The 5 Best Musical Lamps of 2022

Musical Lamp – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Musical lamps are the perfect companions for our baby, although in other types of models they can also help us to see better when it comes to interpreting our music where light is scarce. In any case, it is true that the models focus on this first use, with pleasant products that will be your baby’s best companion to relax and enjoy. Precisely the Chicco First Dreams model  fits within these products. A team with a relaxing image projector, accompanied by a wide range of classical pieces and sounds of nature with which your baby can relax and unwind. Also fun is the BabytoLove 360078 lamp, with a fun turtle design and a decreasing lighting system with a timer, to take better care of your sleep.



Buying guide – What is the best musical lamp on the market?

Musical lamps are the perfect complement both for your baby to rest at night with a soft note, and not to lose the image of your score when you play music.

As we always recommend, in both cases it is necessary to know what elements stand out in these products when buying them, so our guide to buying the best musical lamp will surely be useful for you to make your purchase as effective and interesting as possible. We will start by talking about lamps for babies and we will close talking about lamps to play music, in order to cover both aspects.

lighting functions

Without a doubt, since we are talking about lamps, the lighting functions of the product are the most important that musical lamps for children or babies have. A function in which it is convenient to have different lighting options that we can adjust in order to choose the one that our baby prefers when it comes to resting.

In any comparison of musical lamps that we see, we will find three main types of lighting. On the one hand, we find lighting using a conventional bulb, which allows us to illuminate the room in a dim way, although it is somewhat cumbersome compared to the product and the rest of the models that we will see.

The second system we find is the LED light. This state-of-the-art technology allows for more precise adjustment of the brightness and degree of illumination, thus offering dimmable lighting from normal light to dim light for sleeping. The last mode to comment on, related to LED light, is the projector function, which in addition to adjusting the brightness of the product, allows lighting the room with a beautiful starry sky, very relaxing at bedtime.

Music and audio features

The other important part of any musical lamp, regardless of how much it costs or its exterior design, is the musical part of the product. In this case, the usual thing is that the lamp incorporates both a speaker and a memory or internal storage system in which the different songs available in the lamp are found.

This is precisely one of the most important aspects of audio: variety. In good and cheap musical lamps we should have at least five pieces to play during the night. However, some models even allow us to have pieces of classical music, sounds of nature or even little stories with which your baby will have a much easier time resting or relaxing.

In this section, it is convenient to check the sound quality, which must be sufficient to be heard properly, without distortions or disturbances. And it is also necessary to have a configuration system, which makes it easy to manage the audio and also allows it to turn off after enough time for your little one to fall asleep, without having to go into the bedroom to turn on the music again when It finishes.

feeding system

To complete this study on musical lamps, it is interesting to take a look at the power options, since the current evolution of the market has included different options that are interesting when deciding on one of them.

In this section we have two main groups. The most common are the musical lamps that have power connected to the electrical network through a plug, according to the conventional model. In this case, it is true that light bulbs have also evolved, so that the amount of light generated is variable, although energy consumption tends to be much lower.

The novelty lies in the models powered by a rechargeable battery, which can be charged directly with any USB or traditional charger. These models have the advantage that they do not need to have a plug nearby, so we can place them anywhere. All this without forgetting that not having a hanging cable makes it more difficult for our little one, or any member of the family, to get hooked during the process. In addition, its consumption is usually low, so that the battery will surely last you a long time.

The 5 Best Musical Lamps – Opinions 2022

Musical lamps, in their most frequent meaning, are products with which you help your little one to sleep better thanks to the effect of light and sound. A task in which knowing which is the best musical lamp helps you to know what you can expect from these products.

To save you time searching, we offer you some of the best musical lamps of 2022, with all kinds of interesting designs and effects so you can choose the one you like the most. By the way, all the configuration options of the product are very simple, so you will have no problem choosing the ones that best suit your little one’s sleep.

1. Chicco Good Night Little Stars Projector

Main advantage:

This model of musical lamp has many advantages in its favor, its most relevant quality being its versatile design. You can have a lamp with projection of light and stars, and at the same time, you will have relaxing sounds to put your baby to sleep.

Main disadvantage:

Some buyers miss a regulator that allows adjustment of the volume, as well as the intensity of the light. However, this lamp fully fulfills the function for which it was designed.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a lamp that enjoys the acceptance of many parents, who value its design, functionality and compact size. For these reasons they consider it a recommended purchase.

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Night lamps are an essential part of the children’s room furniture. Thanks to them we manage to get the little ones to fall asleep in a calm, serene and pleasant way, they also help us to move easily in the dark and thus avoid tripping when we go to their room, either to change diapers or simply to have a rest. look that our son is warm and sleeping well. 

The Chicco First Dream lamp is a product that, in addition to providing light like any lamp, also offers beautiful musical notes. Music helps children not only to develop their auditory sense, but also their affective and cognitive abilities, fosters curiosity, the development of imagination, and also their self-esteem and confidence. It is a model recommended for babies from one month after birth, until they are older.


During pregnancy, many mothers stimulate their babies through music, which is extremely beneficial for both mother and child. They react to sound and become happy or irritated, just like an adult does; For this reason, it is convenient to put soft, pleasant and relaxing musical notes on them.

This musical lamp offers you sounds of nature, as well as classical music by renowned authors, such as Bach and Rossini; With this, a relaxing effect is achieved in the child, which leads to a peaceful sleep. It can be used in two different ways, with lights and melodies or just with lights.

When you use it as a conventional lamp, this model offers you a system that projects two lighting effects: a soft ambient light and a projection of multicolored stars, which change color automatically, creating a cozy environment that is conducive to rest. baby.


When selecting the furniture for your child’s room, you should consider resistant products that are easy to clean and manageable. The Chicco brand has earned the trust of many parents around the world, thanks to the high quality standards of its products.

Reason why, this versatile lamp is made of resistant plastic and free of toxic substances. In addition, you can choose between blue and pink, depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. 

This model has a weight of only 989 grams and works with 3 AA batteries (not included) of 1.5 volts, which ensures its portability and easy handling. On the other hand, with the purchase of the lamp you will receive a beautiful and soft stuffed toy with the Chicco logo, ideal for promoting affection in the child; It is a plush that you can easily machine wash and keep it clean all the time.

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2. BabyToLove Musical Night Light Turtle

If you are looking for a dream companion for the little ones in the house, the BabyToLove 360078 model can be a good proposal. This funny turtle with interior lighting includes light and sound with which to relax your baby and facilitate her sleep.

For this, the product has a very nice body and a sound system with five different songs to relax you. These songs can be chosen by configuring the product using the button located on the front of the equipment in a very simple way.

A model without cables, with 10 hours of battery and that is recharged using the included base. With so many functions and a reasonable price, the product could well be the best music lamp for price today.

The BabyToLove 360078 could be the best musical lamp of the moment, for this reason, we recommend you to know its characteristics.


Design: It is a green turtle that will attract the attention of children and will also give a tender and childlike touch to the room. Music: This model transmits five soft melodies that will help lull the child to sleep.

Timer: It has a timer function, so you can adjust the time it remains active, once this period has elapsed, the lamp will turn off.

Autonomy: It can last up to 10 hours, so you can use it all night if you want, it also has a charger.


Effects: It does not create any effect when projecting the light, however, you will have the possibility to adjust it in three intensity levels, which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere that will allow the child to rest properly.

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3. L’oiseau bateau Children’s Musical Night Lamp

Compared to cheap and low-quality lamps, this model is a real novelty, somewhat more expensive but really different. A difference that begins with its external image, which has a pleasant high-quality hand-painted format with an image of a craft-type babouchka.

Inside we find the light for lighting, with a protected system and out of reach of the child, to generate a pleasant light in the room.

And regarding the music, this arises thanks to a music box included in the interior that offers a duration of about 3 minutes, enough to relax your little one or invite him to sleep at the beginning of the night.

Not one of the cheapest, but it has a nice design for the smallest of the house; Next, we present its characteristics.


Design: It has an attractive babouchka doll shape and has been made by hand, so it is an appropriate model to decorate a girl’s room.

Operation: It is easy to use, since its mechanism is similar to that of a music box, you just have to pull the cord that is included to start playing.

Materials: Its resin casing protects the light bulb, it is also unbreakable, so you can use it for a long time and it will not deteriorate easily.


Music: Although this lamp has music, it will only sound for three minutes and you must activate it continuously if you want it to sound for longer.

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4. BabySun Musical Lamp Starry Sky Projection

If you want to bring a piece of heaven to your little one’s room, the BabySun 80800865 model is just what you need. This musical lamp has a beautiful starry sky projection, thanks to its LED technology and the perforation of its surface that generates a planetary-type effect on the ceiling and walls of the room.

A light that also changes color thanks to this LED technology. As usual, the product is also combined with music, with five different melodies and up to 20 minutes of continuous music, which help your little one to relax and sleep more pleasantly.

Very simple options to configure thanks to the button panel included in the base of the product.

Which musical lamp to buy is one of the questions that many parents ask themselves when they are going to decorate their children’s room and knowing the characteristics of this model may help to clear up any doubts.


Melodies: It has five melodies, between which you can vary so that your baby relaxes and sleeps peacefully.

Lighting: Projects a soft light that creates a starry sky effect, thanks to this it makes the room look more welcoming for the baby.

Warranty: It is a quality product, but if you have any problem you can contact the manufacturer, as its warranty is two years.


Time: It only lasts active 20 minutes, a time that is less compared to other similar products.

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5. Lixada Music Score Light Desk Lamp

As an alternative to baby lamps and the like, the Lixiada Orquesta musical lamp has a different use, specially designed to literally light up your music.

This lamp has a rail where 9 LED lights are mounted with which to illuminate your scores and not miss a single note. The product is light and simple, with an adjustable arm that allows you to focus directly on what you need, accompanied by a clip that is used to clamp the equipment on the lectern or whatever you need.

A clip with a special protector that avoids damaging the product. This equipment can also be powered either by a USB connection cable or by the internal rechargeable battery, with a good duration of it.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use product that allows you to illuminate the room properly, then it is time for you to discover the characteristics of a product that some users consider to be the best musical lamp for 10 euros.


Light: You will have the possibility to vary between 9 levels of intensity, therefore, you will have various options according to the need of the moment.

Power: You can use it autonomously by placing some batteries or connecting it to a power source through its USB cable.

Design: It is a flexible lamp that can rotate 360°, for this reason, you will have the possibility of adapting it to different environments, in addition, it has a protective patch, which helps reduce the danger of abrasion.


Size: Some of the users indicate that because it is designed to hold three AA batteries, this model is a bit large.

Batteries: It uses 3 AA batteries, but they do not come in the package, so you will have to spend extra.

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Chicco Good Night Little Stars Projector

With characteristics typical of what could be the best musical lamp of the moment, the model will be the perfect companion for your little one to fall asleep and relax when they need it.

For this, the product consists of a projector lamp with two light effects and a wide musical proposal to relax your baby. Among the works included we find classical pieces by Bach or Rossini, along with different sounds of nature, which also help stimulate your creativity.

A musical lamp for babies that is completed with a soft stuffed toy, removable from the body of the lamp to accompany and watch over your baby’s sleep.

If you have doubts about which is the best brand of musical lamps, we recommend knowing the characteristics of the following model, as they could help you find the best answer.


Projector: Projects images of colorful stars that change automatically to create a restful atmosphere, thus helping your child to sleep peacefully.

Effects: You can adjust it to two different effects, one is a star projector and the other is a night light.

Sounds: It emits classical music melodies, composed by Bach and Rossini, as well as nature sound effects, which contribute to the child’s rest.

Teddy: Among its accessories a removable teddy has been included, which you can remove when you consider necessary, in addition, it is also possible to wash it as many times as you want.


Regulator: The equipment does not have a regulator that allows adjusting the intensity level of the light and the volume of the sound it emits.

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How to use a musical lamp

Rest and sleep are two important aspects in the growth and development of children, so musical lamps are the necessary devices that we must have so that the smallest of our homes rest and sleep in the most comfortable way and pleasant as possible, thanks to the fact that they incorporate a good mix of light with sound so that children relax and sleep pleasantly.

easy to install

As currently most musical lamps are designed to work with batteries, then installing them in the place that best suits you will not be a problem, since only by placing or hanging them your baby will have the light and sound with which he can relax properly.

Adjust light and sound

Another feature that you will find when you have a musical lamp for your little one to relax is that you will be able to adjust the brightness level of the lighting and sound in the way that best suits the child, thanks to the fact that many of these products have a timer system so that the user has the most convenient light and sound for the baby.

Good lighting

The lighting provided by musical lamps is the most recommended to induce the child to relax at bedtime. This is thanks to the fact that these lamps have an LED light system that will facilitate adequate lighting for the room, but will also facilitate the light adjustment process, which will be more precise in terms of brightness and degree of illumination.

Take advantage of your design

Most of the musical lamps usually have attractive designs and bright colors to capture the attention of the little ones. These designs can be used by the user to complement the decoration of the boy’s or girl’s room. Also the design of the musical lamp can be taken as a starting point to start a decoration if you do not have it yet.

where to put them

It is convenient that the parents or those responsible for the setting of the child’s or children’s room take the time to choose the place or place where the musical lamp will be placed, so that it is in a safe and stable place.

Of course, it must be close to the child to enjoy its light and music, but be careful to place it safely. It is important not to forget that at all times the most important thing is the safety of the little ones in the house.


Nowadays musical lamps usually work either in the traditional way or with batteries, which means that in the first case you will only have to have a plug in good condition.

If, on the other hand, yours works with rechargeable batteries, it is convenient that you be aware of recharging it when necessary, so as not to be left without your musical lamp at the time that the child has to sleep. Currently they can be recharged with any charger or with a USB, so the limitations to put your lamp to work are almost nil.

The most popular brands

The origins of this brand date back to 1946 when Pietro Catelli founded Artsana, a company dedicated to the production of medicines. In 1958 Enrico, Pietro’s youngest son, was born and because of that event he had the idea to create a company dedicated to the care of babies from birth to 3 years old, but he had no name in mind, so Therefore, he decided to place him Chicco, an affectionate nickname referred to Enrico.

In 2006 Pietro passed away and the company passed into the hands of his three sons who managed to expand the company internationally by opening branches in Mexico, Poland, Russia and India. With more than 120 branches in Italy and 160 worldwide, Chicco is one of the leading brands and is present in more than 120 countries.

Currently you can find among its product lines different items such as clothing, footwear, girdles for pregnancy and breastfeeding, hygiene, bath, to go for a walk, well-being, protection and toys in general. Among the best-selling products you can find baby bottles, strollers, bilingual toys, musical lamps, stuffed animals, dolls, walkers and more.  

Fisher-Price is a company specializing in the manufacture of preschool toys for children aged 0 to 5 years. It was founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher, Irving Price, and Helen Schelle; a team of experts in production, advertising and sales. His ideal is based on helping children develop learning skills while they keep playing.

His first toys were made of wood, with animal designs and a rope for children to pull while walking. In the years of the Second World War the company closed its doors and stopped making toys to support the army and focused on the manufacture of accessories and defenses for aircraft, ships and boxes for provisions. At the end of the war, they began to rebuild the houses and therefore wood became scarce, being the main material of all the toys that Fisher-Price manufactured. Therefore, it was sufficient cause for the company to diversify the manufacturing materials and take an even more durable material as raw material; the plastic.

Currently Fisher-Price is one of the leading brands in the children’s toy market, having a wide range of items aimed at babies on the way and up to 5 years or older. Its most popular products are assembled toys such as cars and tricycles, action figures, train sets, dolls, doll houses, accessories, musical lamps for sleeping, among others.  

Catherine Nicol and Philippe Lemoine founded l’Oiseau Bateau in 1994; They started by wholesale colorful children’s cushions with children’s drawings at a cheap price. Over the years, more cloth products were introduced, backpacks embroidered with the baby’s name and nursing cushions. In 2005, they launched a product that is not made with fabric, a lamp with low energy consumption, beginning the versatility of their products.

For the year 2010 they show their new products; Fantasy figures made of light metal to hang from the ceiling and adapted to children’s dreams that attract the attention of parents and children.  

Currently, the French brand has variety in its range of products without deviating from its origin, including various models of embroidered backpacks, musical lamps and firefly-type lamps with different figures or furniture with designs.

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