The 8 Best Nasal Aspirators of 2022

Nasal Aspirator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 

So that your baby doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable while feeding because his nose has excess flow, you can use a nasal aspirator. These devices are designed in such a way that they offer a safe, hygienic and easy-to-use mechanism. For example, the Béaba Minidoo model is a mechanical, sterilizable model that you can use from the birth of your baby thanks to its pair of anatomical tips. But if you prefer an automatic design, so as not to have to suck by yourself, the Bichiro Electric vacuum cleaner offers a smooth and efficient mechanism, which is activated by pressing a button on its structure.



The 8 Best Nasal Aspirators – Opinions 2022

The obstruction of the nostrils in babies not only causes discomfort, it can also interfere with their feeding, and if it is very frequent it could cause oral malformations. Therefore, it is advisable to have a nasal aspirator on hand to alleviate this inconvenience. Next, we present our selection of models, among which you could find one just for you. 

baby nasal aspirator

1. Béaba Minidoo Manual Baby Nasal Aspirator

Many parents find the mechanical nasal aspirator to be the best because it gives them a greater sense of confidence by having the suction needed to clear their baby’s nose under control. That is why they recommend this model on numerous occasions.

Its structure is made with materials that are resistant to heat, so it can be sterilized, which ensures hygienic use. On the other hand, it has a built-in filter, which will prevent you from contaminating your mouth with the baby’s fluids. In addition, the cannulas included in the purchase set allow it to be used from the first day of birth.

Another advantage that this baby nasal aspirator can offer, compared to other electric types, is that it is silent in use, thus reducing discomfort in babies who become nervous when hearing a strange noise.

Due to the simplicity and effectiveness of its model, Beaba could be the best brand of nasal aspirators, so you should get to know its product in detail.


Hygiene: Because the parts of this aspirator can be sterilized, you can trust that it is safe to use for your baby.

Mechanical: You do not need to use batteries, so it is always ready to use.

Affordable: Its price can be adapted to almost any budget.

Adaptability: Due to its interchangeable nozzles it can be used from birth.


Suction: You must be very careful with the level of suction and always do it gently.

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electric nasal aspirator

2. Bichiro Nasal Aspirator Electric Nose Cleaner for Baby

For new parents, answering the question of which is the best nasal aspirator can be difficult, since it is normal that when relieving the discomfort of small babies they feel nervous, for this reason they may prefer an electric device that has proven its effectiveness and safety..

If this is your case, the Bichiro electric nasal aspirator is very versatile and will help you not only to keep your little one’s nose free of mucus, but it can also remove earwax. This is thanks to its different nozzles.

As for its hygiene, you can disassemble the parts that come into contact with the baby and wash them with hot water to remove dirt. In addition, it includes practical tweezers that will facilitate the removal of remains that sometimes adhere. Another attractive aspect is its case, which will keep everything in order until its next use and prevent parts from being lost.

The best nasal aspirator of the moment is the one that meets all your expectations. We invite you to know the summary of characteristics that we have identified in this model.


Safe: The suction generated by the device is controlled, to avoid exerting too much pressure on the baby’s ears.

Compact: Its size fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to use and store.

Versatile: In addition to adapting to the growth of your baby with its nozzles, it is also useful for cleaning the ears.


Complements: If the nasal discharge is very thick, you will have to apply physiological serum beforehand, to facilitate extraction.

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Rhinomer nasal aspirator

3. Rhinomer Baby Narhinel Comfort Nasal Aspirator

The Narhinel Confort nasal aspirator stands out not only for being one of the cheapest, it also has a manual design that helps make it safe and very easy to use, which is why it is preferred.

On the other hand, this set offers 2 disposable refills, which will allow you to use the Rhinomer nasal aspirator without having to wash it between uses. This can be very convenient when your baby is sick and you need to have the brace ready to ease her discomfort at a moment’s notice.

Similarly, it should be mentioned that the design of the spare parts is soft and flexible, to make the process ergonomic and as comfortable as possible. It might also be of interest to you to know that it is a model suitable for use from the first day of birth and that it includes a small case for storage and transport.

Being clear about all the features of a particular model can help you decide which nasal aspirator to buy. Learn more in the next section.


Refills: Since it works with disposable refills, you can avoid washing and sterilizing the vacuum cleaner after each use.

Manual: You do not need batteries to use this model, as it is mechanical.

Case: You can have everything clean and well organized to use it when necessary.

Easy to use: The design of the device allows intuitive and easy use.


Spare parts: Keep in mind that the manufacturer’s suggestion is to use new spare parts every time, which may be an extra cost.

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Suavinex nasal aspirator

4. Suavinex Baby nasal aspirator +0 months with anatomical nozzle

Among the basic items that every parent of a newborn should have are the nasal cleaning kits and the Suavinex brand offers us a model that has several qualities that place it among the best nasal aspirators of 2022.

It is a mechanical type device, which will allow you to control the level of suction that you apply to extract the mucus. In addition, it includes sponges that act as a filter and prevent the baby’s fluids from contaminating your mouth. Similarly, it should be noted that the tips are flexible so as not to hurt the child’s nose and spare parts can be purchased for practical use.

If you are wondering from what age you can use this Suavinex nasal aspirator, we can say that its design allows it to be suitable for your baby from the first day of birth.

If this model has caught your attention, we provide you with more information about it, so that you can decide if it is the right one to maintain your baby’s hygiene. 


Hygienic: Its sponges act as an effective filter to avoid contamination when using the vacuum cleaner.

Easy to use: Due to its basic design and few parts, it is easy to use.

Practical: You can use the vacuum cleaner without having to wash it as often, as it includes a spare tip.


Sterilization: The material from which the pieces are made is not suitable for sterilization. It only supports cleaning with hot water.

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Jane Nasal Aspirator

5. Jané Double Filter Nasal Aspirator Use from Birth

A very well positioned brand in the baby items market is Jané, due to the quality of its products. On this occasion, it presents us with a model that competes for the position of the best quality-price nasal aspirator.

To get to know it, we will start by saying that its design is manual and very ergonomic, both for the baby and for you, since its suction nozzle makes the process more comfortable. In addition, it will be useful to you from the first day of your baby’s birth, due to the size of its tip. 

On the other hand, you should not worry about mucus reaching the probe and, consequently, your mouth, as this Jané nasal aspirator includes a double filter, to avoid such inconvenience and thus provide safe use. As for its cleaning, this is easily done because you can disassemble the pieces to wash them and use them again.

When the design of a vacuum cleaner has proven its effectiveness numerous times, you can feel more comfortable when purchasing it. And if it is one of the cheapest, you will have an additional advantage.


From birth: The design allows it to be used from the birth of the baby.

Cost: It is an affordable but also effective model, so you do not have to spend too much money.

Hygienic: By having an internal filter, its use is safe for both the baby and you.


Sponge: Compared to other models, this one does not use sponges as a filter, but even so, its system is effective for safe use.

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Chicco nasal aspirator

6. Chicco Physio Clean Nasal Aspirator with 3 Probes

If you are looking for a well-known brand model, then you might be interested in knowing more about the Chicco nasal aspirator, as it is a leading firm in the manufacture of baby items.

Among its most outstanding qualities we must mention the anatomical design of its tip, which is also very flexible. This will prevent the baby’s delicate nostrils from getting hurt during cleaning. On the other hand, it must be added that it can be used from the first day of the baby’s birth.

In relation to the safety of the product, it has an internal filter that keeps the baby’s fluids away from the suction duct, to maintain hygiene at all times, and you will not have to worry about sterilization, since both the probe and the mouthpiece are disposable and you can buy refills. So you can always have the vacuum cleaner ready for when you need it.

With so many similar products, the best way to choose the right one is to know in detail its advantages and if there are any aspects to improve. Here are the pros and cons of this model.


Anatomical: The grooves in the nozzles allow an easy adaptation to the child’s nose and prevent injuries due to its softness.

Assembly: All parts of the vacuum cleaner are easily assembled, for easy use.

Hygiene: The spare parts, by including a filter, provide a safe and hygienic use of the product.


Spare parts: The package includes 3 disposable mouthpieces, which may not be enough if your baby has a cold.

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Nasal aspirator for newborn

7. Ritalia baby nasal aspirator with 5 hygienic filters

In their first days of life it is very common for babies to have excess mucus in the nose, so it is recommended to have a nasal aspirator for newborns on hand, as this ensures proper feeding and breathing.

To cover this need efficiently and safely, this Ritalia model has an ergonomic design, which adapts to the nasal cavity so as not to hurt it, since its tip has smooth and rounded edges.

In addition, the end of the probe that is used to carry out the suction has a structure that allows it to be easily held and used, in order to make the process more comfortable. And as for its hygiene and safety, you should know that it has internal filters that are exchanged with each use. Also, because all the parts are washable and removable, it is easy to keep it clean.

Ritalia offers a product with a competitive cost and outstanding qualities. Therefore, we invite you to review its most relevant aspects.


Ergonomics: The vacuum cleaner offers comfort for both the baby and the vacuum cleaner due to its anatomical design.

Safe: The materials from which it is made are free of toxic substances.

Case: Thanks to its practical storage box, you can have everything you need for the vacuum cleaner in one place and keep it clean.


Brush: To achieve hygiene of the vacuum cleaner cylinder, it would be very useful if the manufacturer added a thin brush to the purchase set.

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Miniland nasal aspirator

8. Miniland Nasal Care Electric Nasal Aspirator

In the category of electric baby nasal aspirator, a device that has also pleasantly surprised parents is the Miniland model, as it not only helps you maintain nasal hygiene, but also hearing hygiene. This is because its suction is very gentle and different nozzles are included for each of these purposes.

On the other hand, it is a very easy-to-use device, which is powered by two AA batteries that you can get at almost any store and to activate its internal motor you only need to press the button on the structure, which is why it is considered intuitive.

Another advantage that parents appreciate is that this Miniland nasal aspirator allows you, unlike manual ones, to hold the baby with one hand while holding the aspirator with the other, making the process simpler and more comfortable.

Electric vacuum cleaners like the one from Miniland have considerably improved their design. Learn more in our pros and cons section.


Versatile: You can use the device to clean both the ears and the nose, which expands the options of use.

Easy to use: Both its assembly and its use are very intuitive, preventing you from studying complicated manuals.

Transport bag: The device includes a practical bag that allows you to take it with you.

Without spare parts: You can wash the nozzles to reuse them, avoiding extra expenses.


Batteries: This device does not include the necessary batteries in the purchase set, so you must purchase them separately.

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Nasal aspirator accessories


Spare parts for Rhinomer nasal aspirator

Rhinomer Baby Soft Disposable Refills for Narhinel Confort

In order to continue enjoying the hygienic and easy use of some vacuum cleaners, you need to have some spare parts of their disposable filter nozzles on hand. Thinking about your practicality, this package includes 20 refills for the Rhinomer nasal aspirator, which could be enough to cover the needs in case your baby has a cold or, simply, so that you do not miss them at home.

Also, you should know that these parts are compatible with both the Narhinel comfort version and the brand’s previous vacuum cleaner, so you don’t have to worry.

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Shopping guide

Correct breathing is an aspect that must be taken care of so that a baby feels comfortable, can feed and rest. However, excessive nasal discharge production can clog the nose. But don’t worry, there are various types of vacuum cleaners and then we will help you choose the one that suits you best.

type of aspirator

The first thing you should determine, when you are going to make a comparison of nasal aspirators, is the type you need. Basically there are 2, manual and electric.

The difference between them is that the manual ones have a probe with a tip, which you must place in your mouth to suck, with this it is possible to extract excess mucus from your baby. In electric-type vacuum cleaners, this action on your part is not necessary, since the internal motor of the device will be in charge of carrying out the suction process, so that you only have to place the tip of the nozzle on the infant’s nose, as shown. does in the manuals, and pressing the button activates the motor.

The advantages of manual vacuum cleaners can be several, one of them is that you have control of the suction level at all times. However, you must be very careful, because doing it with too much force will put the fragile membranes of the ears at risk. But if you know how to use it correctly you won’t have to worry about buying spare batteries. Similarly, if you are wondering how much a manual type vacuum cleaner costs, you will be happy to know that it is cheaper than an electric one.

For their part, the electric ones can be considered more practical and comfortable for some parents, especially when you have a restless baby, since you only need one hand to hold the vacuum cleaner and the other you can use to gently hold your little one.

Another point to keep in mind when choosing between these two options is that manual vacuums may have more parts to disassemble than electric ones.

Recommended age

We also want to invite you to review the age for which the manufacturer suggests that you use the vacuum cleaner. If you are expecting a baby, then ideally it should be a model suitable for newborns. But, if the model includes different nozzles, which adapt to the different sizes of the infant as it grows, you could continue enjoying its advantages for much longer, getting more out of the investment you have made.


Regardless of whether you choose a manual or electric one, our recommendation is that you evaluate its practicality. Specifically, this point refers to its assembly being simple and intuitive, so that it takes little time to have it ready to fulfill its purpose. Well, the last thing you want is for your baby to continue to be upset because she can’t breathe and you will seek to relieve her as soon as possible.

Similarly, you could find versions of vacuum cleaners on the market that use disposable refills. This, for many parents, is more convenient, because they do not have to constantly wash the piece that comes into contact with the baby’s nose, it is simply changed and it will be ready for its next use. However, it could imply a higher cost. 


It is no secret that parents when evaluating vacuum cleaners are concerned about the hygiene of this device, because if the baby has a cold, there is a risk that the mucus is infected with microorganisms and you could get infected if you are not careful in handling these fluids. That is why it insists that hygiene be a point of meticulous analysis.

As we mentioned before, some devices of this type opt for refills for the mouthpieces, but there are internal parts that must also be cleaned frequently. Evaluate the sanitization method recommended by the manufacturer, which can be by means of hot water, some disinfectant solution, steam sterilization or manual washing with soap and water. Choose the one you consider most convenient.

sets and accessories

We finish this guide to buy the best nasal aspirator paying attention to the accessories of these devices, because in the event that you use spare parts, it is convenient that some are already included with the purchase.

You could also choose one that is versatile and among its accessories it offers a nozzle that allows you to also clean the baby’s ears, extracting excess earwax. All with the aim that you can use the vacuum cleaner on several occasions and in different ways, without having to look for spare parts, adapters or improvise how to properly clean the vacuum cleaner.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a nasal aspirator?

If you have chosen a manual type vacuum cleaner, the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with all the parts it is made of. Check that the nozzle placed is the corresponding one for the anatomical area that you are going to clean and verify that it is perfectly clean. In the case of electric ones, it will be necessary to read the instructions to activate its operation and to know the button to press. In both cases it is very important that the nozzle is not inserted into the cavity, as it can cause lesions in the mucous membranes.

For an effective procedure, you should also be careful to hold the baby’s head firmly, but do not press too hard, so as not to cause discomfort or nervousness in the little one. Then proceed to suck gently or press the button to cause suction.

Finally, do not forget to properly clean the vacuum cleaner following the instructions and procedures suggested by the manufacturer in its manual. This way it will be ready for its next use.

Q2: How to clean a baby nasal aspirator?

To achieve the correct hygiene of your little one’s nasal aspirator, you need to identify the parts that can be disassembled in your model. If it is a pear-shaped aspirator, this will not be necessary. Once you have separated the pieces, you can proceed to sterilization, if the manufacturer recommends this method. It is only necessary to place them in a device that through steam manages to eliminate any microorganism. If this is not possible, you should resort to manual washing with mild soap. The important thing in this last method is to verify that the soapy solution reaches all the nooks and crannies, both inside and outside. Then rinse with clean water.

Q3: How to make a homemade nasal aspirator?

This option may not be the most suitable for cleaning your little one’s nose, as there may be errors in the ergonomics of the device that could harm the baby. However, if you need a quick option, while getting a device more up to the task, you can use a syringe without the needle and a tube that is smaller in diameter than the syringe barrel. You will need to insert the rubber gasket of the part that generates the vacuum into the syringe and insert it into the tip of the probe. The idea is that the air does not escape through another hole. To use it, place the tip of the syringe in the child’s nose and carefully suck on the opposite end of the tube.

Q4: When to use the nasal aspirator?

It is advisable to use this device when it is perceived that the child has congested nasal passages, due to the accumulation of flow. You can use it, mainly, before eating food and before sleeping. However, it should not be a habitual use, it should always be used when the symptoms of obstruction really exist, which can manifest with a constant opening of the mouth to be able to breathe.

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