The 5 Best Swimming Pools for Children of 2022

Children’s pool – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In the hottest seasons such as summer, swimming pools usually provide relief and fun, especially for the little ones. For this reason, providing ourselves with a practical and comfortable children’s pool ensures moments of joy for our children. However, before choosing a particular model, take into account some features so that you can purchase a quality product, adjusted to your needs. The first thing to consider is the age and number of users, since this will determine the size and characteristics of the pool, in addition to the spaces available in your home. It is also important to determine if you need any additional accessories, included in some models such as inflators, seats, awnings for protection from sunlight, among others.Intex 57106NP, a round model designed with the smallest of the house in mind, with a padded base and an attractive animal design. Secondly, we highlight the Bestway 54006, a pool made of high-quality materials and in a rectangular format, selectable from 4 available sizes according to your needs.


Buying guide – What is the best children’s pool on the market?

When the heat hits, there is nothing better than a good pool of fresh water. And although there is a lack of space for adults, if you have a small terrace you can always have a small pool for children, where the little ones spend the warm summer evenings better. With the advice in our guide to buying the best swimming pool for children, you can make a safe, quality purchase that is appropriate to your needs.

user age

Despite talking about children, there are notable differences between the pools recommended for babies compared to those recommended for older users. Let us think that although the sheet of water is small, for a small child or a baby it may be enough to have a drowning problem. That is why we must adapt the size of the pool to the age of the user.

Since we are talking about cheap products, it is also not a problem to change the model from time to time. Although your common sense can be useful when choosing, it is best to be guided by the age recommendations that include all the children’s pools on the market. And in case the children are small, it is also advisable to adapt the filling level to the one that is reasonably safe for them.

The size

Whether they are round or rectangular, we can find different sizes and dimensions of children’s pools. This size must be related to the space available in our garden or terrace, also considering the need to leave a passageway and safety area between the pool itself and the walls, fences or open spaces. In case space is scarce, round models always fit better than rectangular ones, especially because they allow more adequate mobility to their surroundings.

In any case, do not forget that the larger the pool, the greater its capacity and therefore its total weight. Although we are not going to talk about hundreds of kilos or liters of water, it is something that you should consider when moving the pool, emptying it or carrying out any maintenance.


A differentiating element in your comparison of swimming pools for children are the accessories included with it. In the cheapest models, it is not usually included more than the pool itself, while other models, not much more expensive, can include accessories and other elements that will be useful to you.

Among them is a puncture repair kit that allows you to cover and suture small air leaks that prevent normal use of it. Other models include an inflator, usually standing, that allows you to inflate the pool without losing your lungs in the attempt. Finally, we have children’s pools that include additional play elements such as slides, for example.

Other models include a kind of pergolas or awnings, which protect the bathing area from the direct sun, being interesting for baby and toddler pools. If you are interested in any of these elements, make sure that it is included in the pool you are evaluating before closing the purchase.

The 5 Best Swimming Pools for Children – Opinions 2022

1. Intex 57106NP Inflatable base pool 61 x 22 cm

Main advantage:

The main advantage offered by this attractive children’s pool is its functional design, since it is fun and with an appropriate size for the smallest of the house. In addition, it offers the option to choose between two available models.


Main disadvantage:

It is a pool recommended for babies with an age range of 1 to 3 years, so it is not suitable for older children, since it could be very small.


Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a product that has an excellent value for money, which is why it has earned the trust of many parents, who recommend it as a good purchase.

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design and use

With the arrival of summer, the smallest of the house need to have a suitable space for them, where they can stay cool and safe. Thinking about it, Intex has designed this attractive pool with a round format and with three independent rings that provide support and stability. It could be the most suitable pool to begin with your baby the stage of teaching contact with water and the experience of games with this element.

Likewise, in order to provide maximum comfort, this pool has a padded floor that prevents the child from suffering a blow in the event of a fall. In addition, it offers an attractive children’s design of full color animals, selectable in two available models: bears and dinosaurs.

On the other hand, given its portable size, it is a pool that you can use on the beach; as well as putting it on the lawn of your garden, terrace and even inside a bathtub or shower.


In the market you can find some pools made of plastic of dubious quality, which deteriorate easily and do not offer a long useful life. For this reason, Intex has taken pains to provide high-end materials in its products, especially when it comes to children’s pools like this model. For its manufacture, PVC plastic of great resistance to use and the passage of time has been used. It also copes with certain climatic agents, such as direct sunlight and humidity.

Likewise, as it is a pool designed for the little ones, its structure efficiently supports the handling and intensive use that could be given to it. On the other hand, for its colorful children’s design, paints capable of resisting inclement weather without fading have been used. In addition, they are paints free of toxic substances.

Technical details and utility

It is a small pool and specially designed for children over 12 months and up to 3 years of age. For this, it offers dimensions of 61 cm in diameter, 22 cm in height and a weight of only 322 grams. It also offers a capacity of 33 liters of water, enough for the little one to have fun without any risk. However, you should not forget the importance of keeping an eye on the activity at all times.

You can easily inflate it, either with an automatic or manual inflator, so it has 4 inflation points located one at the base and three on the rings. Additionally, it has 4 air chambers that provide security and keep the pool functional in the event of a puncture.

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Bestway Children’s Inflatable Pool 

If you want to maximize your child’s fun this summer, this could be the pool you are looking for. It is a model that is not only attractive and convenient for children, but given its size and design, it is also possible for the whole family to enjoy a relaxing moment in the water. You can easily assemble it, you just need a pump and put it on a surface free of obstacles, either in the garden or on a terrace. In addition, you can select the most convenient among 4 available sizes.

It is a solid pool made of resistant vinyl 0.27 mm thick, capable of coping with intensive use. It has a capacity of 778 liters and offers a rectangular format, which favors that several adults can enter it comfortably. Likewise, it is recommended for children over 6 years of age (under the supervision of an adult).

With this rectangular blue pool from Bestway, the fun of the whole family is guaranteed, regardless of the space you have, since it offers different sizes to choose from. Next, know its pros and cons.


Materials: It is a pool made of highly resistant PVC, so it stands up to intensive use by the whole family.

Drain valve: It has a drain valve that facilitates the task of emptying the pool with a minimum of effort.

Side walls: It is a pool designed with wide side walls, which favors the stability and safety of users.

Variety of sizes: The manufacturer offers you the option to select between 4 sizes (small, medium, large and Deluxe), the most convenient according to your needs and available space.


Patches: A greater number of patches are missing to prevent water loss caused by any accidental puncture.

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3. GetGo Ball Park drop down

Perhaps the best quality-price pool for children is the 168ZBA pool at Worlds Apart. This simple and beautiful ball pool is sure to provide your little one with healthy and long-lasting entertainment.

It is ideal for babies and toddlers as it has a series of features that make it interactive, such as sensory beans with three different types of textures (rattle, crinkle and tinkle) as well as a series of holes that will allow them to learn to insert pool balls.

In addition, its installation is extremely simple as it only requires its deployment and the location of the lateral and vertical bars for the correct fastening of the canvas walls, so you will save time and effort by avoiding having to inflate it.

It has a series of characters and colors that will be really stimulating and will capture the attention of the children, which will allow you to carry out the tasks that you require while having the peace of mind of knowing that your child is safe and having fun.

In order to clarify user doubts about which children’s pool to buy, we review the pros and cons of this model, which also stands out among customer promotions.


Characteristics: This is a sensory stimulation pool, incorporating visual elements, balls and other details that will stimulate children’s senses to promote their psycho-motor development.

Installation: It does not need to be inflated, since it is a hypoallergenic canvas that stretches, placing its rods in the necessary positions to be able to assemble it correctly, so you do not need to blow to inflate it or use any device.

Safety: In addition to offering numerous elements that stimulate the senses of children, entertaining them a lot, the pool does not have small elements or any other element that implies drowning or choking for them.

Price: The price is a little above the average of its competitors, however, it is a product of high quality in its materials and that does not have major security risks.


Flimsy: Some users argue that the pool is very weak so that children, simply by leaning on the edges, can bend the structure and escape.

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4. Intex 57100NP Inflatable Paddling Pool

When thinking about the best children’s pool, it is inevitable not to consider the Intex 57100 pool. This excellent pool is marketed in two different colors; pink and green, so you can buy the one you like best.

Made of vinyl materials, the pool has a fairly high resistance to use and textures so you can allow them to use it as they wish as well as ensure its resistance for years to come.

Their floor is inflatable, which gives them an extra level of comfort as well as representing a level of safety in case they slip or fall.

It can be filled up to 57 litres, which translates to 18 centimeters in height, so you can rest easy as a parent by allowing them to use it knowing they are safe and there is no chance of drowning.

If you are someone who does not want to think about it too much, or spend too much either, and you are looking for cheaper pools, this is the best option available in the market.


Durability: The pool is made of high-resistance vinyl, so its useful life will be quite long.

Characteristics: It has a soft and inflatable floor to prevent the little ones from getting hurt when jumping or receiving a bad blow when falling into the pool. Also, the floor is slightly textured to prevent slipping on it.

Capacity: It can be filled with up to 57 liters of water, which represents about 18 centimeters of depth inside the pool. This will make you be safe because there is no risk of drowning.

Repair kit: As a precaution against the possibility of a puncture, the manufacturer has incorporated a series of patches that allow almost any breakage or hole that prevents its normal use to be solved.


Instability: Users complain that the walls are not stable, causing the child to fall.

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5. Bestway Mickey and the Roadster Racers Baby Inflatable Pool

When it comes to giving your baby the option to enjoy the water on a hot day, having a pool appropriate for their age and size is the best option. With this in mind, Bestway has designed this ideal model for the enjoyment of the little ones.

It is a pool that has a fun design that all children love, which is why it offers Mickey characters in full color. Its round format and its reduced dimensions of 30 cm high and 70 cm in diameter, make it a recommended model for boys and girls from 18 months to approximately 3 years of age.

It is made of high quality vinyl and given its compact size, once deflated it is very easy to transport, so you can easily take it to the beach and you can even use it to bathe the baby in the shower.

If you are thinking of going on a family vacation and taking advantage of the summer heat, this children’s pool could be the best option to give your little one a fun space to stay cool. Next, more information about this product.


Safety: It is a pool that offers a capacity of up to 38 liters of water and a height of 30 cm, so the little ones can easily stand up.

Design: It offers three highly padded rings decorated with an attractive full color design of the characters of Mickey and his friends.

Users: Given its size and design, it is a model specially designed for the enjoyment of children from 18 months of age.


Floor: It is a pool that does not offer a padded floor, so you should make sure that the surface where you are going to mount it is free of stones, branches or any obstacle.

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How to use a children’s pool

When the heat becomes unbearable due to the effects of the sun’s rays in the summer season, it is important to have a good pool where we can relieve and enjoy this overwhelming heat, especially the little ones in the home. It is for these reasons that, below, you will find some recommendations that will allow you to put your children’s pool to good use.

take into account the age

When you go to acquire a good pool for children, you must have the age of the child or children who will use it. This is where you can show your common sense or guide yourself by the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the recommended age, so that in this way you feel with the necessary security while the little ones enjoy their pool.

leave spaces

When you install your pool for children on the terrace or in the garden, it is recommended that you leave open spaces for the free movement of the little ones or the people in charge of supervising the children, while they enjoy the fresh water of the pool.

It has accessories for enjoyment and safety

It is recommended that you do not inflate the pool with your mouth, since these have inflators to inflate the pool. Also, put sunscreen on children, which many pools include as an accessory. Install the awning to give the children shelter from the harsh sun while they are outside the pool area.

Make sure the space is completely clean

Before installing your pool in the garden area, on the terrace or in any other place you have arranged, it is recommended that you check that no sharp object can affect the material of the pool, as well as any other object that can damage it. If you put a tarp before the pool it would be great. By doing this, I assure you that you will keep the pool for a very long time.

It is multifunctional

Apart from the fact that you can use your pool for the enjoyment of children while they relieve themselves from the heat, you can also use it as a mattress so that the child has a nap from its softness. Another function that you can find in your children’s pool is that the little one will crawl with great comfort through the softness of the inflated floor of the pool.

Make sure children are supervised

Although your pool is the ideal one for your little one in the house, since it meets the parameters for his age, never stop supervising him while he is in the pool, since, in this way, you can avoid any incident that may occur. can present while enjoying a good bath with fresh water.

Don’t throw it away because of the puncture

When children enjoy their pool and it, for some reason beyond your control, suffers a puncture and affects its inflation, do not throw it away, since you can repair it in a very simple way. Use the repair kit to saturate the affected area and the problem will be solved so that the little ones can continue enjoying their pool.

The most popular brands

Offering quality products to the smallest of the house depends on many factors, such as price, manufacturing material, among others, but mainly on the brand. That is why this time we are going to show you the most recognized brands in terms of the manufacture of children’s pools and other products, so that you have a better criterion when choosing what you want to buy.

The company Intex Recreation Corporation, formerly called The Wet Set, is responsible for the development, distribution and marketing of quality products at an affordable price, which are related to rest and recreation.

This company was founded in 1966, whose headquarters are located in Long Beach, California. The company markets its products through retail partners, both online and around the world.

Also, the company has been committed in all these years to comply with the regulations and standards that the market demands to provide the family with products that can support the safety and sustainability of the environment.

The range of products covered by this company ranges from above-ground pools, toys, inflatable beds, among others, being an organizational group affiliated with companies with a history of more than 40 years.

Intex Recreation Corporation is a trustworthy company that takes its customers very seriously, offering them quality and respecting safety standards, elevating the quality of life of its buyers.

The infrastructure of this company contains an impressive 950,000 square meters, which includes the manufacturing plant, distribution center and even dormitories for employees.

The specific name of this company is Bestway Inflatables & Material Corporation, which was founded in 1994, whose main office is in Shanghai, China. This organization belongs to the industry of creating manufactured products, which it develops and sells, specializing in inflatables for leisure, water sports and other related products.

Bestway currently ranks third in the global market for aquatic and mountain leisure products, being an outstanding and important company in the world market.

The dizzying growth of this company has prompted the creation of other subsidiaries abroad, which are responsible for managing the brand in the development, sale and marketing of its products.

In addition, the company has an extensive technical support service that provides quality service to its customers, with more than 40 service centers, which serve more than 70 countries around the world.

The company Fridola Gebr. Holzapfel GmbH, also known as Friedola, is a German factory that was founded in 1888 by the Holzapfe brothers. This company is headquartered in Meinhard, friedola Gebr. It specializes in the development and commercialization of textile products for the home and garden, as well as other solutions.

The company offers for sale to the public tablecloths, coverings for the garden and home, as well as products for the fitness area, outdoor rugs, products for the sports industry, manufacture of cushions and others for fun and leisure.

In recent years they have focused on the manufacture of products, such as swimming pools for children, having a great acceptance in the public, being Fridola one of the most successful companies in terms of sales and marketing, thanks to the fact that they have an excellent range of positive opinions among its buyers.

Fridola has always been careful about the manufacturing material of its products and the quality it offers, being a favorite brand in the market, which focuses on trends, which is why they always try to rethink regarding the products they offer. and its technology.

» Review information from previous years

Fridola Wehncke 12450 My First Pool

Ventaja principal:

Esta piscina destaca por su versatilidad. Así como puedes usarla en verano para la diversión de los niños, también podrás usarla en la ducha como bañera de tu hijo, como andador de un bebé o también como una camita.

Desventaja principal:

Uno que otro usuario se ha quejado de que el fondo se pincha fácilmente. Sin embargo, cabe recordar que debe ser montada en pisos libres de objetos filosos.

Veredicto: 9.7/10

Es una buena opción de compra si valoras todas sus prestaciones. Además, cuenta con una envidiable relación precio valor que permite estar al alcance de cualquier bolsillo.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Si tienes una casa de playa donde pasar el verano, no puedes dejar de llevar esta práctica y versátil piscina para tu pequeño hijo. Esta piscina infantil está en la cima de los modelos de su categoría y es considerada la mejor opción de compra por muchos padres que agradecen su calidad y su precio. Muchas piscinas hinchables infantiles se limitan a prestar su función como medio de diversión para los más pequeños de la casa en esos días calurosos, mientras que este modelo te puede ofrecer comodidad y diversión a otro nivel.

Esta práctica piscina infantil 4 en 1 puede ser usada cómodamente para cuatro diferentes funciones, resultando eficiente en cada una de ellas. En primer lugar, como piscina convencional te ofrece horas de diversión a tu hijo en los días de verano. También podrás usarla como una confortable camita provisional para que tu pequeño haga su siesta. Además, es de gran utilidad cuando el niño está comenzando a gatear. Y, por último, podrás meterla en tu baño y usarla como la bañera.


Cuando buscamos una piscina infantil, la idea es encontrar un modelo que se adapte a la edad del niño. Un niño mayorcito no podrá disfrutar plenamente en una piscina de bebé. Cada edad tiene su piscina adecuada. Sin embargo, como padres debemos estar siempre atentos y no descuidar por un solo momento a nuestros hijos mientras se divierten en el agua; ya sabemos que los accidentes ocurren en segundos. Este modelo de piscina está recomendado para niños con edad mínima de 12 meses hasta los 6 años de edad.

Por tratarse de un modelo rectangular con las siguientes dimensiones 138 x 96 x 38 cm, hasta dos niños pequeños pueden bañarse y divertirse perfectamente sin estorbar. Cuenta con un suelo acolchado que ofrece confort y protección en caso de una caída accidental. Sus gruesas paredes con una altura de 38 cm impiden que tu hijo se salga y si se apoya en ellas, no se deforma. Es un modelo decorado con divertidos animales marinos que les encanta a los niños.

Materiales y montaje

Las piscinas infantiles son fabricadas en plástico resistente, sin embargo no están a salvo de un pinchazo. Es por eso que al momento de hincharlas y montarlas debes verificar que el terreno sea totalmente plano, libre de escombros como piedras u objetos que pudieran dañar el fondo de la piscina. Algunos modelos como este Wehncke 12450 My first pool de Fridola incluyen un parche para solventar la eventualidad de un pinchazo accidental.

El inflado de este modelo podrás hacerlo bien sea manualmente (con tus pulmones), o te buscas una bomba de aire para que la labor no te deje extenuado. Para hacerlo rápidamente cuenta con dos aros que favorecen un llenado rápido. También incorpora una práctica válvula que facilita el desinflado al momento de guardarla. Está fabricada con materiales plásticos transparentes de gran resistencia, lo que permite una vida larga del producto, y lo mejor, libre de sustancias tóxicas que pudieran provocar una reacción adversa al niño.

Intex Piscina/barco hinchable para bebé

Entre las mejores piscinas para niños del 2022, no podíamos dejar de mencionar el modelo 57426 de Intex: esta piscina cuenta con un diseño altamente atractivo en forma de barco pirata infantil que te aseguramos le otorgará muchísimas risas y diversiones a los más pequeños de la casa al contar hasta con un timón, lo cual les permitirá dejar volar su imaginación y pretender que están navegando en ¡un verdadero barco!

Su diseño tiene doble función, el ser atractivo y además, su techo hinchable sirve como protector de los rayos del sol en caso de que la utilices en exteriores sin techo.

Tiene una capacidad de retención de agua de 83 litros, lo cuál es más que suficiente para que los pequeños disfruten de la frescura y la diversión de poder jugar en ¡la mejor piscina para niños del mercado!

Si estabas buscando la mejor marca de piscinas para niños, no busques más porque la Intex 57426 es la opción ideal para ti y tus pequeños. Lee sus pros y contras.


Diseño: La piscina ofrece unos cuantos accesorios llamativos para entretener a los pequeños en todo momento: su forma es la de un barco pirata infantil con mástil y un par de pequeños amigos que se inflan a los costados de las columnas del techo.

Protección: Incorpora un parasol con protección de rayos UVA, muy importante para esos días de verano en los que los niños pueden quemarse rápidamente.

Kit de reparación: En vista de que el uso y los imprevistos pueden reducir la vida útil de la piscina, el fabricante ha incorporado un kit de reparación compuesto por parches para solventar casi cualquier percance relacionado con pinchazos.

Precio: Tiene uno de los más bajos del mercado, por lo que aunado a la gran calidad que ofrece, el costo-calidad de éste producto es muy favorable para el cliente.

Capacidad: Puede retener una cantidad de hasta 83 litros de agua, convirtiéndola en una piscina de gran capacidad.

Happy People Piscina para niños

Y por último, tenemos para ti una excelente opción para adquirir una de las mejores piscinas baratas; la 77745 de Happy People: esta hermosa y sencilla piscina para niños está fabricada en materiales alineados con PVC, por lo que se te garantiza una durabilidad excelente además de permitirse ser utilizada en exteriores.

Su diseño se basa en tres anillos inflables que te otorgan un gran nivel de resistencia además de resultar bastante cómodo y atractivo.

Cuenta con unas dimensiones de 43 x 31 x 41 centímetros, lo cual es bastante amplio y resultará muy cómodo para que más de un niño pueda jugar en ella con mucha facilidad y confort.

Se presenta con un diseño de delfines y peces del mar que, además de resultar atractivo y divertido, le permitirán a los niños divertirse y aprender al mismo tiempo. ¡No lo dudes más y adquiere el mejor aditamento para esas tardes de verano!

Puede que quieras adquirir la mejor piscina para niños por 20 euros o que el presupuesto no sea un

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