The 8 Best Baby Gyms of 2022

Baby Gym – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

As babies grow we must provide them with the means to achieve optimal psychomotor development. In this sense, a baby gym could be the right option to provide them with new experiences that stimulate their senses and contribute to their sensory development; with colors, sounds and various textures. For this reason, one of the best models could be the Baby Einstein 11749, an activity blanket that includes a pillow and a musical piano with 20 sounds. Another product recommended by many is the Bright Starts 10754, a multifunctional gym that allows you to use it as a center for educational activities and also as a ball pool.



The 8 Best Gyms for Baby – Opinions 2022


Below, you will find 8 of the best baby gyms available on the market, appropriate to offer the little ones the right tools to discover sounds, colors, textures and shapes; which favors and encourages the development of their motor and cognitive skills in a fun way.

baby gym blanket

1. Baby Einstein 11749 Music Discovery and Activity Gym

Many consider this model as the best gym for babies today, since it is a wide and comfortable blanket of approximately 87 x 68 cm. Here your child will be able to discover her environment while he learns and has fun, since it has been designed to encourage his psychomotor development and his cognitive abilities. It can be used either with the baby lying on his back, on his stomach and even when he is able to sit up.

It is a baby gym blanket that offers contrasting and attractive colors; It also has seven toys, including a rattle, a crinkle medallion, a musical piano with magic touch technology, a mirror, educational cards and a prop pillow. In addition, it has 70 different sounds and phrases.

With these elements the child will be able to develop their senses, especially their visual and auditory acuity, while learning about different textures and shapes; all in a safe and comfortable space.

This could be the best baby gym of the moment, given its design and functionality, which favor your child’s learning. Analyze its pros and cons.


Toys: It has toys with different textures, colors and sounds, which will help the development of the senses and the understanding of the environment.

Piano: It has a piano with magic touch technology so that your baby can easily play it with his hands or feet, inside or outside the blanket.

Pillow: Includes a soft pillow that favors the child’s comfort either in the face down or face up position.


Thickness: A thicker padding is missing in the blanket, in order to provide extra comfort to the baby.

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2. Tiny Love Magical Tales with 18 development activities

As parents we are always looking for the best for our children and this baby gym blanket, belonging to the “Magical Tales” line, has been created by experts in child development, which is why it stands out among the best baby gyms of 2022.

It is a gym that brings together up to 18 functions in a single entertainment space, since it encourages fine and gross motor skills, the development of the senses and their cognitive ability. Since newborns are unable to see the world in color, this model offers a range of black and white toys and items; which favors the understanding of the environment.

On the other hand, the blanket has a padded surface that provides maximum comfort to the child while having fun. In addition, it has arches that adapt to the growth of your baby, so you can conveniently adjust them according to the position or size of the child.

If you don’t know which baby gym to buy, you could consider this model to enhance the development of your little one. Here are its pros and cons.


Materials: It is made with excellent quality plastic and fabric, since in addition to offering easy cleaning, they are also reliable materials.

Variety: The manufacturer gives you the option to choose the gym among 7 available models, according to your preferences.

Characters: Regardless of the design you choose, it is a product that includes adorable and attractive characters for the little ones.



Washing: In order to preserve the useful life of the dolls, it is advisable to wash them only by hand with a mild detergent.

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Baby Activity Gym

3. Bright Starts Your Way Ball Play Gym 5-in-1

If you are looking for a gift for an expectant mother and you do not know which is the best multifunctional baby gym, this versatile model could be the most suitable; since in addition to the activities offered by the didactic blankets, it also allows you to turn it into a ball pool so that the little one can enjoy the most at home.

It is an activity gym for babies that stands out in its category, since it has four padded side walls that you can easily adapt according to the needs of the child: up to create a pool of balls and down to expand the space and according to your child’s growth.

In addition, it includes a variety of animal-themed children’s toys, in attractive colors and textures that the little one can explore and thus learn about the world around him. Also, thanks to his electronic elephant you can enjoy 20 minutes of happy melodies.

If you are looking for a product that entertains and at the same time promotes the neurological development of your child, this gym could be an excellent option. Know its pros and cons.


Set: 35 colorful balls and a handy storage bag with handle are included; it also offers attractive figures of animals that entertain the child.

Size: The blanket measures 1.21 m; so it has enough space to provide comfort to the baby while playing.

Versatility and variety: It is a model that can be used as an activity blanket and also as a ball pool. In addition, you can choose between pink or green.


Balls: The material of the balls could be improved. However, they do their job.

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4. Tech Traders Newborn Baby Playmat Musical Activity Gym

Few of the cheap products on the market could give you the quality that this Tech Traders baby activity gym. It is a model that gives your child the opportunity to develop their motor and cognitive skills, while having fun and exploring the textures of the toys it contains, adopting different positions comfortably and safely according to their development and physical maturity..

The gym contains musical activities, a soft toy, fun and attractive animals, different textures, a safety mirror that promotes self-awareness and an easy-to-clean quilted blanket that will make playing a safe and educational activity.

The development of motor skills and the strengthening of muscles in general are some of the benefits that you can offer your baby with this complete gym. In addition, for all its features and its affordable cost, this could be the best value for money baby gym at the moment.

If you want to pleasantly surprise an expectant mother, this activity gym could be an excellent option for its quality and for being one of the cheapest on the market. Read on to learn about its pros and cons.



Design: It has a cheerful design in bright colors that will visually stimulate the baby, while exercising and having fun.

Sounds: Includes sounds and music that favors the child’s auditory development.

Assembly: It has an easy assembly system, so you can assemble and disassemble the gym without any problem.


Batteries: Batteries are not included, so to enjoy this activity blanket you will need 3 AAA batteries.

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Fisher Price Baby Gym

5. Fisher Price Musical Gym Animals Mattel CHP85

Fisher Price is a brand with a long history worldwide, known for manufacturing toys of excellent quality and great educational value that favor the sensory and cognitive development of children. 

This Fisher Price baby gym, weighing only 585 g and easy to carry, has been designed to entertain the little ones, since it has 5 figures of jungle animals designed in full color and taking care of every detail. It also includes sounds and music that amuse and entertain babies.

Among the dolls stands out a striking musical lion with two sound modes: one short and one long lasting 10 minutes; which you can also take with you anywhere, since it is a portable toy that works with 2 AA batteries (not included). Likewise, to facilitate the cleaning of the blanket, you can wash it by machine.

Fisher Price could be the best baby gym brand, given the quality and functionality of its products. Next, we present the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Usefulness: It is a model that favors the development of gross motor skills, enhances sensory capacity and arouses curiosity in children.

Portability: The gym can be placed both on the floor and in the cradle, since it is a portable and totally flexible product.

Toys: Offers a giraffe, a monkey, a cockatoo, a zebra and a musical elephant, all with attractive colors and interchangeable.


Dimensions: A wider blanket is missing that offers the baby extra space to explore.

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Ikea baby gym

6. Ikea Leka Baby Gym Birch

Ikea is a multinational corporation originally from Sweden, which has a long and recognized history in the manufacture and sale of furniture, decoration objects and household products in general. Taking into account its experience and high quality, this Ikea baby gym could be a practical and functional alternative to entertain your little one, while promoting their learning.

The simple and minimalist design of this children’s gym is one of its qualities. To do this, its structure is made of high quality wood and includes 3 hanging figures designed in toxic-free ABS plastic, highly colorful and with different shapes; which favors the development of motor skills and eye-hand coordination in the child.

Recommended for babies from 0 to 18 months, this is a gym that you can set up on a padded blanket to provide enough comfort for the little one.

For having the support of a recognized brand and also for offering an affordable cost, you could consider this model in your comparison. Pay attention to its pros and cons.


Colors: This design has figures in bright colors that could attract the baby’s attention and stimulate their visual acuity.

Minimalist: It has a practical and minimalist design, easy to assemble and place on any stable surface.

Cleaning: Its design and materials favor easy cleaning, which you can do by simply passing a damp cloth.


Texture: Toys with different textures are missing so that the child can discover diversity through touch.

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Wooden baby gym

7. Bieco 23913373 Baby Game

The best gift is one that, in addition to being fun, turns out to be a tool that encourages the development of the smallest of the house; In this sense, this wooden baby gym, with its simplicity and functionality, could be your best ally when it comes to entertaining and encouraging psychomotor skills in your child.

Bieco has arranged in this solid wood gym with dimensions of 95 x 62 x 48 centimeters, different hanging toys with Betty the lamb motifs, which stimulate the child’s motor and intellectual development, while having fun and entertaining. It is a suitable model for the stage in which babies discover the world through touch; Likewise, thanks to its colors, it also promotes the development of sight.

In the same way, once the little one gains height and maturity, he will be able to lean on him to take his first steps or play with his pieces from another perspective. 

This is a resistant product, easy to clean and that will also encourage your child to develop their abilities. Read the pros and cons of it below.


Materials: It is a gym made of high quality wood, robust and reliable, free of toxic and light.

Functionality: Thanks to the accessories that it integrates, the baby will be able to enjoy the side rings and the hanging toys.

Variety: You can choose the design of your choice from a wide range of available models.



Portability: Since it is a rigid model made of wood, it cannot be folded; so its use outside the home could be limited.

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piano baby gym

8. Vtech Friends at the Play Blanket Park

We know that with so many options offered by the market, choosing a particular model is not as easy as you think; however, this piano baby gym might be what you’re looking for. It is a complete and attractive interactive blanket that allows your child to fully develop his senses while playing.

The baby will be able to use the gym in different positions; face up to stimulate gross motor skills and coordination, so she can play with the different hanging toys. Likewise, she will be able to play upside down and entertain herself with the musical piano and, when her muscular development allows it, she could play sitting down with the tree.

The hanging toys included are 3 figures of fun animals designed in full color and a flower with a mirror that promotes self-discovery. In addition, it has a blanket that provides a comfortable surface so that the baby can explore without any risk.

Safe, reliable and of high quality, this children’s gym could be a good purchase. We invite you to learn more about this model.


Removable piano and tree: It has a tree that will light up when the child activates it. In addition, the piano with large keys with melodies, songs and sounds will encourage your little one to activate it by kicking or using their hands.

Evolutionary game: The gym adapts to the growth of your baby, since it can be used lying on its back, stomach or sitting.

Melodies: Includes 6 songs and 20 melodies that the baby can enjoy while playing and learning.


Color choice: You will receive the gym in a random color, so you will not be able to choose a particular shade.

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Shopping guide

A gym for babies is a tool that we can provide our children in their first months of life, to the benefit of their physical and cognitive development. To choose the most suitable model, we want to offer you this guide to buying the best baby gym, where we present the parameters that you must consider so that your purchase is successful .


Baby gyms were conceived to provide entertainment and stimulation to the little ones. They are products that offer striking colors, music, games and textures, in order to help in the development of motor skills, visual and auditory acuity and exploration of the environment.

They are also known as didactic rugs or blankets and are recommended for babies from two months of age. Its main objective is for the child to discover her environment as she grows and develops, so that her abilities and her senses are enhanced with correct stimulation.

If your child is 2 to 4 months old, you can put him on his back and thanks to the hanging toys, grasping, motor coordination and body movements are stimulated. When he is able to support his head by himself, you place him on his stomach to encourage crawling and exercise his muscles. For this reason, given their didactic and recreational function, they are products that have earned the trust of many parents.

Although all children’s gyms favor the development of skills, some provide greater sensory and psychomotor stimulation than others. That is why, beyond how much a particular model costs, you should pay attention to the benefits it provides and how it could benefit your little one.

For this reason, in a comparison of baby gyms it is essential that you evaluate the functions offered by each model and the skills you want to develop in your child and, based on this, choose the most convenient one.

Materials and safety

One of the qualities that you should pay attention to is the materials with which these products are made, especially the bows, blankets and toys that it contains; which must be reliable, safe and suitable elements for the use of the baby.

For this reason, it is essential that toys and accessories are made with materials free of toxic substances; Likewise, they must be toys with a size that does not represent any risk if the child takes them to the mouth. Likewise, they must be smooth and with rounded edges, in this way the baby will not accidentally hurt himself when handling them.

Likewise, the blanket must be resistant, washable, padded, safe and wide, so that the baby can play and explore his environment in total comfort. Likewise, the bows must be made of padded material, preferably flexible and adjustable in height, so that they can be adapted to the size of the child.



From a good and cheap gym to an expensive and sophisticated model, in the market you can find a whole range of options for all tastes and needs. For this, you will find from the most basic ones that have some toys that hang from the arches, to models that include elements equipped with technology; such as musical toys that emit sounds and melodies with just a light touch from the baby or light-up toys that are activated to attract the attention of the little one.

Most of these products are usually portable and easy to handle, so you can put them in any room and even take them on a trip or a walk. Likewise, there are gyms that integrate a blanket and others that come only with the arch of hanging toys. There are also those flexible ones that adapt to the crib and that allow you to take them with you anywhere.

Likewise, among the toys and the design of the rug, the animal theme tends to predominate, so many of the motifs are fun and attractive figures of animals full of color; some with a plush texture and others made of soft plastic. Although there are also motifs of an animated character or caricature.


In order to prolong its life and maintain hygiene, it is important that you choose a model that is easy to clean. Since it is a product to be used continuously with your baby, it is prone to food or urine spills; so a machine washable blanket would be a good option. In any case, the fundamental thing is to provide your child with a hygienic space where she can play and learn safely.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a baby gym?

A baby gym is a didactic blanket or rug, an entertainment center for your little one, especially thinking about stimulating their senses, since while they develop physically they improve concentration and explore their environment.

If you have just purchased one of these products, you should evaluate its functions and its usefulness. For this, it is important that you read the included user manual so that you proceed with the correct assembly of each of its parts; from its structure to hanging its toys. These gyms are usually placed on the floor, preferably on a rug or blanket, in order to provide maximum comfort to the child. Also, remember that the baby must always be supervised by an adult.

Q2: How to make a baby gym?

According to the needs of the baby you can design a home gym for your little one to play and have fun, learn different textures, colors, shapes and sounds. With a little imagination and easy-to-find materials, you can do it.

You’ll need a quilted blanket, an arch that could be a hula hoop lined with brightly colored ribbons or fabric, and a variety of sensory toys to hang from the gym frame so your baby can touch them with their hands and feet. You can also add a musical toy, rattles, safety mirrors and endless accessories that stimulate the baby.

To do so, you can search online for any tutorial that serves as a guide to develop this project.


Q3: When to use a baby gym?

It is advisable to use them from 2 months after birth, since at this age is when the baby has managed to develop sufficient muscle mass to carry out this type of activity that stimulates his motor and cognitive development. After 4 months of age, it is recommended to limit its use or modify its functionality, so that the baby not only plays with hanging objects, but also encourages him to lie face down to stimulate the development of the muscles of the back and cervical area. 

Once he has achieved sitting (approximately 6 months), he could continue to use it and play in this position. It is important to highlight that the child should not spend long hours in this type of activity.


Q4: How to clean a baby gym?

This process will basically depend on the model you have purchased; since there are gyms for babies that you can disassemble to clean each toy separately and wash the blanket in the washing machine using a gentle cycle and neutral soap. However, this cleaning is not applied in all cases, so it is advisable that you consult the user manual provided by the manufacturer and thus be able to carry out an effective cleaning that does not compromise the useful life of the product.


Q5: Where to put the baby gym?

Regardless of the space you have at home, it is essential that you place the gym in a safe place, away from the traffic of people or pets, protected from drafts and direct sunlight. Likewise, it should be in a place where you can constantly visualize what the child is doing. You can put it directly on the floor, carpet, rug or put it inside his crib. The idea is that the little one feels comfortable and can entertain himself while he learns.

Q6: What functions does a gym develop in the baby?

From the moment of birth, the baby requires sensory stimulation that contributes to its physical and mental development. With a gym your child could improve his grip, exercise his reflexes, his muscles and he will be encouraged to crawl safely; because the padded surface will be a space that provides confidence for the little one. In the same way, the colors and sounds offered by these products positively stimulate vision and hearing, while developing concentration, memory and other cognitive abilities. In addition to this, babies are interested in exploring their environment and improve their psychomotricity.

Q7: Which baby gym is better, V Tech or Fisher Price?

Although they are two excellent brands recognized in the toy market, where each one offers reliable and high quality products; Fisher Price stands out for having a history of more than 90 years, so its experience manufacturing children’s products makes it worthy of an impeccable reputation. In this sense, Fisher Price baby gyms are products that have a functional design, specially designed to enhance all of your little one’s skills.

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