The 8 Best Baby Booties of 2022

Baby Booties – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Booties for newborns have been used for generations, and are still offered for their functionality to protect feet from cold, chafing and help keep them warm during the first months of life. In this sense, we have prepared a list with the most outstanding models in this category, headed by the Patucolandia Malva y Violeta, a handmade woven shoe with a beautiful finish suitable for babies from 0 to 3 months. For its part, the LaPatukera Converse All Star model stands out for its fun design that emulates the classic rubber sneakers, a model available in denim blue, also crocheted.



The 8 Best Baby Booties – Opinions 2022

Now we invite you to learn about the products that stand out for their characteristics, functionality and appearance as the best bootees for babies of 2022, with a concise and clear description to make it easier for you to choose the footwear that your baby needs to be warm in his first months of life.

Crochet baby booties

1. Patucolandia Handmade crochet booties

For the autumn-winter season, Patucolandia has designed these crochet baby booties, made by hand and with a beautiful finish. This model stands out for the combination of colors and decorated design on the upper of the shoe, giving it a delicate touch, ideal for a girl.

As for the materials used, it is worth noting that these booties have been made with a combination of 60% wool and 40% dralon acrylic. The latter is a very soft, light and warm synthetic fiber, which is also hypoallergenic, so it is totally safe for the delicate skin of babies.

For all these characteristics, we could consider this model as the best baby booties in our selection. Now, regarding the care of this footwear, it is recommended to wash by hand although it also admits machine washing, but at a maximum temperature of 30°. 

If you review the opinions of other users about this product, you will notice that some consider it the best baby booties of the moment and for this reason we summarize its pros and cons below.


Composition: The wool fabric in its construction provides softness to babies, while the dralon fibers are hypoallergenic, warm and safe for little ones.

Size: This model is suitable for babies from 0 to 3 months, but if you are interested in a larger size, you can contact the manufacturer and request it. 

Care: The bootees can be machine washed, although the most recommended is by hand.

Packaging: The product comes in a cardboard box and a bag, a suitable presentation as a gift.


Drying: The booties cannot be machine dried, so they must be hung to dry in the shade, which will take longer. 

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2. Edoton Baby Winter Wool Crochet Booties Boots

This model of crochet baby booties is suitable for winter because it has a boot design, with a very nice finish, ideal for girls, and it is available in different colors: white, grey, black, red and pink. In addition, their low cost and good preparation allow them to be recognized as the best price-quality baby booties.

On the other hand, the inside of the boots has a fleece lining that favors the warmth of the feet so that the baby stays very warm. As for sizes, you can choose this model in three different sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months.

You should know that these shoes have a non-slip base that is very safe for when the baby begins to take her first steps, and the booties are very easy to put on and take off thanks to the Velcro closure. 

If you don’t know what baby booties to buy for a girl in winter, this model is a good alternative, so we invite you to learn about its most outstanding features.


Lining: These crochet booties have a fleece lining inside to keep baby’s feet warm during winter.

Closure: The velcro closure allows you to quickly put on and take off the boots.

Colours: This model is available in white, black, grey, red and pink, so you have several options to choose from and combine with the baby’s outfit. 


Size: It is recommended to order a larger size, because the measurement can vary from 1 to 2 cm in relation to the size of the feet. 

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Crochet baby booties

3. LaPatukera Unisex Crochet Baby Booties Converse Style

Crochet baby booties were always one of the first gifts grandmothers gave to their grandchildren, made by themselves, and are still used today, but this knitting technique has been adapted to new fashion trends to offer beautiful designs, attractive and contemporary.

Such is the case of this LaPatukera model that has been woven emulating the design of the Converse All Star American rubber sneakers. 100% cotton has been used to make these booties, while the opening system is through some laces, easy to adjust. 

Regarding the size, this model can be adjusted for babies from 0 to 9 months. You can also order it personalized with the initial of the child’s name instead of the star logo. 

For all its advantages, if you do not know which are the best baby booties, we recommend you review the summary of the characteristics of this model below.


Design: This shoe has a very attractive design because it resembles Converse sneakers, a fun touch for the baby’s outfit.

Confection: The booties are knitted by hand, with the crochet technique and 100% cotton material to offer good breathability and shelter to the baby’s feet. 

Size: This model can be used for babies from 0 to 9 months, as they are adjusted with a lacing system, adaptable as the baby grows.


Washing: It is not recommended to use a machine to wash these booties, not even on a delicate cycle. 

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4. Exoh Newborn Baby Knit Socks Crochet Sandals

The various designs of crochet baby booties allow you to have a wide range to choose the most beautiful, delicate and attractive ones, especially if they are for girls, all this without spending a lot of money because you can get cheap models.

In this sense, Exoh offers beautiful sandals, ideal for summer or spring, in watermelon color and with a flower on top that favors its delicacy. 

It is necessary to point out that its manufacture in wool offers a soft and comfortable texture for the baby. On the other hand, the size of these booties is recommended for girls up to 6 months of age, while their closure system is by means of a pearl white button that gives the design a more beautiful finish. 

Before deciding whether to buy this model or not, we invite you to know the list of pros and cons that we have distinguished in it.


Fabric: The booties are crocheted entirely from wool to offer a soft texture for baby feet.

Price: It is one of the cheapest products in our selection, so it can be an affordable gift for the birth of a baby in the family.

Format: The sandals design and the decorations that these booties have make them appropriate to wear in summer or spring and complement a pretty floral outfit.


Information: The manufacturer does not offer much information about the product or the possibility of ordering it in a different size or color. 

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Handmade baby booties

5. Borbolettas Booties for Newborn Babies type Converse

The simplicity and beauty of handmade baby booties have been present in families for generations, a gift that grandmothers made themselves for the arrival of a new baby. Today this practice is maintained thanks to the artisans who make these beautiful accessories that you can give to the little ones in the family.

One of them is this Borbolettas design, which fuses the urban style of Converse sneakers with the classic bootees, crocheted in high-quality mercerized cotton. 

You must take into account that this product is made to order and its size is adaptable for babies from 0 to 3 months of age. In addition, its construction allows it to be used at any time of the year, keeping babies’ feet warm during the winter and covering them during the summer, without compromising perspiration on hot days. 

If this model has caught your attention, we advise you to read the pros and cons that we distinguish in its characteristics.


Design: The design of the booties emulates that of the Converse sneakers but in crochet, keeping the detail of the laces and the lateral star.

Construction: The booties are made with high quality cotton, so there is no risk of allergies on the baby’s delicate skin. 

Breathability: This shoe provides good breathability, keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. 


Washing: The maintenance instructions for this product only recommend hand washing.

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Baby girl’s booties

6. Sterntaler Baby Schuh Baby Boots for Girls

Available in white, purple and pink, these booties for baby girls are made of fabric both on the outside and on the inside lining. Likewise, the sole is made of fabric, while the heel is flat, being suitable for growing babies who have not yet started to walk.

Due to its plain design, this model can be combined with different clothing sets, while offering good protection against the cold for the autumn and winter season.

Additionally, the texture of these booties is very soft, so they are very comfortable for babies. As for the type of closure, these incorporate quick laces that allow the shoe to be adjusted correctly.

Regarding sizes, this model is offered from number 15/16 to 22 in the European table. As you can see, this product has several characteristics that are worth summarizing below, to have a clear idea of ​​all its pros and cons.


Fabric: The booties are made of fleece fabric on the outside and also of fabric on the inside to offer efficient protection against the cold.

Sole: The flat heel sole is also made of fabric with a non-slip design to prevent falls when babies start to take their first steps. 

Laces: The booties are adjusted with elastic laces and a locking system, so they are easy to put on or take off. 


Colours: This model may require a printed or more fun design. 

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Knitted baby booties

7. Carapins Baby Boy 8 Pairs Knitted Baby Booties

When the birth of the baby is approaching, the concern of the parents is focused on having clothes, blankets, accessories and everything that the little one will need to be comfortable and well warm.

In this sense, the Carapins set is a good alternative if you want to buy several pairs of cloth shoes to have plenty of spares that combine with all the baby’s outfits. 

Of the 8 pairs, 4 are knitted baby booties, while the remaining four have a boot design. They are all easy to put on, offer a soft texture and provide warmth because they are made of cotton and polyester to offer good breathability and resistance to washing. 

Due to the quality of its products, some users think that Carapins is the best brand of baby booties and this set is one of the most popular in its catalog, so we invite you to read the summary of its pros and cons.


Pieces: This model is made up of 8 pairs of booties for babies from 0 to 3 months. 

Fabric: The shoes are made of cotton and polyester, a combination that offers softness, good breathability and resistance to washing. 

Design: Each pair of booties has a different design, 4 are boot-like and the other 4 are sock-like, but they all come in neutral, easy-to-match colors. 


Price: This set is a bit expensive when compared to other models in this selection, but the number of booties makes up for the investment.

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Wool baby booties

8. Celavi Baby Wool First Walker Shoe Unisex Baby

For cold days, wool baby booties are the ideal accessory to keep little ones’ feet warm, especially if they are already at the stage of taking off their socks.

For this reason, we recommend this Celavi model as slippers to wear at home, the nursery or any outing with the baby where you need to keep your feet warm, especially during autumn or winter.

These booties can be chosen in 8 different shades, and most are unisex because they do not have details that define their use for girls or boys. For its part, the outer wool construction gives it good resistance, especially for those who are starting the crawling process.

As for the size, this model can be chosen for babies from 3 to 6 months to children of 3 years, being easy to put on and take off thanks to the velcro closure. Now, we have a summary of the features of this product separated into pros and cons.


Design: These booties have a totally unisex design because they have no decorations or prints, they are also available in different colors, easy to combine. 

Material: The outer and inner fabric of these booties is made of wool, so it offers good breathability, a soft texture and protection against the cold.

Sizes: This model is available in different sizes, which can be used for babies from 3 to 6 months, up to children of 3 years.


Cost: This model has a slightly high price that can affect your budget. However, the quality of these booties corresponds to the value paid.

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Accessories for baby booties

Baby Booties Patterns

Anja Tissen Creates Hats And Booties With Crochet Series Patterns 

If you know how to crochet or crochet and you want to make shoes for newborns as a gift or an option to generate extra income, you should buy a magazine like this one with patterns for baby booties with which you can make various models of hats and booties.

There are 15 designs in total that can be decorated with ribbons and buttons to increase its attractiveness as an original gift, a piece of clothing that will protect the little ones from the cold at their feet. The author of this magazine is Anja Tissen, a German manual artist who creates her own patterns with tutorials to market them on the Internet. 

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Shopping guide

Properly choosing the first clothes of babies is very important, because the little ones need to stay warm and comfortable every day. Thus, among the most used garments to protect them from the cold are the booties, socks or crocheted boots, in general, which are used for newborns. If you don’t know much about it, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best baby booties and find out what the most important aspects are when choosing shoes of this type. 


As it is a children’s garment, you will notice in any comparison of baby booties that the most common materials are cotton, natural and acrylic wool, as well as other breathable fabrics.

The idea of ​​using this type of material is that they do not cause allergies in the delicate skin of babies, that they breathe normally and that they have the necessary protection or shelter, especially if it is the winter season. 

In the case of natural wool and acrylic used in many handmade models, each of them has certain characteristics that can tip the balance when deciding which material is the best. Natural wool is very soft and warm, but it is not machine washable. The acrylic composition, on the other hand, may be a little more rigid, but it resists machine washing and spinning very well, offering greater resistance to use. 

In many cases you will find composite materials, that is, natural and synthetic fabrics are combined. This mixture is very positive to achieve a durable, resistant and functional product. 


Now, the market for baby booties is so wide that you can get a wide variety of models, designs and prices that vary depending on the type of clothing.

The most classic are the handmade ones, made entirely by hand with the crochet or crochet technique, a work that has been practiced for generations and that is the favorite activity of many grandmothers who entertain their little grandchildren with sets of clothes made by themselves..

On the other hand, there are boot-design booties and a more industrialized manufacturing. Of this type there are so many models that vary in colors, prints, designs and materials that can be chosen according to the season or the combination of clothes. 

In this regard, it is also important to verify what type of closure the footwear uses, since it can be with a button, elastic laces or Velcro, each of them with their particular advantages to favor the placement of the bootees.


The size of baby shoes is similar to that of clothes, since it is generally classified according to age, so you can get booties for babies from 0-3 months, and the range increases from 3-6 months, 6-9, 9 -12, 12-18 months, and so on, being possible to get some models for children up to 2 and 3 years old. 

However, it is important to note that the classic design of booties is geared towards babies. Even so, many models incorporate an anti-slip element in the sole to prevent the baby from falling if she begins to take her first steps. In this way, the bootees give them the necessary security to start walking. In general, this does not affect how much the footwear costs, since it is a complement that does not make the final product more expensive, but rather gives added value to its functionality. Even so, you should know that handcrafted and hand-woven models rarely include this non-slip base. 


As the booties have the function of keeping the feet of newborn babies warm, it is important to check what type of internal lining they have, even when it is an economical product. 

If you do a quick search you will see that the models for the autumn-winter season can have a fleece lining to keep your feet always warm, while offering a pleasant texture to the touch.

Other models only include a thick fabric and a sock-like design that covers the baby’s foot well and up to the middle of his little leg. On the other hand, the booties for summer and spring that, almost always, can be crocheted do not have an extra fabric inside, since the crochet stitch gives them good perspiration for those very hot days. 

With this information you can choose with more fundamentals the bootees that you want your baby to wear, or in any case give a very functional gift to the next member of the family, choosing some nice and warm booties.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use baby booties?

Baby booties are mainly used to protect little feet from cold, chafing or moisture, offering the greatest comfort for little ones. They can also be a good protector when the baby begins to crawl, preventing their feet from being in direct contact with the cold ground. And when he’s ready to start walking, you can put booties on him with a non-slip base that help him be more secure in his first steps.

Q2: How to make baby booties?

If you have skills with crochet, you can make some nice booties if you have at hand a 3.5 mm needle, scissors, balls of cotton 3.5 of the color you want the booties and a ball of white 3.5 cotton. In addition, you must know how to do the chain stitch (pc), the half double crochet (hc) and the slip stitch (sl) to get a nice design. 

Now we explain the step by step: 

  • Start the first round of the sole, making a chain of 12 stitches, then make a half double crochet (hc) from the second to the eighth, and in the last chain three hdc should be made. 
  • Now you need to turn around and knit from the wrong side. To do this you must make 8 mpa in the first pc, and when you reach the last one, two more mpa are necessary. With a slip stitch (sl) in the first hdc you can finish that round. 
  • On the second round you should chain two from the sl st and add a hdc at that point. 
  • Next, work 8 hdc in a row, and 2 hdc in the next three stitches to finish with 8 half double crochet.
  • For the last stitches make two hdc and finish them with a slip stitch in the second stitch of the previous chain. Then chain two on the last round with 1 hdc at that point.  
  • Now you should work 2 hdc in the back stitch, adding 9 hdc and another 2 in the next six stitches. 
  • To finish this first part you will have to work 9 hdc and 2 hdc in the last stitches, finishing the round with a sl st in the second chain. 
  • It is time to knit the piece, knit two sc and hdc 38, finishing the round with a slip stitch in the second chain made. 
  • Chain two more and add 10 hdc, repeating 2 hdc 10 more times. In the seven stitches available make 7 hdc and finish with a slip stitch in the second chain stitch. 
  • Again, make two sc and 10 hdc in the ten stitches in a row, to knit 2 hdc five times. 
  • On the sixth round, work 7 hdc and close with the sl st in the second chain, then work a raised chain stitch with eight single crochets, closing the chain with another single crochet where the chain began. Finally, he makes 13 single crochet and completes the round. 

Q3: How to clean baby booties?

It is important to read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the care and washing of your baby’s clothes, particularly booties. If these are woven with natural wool, they should be washed by hand with a mild detergent, rinsed well and allowed to dry outdoors or in the shade. 

For their part, the fabric and fabric models with synthetic compounds can be machine washed, using a gentle wash and spin cycle, so you can wash it with the rest of the baby’s clothes, taking care of it like any other garment.

Remember to avoid abrasive detergents, with strong odors or excessive softener, because for some babies the booties are their main scratches, so it is very normal for them to put them in their mouths. 

Q4: What material should baby booties be made of?

Being outerwear for babies, the sole can be made of cloth or fabrics with cotton and wool to reduce the risk of allergies and chafing. Likewise, the material must be flexible and of good quality so that it does not limit the movement of the little ones.

For its part, the internal lining can be made of polar fleece or another material that keeps the feet warm and provides good perspiration so that the little one is comfortable. 

Q5: How long should the baby wear booties?

There are several contradictions on this subject because, although bootees have been used for generations, some pediatricians currently recommend avoiding the use of any footwear in small babies, as well as socks, since they affirm that it is better to keep them barefoot so that they can move his toes freely, which favors the development of the foot and strengthens them for when the baby begins to walk. 

Now, on the other hand we must consider the fact of cold seasons in which babies, especially newborns, need to keep their bodies warm. So we could say that the booties can be used moderately until the baby begins to walk and wear ergonomic shoes that favor the strengthening of the feet. 

Q6: How to use baby bootees patterns?

On the Internet you can find thousands of easy patterns to knit with one or two needles, in the same way in craft stores or digital platforms you can buy balls of wool in different colors to create a unique and special design. Now, if you don’t have much experience with crochet, you should seek help from a friend or person who knows how to knit, so that they can explain the pattern diagram to you, since the number of stitches, measurements and the parts of the bootees are shown there. if they are knitted in separate pieces. 

Q7: Are handmade baby booties safe?

As long as these are woven with natural wool or cotton fabrics, they will be very safe for babies, as the risk of allergies is reduced because natural materials are harmless to their delicate skin. On the other hand, acrylic yarns are also safe, recommended for their resistance and good texture, as well as being breathable and warm for babies’ skin.

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Lulinto Zapato patuco azul hecho a mano a ganchillo

Otro modelo diseñado para niñas son estos patucos de bebé hechos a mano, tejidos a ganchillo con lana 100% acrílica, por lo que su lavado es muy sencillo porque se puede realizar a máquina con un centrifugado suave y sin riesgos de que se encojan.

Su fabricante es Lulinto, una marca dedicada a los productos artesanales donde la técnica amigurumis y el tejido a ganchillo son los más usados en sus creaciones. 

En el caso de estos patucos, podemos mencionar que son de color azul cielo y tienen un detalle en el dorso de una flor con puntos rojos. Su tamaño es indicado para bebés de 3 a 6 meses de edad y su ajuste se realiza a través de un botón.

Este modelo es muy versátil y puede combinar con diferentes estilos de ropa, siendo apropiado para los días frescos de verano o primavera. Ahora, te invitamos a leer el resumen de los aspectos positivos y negativos de este producto. 


Material: La lana acrílica es el material de estos patucos, por lo que se puede lavar a máquina con total seguridad y tienen un buen nivel de resistencia. 

Confección: Este modelo hecho a mano se ha tejido a ganchillo, una técnica antigua pero que no pasa de moda por la delicadeza de sus diseños.

Acabado: La textura de los patucos es confortable para la delicada piel de las bebés y el detalle de la flor favorecen su acabado bonito y femenino. 


Colores: El fabricante no tiene este modelo publicado en otros colores, así que tendrás que consultarle si lo quieres de otro tono. 

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