The 8 Best Baby Foods of 2022

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Parents want to give their children fresh, natural and healthy food. But, the lack of time, among other things, makes it difficult to make homemade jars. In this sense, it is possible to obtain commercial alternatives of very good quality, made with natural ingredients and a preparation without additives. Such is the case of the Hero Baby Buenas Noches, a jar with a rich formula developed for babies over 6 months, free of preservatives and without starch. On the other hand, Nutribén Varied Flavors is a healthy alternative to feed your child with delicious recipes that include 4 different flavors.

The 8 Best Baby Foods – Opinions 2022

For decades baby jars have been the ideal complement for feeding babies, due to their practicality to eat anywhere. Currently, most of these packaged foods dispense with additives, sugars, palm oil or other ingredients that are not so healthy, in order to offer a balanced nutritional contribution. We show you some of these products in our selection of the best jars of 2022. 

baby food hero

1. Hero Baby Good Night Jars of Vegetables with Cream

The Hero Baby Buenas Noches jars are an excellent option to feed your baby healthily at dinner time. Its formula contains ingredients of certified origin, 100% natural, and its production covers up to 300 controls, which speaks for itself of high quality standards. It also does not include dyes, preservatives or starch.

This nutritious and healthy food is recommended for children from 6 months of age. Among its vegetable ingredients, the following stand out: peas, green beans, potatoes and carrots. It also contains skim milk, virgin olive oil, cream and cooking water.

The product is presented in a practical pack of 12 units, packaged in 6 groups of 2 jars of 190 gr. Also, once you open the can, if the baby does not consume all its contents, you can keep the food for up to 24 hours in the fridge.

This could be the best jar to feed your baby at dinner time. Learn more about this product.


Formula: Its high-quality formula includes 100% natural ingredients, free of starch, preservatives and dyes.

Vegetables: Contains carrot, potatoes, green beans, onion and peas, easily absorbed vegetables.

Users: It is a recommended food for babies after 6 months of age.

Presentation: The product is presented in a practical pack of 12 units.


Allergens: These jars contain skim milk and cream, so they are not recommended for lactose intolerant babies.

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2. Hero Baby Vegetable Jars with Turkey Delights

Hero Baby is a leading brand in infant nutrition and Hero baby food jars are products that enjoy the support of many parents and caregivers, who trust in the quality of their preparation. To do this, this manufacturer uses processes similar to those you would do at home, such as cooking and sterilization in a bain-marie.

This could be the best baby food of the moment, if what you are looking for is to integrate animal protein and vitamins from vegetables into a single food. In this sense, each 235 g jar contains potatoes, peas, tomato, celery and carrot. It also includes turkey meat, olive oil and rice. Everything with its respective cooking water, which favors its creamy texture.

In addition to this, it is a product specially formulated for celiac babies, since its ingredients are gluten-free. It also does not contain preservatives or artificial colors.

With the support of a reliable brand, we invite you to read below the most outstanding characteristics of these delicious jars.


Presentation: With the purchase you will receive a pack containing 12 jars of 235 g each.

Content: These are jars that contain a formula rich in natural ingredients of plant and animal origin (vegetables and turkey meat).

Gluten-free: It can be eaten by any child over 6 months, since its preparation is gluten-free.



Metallic spoon: Although it is not considered a disadvantage as such, the manufacturer recommends the use of a non-metallic spoon when stirring the food.

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Nutribén jars

3. Nutribén Pack of 24 Jars in Assorted Flavors

If you are looking for the best jar to give your baby a balanced, nutritious and easily digestible diet, Nutribén offers you these delicious and healthy recipes recommended by many on the web. In its single package you will receive 24 jars with different flavors, without added salt or sugar and free of palm oil.

These Nutribén jars offer a pack that includes 6 jars flavored with chicken and potatoes, 6 flavored with chicken, beef and green beans, 6 more with a delicious recipe for hake with carrot and peas and, finally, 6 jars where the child you can taste fruit salad with cereals.

These are selected ingredients of the highest quality and mixed in proportions suitable for the baby’s age. Similarly, its formula does not contain preservatives, additives or dyes, which favors a healthy diet and easy absorption at the intestinal level.

If you want to complement your little one’s diet with these healthy and nutritious jars, we invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of this product.


Varied flavours: Thanks to the diversity of flavors included in the pack, the baby will be able to taste up to 4 different recipes.

Healthy: Its ingredients are free of dyes, additives and preservatives. Likewise, no salt or sugar is included.

100% EVOO: For its preparation, virgin olive oil has been used, so it does not have palm oil.


Texture: The texture of some flavors has turned out to be thicker than expected.

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Nestle baby food 

4. Nestlé Fruit Puree Sachet 

Nestlé is a trusted brand for many parents, so it is not surprising that Nestlé baby food is the first choice when, for whatever reason, parents need food prepared and ready for the baby to eat.

So that you have enough jars to avoid having to make such frequent purchases, this package consists of 16 bags of 90 grams each. In addition, it is a recipe that includes pear, banana, orange and apple. In general, it is a very rich jar that babies like and represents a good supply of vitamins.

It is worth mentioning that this selection of fruits is recommended for babies 4 months and older and its sweet taste comes directly from the fruits that make it up, since it has no added sugars. Similarly, it has no preservatives or other additives, so you can give it to your baby with confidence.

This product is rated among the best baby food of 2022. Get to know its most outstanding aspects in detail.


Quantity: The package includes 16 bags of 90 grams, so you can have them on hand when they are needed.

Cleaning: Due to its plastic dispensing nozzle and bag format, the food can be easily offered to the baby, without contaminating what remains inside. 

Presentation: By transporting this food in your maternal bag, you do not have to worry about its container breaking. Another aspect that provides practicality,


Content per bag: For babies older than 4 months, the amount of each bag can be very little.

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ecological jars 

5. Nutribén EcoPotitos Vegetables from the Garden with Beef

It is normal that when you have a 6-month-old baby, who can already eat enough food, you worry about offering a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins. 

In this context, if you don’t know which jar to buy, the Nutribén 6-jar pack can be a good alternative, since its ingredients include vegetables from organic practices. In addition, the recipe for these organic baby food has no salt or added sugars, as well as no gluten, milk or spices. In this way, you will not have allergy problems due to its intake. On the other hand, add beef, an important source of good quality protein for your baby. 

So that you can extract the food comfortably, the mouth of the jars is wide and each one brings 235 grams. This way, you can offer the right portion at each meal.

Nutribén, due to the quality of its baby products, could qualify as the best baby food brand. Do not forget to take a look at the qualities of this pack of 6 units.


Origin: The ingredients of this recipe come from ecological sources, for a natural and nutritious diet.

Quantity: Each jar has enough quantity for one serving, avoiding food waste.

Practicality: Since the purchase comes in a pack of 6 units, you can have enough for more than one occasion.


Fragility: Although the glass container is ecological, it is a presentation that implies greater risk to be transported.

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Baby food Smileat

6. Smileat Multifruit Jar Pack of 12 x 130 g

Among the category of organic baby food, Smileat multifruit jars are well positioned because they do not include milk protein, sugar or gluten. 

Due to the quality of its organic ingredients, this food has organic certification, highlighting that its raw material is of Spanish origin. In addition, the glass container facilitates its subsequent recycling for efficient consumption.

Smileat’s fruit puree is made with pear, apple, banana, grape juice and lemon, its texture is soft and pleasant to the baby’s palate. It should be noted that it is a healthy product because it does not contain added sugar or salt, and its preparation, as if it were a homemade meal, helps to better preserve the nutritional quality of the fruits. 

Many users trust this brand because it has more than 30 years of experience in the organic food sector. For this reason, we summarize the pros and cons of this Smileat jar.


Ingredients: The organic foods in this puree are pear, apple and banana, as well as lemon and grape juice. 

Certification: Vegebaby has an EU organic certification to support the naturalness of its products.

Preparation: With an artisanal preparation, Vegebaby jars do not use thickeners or concentrates to achieve a smooth texture, preserving their nutrients.


Quantity: This jar comes in a 130g container, and sometimes it does not seem to be enough for babies with a lot of appetite.

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fruit jars

7. BabyBio Fruit Delight Pack of 2 x 130 gr 

For babies’ snacks, there is nothing better than homemade fruit jars, but if you don’t have time to prepare them, you can always rely on organic and certified products such as those from BabyBio.

This brand offers its fruit delight preparation, 130 g jars with a variety of fruit purees such as blueberries, apples, peaches and pears, from organic farming, and which are processed without using sugar, thickeners, or chemical preservatives. All this, with the intention of offering a healthy and completely natural product for feeding babies. 

According to the manufacturer, this food is suitable for babies from 4 months of age, since it does not have lactose, nuts, eggs or gluten. In addition, it is presented in 130g containers, in a pack of 2 units with a competitive price to be considered one of the cheapest in our selection.

Below we mention some of the characteristics of this product selected in positive and negative aspects.


Origin: The fruits used in this puree are grown in France, from organic farming and are carefully selected to maintain their quality.

Recipe: The preparation of this jar avoids the use of sugar, gluten and thickeners to achieve a texture that is pleasant to the palate of babies.

Trajectory: With more than 20 years of work, BabyBio has the French AB Agriculture Biologique certificate and the Ecological Certificate of the European Union, which ratify the organic quality of its products. 


Pack: This jar is only offered in a pack of two units.

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Hipp jars

8. Hipp Multipack Mela Gol 6x80g

For decades, Hipp jars have been recommended for being made with naturally ripened fruits, free of pesticides and fertilizers, being better for the diet of babies, whose body is very sensitive.

In this sense, the Hipp Multipack can be a good purchase because it comes with 6 apple jars of 80 g each, being individual portions suitable for a snack or to give as a dessert after a meal.

In this way, the consumption of naturally processed fruits, without sugar or additives, can be introduced at the beginning of the complementary feeding of babies, reducing the risk of choking due to solid and hard foods, when they have not yet developed enough. force to carry out chewing. 

Since 1960, Hipp has dedicated much of its work to the baby food sector, and for this reason generations of users trust its products. Now, we invite you to read the pros and cons of this jar, to decide if they are appropriate for your baby.


BIO Quality: The Hipp brand has been a pioneer in researching organic foods for its infant nutrition line, with 260 quality controls.

Ingredients: These jars are made from golden apple and low-acid apple juice, which have been cooked with flour and rice starch for a delicious texture.

Taste: A natural and well accentuated flavor of the golden apple can be perceived, a good start for complementary feeding. 


Size: Different presentations regarding the size of the jars are missing.

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Shopping guide

After 6 months of life, the introduction of solid foods in the babies’ diet begins, still maintaining breastfeeding as the main source of food. At this stage, you can buy fruit or vegetable jars to feed the little one; But before choosing any product on the market, we recommend that you review our guide to buying the best jar and offer your baby good quality food.

fruits or vegetables

The objective of starting complementary feeding in babies is to introduce fruits, vegetables and meats that offer a high content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, necessary for the healthy growth of the little ones. Well, a balanced diet will allow them to achieve good physical and cognitive development to be healthy and strong. 

In this sense, the best jars are those made with 100% natural ingredients. If they are made from fruit, they must have a high percentage of natural fruit, without added sugars, since it contains fructose and it is not necessary to recharge the babies’ bodies with refined sugar.

These jars are ideal for a snack or as a dessert after a homemade porridge. But, if you are looking for more complete meal alternatives, you have the option of choosing pureed vegetables with beef, chicken or fish.

All these foods have adequate nutritional content for the age of babies, most from 6 months, taking into account the nutritional needs of children.


The motto of numerous baby food brands today is that their products have been prepared “as you would do at home”, emphasizing steam cooking and, later, processing the ingredients with their own liquid, to preserve the greatest amount of nutrients. In this way, a natural and nutritious product is obtained, to be sure of offering the best food to babies.

Meats are also included in steam cooking, adding some spices and vegetables to enhance their flavor. However, it should be noted that it is important to choose jars that do not contain added salt or sugar, since babies should not consume high amounts of these elements.

In general, the amount of sodium and sugar present in the nutritional table of baby food is that which is naturally in the ingredients. In this sense, it is important to always review this information when making a comparison of jars, to know what is the percentage of each food present in the purée. 

Also taking into account children allergic to cow’s milk protein, many baby foods avoid the use of lactose in their recipes, as well as gluten, eggs, artificial flavors, among other additives that could be harmful to the health of children. the little ones.


Before looking for a cheap jar or first checking how much it costs, we must verify the certificates it has, especially if you are interested in fruits and vegetables coming from sustainable agriculture. In this case, the jars must have the ecological seal of the European Union, which indicates that the food does not contain genetically modified organisms.

In addition, the autonomous communities of Spain also grant certificates to producers and manufacturers of organic products, which must comply with rigorous procedures to obtain said seal. A sample of these is the certification of Andalusia, CAAE, present in Smileat jars.

On the other hand, some pioneering brands in organic baby food have their own biological quality seals, determined by hundreds of controls and a sustainability philosophy that they have implemented for decades, as is the case of HiPP.

Presentation and conservation

The jars, for the most part, come packaged in glass jars for better conservation. Many of them have a shelf life of more than 6 months or 1 year, so the best way to store them is in glass jars that go through a sterilization process.

In this sense, you will notice that the jars come in different presentations with respect to quantity. The most popular are the 235g ones, but so are the 190g, 250g, 130g and 80g jars. The latter are ideal for snacks or as a dessert. 

Now, many of these jars come in a pack of several units to facilitate the purchase for parents, in this way they can acquire 6 jars or more with competitive prices and good discounts. There are also packs of 2 units, ideal to carry in the baby’s bag and always have a jar on hand when the baby is hungry.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to make baby food?

Whether fruit or vegetables, the ingredients for your baby’s jars must be very fresh, and if they are organic, much better. To start, you must wash them very well and chop them into pieces to steam them in a short time. In this case you can use a special food processor like the Babycook. But, if you don’t have you can use a common steamer. To process them, you can add the cooking broth to preserve all the nutrients in the food and use a glass or hand blender to grind the food, until they have a smooth consistency, without lumps and easy for babies to eat. 

Finally, you can add olive oil to the puree when it is ready, and remember to avoid sugar or salt in the preparation, since the food must be as natural as possible for the child’s body.

Q2: How to introduce the veal in jars?

Veal meat is included in the baby’s diet after giving him fruit and vegetable purees, following the pediatrician’s instructions. For cooking, it is recommended to do it separately, since each ingredient has its own cooking time, and you do not want them to lose their flavors or nutrients by overcooking them. The meat should be chopped into small pieces and you can steam or microwave them for periods of 1 minute or 45 seconds, checking the doneness.

When you have soft vegetables and cooked meat, you can mix the ingredients in the blender, adding vegetable broth until the jar is homogeneous and has a smooth texture. To finish, you can put a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

Q3: How to freeze baby food?

It is recommended to use glass jars to keep the jars in the freezer, preferably fill them with the freshly made puree and close them when hot, so that a vacuum is created that will prevent the growth of bacteria. The ideal is to leave about 4 cm without filling so that when the liquid expands it does not break the jar. 

In the case of commercial jars, you do not need to freeze them while they are closed, and once opened you can refrigerate them for 24 or 48 hours, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q4: How to heat jars?

Both commercial and homemade jars can be heated in a bain-marie or in the microwave, but it is recommended to stir constantly with a plastic or silicone spoon to dilute the frozen parts and distribute the heat evenly. Before feeding the baby, the heat test should be done, you can place a little puree on the back of your hand or eat a little to check that it is not too hot for the little one. 

Q5: When to give baby food jars?

The introduction of jars to the baby’s diet generally begins after 6 months. For its part, the fruit jars are ideal as a mid-morning snack or after lunch. They are also ideal during a walk when the baby shows restlessness for hunger. In the case of vegetable and meat purées, these are suitable for lunch and create the baby’s habit of sharing the table with the family at this time of day. What is a fact is that jars are practical to offer to little ones at any place and time of day to satisfy their hunger. 

Q6: What brand of jars is the best?

In the market you can find numerous manufacturers of jars, but those that have more years of experience and have specialized in natural foods for the little ones are Hipp, Hero, Nutribén, among others, who have earned the trust of users for generations.. The reason is simple: their jars taste good, their nutritional table meets all the nutritional needs of babies and they have certifications that corroborate the quality of their products, the follow-up they make to organic ingredients and additive-free preparation. So you can be sure to choose any of these brands to offer your baby a complete and balanced diet. 

Q7: How to preserve homemade jars?

Homemade jars can be stored in glass jars, previously sterilized. With the freshly made mixture you should fill them, leaving about 4 cm of free space and close them well, while they are still hot. It is advisable to label each portion of jar with the date of preparation and the ingredients used, to have control of the food prepared. 

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