The 6 Best Edge and Corner Protectors of 2022

Edge and Corner Protector – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If we have a restless and curious baby, who likes to discover the spaces of the house day by day, it is important that we have the help of protectors for edges and corners; so that the security of the home is increased for the benefit of our baby. In this sense, it is important that we know that, although they look alike, they are not all the same and we must take into account characteristics such as the dimensions, the materials they are made of, their fixing system and even the design. After having done a review of some of the best protectors found on the market, we have that the Happy Family Kit Protector is a high-end product, with different pieces that adapt to domestic and professional environments. Another interesting protector is the Vicloon C-50 set., consisting of 4 corner protectors and 2 meters of edge tape, selectable in 3 colours.

Buying Guide – What are the best edge and corner protectors on the market?

The protectors for edges and corners are fundamental elements with which you will avoid the risks that the little ones have when moving around the house. Risks in which a wrong step and an unprotected corner or edge can cause considerable injuries, easily avoidable with the appropriate preventive measures. If you want to know how to choose the right edge and corner protectors to protect the little ones in your house, we present our buying guide for edge and corner protectors with which you will know the aspects that you must consider so that your purchases are really safe. and effective.


Since not all corners and edges are the same, it is essential that the products we choose really adapt to the dangerous areas of the furniture and appliances in our home.

In this case, it is true that it is better than not enough, so that the surface that generates the risk is completely covered by the material.

This also affects the elements responsible for keeping the product properly fixed on the piece of furniture to be protected, since if we do not have adequate fastening surfaces, we may find that we effectively cover the corresponding corner or edge, but then we cannot hold it properly. conveniently shape the protector, which will eventually fall off or deteriorate unduly.


In any comparison to buy the best edge and corner protector that we consult, it is necessary to assess the material from which the protector is made, since there are notable differences between them and how much each one costs.

As an example, we can talk about products made of foam rubber or some type of soft foam that, although it is responsible for adequately protecting the corners and edges, if it does not have the correct density it can also cause damage, especially in the event of significant impacts.

To avoid this, we have the plastic models, which round the edges and offer a different adjustment system so that the dangerous edge is much more covered. The drawback is that this model can be released more easily since the possible tension or force exerted on a specific point can move the entire piece. 

Fixation System

As we have already seen, the fixation is something important in any comparison of protectors for corners and edges, so it is something that we will analyze specifically.

When it comes to an inexpensive product, it is often the case that the system is a strip of adhesive, often of poor quality, which may not guarantee the necessary quality of that fastening and therefore must be discarded.

In the higher quality models, these adhesives improve their grip, offering larger surfaces to offer more resistance and comfort. However, it is also common, both in products for edges and for corners, that the product is presented separately from the protection piece, so that you have to assemble it yourself on both sides.

In any case, when we talk about the edges, products that fit directly into the edges are more recommended, as long as the fixation is clearly rigid. With this fixation we avoid depending on glues and we find ourselves before physically insured products, which gives greater security. In any case, this fastening must always be firm and resistant so that security is maintained over time.


If you have come this far, you may think that the products that serve to protect edges and corners can be unattractive pieces of rubber. Luckily, the decorative aspect has also been taken into account when creating these protectors, being able to choose designs that fit perfectly with the decoration of your home.

For this, you can find products with different colors that range from creamy white to shades of walnut or chocolate brown, among others, which allow the protectors not to be too different from the original color of the furniture. Another advantage of these products is that their shape is usually rounded, so that it even looks like a new molding, both for the corners and for the edge protector, which helps to better integrate the product.

Check between the different existing versions, since it is possible that there is a special model to be able to better adapt it to the format of your home.

The 6 Best Protectors for Edges and Corners – Opinions 2022

Protecting your home for your baby, your children or even for the elderly is a way to prevent accidents and risks in your daily life. For this, you will surely be interested in knowing which is the best protector for edges and corners with which to avoid these dangerous elements. That is why we have selected some outstanding models from among the best edge and corner protectors of 2022 that are currently available, with which this protection task will surely be much easier and more comfortable.

1. Happy Family Corner and Edge Protector Kit 

Main advantage:

Its multifunctional quality is one of its main attributes, since it is a protector that offers various highly useful pieces, which adapt perfectly to any surface and environment, in order to offer a safe environment.


Main disadvantage:

The density of this protector could be improved, since apparently it does not offer the expected resistance to bites, either from a baby or a pet.


Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the best-selling and most recommended edge and corner protectors on the web, given its high quality, versatility and functional design.

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When choosing a model of edge and corner protector that prevents your child from getting hurt in the event of a possible accidental fall, one of the qualities that you should look for in the product is the high quality of its materials. With this in mind, this Happy Family protector offers you confidence and peace of mind, since safe raw materials that comply with the RoHS 2011/65/EU directives have been used for its manufacture.

It is a product that uses fillings and surfaces that have been manufactured under high quality standards, which pass the various SGS and RUSP tests, while being governed by the 2011/65/EU regulations. In this sense, it does not contain flame retardants, added chemical or toxic agents that could cause a fire; Likewise, it is free of BPA, phthalates and heavy metals such as mercury.


Since its main objective is to create a safe environment so that your little one can move around the house as he pleases, this edge and corner protector, in addition to providing reliable materials, also offers security.

For this, it is a product that has an innovative active foam, endowed with a particularly thick and dense molecular structure that favors, in the event of an accidental fall, being able to distribute the impact of the blow over a larger surface; preventing the child from being seriously injured.

Likewise, in order to provide greater safety and resistance to child manipulation, the manufacturer offers a roll of adhesive tape belonging to the prestigious 3M brand, double-sided and with great adhesion power. In addition, thanks to this advantage, it is a product that is easy to install on different surfaces.


You will receive 8 corner pieces duly padded with active foam. It also includes a pack of 4 security locks made of nylon and with adhesive tape, which can be easily adapted to the design of various furniture; so you can use them to block cabinets, drawers, kitchens, refrigerators and the toilet lid.

Likewise, it has an extra long strip with soft edges and a length of up to 6.4 m; It also comes with a 9m long 3M high quality adhesive tape. In addition, you can choose the color of your choice from several available options, so that the protector harmonizes with your decorative style.

On the other hand, it is a multipurpose kit that can be used not only in homes, but also to provide security in schools, nurseries, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, museums, etc.

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2. Vicloon Edge Corner Protector

If you have a low table with sharp edges, it is best that, before your baby collides with it, you cover its edges. To achieve this in a very simple way, the product presented by Vicloon consists of a 2 meter long tape. Such an amount could be more than enough to cover the edges of the table. In the same way, if it is square or rectangular, you can also reduce incidents in the corners, with the 4 protectors that are included in the set.

Another aspect to comment on is that the fact of placing such protectors will not damage the finishes of the furniture in question, since its adhesive is firm enough to stay in place, but it is easily removed without leaving residues. 

On the other hand, you have the option of choosing the protective tape in 3 different colors, ivory, black or purple, so that the appearance of the furniture is not affected.   

Now you can learn more highlights in the pros and cons section of this product.


Technology: The tape has been made with a foaming process, which better cushions impacts.

Hold: Since the tape has a curved design, it covers surfaces better, eliminating edges.

Resistance: It is a flexible and durable product, which you could use again, if necessary.


Length: It is recommended to previously measure the entire perimeter that you want to protect, to verify that the 2 meters of this protector are sufficient for the project.

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3. LinGear Thick Corner and Edge Protector Kit

It is common for babies to savor everything within their reach, so it is important that edge protectors are made from toxic-free materials.

In this sense, the LinGear brand has placed special emphasis on making its version of protector with high quality materials, which do not have substances such as phthalates and BPA, among others. Therefore, it is a safe and very soft material, which will fulfill its purpose.

Plus, because it comes on a 5-meter-long roll, you’ll be able to fit more of a dangerous spot, without having to make another purchase. In the same way, its 8 cornerbacks will be very useful in case there are vertices to cover.

Before making any purchase, it is best to be well informed regarding the advantages and possible drawbacks of each market proposal.


Design: This protective tape has a width of 13 mm, which allows better coverage of the edges, compared to similar ones that are thinner.

Hygiene: The material is waterproof, so it can be easily cleaned without damaging it.

Versatility: Not only can you use this tape on furniture, it is also suitable for wall corners, which expands its use options.


Color: If you want a protector that is not so easily perceived on light furniture, you should look for another option, since this model is only available in purple.

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4. Th-some Locn 29 Piece Baby Safety Kit

Th-some, always thinking about the safety of the little ones in the house, offers you a convenient protection kit that will help you reduce the risk of domestic accidents.

The product is made up of a total of 29 pieces, among which a rubber band with a length of five meters and 10 corner pieces stand out, which will allow you to cover the edges of tables, furniture or doors. In this way, the blow will be cushioned in case the child hits that area.

Likewise, four safety locks for the cabinets and the same number of plugs to be used on the doors are attached, which will prevent the child from hurting his fingers when manipulating the door and reduces the sound when adjusting it. Finally, you will find 10 plugs for the plugs. Thus, you will not have to worry about the child trying to insert his fingers into the sockets.

Those who want to leave domestic accidents caused by plugs and impact on sharp edges of furniture in the past will like to know the positive and negative aspects of this set of protectors.


Manufacturing: All the pieces have been manufactured with ABS polymer, which is a highly resistant thermo-insulator, soft to the touch and free of toxic agents.

Set: This set is quite complete as it incorporates a total of 29 pieces of protection for power outlets, doors and edges of some home structures.

Assembly: You will not need any tools or construction work for its assembly, since they are easily adjusted pieces and some of them are provided with adhesive.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the pieces by simply rubbing a damp cloth over them.


Protection tape: Depending on the size of the edges to be covered, the length of the protection tape could be insufficient.

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5. Pinpoxe Protector for Corners Edges Anti-Shock Foam

Statistical data reveals that a good number of childhood injuries occur inside the home, due to sharp edges and corners of furniture. For this reason, it is essential to take precautions and prevent your little one from getting hurt and for this, there is nothing better than having a resistant and safe edge protector, like this product that Pinpoxe presents to you.

It is a protector with an elongated format, specially designed to provide protection against any impact, to your child or any older adult. It is made of ecological PVC plastic and highly resistant to deformation and tearing, it is also free of odor and toxic elements.

Likewise, it offers a length of 6 meters and its transparent design does not interfere with your decoration. In addition, it also has a high-quality adhesive tape and is recommended for installation on furniture, beds, drawers, tables, fireplaces, countertops, etc.

The protection and safety of your little one is a matter of absolute priority. For this reason, if you are looking for a highly resistant edge protector, we invite you to learn a little more about this model.


Resistant: Because it is a protector made entirely of PVC plastic, it is a product that withstands child handling (tears and bites), without deforming and without affecting its performance.

Materials: PVC plastic has ecological qualities and is free of odor and toxins such as lead or phthalates.

Design: It offers a transparent appearance that adapts perfectly to any piece of furniture or decorative style, without altering the aesthetics of the environment.



Impacts: Since it is a plastic protector without foam padding, greater impact absorption is missing.

Adhesive tape: Apparently the adhesive tape has not turned out to be as resistant as expected.

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6. Clevamama Baby Edge and Corner Protection

The Clevamama 7105 model has a 4-meter-long continuous protection strip, initially designed to protect edges, but with a bit of skill in assembly you can also use it to protect corners.

This is important because this product does not include separate corner protectors like all the ones we have discussed before.

Luckily, the independent 3M tape system allows you to adjust the distribution and placement of the product to what you need at all times.

Although the system requires more time to assemble the product, the truth is that it also allows you to have the perfect assembly depending on the type of furniture you want to protect. For this you have a piece of high-density foam that guarantees the protection that the smallest of the house need.

Being one of the cheapest, the Clevemana 7105 could also become the best protector for edges and corners for 15 euros:


Adaptation: Although it does not include corner pieces, you can freely cut the 4 meters of protectors and create them yourself.

Soft: It has a good thickness of rubber so it absorbs impacts well to prevent children from being seriously injured.

Installation – Included with your purchase is an installation manual that can give you ideas on how to position the guards to get the most out of them.


Adhesive: Perhaps this is not the model with the most powerful adhesive on this list since several users have let it be known that their children have been able to remove it.

Investment: therefore, they recommend investing a little more in a higher quality adhesive and replacing it in order to make correct use of the protectors.

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How to use an edge and corner protector

To ensure the safety of children at home or to prevent the elderly or disabled from suffering accidents with the edges of the tables, the protectors for edges and corners are the ideal solution, since your babies or people with reduced mobility will not suffer bumps or accidents in those places. To clear your doubts regarding the use of this product, I invite you to continue reading.

Check the instructions of your product

Before proceeding to use the corner and edge protector, it is important that you read the instruction manual of your product, because in that document the quantity in meters of the size of the edge protector is specified, as well as how many corner pieces it comes with, as well as the size in meters of double-sided adhesive tape, allowing you to know in advance how many tables or edges you can place them on. You can also check the contents of the package, as some models optionally include practical locks for cabinets that are very useful in the home.

Proceed to clean the corners and edges of your table

It is important to clean the edges and corners of your table with a dry cloth before placing the protector, in this way you will be removing any dust or grease that may be present so that the fixing process is optimal.

Start by placing the corner pieces on the table

To do this, take a corner piece and place the adhesive tape on the inside and on both sides to ensure optimal fixing, cutting the necessary pieces of tape. Some models include the adhesive on the corners; just remove the sticker and proceed to place it on the corner of the table. Repeat this process at each of the corners of the table until all four corners have their respective corners.

Measure the edge where you want to place the protector

To find out the exact amount of protector to put on the chosen edge, take the protector and place it on the edge from the cornerpost to maintain the continuity of the border, so that you can measure the amount to use until the beginning of the next cornerpost; Make sure you measure well so you don’t under- or over-protect. Then, cut that measure of protector and proceed to place the adhesive on the inside on both sides, measuring the amount of adhesive with that of the protector.

Place the protector on the edge of the table

Once the adhesive is placed on the protector, remove the sticker from the adhesive tape on both sides, place it on the edge of the table from where the corner ends, guaranteeing the continuity of the protector so that it looks good aesthetically. Make a gentle pressure on the entire edge protector until it is completely fixed.

Continue this process on the rest of the table edges. In case your table is round, just measure the amount of edge protector to use, along with the adhesive tape and place them properly.

The most popular brands

If you want to choose some protectors for edges and corners that really ensure the protection of the baby, it is important that in addition to reviewing the characteristics of the product, you also know the brand. For this reason, we have grouped here three brands that users have recommended as the best in the market according to their experience.

GHB is a brand that offers a range of products for users, having in its catalog electronic equipment for various regular tasks at home, and more specific products such as protectors for edges and corners, which are intended for the area of ​​babies and their watch out.

Thus, you can find in its general catalog items such as dental irrigators, pet shavers, electronic equipment for the car, HDMI adapters, lamps, heart rate monitors, physical training equipment such as gymnastic rings, girdles, stairs for functional training, etc..

As for the baby area, the options are also varied, having products such as baby monitors, changing mats, bibs, thermometers, among others. In the case of protectors for edges and corners, users highlight that they are very easy to install and that they offer a good level of protection so that the child can move safely through the spaces. For the manufacture of its products, it tries not to use toxic and odorless materials, in order to contribute to the care of the infant’s health.

What began in 2014 as a small family business is now one of the top favorite brands for many users. Bebe Earth’s reach has reached various countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, receiving the most positive comments, with thousands of units of its products sold and constantly being marketed.

Its main objective is to provide satisfaction to its users, and to simplify people’s daily lives, trying to make it simple and fun with the use of its different products. The products they offer meet all the necessary requirements demanded by various international organizations that measure quality standards, but really, quality is evident by itself in each copy that reaches customers.

Its virtual store has been redesigned and thanks to that it is possible to locate and find the items of interest much more easily. On the other hand, product reviews are included that allow you to view the opinions of other customers and a customer service was developed in which you can count on an assistant to clarify doubts about use, and collect the feedback you have as a consumer.

Innobeta is a company whose motto is: “It’s about innovation; it is about seeking perfection through continuous improvement.” Following this, users can be guaranteed a large number of products manufactured with state-of-the-art technology.

Its catalog identifies various proposals for various commercial sectors, for example design, with the offer of 3D printers; the home and kitchen sector with products such as humidifiers, thermometers, gloves, diffusers and kitchen programmers; technology, with products such as mobile screen protectors; and, finally, that of babies, where the protectors for edges and corners stand out.

In each design, the commitment that the brand has to offer optimized solutions is evident, because the appearance of each product is minimalist, but at the same time it is a robust and, above all, efficient structure, according to the user experience.

On the other hand, they have guarantee and money-back services, which, together with the options they make available to the customer to communicate with the company, generate a lot of confidence in them, an aspect that not all brands offer their consumers.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Mama Bear Protection Para Esquinas y Bordes

Ventaja principal:

La banda de 5,5 metros de largo hace más sencillo proteger incluso los filos de mayor tamaño o medida, ya que además cuenta con un grosor considerable, que permite proteger de forma eficiente cualquier borde que tengas en casa.

Desventaja principal:

El protector se presenta en colores algo clásicos (claro, oscuro o marrón) de modo que en aquellos muebles que sean de color rústico o diferente puede que no encaje demasiado bien el color. Aunque es algo meramente estético, claro.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Un protector de bordes y esquinas con un bonito diseño y que evita buena parte de los riesgos que existen en tu hogar.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Características básicas del protector

Para que dispongas de una cobertura adecuada a lo largo de todo el filo que estés pensado proteger, este modelo ha sido fabricado con una goma de alta densidad y grosor. Esto tiene la ventaja de que incluso apretando con fuerza la goma, esta no se deforma ni tampoco permite acceder al filo, lo que otorga una mayor protección a tu pequeño por muy fuerte que sea el golpe.

Otro aspecto importante de este material es que soporta de forma adecuada el paso del tiempo, de modo que no se va degradando como ocurre con otros materiales. Esto contribuye tanto a la seguridad de tu bebé, como a mantener el buen aspecto del protector, que por su diseño y forma tampoco desluce las características del mueble donde se coloca.

Medidas y diseño

A fin de que puedas cubrir adecuadamente muebles o incluso mesas de gran tamaño, este producto cuenta con una tira continua de hasta 5,5 metros. Esta tira puede cortarse en función de lo que necesites, para que la labor de cubrir tus muebles sea más sencilla. Una labor en la que también dispones de las 8 esquineras incluidas con el producto, contando con una superficie total de protección de aproximadamente 6 metros.

En cuanto al diseño, dejando de lado el tema del color, si es cierto que ofrece un formato agradable, con un diseño semicircular similar al de una bonita moldura, que una vez montado es más agradable a la vista que los diseños planos, además de ofrecer una mayor seguridad a la hora de proteger los bordes.

Sistema de fijación

Una de las ventajas de este protector de bordes y esquinas es el sistema de fijación y montaje del producto. Para ello el protector se acompaña de una cinta adhesiva de alta calidad y doble cara, que permite lograr una fijación de alta resistencia. Algo en lo que la calidad de la cinta fabricada por 3M tiene mucho que ver, ya que este sistema impide que la cinta se separe incluso con el paso del tiempo o la limpieza.

Esto también ayuda al proceso de instalación de la misma. En concreto, es preciso fijar la cinta al protector, una vez que hayas tomado las medidas correspondientes para que quede ajustado. Una vez fijado sobre el protector, solo tienes que retirar la otra tira protectora del adhesivo para dejar el producto firmemente anclado al mueble que quieras proteger.

GHB Protectores para Esquinas y Bordes Bebe

Dentro de la gama de protectores de esquinas y bordes baratos encontramos el modelo GHB 4M. Un modelo tradicional que incluye cuatro metros de tira protectora de bordes, de formato en L y con sistema adhesivo de 3M.

En este caso el adhesivo también se acompaña desmontado, con los inconvenientes que hemos mencionado antes. No obstante, este protector de esquinas para bebé, para personas mayores o como simple seguri

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