The 8 Best Nursing Bras of 2022

Nursing Bra – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In all the processes of motherhood, the woman’s comfort is essential for them to flow with ease. Breastfeeding does not escape this reality, which is why bras have been designed that allow the nipple to be discovered quickly to breastfeed the baby. And when reviewing the most popular products in this category, we find the Selene 20-ALBA among the most outstanding, for being made with good quality fabrics such as polyamide, polyester and elastane that provide softness to the garment. For its part, the Gratlin Inspiración Premamá bra incorporates padding and underwire to maintain sensuality in this new stage. 


The 8 Best Nursing Bras – Opinions 2022

During pregnancy, the breasts prepare for their function of feeding the baby: they grow, become more sensitive and need better support. When you start breastfeeding, it is necessary that the bras cover the breast well and facilitate access to the nipples, for this reason we have selected the products that meet these characteristics and we describe them in the following section. 

Selene nursing bra

1. Selene Alba Maternity Bra Non-wired And Padded

During lactation, many women feel that they have lost attractiveness due to the growth of their breasts or the asymmetric emptying of them in which one is always larger than the other. 

However, wearing a conventional bra is more uncomfortable, so this Selene nursing bra proposal deserves our attention, because it maintains the padding to give a beautiful aesthetic to the breasts. 

In addition, its click system to discover the nipples makes it easy to breastfeed wherever you are. For this reason, many users find this to be the best nursing bra.

As for sizes, this model is available from 85 C to 110 C, and you can buy it in three tones: black, white and earth, with the detail of a small bow on the front. 

The characteristics of this product allow it to be considered the best nursing bra of the moment, according to some users. Therefore, we have made a list of its pros and cons. 


Design: The design of this non-wired bra makes it more comfortable, while the padding maintains a good appearance of the breasts.

Closure: For closure, this bra has traditional hook-and-eye fasteners that are easy to adjust. For its part, the front opening is with a click system that is very comfortable to use.

Colors: You can choose three colors from this model: black, white and earth, neutral tones that are easy to combine.

Fabric: The combination of polyamide, polyester and elastane in this bra makes it very soft to the touch, so it does not cause discomfort or irritation. 


Variety: More color options and fun prints are missing to choose from in this product. 

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2. Selene Amanda Maternity Bra

For those women who are looking for more comfort when breastfeeding, this Selene nursing bra is a recommended option because it does not have underwires or padding. It’s made with 45% polyamide, 43% cotton and 12% elastane, offering a soft texture, while the adjustable straps allow you to better lift the breasts or adjust them to your liking. 

This model is only available in three colors: white, black and earth, but the detail of the bow with a pearl on the front gives a nice finish to the design of the bra.

Regarding the different sizes, you should know that the sizing is Spanish and is available from size 90 C to 120 C. As for the closure, they are the traditional and resistant hooks that hold the chest well, while on the front it has the system vertical click to discover the nipples and breastfeed easily. 

This model is a good option if you don’t know which nursing bra to buy, but you care more about comfort than aesthetics. For this reason, we separate its main qualities into pros and cons to help you in your choice.


Material: The bra is made with a combination of fabrics in various percentages, of which 43% is cotton, so it allows for good perspiration in this area.

Sizes: This model is available in different sizes ranging from 90 C to 120 C.

Placement: The brackets allow the bra to be closed correctly and removed without difficulty. 


Enhancement: This model does not have underwire or padding, so breast enhancement is not among its positive features.

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Underwired nursing bra

3. Gratlin Underwired Maternity & Nursing Bra 

Among the best nursing bras of 2022 we have this Gratlin model, a product that can also be used during the pregnancy stage due to the comfort it offers thanks to its preformed seamless construction.

In addition, this is a nursing bra with underwire and a deep neckline for a very sensual enhancement of the breast and full coverage that flatters the feminine silhouette.

To show the nipple, this bra has an easy opening and closing system with conventional clicks in this type of garment, which makes breastfeeding easier. For its part, the straps are slightly padded but resistant, so they allow a good fit for greater comfort. 

Of this model we highlight the numerous positive opinions of its users, since the majority affirm that the sizing is correct, the very sensual design and the really competitive price. 

Gratlin has a wide catalog of intimate clothing for maternity, which is why many users affirm that it is the best brand of nursing bras, this model being one of the most recommended in its stock. 


Design: This model stands out for having foam and with the hoops it gives a very feminine appearance to the breasts, even favoring the neckline for some types of blouse.

Touch: The fabric of the bra is very soft and breathes efficiently. In addition, it does not cause irritation or discomfort on sensitive breasts.

Fit: Straps provide full coverage and are adjustable. For its part, the vertical opening is easy and quick to use.


Size: You should carefully check what size to order, because in some cases the cup is very tight. But, in other opinions it is indicated that the size is as expected.

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4. Kuci Pregnancy and Nursing Bra

The fact of going through the breastfeeding stage does not imply giving up styling your figure with intimate garments. In this regard, there is more than one underwired nursing bra on the market that adequately supports and shapes the breast, all while remaining comfortable. 

An example of this is the KUCI brand bra, which is made of 100% cotton fabric, so you can enjoy great breathability and absorbency. In the same way, it has wide straps, so that the weight of the breast is not marked on the shoulders, and its clasps will allow you to offer the breast to the baby with ease.

As if that were not enough, you will not have to spend a lot of money to get a copy of this model, since it is one of the cheapest. However, the opinions regarding its quality and finishes rate it positively.

If you are looking for the best value for money nursing bra, do not forget to analyze in detail the pros and cons of this bra.


Sizes: The manufacturer offers this model in more than 8 cup and chest contour combinations, so you can find the size that best suits your anatomy.

Fit: Because it is made of soft and stretchy cotton, the garment adapts to the normal size changes of the breast during breastfeeding.

Maintenance: The care that this bra requires is traditional, so you can even wash it in a machine.


Colours: It is only available in white polka dot print on a black background, but it is considered a nice style.

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Nursing bra Anita

5. Anita Maternity 5068 Women’s Nursing Bra

A nursing bra might need underwire to better fit the female body, which goes through so many changes during and after pregnancy. In this sense, the Anita 5068 nursing bra is a very versatile product because it is made of microfiber to offer good breathability, but it also incorporates rods that give the cups a correct fit, adapting to the mother’s breasts. 

For your opening in nursing, this bra has nursing clips on each cup that allow for easy unfastening and quick nipple exposure. Therefore, it is very comfortable to use to breastfeed the baby or express milk.

Of this model we must emphasize that it is not very cheap, but the quality of the clothing and the functionality of the design more than compensate for the investment, providing comfort during this beautiful stage. 

For users who still have doubts about this model, we present the following summary of features separated into positive and negative aspects.


Fabric: The bra is made of microfiber, a soft and breathable fabric that does not cause irritation on sensitive breasts.

Fit: Straps fit snugly and are weight-bearing to promote good posture.

Opening: The cups have nursing clicks that are easy to use to fasten or unfasten the front part and breastfeed without difficulty.


Sizes: The size chart offered by the manufacturer can be a bit confusing for some users, because it is the German system that differs from the Spanish one.

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Strapless Nursing Bra

6. Samfe Wireless Strapless Nursing Bra w/ Detachable

If you want to know which is the best nursing bra, but you don’t want a traditional model, you can evaluate the characteristics of this Samfe model.

This is a strapless nursing bra, ideal to wear with an off-the-shoulder evening dress or simply to be more comfortable at home, go to the supermarket, go to the pediatrician and be able to feed the baby without difficulty. 

This style is made of 88% polyamide and 12% elastane, so its full coverage design and easy donning make it popular with many moms. In addition, the molded padding of the breasts allows the use of nursing pads without affecting the aesthetics. 

On the other hand, if you want to feel more confident when wearing this bra, you can attach the included transparent straps and thus wear it with more discretion and confidence, depending on the outfit you are going to wear. 


Format: The bra is molded to the shape of the breast and has padding that favors the comfort of the mother.

Fabric: Flexibility is remarkable in this model, as it has been made with polyamide and elastane, fabrics with great elasticity and good breathability.

Size: You can buy this bra in sizes S, M, L and XL, so the reference to choose the ideal size is using the same size as your shirts. 


Opening: This model does not have an opening for the nipple like the best known. However, you only have to lower or raise the bra to expose the breast and breastfeed.

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Padded nursing bra

7. Momanda Non-wired Lace Maternity Nursing Bra

Breastfeeding does not mean that women lose their sensuality when it comes to wearing underwear, and this padded nursing bra is an example of this, because Momanda has designed this bralette with lace, padding and without underwires to provide greater comfort and stylize the breasts. breasts.

Although it is considered a maternity bra, this model has a front opening with conventional clicks, so it is very easy to use during breastfeeding. 

With regard to its placement, this bra is similar to sports, so it does not have brackets and is placed on top as if it were a swimming shirt. The straps, on the other hand, are adjustable, while the padding in the cups gives a very nice shape to the breasts. 

In short, this is a delicate and attractive bra, as the lace lining enhances femininity during this stage, which has made it very popular among users. Therefore, we leave you a summary of its characteristics below.


Sizes: This bra is offered from size S to XL and to help you choose the right size the seller shows a table with the corresponding sizes in the European, French and American system.

Neckline: The V-neckline reinforced by the padding in the cups favors feminine sensuality, maintaining a beautiful shape of the breasts. 

Appearance: With the lace lining in this garment, a very delicate finish is obtained that increases the attractiveness of the bra. 


Sensitivity: Due to the way it is placed, it is possible to feel some discomfort, especially during the first postpartum days when the breasts fill with milk and hurt. 

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Bravado nursing bra

8. Bravado Bra for pregnancy and lactation

Among the opinions we reviewed, we found that many users believe that this Body Silk nursing bra is very efficient and comfortable due to its seamless design.

The soft fabric of this bra is one of its main features, as well as the thick and adjustable straps. For its part, the foam inserts that it includes allow to give a better shape to the breasts and also hide the use of pads, to attend to any milk leak during the day or night.

This Bravado nursing bra can be used during pregnancy and later during breastfeeding, as the elastic fabric adapts to the changes that the female body experiences during the maternity stage. 

From this bra you can choose several colors, all neutral and easy to combine with your underwear and outfits. As for the opening, the front clicks are resistant and easy to use even with one hand.

In this product we have distinguished some separate features into pros and cons and summarized them below.


Variety: This model is available in different sizes and colors to serve a broader market of users.

Comfort: The format of the bra is very comfortable because it adapts to the changes of the body and the growth of the breasts from the stage of pregnancy to lactation. 

Fit: The breasts are well supported, even without the pads and the bra retains its shape after several washes. 


Price: This model is among the most expensive in the selection. But, all its qualities support the investment during a good time of use. 

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Shopping guide

If you are a new mother, you will surely be confused between all the products and clothing designed for motherhood. That is why we bring you a practical guide to buy the best nursing bra, an essential garment for your last months of pregnancy and to breastfeed the baby later. So with this information we hope to dispel your doubts and that you can make a successful purchase.

Choose the right size

Thinking about buying a nursing bra is one of the first doubts we have when the pregnancy reaches the second or third trimester, because at this stage the breasts begin to change: they grow, become more sensitive and there is even some loss of milk, because the hormonal production is already increasing. 

Thus, when comparing nursing bras, choosing the correct size can be the most difficult. This largely depends on the manufacturer, as some models come in sizes other than the Spanish one. Therefore, the conversions offered by vendors should be carefully reviewed to identify which size corresponds to that of the user.

In this sense, it is important to mention that during this stage the breasts can increase one, two and even three sizes, but in each woman it is different. So it is recommended to buy nursing bras from the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, when the breasts have grown more and it is estimated that after childbirth and established lactation the breasts remain at that size.

Material and manufacturing

With the added sensitivity in the breasts, rubbing against certain tissues is likely to cause itching or some irritation. For this reason, it is recommended that nursing bras be made of cotton and seamless, to avoid any type of discomfort. However, stretchy designs have become popular in recent years with synthetic fabrics that are soft and breathable yet highly flexible as well as durable, making them a highly recommended option as well. 

Among these materials we find Polyamide and elastane, which are the most used in the manufacture of bras, sharing some percentage of the composition with cotton or lycra; In short, the combinations used to achieve more comfortable designs that adapt to the changing figure during and after pregnancy are different. 


Before looking at how much one or another nursing bra costs, it is necessary to know the difference between the models with an underwire and those without. The former offer conventional support to give the breasts a better appearance. However, it is advisable to wait for the swelling of the breasts to improve after the milk comes in so as not to feel discomfort. Consequently, to choose the most suitable underwired bra, you must choose the correct size.

On the other hand, there are the sports bras, one of the most comfortable during this stage because they can be easily placed, so they are the most recommended for the postpartum phase, being at home comfortably and even sleeping.

Padded bras, on the other hand, help prevent nipples from showing on clothing and can prevent milk transfer in the event of a leak, so you can place a nursing pad without deforming the appearance of the breast. Ideally, you should have a bra of each type so that you can know the comfort they offer, as well as to combine them with different outfits and enjoy breastfeeding without complications.

Holding and opening

The weight of milk-laden breasts will be more bearable with nursing bras that have thick, padded, adjustable straps. In addition, many of them are adjusted with conventional brackets that have up to three positions to better adapt to the female body. 

As for the opening, the vertical click system is one of the most used, because it can even be used with one hand to expose the nipple when breastfeeding or using the breast pump. There are also other models that have a clasp at the neckline for a horizontal opening, that is, the cup opens on one side. 

For their part, the top-type models are also very comfortable, although they must be raised or lowered to leave the entire breast exposed. However, these can be worn with or without straps, making them suitable for evening dresses or elegant wear for certain occasions. 

design and washing

Finding a cheap nursing bra is not difficult, but one with vibrant colors and varied prints can be. Typically, these garments are available in neutral colors such as white, black, and beige. The prints can be very discreet, but if you look carefully we are sure that you will find very nice proposals with lace designs, polka dot motifs, among others. 

Regarding the washing of bras, some models have special characteristics, so it is recommended to do it manually. Other more resistant garments can be machine washed. Therefore, it is best to check the manufacturer’s information and its washing instructions to care for the garment for longer.

In this sense, we remember that during breastfeeding milk loss and regurgitation of the baby are very normal, leaving very particular odors on clothes, especially bras, so even if you use nursing pads, you should wash them frequently. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a nursing bra?

During pregnancy, the breasts increase in size and sensitivity, so conventional bras are no longer comfortable. In this sense, the models designed for breastfeeding offer greater comfort, good support for the breasts as well as easy access to the nipples to breastfeed the baby. 

Therefore, they are highly recommended for use during the day in daily activities and there are many women who also prefer to use them at night to sleep, as this way they can protect themselves from milk leakage by using nursing pads. 

In either case, the key to comfort is choosing the right size. And that’s what we talk about next.

Q2: What size of nursing bra to buy?

Many users recommend buying the first nursing bra at 8 months of pregnancy, because at this stage the breasts will have grown enough and, in general, will remain the same size during breastfeeding, so the chosen size will serve you for a good period.. 

But, as each woman and pregnancy are different, there are those who only buy one size larger than usual. In other cases it is necessary to buy up to two sizes larger because the breasts grow more. 

Therefore, the choice of size will depend on each case. However, the size table offered by the manufacturer should be carefully reviewed to choose the most appropriate one.

Q3: When to wear a nursing bra?

It is normal to feel a lot of sensitivity in the breasts from the beginning of pregnancy, which is why some women do not tolerate the use of normal bras in the first months. So the nursing bra can be used to support such sensitivity before delivery. Similarly, after the birth of the baby they are very useful for breastfeeding, since they allow the nipple to be extracted comfortably. 

Some even come with space to place nursing discs and avoid chest deformities that affect your appearance when dressing. In addition, many models can be used with any type of clothing and even for exercising after breastfeeding. 

Q4: How should a nursing bra fit?

The nursing bra should not be too tight because it would compress the breasts, which could lead to health problems such as mastitis or other conditions. Nor can it be too big, because then it would not give the support that is needed in the breasts, and they would be hanging, exposing themselves to stretching the skin more than normal. 

Therefore, the nursing bra must offer comfort when putting it on, taking it off and using it at the time of breastfeeding. 

Q5: How to wash the nursing bra?

The best we can advise in this regard is to read and follow the instructions of the manufacturer of your bras for their care and hygiene. However, it is normal to find many models that must be washed by hand so as not to damage the molding or the padding. Other products, depending on the fabric, can be machine washed. Even so, it is always convenient to use a gentle washing cycle so as not to damage the structure of the bra. For this reason, special bags are marketed to place intimate apparel in the washing machine and prevent it from being deformed when mixed with other garments.

Q6: Which is better, nursing bra with underwire or without underwire?

The underwired bra is highly recommended, as long as it is the correct size, to maintain support and an aesthetic shape of the breasts during the day. In this way, you will continue to feel very feminine and sensual with the clothes you wear, since the neckline will be favored by the support of the rings. On the other hand, to sleep, if you prefer to wear a bra, the most appropriate thing is that it does not have underwires because it would be very uncomfortable when moving, changing position or breastfeeding the baby. 

Q7: What material is best for a nursing bra?

All natural and breathable fabrics such as cotton are, par excellence, the best for nursing bras. But, synthetic and elastic fabrics have become very popular today due to the level of flexibility they offer, as well as their resistance, keeping their shape longer.

So now there are so many models and options to choose from that we would not like to limit you to choosing a single type of bra, because the idea is that you try the different models, because, what we are sure of is that, during breastfeeding, you need have at least three fasteners designed for this purpose.

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