The 8 Best Baby Rompers of 2022

Baby Romper – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the essential garments for newborns and babies in general are rompers: one-pieces that cover the arms, torso and legs of the little ones, allowing them good freedom of movement. So we made a compilation of the best products in which the Mimixiong Baby Footies stands out, a knit garment, whose construction is 100% polyester with a soft touch and breathable design. This model is available in white and grey, neutral tones and totally unisex. In addition, you can choose from size 0-6 months to 18-24 months for a correct fit, depending on the baby’s age. For its part, Simple Joys by Carter’s S47G010offers a pack of three colorful bodysuits, with a zipper design from the ankles to the chin, for easy donning and diaper changes. Due to its fleece lining, this set is ideal as pajamas for winter, so you can keep your baby warm.

The 8 Best Baby Rompers – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for clothes for your little one, we invite you to discover our selection of the best baby rompers of 2022, products that stand out for the quality of their fabrics, designs and comfort that they offer for little ones, which also have very positive evaluations by Other users.

Knitted baby romper

1. Mimixiong Baby Footies Knit Romper Jumpsuit

Keeping the little one warm during the winter is the main concern of parents when the temperature begins to drop. For this reason, it is advisable to dress him with a knitted baby romper like this model from Mimixiong, whose elegant design will give a classic touch to the children’s wardrobe.

This romper has been made with 100% polyester, offering softness to the touch and maintaining efficient perspiration for the baby’s comfort. In turn, this fabric provides good resistance to washing while preserving its delicate appearance. For the cuffs and feet, it can be rubbed by hand to remove stains and dirt accumulated in these areas, without the use of bleach that can damage the fabric.

Regarding the colors, you can choose this garment in white and gray. In both models the buttons are made of wood and provide a nice detail. 

Due to all these qualities, some users believe that this is the best baby romper of the moment, and, consequently, we have summarized its pros and cons below.


Material: The garment is 100% polyester, a soft fabric that allows the baby’s skin to perspire properly. 

Sizes: This model is available from size 0-6 months to 18-24 months and the manufacturer’s measurement table makes it easy to choose the correct size.

Style: The knit fabric and full coverage style give it a classic touch, current for its attractiveness and functionality to keep the little one warm.


Price: Because it is a single puppet, the value seems high. However, the romper’s rugged design justifies the purchase.

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2. Pinklu Long Sleeve Small Ear Wool Tie Hat

This is another knitted baby romper that stands out in our selection for its winter appeal and functionality, especially the included hood and fleece accessory to add extra warmth to the face on windy days. 

Due to this characteristic, the Pinklu model can also be suitable for spring and autumn, it is also offered in sizes from 3 months to 2 years, so you have several size options to choose the appropriate one for your baby, being considered a good option if you want the best baby romper.

As for the fabric, this is cotton, so it does not cause allergies, is warm and resistant to machine washing, although it can also be hand washed if you prefer. For its part, the cute design of the ears on the hood give it a fun and unisex finish, so for many users it is the best answer if they do not know which baby romper to buy.  


Colours: This model is available in khaki, pink and grey, very pretty tones that you can combine with other garments such as bodysuits.

Sizes: You can consult the measurement table to choose this model from size 3-6 months to 24 months.

Design: The knit fabric gives it a nice finish, in addition to being very functional the hood with the furry accessory for windy days. 


Feet: This romper does not cover the feet, so you should put thick socks and booties on babies when they wear this garment in the winter. 

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Baby boy’s romper

3. Simple Joys by Carter’s 3-Pack Loose Fit Flame Resistant

Carter’s is positioned in the children’s clothing market with this baby boy’s romper, a pack of 3 pajamas made of fleece that are appropriate to wear during winter. 

Of this model we highlight its colorful design, since each pajama has a different and very fun print. On the other hand, its format with long sleeves and that completely covers the feet offers warmth to the little one for cold nights. 

Regarding the comfort of the garment, we must mention that the zipper goes from the chin to the feet, thus facilitating diaper changes. On the other hand, it stays away from the chin thanks to the hug tab. 

As for the feet of the pajamas, they have a non-slip grip, which is safe for babies who are learning to take their first steps or are already walking. 

Carter’s wide variety of products and children’s clothing allows it to position itself as the best brand of baby rompers, according to its buyers. In the case of this model, we separated certain positive and negative aspects that we saw among its characteristics.


Protection: The fabric of these rompers are fire resistant, providing additional protection.

Maintenance: This product can be machine washed, without compromising the design of the print.

Pack: It is a set of 3 pajamas with a beautiful design and an outstanding value for money.


Feet: On some babies, pajamas are very baggy around the feet.

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Baby girl’s romper

4. Tuc Tuc Romper for Babies

Choosing a baby girl’s romper can be difficult, especially with the wide variety of designs, colors and patterns available. But, among all of them, this Tuc Tuc model stands out for the delicacy of the print and the color combination.

It is a design of cute and fun sea animals, combined in pastel tones with a completely white background. In addition, all the print is centered on the front of the romper, that is, the back is completely solid.

As for placement, this is very simple because part of the buttons are on the back and the other snaps are on the legs, which makes changing the diaper easier without completely undressing the baby.

For now, this model is available in sizes 3 and 6 months, and because it is made of cotton it is ideal for seasonal changes, so if you are interested in buying it, we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Print: The white design with the print in pastel colors and marine motifs give this garment a very pretty and feminine finish.

Adjustment: The buttons on the back make the placement of this model very comfortable, as well as the snaps on the legs that simplify diaper changes.

Care: This garment can be machine washed because it is made of cotton and elastane, it also resists maximum temperatures of 30°C, so it can also be used in the dryer.


Sizes: Larger sizes for babies 12 and 18 months are missing.

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winter baby romper

5. Minizone Baby Hooded Rompers Flannel Winter Clothes

Minizone has a wide catalog of baby clothes, with beautiful, eye-catching designs suitable for the different seasons. So, if you need a winter baby romper, we invite you to discover the characteristics of this fun model.

It’s a hooded romper made with flannel fabric and a quilted design that covers from head to toe to keep baby warm on winter days, especially when you’re out and about with him.

The unisex design of this romper with a bear shape on the front gives the garment a very playful touch. For its part, the placement is very simple with the front closure and the snap buttons, which go from the neck to the feet, which makes changing the diaper very easy. 

We highlight some features of this model in the following summary of pros and cons.


Coat: The texture of the romper and its hooded format offer an efficient coat to go out with the baby on cold days and prevent the wind from hitting him directly in the face.

Closure: The front buttons that go from the neck to the feet make it easier to put on the garment, as well as to change the diaper.

Design: This model is available in different colours, with a bear design with eyes and ears on the front, so depending on the chosen tone it can be completely unisex, ideal as a gift if you don’t know the sex of the baby.


Size: The largest size of this model is for 12 months, missing larger garments for babies of 18 and 24 months. 

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summer baby romper 

6. Petit Bateau  Bibou Baby Romper

On hot days it is best for babies to wear comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothing, which is why this summer baby romper from Petit Bateau is one of the favorites of users. 

Mainly, it stands out for its colorful print, where the different animals and varied vegetation are very attractive, in addition to the fact that its cut and finish can be considered unisex, so it is a very useful garment for both girls and boys.

Now, the design of the legs and short sleeves is what gives this romper the greatest functionality for hot summer days, since the baby will be comfortable wearing these clothes, he will be able to perspire and move freely, since it is made of 100% cotton. cotton. 

To decide if this is the product you want for your baby, you can continue reading the summary of its characteristics.


Season: This model is designed to be used in summer, so the baby will not feel overwhelmed by high temperatures thanks to the short sleeves and legs.

Colorful: The print full of colors and striking tropical animals give this model a more summery atmosphere, so your baby will look very fun with the clothes combined with the season.

Construction: This romper is made from cotton for efficient breathability and is machine washable in cold water for effortless care.


Price: This is one of the most expensive models in our selection. However, the brand is recognized for the quality of its products and eye-catching designs.

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Baby wool romper

7. Petit Bateau Baby Unisex Romper

Thinking about the right clothes for the coldest days leads us to look for a baby’s wool romper like this model from the renowned Petit Bateau brand, which stands out for its traditional design, impeccable finishes and a timeless style that has been maintained after several generations. but that does not lose its charm and functionality.

For this reason, this garment is also considered unisex, so you can buy it for your son and if you later have a girl, she can reuse this romper for the winter season. Plus, the barefoot design allows for layering with fleece-lined socks and boots for added warmth. 

Regarding its preparation, we must mention that the fabric is combined. In other words, it has a high percentage of wool, specifically 48%, followed by 42% polyamide and 10% alpaca. It is precisely the use of these materials that favors the comfort and warmth that the baby can feel with this garment. 

Now let’s see a summary about this product by separating its characteristics into positive and negative aspects, to make it easier for you to make a decision.


Tradition: It is a classic garment that does not go out of style, as its design and fabric have been used for generations due to its functionality to comfortably shelter babies.

Colour: This model is dark in colour, a shade of gray with details in white, beige and earth colours, it can also be machine washed without losing its coloration.

Buttons: The front buttons are comfortably sized for placement while complementing the traditional style of the romper.


Value: This model has a slightly high cost, but the quality of the wool and its protection against the cold make up for the investment.

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Crochet baby romper

8. Mayogo Baby Girl Clothes Long Sleeve Newborn

The crochet and knit baby romper cannot be missing from the children’s wardrobe, as these knitted garments, in addition to being classic, offer warm clothing for little ones who need to stay warm.

This time, Mayogo offers a long-sleeved knitted bodysuit made with acrylic fiber, which gives it a soft touch and without the risk of allergies. In addition, this fabric resists machine washing, preserving its appearance.

Regarding the design, the romper is available in blue and gray with black details, as well as wooden buttons that complement the classic style of the garment. This aspect favors its unisex format, since it can be worn on girls or boys and look just as good, regardless of gender.

About sizes, you should check availability. But, generally, this product is offered in the ranges 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months.

Now we invite you to read the pros and cons that we distinguish in the Mayogo romper.


Fabric: The knitted fabric has been made with acrylic fiber, a soft, breathable material that does not cause allergies.

Unisex: Due to its design and printed detail, this model is classified as unisex.

Style: The details of the wooden buttons and the type of construction maintain the classic style of this garment, a design that does not go out of style and continues to look good.


Variety: A greater range of colors is missing to choose this beautiful model in shades other than blue and gray.

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baby romper accessories

Baby romper pattern

Simplicity Baby Rompers and Sandals with Plush Duck

Making baby clothes can be a way to earn extra income, in addition to making personalized and functional gifts with a handmade touch. To do this, Simplicity offers pattern magazines like this model with which you can make matching rompers and sandals for babies, as well as a cute stuffed duck. 

This manual includes information in English, Spanish and French with the step by step of the models to be made, so if you already have skills with the sewing machine you will only need the fabric to start making clothes with this baby romper pattern, following the measurements and sewing instructions. 

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Shopping guide

When the arrival of the baby approaches, it is inevitable to resist the temptation to buy all the children’s clothing that comes our way in physical and online stores, with varied offers, designs and models. However, among the essential garments are rompers, used for generations for their functionality and total coverage of the little ones. For this reason, we bring you the necessary information in our guide to buy the best baby romper and with it you can invest the money well. 


Baby clothes should be chosen according to the seasons, as a baby loses body heat very quickly when they are newborn and it is important to keep them warm. On the other hand, excessive layers of clothing on warm days can also be a problem for the little one, who will feel suffocated and uncomfortable.

For this reason, when making a comparison of baby rompers, you should choose the appropriate models mainly for winter and summer, as they are the times of most extreme temperatures.

For cold days, you should choose a model woven with wool or cotton, as well as those made with flannel fabric and quilted designs that allow you to keep your baby warm from head to toe. Most of these models are full, that is, they have long sleeves and cover the feet. So you should only put socks on the little one if it is very cold or even leave his feet bare because the romper will cover them.

For their part, summer models tend to have short sleeves and legs as well, so that the baby stays dressed, but with good perspiration. Other types of rompers can be simple cotton fabric models with long sleeves and legs, but they allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature, making them ideal for transitioning from one season to another, sleeping in and going out on any given day. You only have to place a body underneath and the romper on top. 


The way of placement is an aspect that matters a lot when choosing the rompers for your baby, because the last thing we need as parents in the middle of trouble to change the diaper is that the romper is impossible to remove or a whole mess to close.

In this sense, today there are many front opening designs with press studs that go from the neck to the legs. Other models have buttons on the back so as not to affect the front design. While some combine buttons on the legs and back to make it easier to remove just the bottom for an urgent diaper change.

The truth of all these types of openings is that they are easy once parents get the hang of putting them on. Just care should always be taken not to pinch the babies skin. For this reason, it is advisable to put on a body or a cotton T-shirt as the first layer and then put on the romper. 


Regarding the appropriate size for baby rompers, before looking at how much a specific model costs, it is necessary to review the measurements of the different sizes, because although there is a standard regarding size by months (3-6 months, 6- 9 months and so on) some also specify the measurement in cm taking as reference the height of the baby. 

Now, considering the date of birth of your baby, you can get several rompers of different sizes, according to the season of the year, if your baby is going to be 6 months old in summer then you should buy rompers size 6-9 months with short sleeves and breathable fabrics for that date. If in winter, your baby will have already turned 1 year old, you should look for an economical and warm model size 12 or 18 months, also depending on the size and texture of your baby.

Consequently, it is important to remember that there are those who recommend buying a size larger than the one actually used for the baby because little ones grow very quickly. So if you want to make a good investment and take advantage of your clothes, you must follow this rule. Similarly, these loose sizes also favor the freedom of movement of the baby, because what should be a priority for us is the comfort of the little ones when dressing.


When talking about the care of baby clothes, specifically rompers, it is essential to always check the manufacturer’s recommendations on washing and drying the garment. 

Being sure if it can be machine washed or dried, if it admits the use of iron and what is the maximum temperature that it supports for washing are data that will help us keep the garment in the best conditions for longer.

Although we cannot deny that with daily use, friction and the constant movement of the baby, especially chafing when he begins to crawl, it is normal for the fabric to deteriorate a little or for annoying little balls to appear on the clothes, so do not Don’t worry if this happens, because everything will depend on the type of fabric, the quality of the clothing and the price paid for the romper. 

Frequently asked questions 

 Q1: How to use a baby romper?

The romper is an essential garment to keep babies protected from the cold and wind, they cover their legs and arms, being suitable for daily use. They can also be worn as pajamas, offering good coverage and easy access for diaper changes in the middle of the night.

Q2: How to make a baby romper with two needles?

Knitting with two needles is a manual art that has been passed down from generation to generation, so making a romper with this technique can be very easy if you have the necessary tools and materials at hand. You just have to do a quick search on the Internet to get thousands of patterns for free that will help you start knitting the garment.

In our search we found a very simple tutorial with step-by-step images and detailed instructions made by craft blogger Marta Porcel, so you can visit her blog Creativa Atelier to knit a two-needle romper.

Q3: What should baby rompers look like for winter?

For cold days, knitted rompers with wool or cotton are the most appropriate to protect little ones, especially models with long sleeves and that completely cover the feet. Similarly, there are padded and hooded designs that are very efficient for winter, so the flannel construction also offers good warmth.

It is important to note that if you go out with the baby on cold days, it is convenient to put a bodysuit and socks on the baby before putting on the onesie. Later, it will be very useful to offer additional protection with a coat or jacket that will keep the little one warm. 

Q4: How to choose the size of the baby romper?

Like other baby clothes, it is recommended that the romper be one size larger than the child’s age, for example if he is a newborn, you should buy a romper size 3-6 months, and so on. The purpose of this is that the baby is comfortable and can move freely, in addition to making the most of clothes, because if we are sure of one thing, it is that babies grow very quickly. 

But, if it is a gift, it is always better to ask the parents of the baby what size of clothing they suggest to buy, because sometimes we do not know the child personally and it may happen that it is larger or smaller than the average, also the Parents are best placed to tell you what kind of romper your baby needs based on their size and the season.

Q5: What material is best for a baby romper?

Cotton fabrics are the most recommended for rompers, as well as other natural and synthetic wool fibers because they are comfortable, soft to the touch and do not cause allergies or chafing on the delicate skin of babies. These materials also offer good resistance to machine washing, so it is always advisable to opt for these fabrics when choosing a romper. But, if it is a more open model, suitable for summer, you can use poplin, viyella or cambric fabric, voile or conventional cotton.

Q6: How to wash the baby romper?

Depending on the model and brand of the romper, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, wash it by hand if it does not support machine use, as well as use water at a maximum temperature of 30°C. For its part, the use of mild or neutral detergents is the most appropriate for any baby clothing, as this avoids allergies due to strong odors and dermatitis if it is an abrasive detergent. In general, it is best to dry it in the shade so that the design or colors of the fabric are not affected. 

Q7: How to make baby romper with patterns?

If sewing is a skill for you and you have good sewing machine skills, you probably won’t have any trouble making a baby romper using patterns offered for free online. The reason is very simple, most of these include a detailed description of the step by step, as well as photos and videos that document the process, making it easier to follow the instructions.

In this sense, we find many featured patterns on the Oh Mother Mine Diy blog available for free to make an ideal romper for the summer.

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Quicklyly Peleles Punto Invierno Bebé Niño Niña Recién Infantil

Para el primer invierno de tu hijo no puedes prescindir de un pelele para bebé de punto porque este lo mantendrá bien abrigado en los días más fríos. Por esta razón recomendamos este modelo de Quicklyly, confeccionado en lana con esta antigua técnica para que el calor corporal del pequeño se mantenga a una temperatura cómoda.

Cabe destacar que el diseño de este modelo le ofrece un buen movimiento al bebé, además sus botones en la parte inferior facilitan mucho el cambio del pañal, mientras que los dos superiores ayudan a hacer una colocación rápida y un ajuste eficiente.

Con respecto a la apariencia, esta prenda tiene un bonito conejo en el frente con el detalle tridimensional de la cola peluda, todo en color gris para contrastar con el fondo beige. También está disponible en otros colores y estampados divertidos.

Por todas estas características, este modelo puede considerarse el mejor pelele para bebé del momento, así que no puedes perderte el resumen de sus pros y contras a continuación.


Talla: Este modelo se ofrece en diferentes tamaños, por lo que puedes adquirirlo para bebés de 0-6 meses hasta 18-24 meses.

Diseño: El pelele con diseño de conejo es unisex, y sus colores neutros permiten su uso en niñas o niños, por igual.

Tejido: El tejido de punto con lana le da una bonita apariencia al pelele, además de favorecer su capacidad de mantener el calor, ideal para el invierno. 

Calidad: Este producto es de las marcas más populares, en lo que a ropa de bebé se refiere, así que tiene buena valoración de los usuarios por su calidad.


Botones: En algunos casos los botones se abren con frecuencia, así que se recomienda cerrar los ojales un poco si esto llegara a suceder. 

Steiff Pelele para Niños

Steiff nos presenta este modelo de pelele para bebé de niño, disponible en color negro y azul con un diseño a rayas y el dibujo de un divertido pulpo en el pecho. Esta prenda ha sido confeccionada en 95% algodón y 5% de elastano, así que ofrece una buena transpiración y un ajuste eficiente, lo que brinda mayor comodidad al pequeño para moverse libremente. 

Si te preguntas cuál es el mejor pelele para bebé en los días de verano o primavera, este modelo puede ser la respuesta que buscas, porque podrá cubrir al pequeño hasta los pies sin que este se siente sofocado por el calor. 

En cuanto al lavado de este pelele, podrás hacerlo a máquina y a una temperatura máxima de 30°C para conservar las propiedades del tejido. Esta es una ventaja que distingue a los productos de Steiff, pues es una ayuda para los padres que la ropa de los bebés se pueda lavar a máquina, ya que se ensucia con mucha frecuencia. 

En este sentido, algunos usuarios consideran que Steiff es la mejor marca de peleles para bebé, ya que sus prendas son confortables, fáciles de colocar y lavar. Por ello, resumimos sus características a continuación. 


Diseño: Es un pelele a rayas, bonito y delicado, con un estampado frontal de pulpo, adecuado para niños.

Lavado: La prenda puede lavarse a máquina a una temperatura máxima de 30°, lo que permite ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzo para mantener la prenda siempre lista para su próximo uso.

Apertura: Los botones están en la parte trasera del pelele y hace muy sencillo el cambio de pañal.


Colores: Este modelo se ofrece solo en color negro y azul, así que se echa de menos otros tonos para escoger.

Quicklyly Peleles Navidad Beb

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