The 8 Best Games for Babies of 2022

Baby Game – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A game for babies must be a safe, resistant, manageable and also attractive product for the little ones. But beyond entertaining, it must also be conceived taking into account the pedagogical point of view. For this reason, the best brands have taken pains to offer educational games such as the ones we present below. Starting with the INvench Activity Cube, a 6-in-1 product that promotes the development of motor skills and concentration. Another popular toy among parents is the Fisher-Price FPM53, an interactive plush that provides 75 songs and teaches up to 100 words.


The 8 Best Games for Babies – Opinions 2022

As parents we must provide our children not only with entertaining toys, but at the same time help them achieve optimal physical and mental development. Therefore, below we present 8 of the toys positioned among the best of the moment and that could help you make a purchase decision.

1 year old baby games

1. INvench Music Cube Activity Center

Among the games for 1-year-old babies on the market, this 6-in-1 cube stands out not only for the fun it offers children, but also because it is an educational, safe and reliable toy. To do this, it is made with hypoallergenic materials approved by EN71 standards, free of toxic substances such as lead, phthalates, latex and BPA; which ensures peace of mind while your child develops motor and cognitive skills.

It could be the best multifunctional baby toy as it promotes animal, color and shape recognition; Likewise, it provides sounds, a clock, a mirror, bells and more. It also offers 4 detachable pieces of a safe size, which prevents accidents due to mechanical suffocation. Additionally, it has a smooth surface and rounded tips that interlock with each other, in order to encourage creativity to form new figures.

Whether for your child or as a gift to a child, this educational cube could be the best baby game of the moment. Here are its pros and cons.



Reliable: Its toxic-free manufacturing materials make it a reliable and safe game.

Light and portable: With dimensions of 18 x 18 x 18 cm and a weight of 900 g, you can take it anywhere.

Assembling pieces: The 6 walls of the cube can be assembled in different ways.


Cost: It is one of the most expensive games on our list. Nevertheless, it is a product that is worth the investment.

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9 month baby games

2. Fisher-Price Puppy First Discoveries toy

Babies from 7 to 12 months begin to recognize voices and explore objects, so a rag doll or stuffed animal is an excellent toy choice for this age; For this reason, Fisher-Price presents us with this plush puppy that stands out among the games for 9-month-old babies. It has a repertoire of more than 75 songs, it also offers 100 simple words, parts of the body, the alphabet, numbers, shapes and more.

It is equipped with technology that adapts to the growth of the baby; so it offers 3 levels according to the child’s skills. Level 1 to explore, level 2 to interact and level 3 to imagine. In addition, it is a plush toy with 5 buttons strategically located within the child’s reach, which respond easily to touch offering songs or words. For all this, many consider it one of the best baby games of 2022.

Fisher-Price could be the best brand for baby games, since it is a manufacturer with a long history in the toy market. Next, more information about this toy.


Usefulness: Promotes and reinforces sensory capacity, motor skills and language development.

Users: It is recommended for boys and girls up to 4 years of age.

Variability: You can choose the stuffed puppy, alone or accompanied by a book or a pyramid. You can also select the language between Spanish or Portuguese.


Detachable: Since it has electronic parts inside, you will not be able to disassemble it for its respective washing.

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games for babies 6 months

3. Fisher-Price FRC69 Interactive Learning Book

Fisher-Price never ceases to amaze us, so among its games for 6-month-old babies, we have this interactive Laugh and Learn book. It is a musical book recommended for babies from 6 to 36 months of age, since it offers great color and children’s illustrations that children love. Each of its 6 pages has a different story and music; In addition, by simply pressing the side buttons, the book activates the melodies.

Thanks to its design, this game allows the child to learn simple words, shapes, numbers, letters and also encourages the development of the senses. It is made from high-quality and reliable materials and since it features rigid pages, there is no risk of tearing. Likewise, it is easy to transport, since it has a practical upper handle that allows you to take it anywhere.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest among quality toys, this model could be a good alternative. Learn more about this product.


Manageable: It is an interactive book that is easy for children to manipulate, since it has 3 large luminous buttons located on the side.

Sound: It offers a clear sound adjustable in volume, you can also turn it off.

Sensory stimulation: Thanks to the songs, colors and lights, your baby will receive great visual and auditory stimulation.


Older children: Although the manufacturer states that it is recommended up to 4 years; Apparently, only the little ones find it entertaining.

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2 year old baby games

4. Nene Toys Feed the Chick Magnetic Toy

If you don’t know which baby game to buy, we recommend you take a look at this nice toy from the Nene Toys brand. Its design is colorful and has good finishes, but its functionality is perhaps the most interesting, since it can help the baby’s development while having fun.

It is a trunk with holes in which small caterpillars are inserted, which promotes the child’s fine motor development by inviting him to use the clamp as a resource to hold the caterpillars. To make it more fun, the caterpillars have magnetic pieces, which adhere to the figure that will act as the father bird and feed the chick, who is also on the trunk, peeking out.

This toy is of great value as a tool to promote the motor development of babies. It can provide many hours of healthy fun and due to its beautiful design, it is also considered decorative.

Due to the good ratings that this product has achieved, it can be an excellent alternative for those looking for games for 2-year-old babies. Learn more about him.


Durability: The toy is made of resistant and safe materials, which can be easily cleaned.

Educational value: It not only promotes physical development but also cognitive and emotional development.

Quality: The product has good finishes, a very attractive design for babies and has been made under strict quality standards.


Age group: It is possible that for some children who are about to turn 3 years old, the toy does not represent a challenge and the little one loses interest in a short time.

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baby games for girls

5. Bizak Tomy Toomies Nestable Egg Shapes

Baby games for girls and boys should be designed according to their age and with the purpose of developing skills in the little one. Thinking about this, we present this fun game of eggs and chicks recommended for an age range from 6 months to 4 years. It consists of 6 eggs with their respective removable upper shell, inside which you can find 6 chicks in different bright colors.

Each chick has a face painted that corresponds to the shell and by pressing its head, the child will be able to hear the chirping of the animals. Likewise, at the bottom of each egg there is a shape that fits with its corresponding one at the base. For this reason, it is a strategy game that stimulates the imagination and favors spatial orientation. In addition, you will receive them in a case with a lid and pressure closure, where the eggs can be kept organized.

This game is one of the best sellers on the web, given its contribution to entertainment and learning. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.


Presentation: It is presented in a fun yellow egg box, with dimensions of 21 x 14 x 8 cm.

Utility: It helps to enhance motor coordination, imagination and creativity and also stimulates spatial orientation.

Cost: It is a high quality product that offers an affordable cost.


Adjustment: Apparently the shells come a bit loose, so a greater adjustment is missed when fitting them into the egg.

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car games for babies

6. Top Bright Toy Car Race Track

Among the best value for money baby games we find this toy, which can become your little one’s favorite. This is due to its way of use and the interactivity it offers, so that the baby has fun while developing motor skills.

It consists of a design in the form of a tall tower, through which different inclined planes are distributed. The car is placed on the upper platform and, through inertia, it will descend, level by level, until it reaches the lowest section of the tower, gaining momentum to move away from it.

This interaction is very interesting for babies, who will learn basic concepts such as impulse, movement, cause and effect in a very fun way, which is why it can be counted among the best car games for babies. In addition, the toy consists of very colorful pieces, which make it very attractive to look at.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a fun toy. Proof of this is this circuit that is among the cheapest on the list.


Design: The contrast between the colors of the toy make it very striking, which motivates the baby to use it.

Interactivity: Thanks to the fact that it is a toy that combines movement with the concept of cause and effect, it is very interesting.

No batteries: This toy does not require the use of batteries, but can provide many hours of fun. 


Materials: Not all of the toy is made of wood, which may be important for some parents who prefer this type of material.

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2 month baby games

7. Fisher-Price Activity book baby hanging toy

During the first months of life, the child needs to explore everything around him, as well as discover new textures, colors and shapes. Therefore, games for 2-month-old babies must provide the ideal learning experience according to the child’s age. In this sense, Fisher-Price has designed a book made of soft textile, with which the child can discover a world of textures, sounds, colors and shapes and for the teething stage, it offers you a monkey teether with integrated pocket.

It is an activity book with five numbered pages designed in full color with figures of fun jungle animals. It also includes toys such as a lion with a mirror, a cloud that hides a panda and a special page with a crunchy texture. In addition, since it has a top ring, you can hook it to the stroller or in the diaper bag.

If you are waiting for the arrival of your baby and you are looking for an appropriate game for sensory stimulation, this book could meet all your expectations. Know its qualities and disadvantages.


Design: It is a soft book, made of safe and high-quality fabric, with figures in attractive colors and easy to handle.

Textures: On its last page it offers a fun texture that crackles.

Portability: It is a light and portable game, easy to take anywhere.


Velcro closure: The closure system could be improved, since the velcro could scratch the baby when it is put in the mouth.

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4 month baby games

8. Winfun Plush Dog that talks and colored lights

Among so many options, we know that it is difficult to select which is the best game for babies, so if you are looking among the games for 4-month-old babies, a product that is attractive to the child and that at the same time favors their cognitive development; Equipped with sounds, flashing colored lights and voices with phrases, this plush toy could be your child’s best friend.

Among the included phrases that the baby will be able to hear, we have: “Let’s play”, “You are my best friend”, “Squeeze my belly” and “Good job”; likewise, the stuffed animal is capable of emitting sounds with the letters of the alphabet and with the numbers. For this reason, it is a toy that favors learning, reasoning and stimulates visual-motor coordination.

In addition, the manufacturer offers you a range of models to choose between giraffe, lion, cat, rabbit, dog, elephant and monkey, the stuffed animal that you like the most for your child.

It could also be the ideal gift for any baby, since it is an educational game that offers fun at a low cost. Learn more about this stuffed animal below.



Materials: Its rigid belly is made of toxic-free plastic, while its head and limbs are made of soft polyester.

Batteries: The manufacturer includes 2 AAR6 type batteries, so you will not have to pay extra money.

Variety: You can choose the stuffed animal of your choice among several available children’s models.


Volume: A mechanism that regulates the volume is missing; since apparently, it has been very high for a baby.

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Accessories for baby games


Baby play mats

Winthome Crawling Blanket Non-Slip Rug Mat

This model from Winthome could be one of the best baby play mats as it offers a safe and stimulating place for the little one. It is a padded mat with a diameter of 150 cm, which provides a safe surface against falls and its non-slip base favors stability on different types of floors.

It has an attractive colorful children’s design, which attracts and entertains children. Likewise, it offers easy storage, since it offers a light weight, a flexible structure that allows you to fold it and a practical transport bag. In addition, you can clean it easily thanks to its resistant and washable fabric.

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Shopping guide

We know that choosing the best game for your child is not an easy task, given the number of options that the market offers you; For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best game for babies. Here you will find the most relevant aspects that you should consider to select the most suitable for your little one.


Before thinking about how much it costs, the first thing you should analyze in your comparison of baby games is the security that it can offer. According to experts, the right toy for a child should be the one that allows them to develop their imagination by creating games, while promoting social, affective, emotional, cognitive and psychomotor development. To achieve all this, it is essential that the toy is a safe product.

In this sense, a toy is safe when it adapts to the usual behavior of a child, without putting their physical integrity or that of other people at risk. This aspect becomes highly relevant when the product is intended for children under 36 months, in which case the game must pass the necessary tests in order to verify that its structure does not contain small parts that could be inhaled or ingested by the baby.

For this reason, toy brands committed to child safety offer their products with the CE Marking; a group of strict standards established by the European Union that approve all toys that have passed the relevant quality controls. Therefore, when choosing a toy for your child, make sure it is a product that has the CE Marking.

These rules determine the proper use of the game and the risks that may occur in the event of mishandling. They also ensure that the product is resistant and that it supports child handling (with all that that means). Likewise, it is important that the design has rounded edges and a smooth surface, in order to prevent it from causing any type of injury.

Likewise, it is essential that in its manufacture the toy is free of toxic substances or elements that could cause irritation or burns on contact. Regarding electric toys, these should not exceed a voltage greater than 24 V; In addition, those products with a risk of flammability in contact with fire are not recommended.


It is not enough to look for a good and cheap toy, resistant and also attractive, since not all of them turn out to be the most suitable for all children. For this reason, manufacturers warn and recommend on their packaging the recommended age range for each stage of growth. This reference could help you choose an approved toy for your little one’s age, in order to adapt to their abilities and skills; without neglecting the importance of evaluating their tastes and needs.

To avoid drowning accidents, the smaller your child, the bigger the toy should be; since those that have loose pieces of a small size, should be intended for older children. The reason for this is because an older child has the maturity to follow orders and can come to understand the danger that it represents if the toy is put in the mouth.


You should be on the lookout for non-specialized establishments that sell baby games. Since these are games that come without a reference and without any brand, they are products that lack the corresponding European quality certification. For this reason, it is best to bet on recognized brands in the market that give you confidence and security.

These brands provide a label where their name, the corresponding age of use and the presence of small parts are specified; they also mention the type of battery you need (in the case of electric toys) and the name of the importer. Likewise, each manufacturer must provide the appropriate information about the composition of their products.

Recommendations to parents

In order for the chosen game to be the most appropriate for your child, remember that you must consider the child’s personality. If it is a hyperactive boy or girl, the most appropriate would be a game that requires concentration and attention. Likewise, remember that having many toys kills interest and produces boredom in the child.

On the other hand, never use a toy as a reward or punishment and never buy it just to satisfy a whim. Also, remember to dispose of all plastic wrap once the game is unpacked to avoid any choking accidents.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use baby sensory games?

For the auditory area you can use rattles or games that reproduce sounds, music or phrases; likewise, musical instruments a tambourine or drum. To stimulate the visual area, colored light lamps are recommended; as well as brightly colored toys. The baby’s taste can be stimulated by offering foods with different flavors and for touch, you should provide objects with different textures.

Q2: How to create baby games?

Once your baby is able to sit up and grasp objects with their hands, you can help them improve their motor skills. To do this, use a cardboard box with two or three holes where the child can insert small balls and other shapes such as cubes. Likewise, to encourage the development of tactile perception, you can help him in a simple way. You just have to paste on cardboard, textiles and objects of different textures such as velvet, towel, wood, plastic, etc.

Q3: What are the best games for toddlers?

If the child supports himself and takes unsteady steps, it is time to play with him and stimulate him to improve his balance and strength in his legs. For this reason, there are activities that encourage these skills, one of them is the game “Following the track”, where you can place your child’s favorite toys on the floor, separated from each other; The idea is that the child makes an effort to walk and pick up the toys one by one, going up and down each time.

Another of the best games is “Come with mom!”, a classic known to all. It consists of standing in front of the child with your arms outstretched without touching him, then call him or show him a toy to encourage him to take a few steps; at any moment he will perk up and come into your arms. Remember that you must move away little by little and force him to take more steps.

Q4: What are baby sensory games?

Sensory games could be defined as exercises designed to develop the baby’s senses. Likewise, all activities are aimed at the benefit of the child, in order to stimulate her imagination, encourage the development of her skills, improve interaction with her environment and also channel her states of frustration.

Q5: How to make a baby play mat?

First of all, it is recommended that you select soft fabrics, easy to wash and in colors that combine with the decoration of the baby’s room. Once you choose the fabric of your choice, cut a square meter and then fold the fabric into 4 equal parts with the edges aligned. Next, measure 60 cm from the corner to the edge and draw an arc from end to end; the idea is to get a circle for the rug.

Now draw the circle on the quilted fabric, which will be the bottom of the rug, and cut along the edge. Once you have the two fabrics, use pins to join them and pass a seam to the machine; when they are sewn, proceed to sew a wide hem over the seam. This detail will add an attractive touch and keep the blanket in better condition for use.

Q6: What games for 3 month old babies exist?

There are many games for babies of this age; but regardless of the activity you choose, it is important to highlight the importance of always offering the best attitude, being happy, full of energy and smiling a lot. Among the most common games that you can play with your child is that of facial mimicry; that will allow the child to learn to interpret emotions. You will be able to open and close your mouth, show your tongue, cover and uncover your eyes making gestures of surprise, etc.

Q7: What are the best games for babies to learn?

Among the infinite range of games designed for babies, those where the parts of the human body are taught are of great importance; since they stimulate cognitive development and body image. The best games also teach colors, numbers, shapes, and textures; the idea is to stimulate and encourage learning while being entertained.

Q8: From what age can baby games be used?

The game is an activity that should be considered a right of all children and is an essential part of life during childhood. Thanks to the game the little ones learn to know the world around them; therefore, the sooner the sensory stimulation stage begins, the better for the child. In this sense, games for babies can be used from the moment of birth.

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