The 8 Best Labels of 2022

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From notebooks to gifts to decorate, personalize and identify, labels are functional objects that can be placed almost anywhere and are held in place by the glue they contain. There are many brands available in the market and each of them introduces models that fit different demands. Among the number of options, two are among the best. The first model is the Personal Labels 54d54d, a set of 200 plastic-coated adhesive labels with an elegant design. Next, we find the Madholly 004 model, some self-adhesive labels that are used to classify and identify objects in the house or office.

The 8 Best Labels – Opinions 2022

For those who want to create an organization system by identifying products and foods in the home kitchen, personalize notebooks or give a special touch to a present, labels are the right option. Therefore, if you are looking to save time and make a quality purchase, then you can take a look at the characteristics of the eight models that are considered the best labels on the market.

custom labels

1. Personal Labels 200 Personalized Grazie Labels

The manufacturer Personal Labels presents one of the models that is frequently recognized as the best labels on the market, for having a suitable design and an optimized adhesion level that extends its useful life.

These are personalized labels, with an elegant and glamorous style that are available in a black surface, with gold print details with the word “grazie” and a small heart. 

The tape is made up of a total of 200 labels with a laminated top layer, making them strong and durable. In addition, the stickers have a quality adhesive on the back, which makes it easy to stick to surfaces.

Each of the labels has a circular shape, with a size of approximately 4 cm. Due to their shape and type, they can be used to decorate a gift and give the wrapping a special and striking touch.

Considered the best label of the moment, this model has properties that are worth knowing in depth.


Quantity: The tape is made up of a total of 200 identical and quality-made stickers.

Design: They have an elegant and striking design, with a circular shape and a size that is neither too small nor too large.

Color: They are available with a black base color, while the word “Grazie” is printed in elegant gold.

Layer: For added durability, these labels have a plastic top layer, which protects the print.


Removal: Once the label has been adhered, it cannot be easily removed, so you must be sure of its placement on a certain surface.

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2. Madholly 1400 pieces Self-adhesive Labels for Home

If you want a model that is of quality, then you will have to make your choice among the best labels of 2019 and this Madholly alternative is considered as one of them.

These adhesive labels are described as high performance because they withstand different weather conditions without spoiling or losing adhesion. The tape is made up of a total of 1400 units of white stickers and each of them has dimensions of 5 cm by 3 cm.

They are made of thick paper and, due to their classic design, they are suitable as labels for food, to place in books, identify containers and more, since they are cataloged as universal, in which it is possible to print a QR code or label the bottles of skin products. Each unit has been specially treated for long-term marking. Its use is simple and its adherence effective.

This quality model is a representative of Madholly, considered to be the best label brand on the market. Here are its pros and cons.


Design: This model has a simple and classic design that includes a white square label.

Versatility: Being simple, this label can be used to identify food, place QR codes, among other uses.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 5 cm long by 3 cm wide, with enough space to write. 

Treatment: It has been treated with special technology for long-term marking.


Thickness: Despite their good performance, these labels may be a bit thin compared to similar labels.

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Applied Labels

3. Appli 1281 Labels, 100 sheets

If you have already reviewed some options and still have not been able to answer the question about which are the best labels on the market, this model may help you answer your question, since it is considered to be of quality.

Like all Apli tags, this alternative is efficient and multifunctional. It has a classic white design that can be used as a shipping label or shaped any way the user wants.

The model incorporates 100 sheets in A4 size and each label has dimensions of 210 mm by 297 mm. They are easy to use, since it is only necessary to peel off and stick on the surface. 

In addition, they emit a pleasant smell and the paper is of quality, since it can be labeled, inkjet, laser or photocopied, without stains and with high-end finishes. Due to the quality of the adhesive, the labels can be stuck on and off at will and have a pleasant texture.

Deciding which labels to buy can be complex, so you can learn more about this model.


Quantity: This product is made up of a total of 100 units of A4 size sheets.

Printing: Being of quality, it admits from labeling to printing with ink, injection or photocopying.

Versatility: Being universal labels, they can be used for different purposes and occasions.

Adherence: They adhere easily and have a pleasant smell. They can be stuck on and then peeled off without damaging the surface. 


Detached: Removing the label from its original base can be a time-consuming job, so provisions must be made. 

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printable labels

4. 5 Star Set of 100 Copier Labels

For those who want to buy quality labels that are functional and practical for different purposes, this 5 Star model could be the indicated alternative, since they are self-adhesive stickers with a universal cut.

The package is made up of a total of 100 labels to print or label, depending on the needs. Due to its quality, the ink remains in place and does not transfer. In addition, each of the labels has dimensions of 29.7 by 21 cm and, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, they are suitable for ink or laser printing systems.

The size of the sheets is Din A4, which allows them to be used either to write by hand or to print elaborate and colored logos. Its adhesive is of quality, which provides a high-end bond on surfaces.

To make an intelligent purchase, it is convenient to know all the aspects of the model of interest. Here we summarize those corresponding to this option.


Quantity: It has a total of 100 units of labels, each of them of adequate quality.

Design: According to the needs, they can be given any use because their design is universal.

Dimensions: Each of the labels has a favorable size of 29.7 by 21 cm, on Din A4 type sheets.

Use: In these labels you can label with markers, to print efficiently.


Pasted: Although its paste is of quality, it is only good for once, since it cannot be reused.

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vintage labels

5. Logbuch-Verlag Kraft Paper 

If you like classic styles, but with minimalist and delicate touches, you could take a look at the properties of this model marketed by Logbuch-Verlag, which stands out among the best and most practical.

It consists of 48 vintage labels that are available in brown paper with a natural beige background and details of a crown in red and green, which is why it is considered a Christmas and delicate model. 

Each of the labels has a size of 4 cm and the details have been printed with high quality standards. Due to their size and design, these stickers can be used to decorate gifts, packages or adorn jars. 

Its shape is circular and it admits the use of pencil, pen and markers, without the ink passing through, because the paper is thick. In addition, it has a strong adhesive that sticks conveniently to the surface and without causing damage.

If you want to ensure a good purchase, you should know more about the details of this model.


Size: Each of the stickers is 4 cm in size, so they are small and easy to use.

Adhesive: The labels are provided with a powerful and strong adhesive that sticks easily.

Labeling: On the paper you can write by hand with a pencil, pen or marker, allowing you to identify objects and, in addition, it does not go through.

Use: It can be used to decorate jars or to decorate a gift that you want to give.


Design: Its use is limited by a specific design for the Christmas season.

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Custom Adhesive Labels

6. Haberdashery Online 50 Custom Label Stickers

If you are looking for the best value for money labels, then it would be interesting for you to consider this alternative, because it is one of the cheapest and can serve as a food label or to mark books.

There are a total of 50 personalized adhesive labels to identify all kinds of objects, such as books, notebooks, lunch boxes, food, jars, glasses, bottles or any other item that needs to be labeled with a sticker.

They serve to create an organization system because the stickers are personalized with the colors light blue, pink, green and magenta. They are made with quality materials and have a treatment that allows them to be suitable for microwaves and dishwashers without deteriorating. 

Each of the labels has a cylindrical shape with measurements of 6 cm long, by 1 cm wide. They can be written by hand or printed according to the needs and possibilities of each user.

The price of this model makes it one of the cheapest tags on the market. Review its positive and negative aspects.


Units: The package is made up of a total of 50 units of stickers.

Quality: They are resistant and made with materials that are suitable for the microwave and the dishwasher.

Versatility: They are practical to be used in the classification of food, identify books and other objects. 

Design: They have a cylindrical-shaped design and each package includes stickers available in four colors.


Dimensions: The labels can be a bit narrow and the space insufficient to write with large letters.

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NFC tags

7. Nfctagify 10 X NFC Tags NXP Chip NTAG213 

Those who wish to acquire a delicate but at the same time versatile model, which stands out for its adherence, could then be interested in NFC tags, which stand out as one of the best for their adequate quality and good performance for scanning.

Unlike other models, these are tech tags that can be programmed with links and coding apps at no cost. For better use, this model includes the instructions and in a matter of minutes you can from writing to editing and blocking the content. 

For its use, only the NFC-equipped mobile should be used and the tasks will be simplified, since it is possible to share contacts, open websites and change settings. They are practical for modern interaction and have a glue that adheres conveniently to the surface. Its design is minimalist, round and transparent. Therefore, it can be discreetly pasted on walls, countertops and more.

Although an alternative seems of quality, it is best to review its most relevant characteristics. Read the highlights of this technology option.


Technology: They are equipped with NFC technology for free scanning, programming and coding.

Manual: They include a user manual that establishes the steps to follow to activate their functions. 

Design: They have a discreet and transparent design that has a round shape, suitable for walls, clothes and more.

Utility: They serve to connect in a modern way with customers to obtain discounts, see offers and take advantage of the mobile.


Mobile: Its operation is limited to the use of a mobile. Without it, your job would be almost meaningless.

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Kraft Labels

8. TwonStick 5cm Kraft Labels Round Adhesive Stickers

This alternative stands out as the recommended option for those looking for a delicate and decorative model for gifts, which adheres properly to surfaces and fulfills its function.

These Kraft labels are made up of a roll made up of 500 pieces. It is a series of circular stickers that can be used for various applications. Each of the stickers has a diameter of 5 centimeters. They are made of high quality Kraft paper with a suitable thickness, as well as a powerful adhesive, but which does not leave marks or residues on surfaces. 

In addition, these labels are suitable for writing on them and delicately identifying kitchen containers or to decorate a gift. Its design is minimalist, with a brown background, and they admit from basic identification use options to more creative proposals with markers or pencils.

Not all models are suitable, or of quality, but this alternative is worth analyzing. Here its pros and cons.


Design: It has a circular design in brown, which facilitates its use in various types of situations, either with a decorative function or rather to identify objects.

Units: Each roll is made up of a total of 500 labels, which represents a considerable supply.

Materials: The labels are made of high quality and thick Kraft paper, making it strong and durable.

Adhesive: They have a quality adhesive that sticks correctly to a wide range of surfaces, such as paper, plastic or glass.


Shape: Although it can be used for various purposes, to identify containers or decorate, its circular shape could limit its use. 

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label accessories 

Tag printer

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo 

Once you have the stickers, you need to label or print them and for this you must be equipped with a label printer that allows you to mark this type of paper efficiently. One of the most sought after models for its quality is the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo, a team capable of printing up to 71 labels per minute.

The model has a USB 2.0 interface and includes software that facilitates its use. Being a high-end device, it is designed to print more than 100 label designs with direct thermal printing technology, under Windows 7 and later operating system.

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Shopping guide

Labels are small but functional objects that can help create an organization system, identify products, or decorate a gift. According to the type, its use changes. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to be aware of the main characteristics. For the purchase to be efficient, it is worth taking a look at the following guide to buying the best labels, a section with everything you need to know so that the purchase is convenient and of quality.


If we look at a comparison of labels, we will notice that several types or models can be differentiated. Although they are generally thought of as simple objects that do not differ from each other by much more than design, this is not the case. Within the types you can find two. On the one hand, there are conventional labels that have adhesive and are used to label or print on them. On the other hand, we find the most innovative models that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, created for the modern interaction of companies with users. This type of label can be loaded with information, which will then be scanned and decoded with the use of the mobile. 

In general, these types of stickers have the same conditions as the conventional ones, they are small and discreet, but they work with NFC and, to take advantage of its cutting-edge use, it is necessary to have a smartphone. With these models it is possible to grant discounts, deliver promotions, share contacts and much more. Its use is simple. However, as they are rare, most models with this technology include a user and activation manual. 


If a label seems to be good and cheap, it is because it is made with quality materials that provide resistance and durability. In the market, you can get from simple models made with thin paper, to other alternatives that are made with thick paper, which supports ink efficiently. 

Some of the most efficient and popular alternatives on the market are those made of Kraft paper. In addition, within the materials and construction, some models can be identified that have special treatments, such as a plastic film on the top that protects the original engraving or printing. Similarly, there are some prototypes that are suitable for microwave heat and dishwasher water.

Units and adhesive

There are those who wonder how much a label costs. If you are one of them, it will be enough to know how many units the tape or package includes and you will be able to have an estimate of its cost. It is unusual for brands to sell a single label. The common are presentations that include at least 20 units. However, it is common for large packages to include 100 units of letter-size labels. Similarly, there are options available in roll presentation. Each roll can hold at least 100 labels. Others include between 200, 300 and even more than a thousand. 

For a label to be efficient, its back must be equipped with adhesive. Each manufacturer house uses its own type of glue. Although they all fulfill the same function, which is to adhere the sticker to a surface, they are not all of the same quality. For this reason, it is recommended that it be a strong, non-harmful adhesive with a pleasant smell and that it sticks to surfaces conveniently. The appropriate thing is that it adheres, but that, when removed, it does not damage the surface, nor leave traces. Similarly, it should be waterproof and allow the user to put it on and take it off at least twice.

printing and design

Before making a hasty decision, it is necessary for the user to establish and identify what the use of the label will be, as this will help to make the right choice. If what you think is to print on it, it is necessary to look for a paper suitable for all types of printing, from inkjet, laser, to photocopies and labeling with a marker. If the model supports the use of a printer, it should not be stained and can also be written on without inconvenience.

According to taste, a label design should be selected. In the market, you can get from basic white models with shapes, to complete sheets of the same color that can be customized. Similarly, some designs are vintage, others modern, minimalist, rustic or Christmas. In relation to shapes, they can be square, round, cylindrical and more.

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use some labels?

Once the place where they will be placed has been selected, the surface must be cleaned with a dry cloth. Then, the label must be removed from the base, take it by the edge and try not to stick it to the fingers. Finally, the label must be adhered to the surface at the desired height. It is important that the entire label is adhered without folds or wrinkles. This should be extended and in the desired direction.

Q2: How to make labels in Word?

Word has multiple features that can be useful for making labels. A document must be opened and in the top bar of the document select the option “Correspondence”. Within the options that will be displayed should be “Labels”, which must be pressed. A window will open for the configuration of the label and, in the options, you must select the size that you want it to occupy, whether it will be vertical or horizontal. When the changes have been selected, they must be accepted to return to the previous window. Next, the text must be written and Word will give the option to print.

Q3: How to make labels for glass jars?

It is recommended that labels for glass jars be transparent and have an adequate level of adhesion. These can be purchased for affordable prices at various stores. It is even possible to make the purchase from home, through recognized websites such as Amazon. If, instead of buying them, you prefer to make them, you will only have to take a piece of paper and make the design visible, so you will have to accentuate the ink and the strokes. Then, you will need to take packing tape and place it over the design. You should take this to a bowl of water and, after a few minutes, the paper will come off and the ink will be on the tape, which you can then stick on any glass jar.

Q4: How to peel off bottle labels without breaking them?

To achieve this, you must be very careful and do it delicately. The success of the operation will depend on the subtlety of the person removing the tag. It is recommended that the bottle is cold and wet in a soaked way. It will be necessary to remove the label little by little starting with the edges. As it is released, it should be advanced with a thin ruler that will allow the label to be gently lifted. In other cases, the surface is exposed to high temperatures, in order to weaken the glue and be able to remove the label.

Q5: How to remove the glue from stickers?

It is not common for this to happen, but it can happen that, after removing the label from the object, traces of glue remain on it. To remove it, it is necessary to dissolve the glue on the surface. Therefore, removing the glue will largely depend on the type of surface. If it is paper, it is very difficult to complete the action and most likely the paper will be damaged in the attempt. However, with the rest of the surfaces you can add a little alcohol and remove it with a brush. 

Q6: How to make gift tags?

Gift tags are very diverse and the design will depend on the tastes of the person. To make them and make them look professional, you can create the design in an editing application like Canva, where there are preset templates that can be used. The most complex thing to do on these labels is the glue or self-adhesive. To make it easier, you just have to cut it to the desired shape, open a small hole and then add it to the gift with the help of a string. You can also use adhesive tape on the back or print on label paper.


Q7: How to make labels in Excel?

Unlike Word, Excel does not have a function or option to make labels, so the way to make them is more rudimentary, with cells. To do this, the data must be added as if it were a conventional file and then sent to print. Some people suggest exporting correspondence from Word, as this would make data, cells, and formulas easier to use. However, this method can be a bit tedious. Therefore, it is recommended to use Word or some other application. 

Q8: How to print some labels? 

The printing process is simple and fast. To print labels efficiently, it is only necessary to use special paper with glue that must be placed in the printer before starting the process. If you want greater effectiveness and more specific results, then it will be convenient to use a direct thermal technology printer. These printers serve to obtain up to 70 labels per minute.

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