external damage, data necessary for the production of products. Jané’s first car was launched in 1932 and its production line includes items for baby care, kangaroos, insulated cups, containers, bottles, bibs, toys, accessories and more. Their prestige has led them to become one of the brands best valued by users.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Chicco Oasys 2-3 FixPlus Silla de coche

Ventaja principal:

Esta silla de coche grupo 2 – 3 tiene una larga vida útil, para que puedas sacarle provecho durante prácticamente toda la infancia de tu niño. De esta forma, no tendrás que preocuparte por reemplazarla.

Desventaja principal:

Según algunos usuarios, a pesar de que este modelo cuenta con la capacidad para reclinarse, ésta no es mucha y puede ocasionar un poco de incomodidad para dormir durante viajes largos.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Chicco Oasys 2 – 3 Fix Plus es una silla para coche que le ofrecerá seguridad y confort a tu bebé mientras va en coche, ya que posee los sistemas de protección necesarios para garantizar su integridad en caso de un accidente.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Cuando se trata de llevar niños en el coche, es más que recomendable contar con sillas de seguridad. Las sillas pueden proveerles de un espacio estable y seguro donde pasar la travesía. Un detalle muy importante es el grupo. Debes estar atento al grupo de silla, de forma que se adapte a la edad y tamaño de tu pequeño.

La Oasys de Chicco pertenece al grupo 2 – 3 y con esto se indica que es una silla de coche para niños entre los 15 kilogramos y los 36 kilogramos de peso. Mediante esto, se puede determinar que podrán utilizar este modelo a partir de los 3 años y hasta los 12 años de edad.

Gracias al rango de edades, la Oasys de Chicco se podría convertir en la única silla de coche que necesitarás para garantizar la seguridad de tu pequeño durante toda su infancia.


Contar con una silla de coche común en el coche no siempre garantiza la seguridad de los niños, por lo que es recomendable que prestes atención a los sistemas de la misma. Por ejemplo, algunas sillas se aseguran mediante correas, utilizando el cinturón de seguridad o a través de anclajes especiales. En los últimos años, IsoFix se ha convertido en uno de los más populares.

Y eso es algo que hallarás si te decides por adquirir la Oasys de Chicco. Esta silla de coche grupo 2 – 3 está equipada con IsoFix. Este sistema de anclaje está presente en un gran número de modelos de vehículos de todas las marcas, dada su calidad y la confianza que los padres tienen en él.

Es un sistema fácil de utilizar, muy estable y que se encargará de mantener la silla en su lugar en cualquier situación, de manera que tu niño estará seguro.


A pesar de que las sillas de coche están pensadas para ofrecer a los niños mayor seguridad durante los paseos y viajes, es importante que corrobores el diseño de la misma y te asegures de que cuenta con todo lo que necesitas para mantener a tu pequeño a salvo en caso de algún accidente.

El modelo de Chicco, la silla de coche grupo 2 – 3 Oasys, tiene para ti y tus hijos la protección lateral llamada Safe Pad. Se compone por un par de almohadillas en ambos lados de la silla que tienen como finalidad proteger al niño en caso de impacto. Estas almohadillas también se ubican alrededor de la cabeza y del cuello y pueden ser utilizadas para reposar el peso mientras descansan.

Como accesorio práctico, la silla de Chicco también cuenta con un posavasos en el lado izquierdo que podrán utilizar para colocar el biberón, agua o algún jugo para saciar la sed.

Chicco Oasys 2-3 FixPlus

Como primera opción te dejamos con la mejor silla de coche grupo 2 3 de esta selección de la mano de una gran marca como es Chicco.

Esta silla de coche está diseñada especialmente para proteger a los niños de entre 3 y 12 años aproximadamente ya que soporta un peso de entre 15 y 36 kilos.

Cuenta con unos conectores rígidos FixPlus que se engancharán al isofix de tu coche permitiendo que la silla se quede anclada al mismo de manera firme y segura una vez instalada.

Y en cuanto a comodidad, no solo es reclinable, sino que además tanto su altura como su anchura se puede ajustar en hasta 10 posiciones ofreciéndoles así un viaje mucho más confortable y adaptándose a su crecimiento y desarrollo.

Su diseño Side Safety System le da una máxima protección a tu pequeño en caso de impacto lateral. Por supuesto, es totalmente desenfundable y lavable a máquina a 30 grados.

Chicco tiene para ti la opción Oasys, considerada por muchos como la mejor silla de coche grupo 2/3 del momento:


Capacidad: al ser una silla de coche grupo 2/3, la Oasys de Chicco tiene una capacidad para soportar entre 15 kilogramos y 36 kilogramos de peso, lo cual permite que sea utilizada por niños de entre 3 años y 12 años de edad, aportándole un lapso de vida útil bastante amplio para que le saques provecho a tu inversión.

IsoFix: como ventaja en su compatibilidad, la Oasys 2/3 cuenta con conectores universales de tipo IsoFix, los cuales se encuentran en un gran número de vehículos de diferentes marcas. Esto ayudará a que puedas instalar la silla de tu niño con mucha facilidad y con toda la confianza que te ofrece IsoFix.

Reclinable: tu pequeño podrá decidir qué tanto quiere ir recostado en caso de que sea un viaje largo ya que esta silla de coche puede ser reclinada hasta en diez niveles diferentes, ideal para reposar, descansar, dormir la siesta, jugar o cualquier actividad que el niño prefiera realizar.

Protección: en cuanto a su seguridad, la silla de coche grupo 2/3 de Chicco posee el diseño Side Safety System, el cual está pensado para proteger los laterales tanto del cuerpo como de la cabeza del ocupante en caso de algún accidente.

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