The 8 Best Baby Strollers of 2022

Baby strollers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To leave home with our baby we need to have a stroller designed with safety and comfort to provide the best space for the little one during the walk. From the metal structure to the size of the wheels, we must carefully review all the elements to ensure that we obtain a functional and durable product. In this sense, we present the Chicco Trio Sprint model, a compact and easy-to-fold stroller that has a padded seat and a front safety bar. On the other hand, the Jané Rider Matrix model stands out with a modern style and wheels of two sizes to offer a stable ride and very easy handling.

The 8 Best Baby Strollers – Opinions 2022

In the market you will find a wide variety of models to choose from, but in this selection we bring you the best products in this category so that your purchase is a smart investment and, above all, comfortable for you and your baby.

3-piece baby strollers

1. Chicco Trio Sprint

This compact seat with a sporty style can be considered the best stroller for babies, since it has a metal, folding and very light structure, in which the carrycot, stroller or car seat can be adapted to take advantage of the versatility of this product. depending on the stage of your baby.

The carrycot of this 3-piece baby stroller has a comfortable mattress and leg covers so that the little one is comfortable and protected, it also has a reclining backrest and breathable fabrics to offer greater comfort. For its part, the Synthesis XT-Plus car seat is capable of supporting up to 13 kg of weight and is placed in the rear facing direction, offering greater safety in the event of a possible impact.

This model is for many users the best baby stroller of the moment because it allows a wide range of use that covers from the birth of the baby until it reaches 15 kg of weight, approximately at 3 years of age. In terms of safety, the 5-point harness incorporated in the stroller and the 3-point retention system in the car seat offer efficient child restraint. For all these features, this model can well be considered the best price-quality baby stroller, or at least one of them.

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2. Star Ibaby Go Baby Neo 3

This is one of the recommended 3-piece baby strollers in our selection because it has a very urban and innovative design. For this, it includes a carrycot that becomes a stroller, in addition to the baby carrier that adapts to the chassis of the stroller. All these elements increase the usefulness of the product.

In terms of displacement, this model has 7” front wheels and 12” rear wheels, which allow efficient travel on uneven terrain, also favored by the suspension system. Likewise, its chassis is light, with a compact design and very easy to fold to simplify its use.

Star Ibaby offers a high quality line of strollers and other instruments for baby transport, being considered by some users as the best brand of baby strollers. This model, in particular, can be driven with the chair facing forwards or towards you. In addition, it includes several useful elements such as a changing bag, a bag to protect the baby from the cold and an umbrella adaptable to the chair. The best thing about this model is that it is one of the cheap baby strollers in this comparison.

In terms of storage, the trolley incorporates a resistant lower basket that has a capacity of at least 25 liters and is very useful for placing some purchases from the supermarket or the baby’s toys.

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Jané baby strollers

3. Jané Rider Matrix

Among the Jané baby strollers, the Rider Matrix model stands out with its folding design that reduces the dimensions of the product for storage by up to 30%.

The Rider Matrix features breathable, stain-resistant fabric that repels liquids and odors to keep it clean longer. As for the chassis, it is worth mentioning that this cart has a tubular aluminum structure, resistant and light.

This model is among the best baby strollers of 2022 because its design makes it easy to drive with wheels of different diameters and the rear shock-absorbing system.

We know that it is not so easy to decide which baby stroller to buy, so we help you with this selection of products in which this model has a privileged position due to its different characteristics. Among them, the suspension that can be adjusted to the weight of the baby and the preferences of the driver, softer or harder.

With regard to safety, it incorporates a handbrake that is activated very easily. On the other hand, the height of the hammock can be adapted to a conventional table to use it as a high chair. It should also be noted that this model reaches 14.5 kg, which for some users complicates its use, especially for storage.

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4. Jane Crosswalk

Looking for the best stroller for babies, the Crosswalk model stands out, whose chassis is compatible with all Jané carrycots and strollers thanks to the Pro Fix anchor with which they are easily attached and removed.

A tubular aluminum chassis has been used in its structure, while the wheels are made of PU, being more resistant and durable, offering agile driving on rustic or paved terrain, also favored by the independent rear suspension, a usual feature in pushchairs. Baby Jane.

For the comfort of the little one, the hammock is spacious and its backrest can be adjusted in different positions, including horizontal, suitable for the baby to sleep comfortably. On the other hand, the “C” shape of the chassis favors the push of the cart, offering space for the driver’s feet. It should be noted that this model has a patented design that reduces its size by 10% when folded, suitable for storage in small spaces.

About the accessories, it includes a functional rain cover and a changing bag that matches the chair. For your hygiene, the textile elements are removable and machine washable at a temperature below 30°C.

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Bugaboo baby strollers

5. Bugaboo Ant

When it comes to comfort and practicality, Bugaboo strollers like this model could be the best option for active parents who need to get out and about with their little one. It is the most compact and lightest stroller of the brand, since it weighs only 7.2 kilos and thanks to its folding mechanism, it can be easily carried as hand luggage inside the cabin. For this reason, it is a recommended model if you go on a family vacation.

Likewise, it is an approved product that favors its use from the birth of the baby (with the use of the nest bag that you can purchase separately), until it has reached an approximate weight of 22 kilos; maximum capacity that this model can support.

Similarly, it has a suspension system on all its wheels, which favors comfortable sliding on any surface. It also has an ergonomic chair that adapts to different positions.

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Chicco baby strollers

6. Chicco London

This is one of the Chicco baby strollers designed to provide comfortable handling for parents every time they leave home with their little one. It is a basic, practical stroller with a timeless design that provides ease of use in any situation. You can take it to shopping malls, airports, stores, supermarkets and in any space where many people travel, since its compact size takes up little space.

Likewise, thanks to its umbrella-type folding system, you will be able to climb stairs or travel on public transport without any problem; It is also a recommended cart to take on a trip anywhere. On the other hand, its design provides ergonomics and comfort to the child, since it has an adjustable backrest in 4 positions and an easily adjustable footrest. The manufacturer recommends its use for babies from birth and until they reach a weight of 15 kilos.

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Twin stroller

7. Hauck Roadster Duo SLX

From the cheapest models we select this twin baby stroller that is also useful if you have two children with little age difference, since each seat is adjusted independently so that the children are as comfortable as possible and the same applies to the footrests.

Considering that it must support the weight of two children, this model has a robust chassis with a maximum capacity of 30 kg, in addition to the weight of what you can carry in its lower baskets. For its part, the 360° design of the front wheels together with the damping allow handling to be much easier on all types of terrain. In terms of safety, the chair incorporates a padded 5-point harness, as well as a handbrake that activates quickly.

To be one of the cheap baby strollers, it has other characteristics that are worth evaluating, such as its total width of 76 cm, which gives it the necessary size to pass through standard doors and elevators. In addition, regardless of its double design, the seat can be easily folded by one person, so it will be very easy for a single parent to go for a walk with two babies.

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baby stroller for girl

8.BBtwin X-Trall 3 in 1

This model in pink can be the baby stroller for girls that you need for your daughter from birth, as it includes the carrycot, the approved baby carrier for the car and the stroller. In addition, all these elements can be placed to the front if you wish so that the baby can see the path or to the back if he wants to see her caregiver.

As for the design, the chassis is resistant and robust, it can be folded easily and incorporates a synthetic coating on the handlebar and the safety bar. For its part, the carrycot has a reclining bottom and its fabrics are made of cotton.

With all the accessories it includes, this model can position itself as the best price-quality baby stroller, as it is a complete investment with everything you need to go out with your baby, even the bag, leg cover, among others, being one of the cheaper in this comparison.

It is also worth noting that the carrycot has a rocking function, which will help you calm the newborn baby or rock him to sleep. And for the bigger baby, the backrest and footrest can also be adjusted for the most comfortable position at any given moment.

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Baby stroller accessories

Baby stroller bags

LCP Kids Sydney

Currently, baby stroller bags have become accessories that, in addition to being functional, can complement your daily outfit thanks to their modern, neutral designs that can be adapted to any situation, just like the Sidney bag.

Measuring 41 x 23 x 29 cm, this model has enough space to carry what you need when changing your baby: diapers, wet wipes, spare clothes, blankets, as well as including a waterproof changing mat so you don’t put your baby on any surface.

To attach it to the cart, it incorporates universal carabiners, but it also has adjustable straps and short handles to carry it as a shoulder bag or handbag, if you prefer.

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Stroller bedspreads

Bimbi 83140814

To complement the padding of the carrycot, the quilts for baby carriages are a good alternative. In particular, this Bimbi model is designed with soft and breathable fabrics to give your baby a padded surface and keep him warm while he goes inside the carrycot.

On the other hand, the removable padding is made of polyester while the back with aerofoam offers greater breathability to give the baby a warm space without suffocating him.

As for the design of this quilt, the print is completely neutral and delicate, however it is available in pink and blue so you can choose the one that matches your stroller or according to the sex of your baby.

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Baby stroller covers

Babyline Universal 5000602

If you want to give your stroller a colorful touch or renew it without spending a lot of money, we recommend one of the baby stroller covers offered by Babyline, a complete line full of colors of universal covers that adapt to any type of stroller..

These accessories are suitable for use in summer and spring as their composition of 100% breathable microfiber with 3D mesh offers a cool fabric for contact with the baby, giving it greater comfort.

The cover measures 90 x 52 cm and incorporates two harness covers to combine with the whole set. In addition, you have 11 alternative colors and fun prints to choose the cover that you like the most.

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toy baby stroller

Bayer Design Neo Star

It is possible to find a toy baby stroller with the same design as the stroller you use with your baby, so your older daughter can accompany you on walks carrying her favorite doll in her own stroller.

This Bayer Design model stands out for all the realistic details it has, such as the carrycot with a folding hood that also transforms into a folding chair and its orientation can be adjusted in reverse or forward. This toy baby stroller has a height-adjustable handlebar from 59 to 79 cm and the carrycot is suitable for dolls up to 52 cm.

In addition, it includes a shoulder bag to carry the doll’s accessories and the cart has a lower basket that can also be used to store toys.

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Shopping guide

Although many maternity experts say that babywearing is the best technique for carrying babies, at least during the first 6 months of life, we know that baby strollers have been very useful for generations, especially for modern mothers who go out daily with your little ones to carry out any daily activity, including exercise. For this reason, before venturing into the purchase of one of these vehicles, we suggest you review our guide to buying the best baby stroller where you will learn the most important aspects that you should evaluate in these products.


Considering that a baby stroller will be useful during the first 3 or 4 years of your child’s life, it must have a stable and safe design, for this its structure must have the necessary solidity to support the progressive weight gain of the little one in their different stages of growth.

In general, the structure is metallic with an anti-corrosion treatment for greater durability, while at the same time being light so that it is easy to handle and fold. This chassis must have the necessary couplings to adapt the carrycot, the stroller or the baby carrier quickly and safely.

As for the handlebar, it is important to verify that it has an ergonomic design and much better if it is adjustable in height, so the driver can handle it comfortably by adjusting it according to their height.

wheels and suspension

When making a comparison of baby strollers, it is important to check the type of wheels they have. Generally, they are made of rubber or PU, resistant and durable materials that offer efficient traction on different types of terrain. Some models have three wheels and others include four, however both designs offer good stability.

Also, carts with large wheels and different diameters have become popular, which offer better driving on uneven surfaces, ideal if you live in the countryside or a rural area. In this sense, the multidirectional wheels are also useful, which make it easier to move around in the stroller, along with the independent damping system, either forward or backward, which gives stability to the little one if there are many bumps in the road.


Baby strollers come with different elements, which without determining how much it costs, offer great utility and affect the overall dimensions of the product. Consequently, it is necessary to identify the total size occupied by the chassis, folded and open, as well as the space it covers when the carrycot, stroller or baby carrier is placed on it.

With one of these vehicles, size also matters, so you should check that its width is suitable for passing through the door of your house, as well as the elevator of your building and other places that you will frequent with the baby. This is also essential to know if you will be able to store it in the car or the space you need to store it at home when you are not using it.

brakes and safety

Even if you are looking for an economical model, you cannot stop prioritizing the safety of your child, so we recommend that you check the brake system of the chosen stroller. Some models include individual brakes on the wheels, others have the handbrake built into the handlebar for quick action.

In this aspect, the child’s restraint system also matters. Currently, most strollers on the market have a 5-point harness design with padded straps so as not to affect the baby’s comfort, however there are still models of seats with 3-point anchorages that are still safe. Additionally, we must check that the chosen product has the approval labels, especially the car seat, which will avoid fines and problems with the law, in addition to providing security for your little one.

Comfort and adjustments

Also thinking about the comfort of your child, it is necessary that the carrycot and seat have good padding so that the surface on which the baby will remain is soft and comfortable. It is also convenient that they can be adjusted in different positions, including the horizontal one in which the baby can lie down and take a nap when he is older. This change of positions should be easy to do even with one hand.

As for walking, those models in which you can change the direction of orientation to the front or the back are very useful to constantly visualize the baby and calm him down a bit while he sees his mom or dad driving the stroller.  

Fabrics and hygiene

In the market you will find many models with breathable and waterproof fabrics, anti-odor and stain treatments that will help maintain a cleaner appearance. Similarly, most of these covers can be washed by hand or machine at a moderate temperature without affecting their structure, considering the fact that they get dirty frequently, especially those models that can be used as highchairs in which babies can eat because they adapt to the height of conventional tables.

In any case, we recommend carefully reviewing the specifications that the manufacturer gives in this regard, as well as the instruction and assembly manual so that the repositioning of the fabrics and parts of the stroller is carried out correctly.


For your investment to be complete, we recommend choosing a model with the main accessories and complements that are most useful when we have a baby. Among them we mention the mosquito net, the rain bubble, a changing bag and the infallible lower basket in which you can store the little one’s toys or even carry some purchases to drive the stroller more comfortably.

However, if your chair does not include some of these accessories, surely the chosen brand will offer a complete catalog of accessories compatible with its chairs and if you like none of its options, you can always opt for those of universal design that adapt to all types of seats. strollers for babies and thus give your little one greater comfort by making additional purchases without spending a lot of money.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to check in a baby stroller on the plane?

When you arrive at the airport, you must go to the check-in counter of the airline you are traveling with and request a label for the cart in which you will place your data. Some airlines do not charge a surcharge for checking in a stroller or stroller, as some of these can be carried in the cabin.

If it is necessary to store it in the hold as special baggage, in many airports they give you the option of taking it to the door of the plane where the staff will take care of storing it while you board. Or if you prefer you can bill it upon arrival. In the first case, you will have to go through the security control with the baby and the seat, which you will have to fold completely before sending it through the scanner.  

Q2:  How to fix a baby stroller?

If your stroller were to have any factory defects, the first thing you should do is contact the manufacturer or the store where you purchased it so that they can give you an answer and use the guarantee offered by the seller. But, if, on the other hand, the product has already exceeded the period covered by the guarantee and suffered some damage, it is normal that you prefer to repair it before completely discarding it and buying a new one.

In this sense, there are companies specializing in the repair of baby strollers of different brands in which they replace the damaged parts and even sell you the spare parts so that you can do the repair yourself at home.

Q3: How to clean a baby stroller?

Before you start cleaning the cart, you should make sure you have a sunny space at home, such as the garden or terrace, otherwise you can do it in the kitchen. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt that the cart has on its coating. Then, you must disassemble each of the parts and separate them from the structure: the plastic parts, the fabric parts, and the metal parts.

Textile covers and covers should be machine washed on a deep cycle or hand washed, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, using a non-abrasive detergent. For plastic and metal parts you can prepare a solution of water, detergent and baking soda, vinegar or lemon and rub with a cloth or brush to remove stains. With this mixture you can also wash the wheels.

Once all the parts are dry, you can assemble the cart following the instructions that the manufacturer includes.

Q4: Which baby stroller fits in a mini?

Depending on the Mini model, you will find cars with a boot capacity that ranges from approximately 160 dm3 to 450 dm3 which, although they seem small, is enough for some easy-folding models such as the Bugaboo Fox that folds with or without chair, with or without carrycot, considerably reducing its structure and taking up little space.

The essential thing if you have a mini is to accurately measure the boot space and use those dimensions as a reference when choosing the stroller for your baby, checking how long the stroller is when fully folded.

Q5: How should a baby carriage be for tall parents?

Tall parents should look for strollers with height-adjustable handlebars so that they can adjust their position to a level that is comfortable for them to drive. In addition, many models also have a height-adjustable chair, in this way parents will not have to lean excessively and will be able to have an ergonomic posture to attend to the little one’s needs while he is in the stroller.

Q6: How does a self-folding baby carriage work?

Technological advances have also improved stroller design and the 4Moms Origami model is the first of its kind to feature an automatic folding system that is activated by a button on the handlebar.

In turn, this stroller has a generator on its wheels that feeds the automatic system, that is, while you walk your child, the battery is recharged without the need for electricity. In addition, the autonomy of each full charge is enough for a total of 100 uses. And if you are concerned about your child’s safety, this automatic design incorporates a lock that prevents accidental folding when the baby is sitting in the stroller.

Q7: How to dress a baby stroller in winter?

In order for your baby to stay warm inside the stroller, it is often necessary to use certain accessories to “dress” him, consequently, this will depend closely on the season of the year in which you are. For example, the carrycot will be used for at least the first 5 or 6 months of life, therefore there will be two seasons that your child will spend in it, so if it is winter it is recommended to use a bag designed for this time, along with a blanket and the cover of the carrycot, the same applies to the chair.

For spring and autumn, you can use the same jacket but remove a little padding or buy one of the so-called “half seasons” that are cooler, combined with a cotton blanket. For its part, in summer, only a breathable fabric mat and a muslin or light blanket will suffice to cover the baby.

Q8: What does an off-road baby stroller add?

If you live in the countryside or you like excursions, the all-terrain cart you buy must have large wheels with suspension and air chambers to avoid jumping during the journey on uneven terrain, it must also be resistant to rain and with a carrycot with protection solar. It will be very useful if the stroller is versatile and can be used in the city as well, which is why there are many three-wheeled models that are used for running.

Q9: What to carry in the stroller bag?

We could definitely make an exclusive article of what you should carry in your baby’s bag during a walk, but now we summarize the essentials: those elements that, regardless of the season of the year, cannot be missing. These are: two or three disposable diapers, wet wipes, gauze or muslin, plus a set of spare clothes.

However, depending on the season, it is convenient to bring a blanket, a coat for the baby and some other accessory. Additionally, you can include a toiletry bag as a first aid kit that contains nasal drops, an arnica gel for bumps, some band-aids and cream for the gums, as well as a compartment with the food or jars that your baby will eat during the walk.

How to use a baby stroller

We have no doubt about how useful baby strollers are, especially with their innovative folding designs and accessories that complement their versatility to go fo

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