The 8 Best Ovulation Tests of 2022

Ovulation Test – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 

Whether you want to know your fertile cycle, to be successful in your attempts to get pregnant, or you want to know your ovulation days to take care of yourself and avoid conception, an ovulation test may be exactly what you need to obtain the necessary answers and have better control of your menstrual cycle. A highly recommended product in specialized portals is the Clearblue 81220717 ovulation test, an option that has a total of 20 tests that you can do during your cycle to check ovulation through a screen. In it you will see a smiley emoticon appear to indicate that you are in your fertile days. On the other hand, the Easy@Home Ultrasensitive testsThey will also allow you to carry out a very precise follow-up of the fertility cycle, together with the inclusion of pregnancy tests to know the success of your plans.

The 8 Best Ovulation Tests – Opinions 2022

Ovulation tests are ideal for any sexually active woman, as they indicate the most fertile period both to look for and to avoid pregnancy. That is why they are practical products, and looking at different options will give you the opportunity to choose the best alternative for you. 

Clearblue Ovulation Test

1. Clearblue Ovulation Test Kits 20 Tests

With an ovulation test like Clearblue’s, you can more accurately track your menstrual cycle to find out which are the two most fertile days if you want to get pregnant.

This product contains the device for readings and 20 test strips, so you can take that number of samples during the days after your menstruation and when you see the emoticon appear, you will have already reached the LH surge, that is, the hormone lutein.

On the other hand, its use is simple, since you only have to urinate on the strip for a few seconds, place it on the test, cover it and wait for the result to appear on the screen. If the space between the parentheses remains empty, this indicates that the LH surge has not been detected yet, so you will have to wait and continue testing for a couple more days to make sure.

Clearblue offers you a set of ovulation tests with which you can keep a tighter control of your cycle:


Strips: There are a total of 20 ClearBlue test strips, enough to cover the necessary days of the cycle.

Indicator: The LH surge indicator is a smiley face that will indicate the presence of the hormone.

Instructions: The test instruction manual is in Spanish to guide you through each step.

Accurate: If you take the test properly, the results are quite accurate.


Refills: Please note that this is a disposable product and you cannot purchase replacement strips.

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Ovulation and pregnancy test

2. Easy@Home 50 Ultra-Sensitive Ovulation Tests 

Although some women can identify their fertile days by symptoms, an ovulation test is a more accurate method for those who want to get pregnant. This is even more effective if ultrasensitive tests like the ones in this set are used. There are 50 tests, so you will have enough to monitor the levels of the LH hormone and, in this way, determine when is the ideal time to have successful sexual intercourse.

Now, this is complemented by the 20 pregnancy tests that are added in the purchase. Therefore, this kit has everything you need to know if the period conception project has achieved the long-awaited positive result.

The tests, for their part, are easy to carry out, have an accuracy of 99% and their reading is clear, since you will be able to help yourself with the Premom app, dispelling any doubts related to its use.

If you need an ovulation and pregnancy test, this product may be what you are looking for.


Quantity: In total, 70 tests are included in the purchase, so you will not have to purchase more to monitor day by day.

Accuracy: These are ultra-sensitive tests, which have been positively rated due to their 99% accuracy.

Reading: You will be able to clearly identify the results and without doubt, thanks to its complementary app.


Protocol: You must be very strict in following the instructions, which implies a thorough analysis of your manual.

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One Step Ovulation Test 

3. One Step 30 Ovulation Tests 20mlU/ml

Ovulation tests measure their sensitivity based on the number of units per liter, that is, IU/L of the hormone LH that they can perceive. In this sense, we are facing a set of tests that is capable of detecting from 20mlU/ml, that is to say that each strip is quite sensitive and can faithfully identify the presence of this substance in the urine.

Its presentation is given in strips of 3.5 ml, which is a format that makes reading more comfortable and consists of 30 ovulation tests. That is, you will have enough to clearly know the time of the month in which your body releases the highest concentration of LH hormone.

The way to carry out the One Step ovulation test is very simple, you just have to collect a small amount of urine, dip the strip correctly in the liquid and wait 5 minutes, which is a short and acceptable time.

On the other hand, this test is one of the most used in clinics and hospitals, which is why it is considered one of the best ovulation tests of 2022. Review the pros and cons of the product. 


Reliability: The tests offer a very low margin of error, which is why they are considered effective in identifying when you ovulate.

Quantity: Since the set has 30 tests, it may be enough to analyze a menstrual cycle in detail. You could even analyze two, if you perform only one daily test.

Sensitivity: This product can detect the hormone LH even in very small amounts. Thus, you can better observe the changes that are generated daily.


Pregnancy test: This set does not add GCH hormone tests, so you will have to anticipate another expense to know if you have finally become pregnant.

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Other products

4. Cuckool 50 Ovulation Tests

Choosing the best ovulation test is difficult, however, with this purchase you will get everything you need, which makes it a wonderful option. Being FDA approved, this product is completely safe and there is no need to worry about using it. The purchase brings 50 disposable strips for you to try as many times as you need, and they have an efficiency of 99%, which makes it very efficient in detecting the LH hormone. 

The high sensitivity of 20mlU/ml will allow you to mark the beginning of the ovulation period and its decline, so you will be ready from the first day. Each strip is individually packaged to keep it clean and safe. In addition to that, the box comes with small collection cups for your urine. That way, you won’t need anything else to do the test. The strips are wider to be able to show the results in a better way. 

This purchase has everything you need to do the ovulation test comfortably, as you deserve. 50 effective strips and collection cups for every testing opportunity. 


Cups: Collection cups will make the process cleaner, more comfortable and easier. 

Size: The 0.3 cm wide size of each strip makes the results easier to see. 

Quantity: You will not need more strips than the ones in this kit, as it comes with 50 individual and disposable pieces. 


Instructions: The instructions for this product are in English, which complicates the process for those who have not used these strips before.

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5. Mommed LH50 Ovulation Test

There are many women who want to know and better interpret the symptoms they experience during their menstrual cycle. In this sense, if you are wondering which is the best ovulation test, this may be the most suitable set. It consists of 50 test strips with a sensitivity of 25mlU, so they can identify even low amounts of LH hormone.

On the other hand, the number of tests that the purchase brings will allow you to track the changes in your cycle on a daily basis, to know how it behaves and when, finally, ovulation occurs.

In the same way, to make a record and to be able to better interpret the results, a follow-up table is attached, where you can make notes that will be useful to have a clearer idea of ​​what is happening in your body.

This set is one of the cheapest, considering that it includes 50 reagents. You will be able to better decide if it is what you need by reviewing its highlights.


Sensitivity: These are tests with a good sensitivity of 25mlU, to detect changes effectively.

Preservation: Each test is individually packaged to keep its reagents intact until the precise moment of performing the test.

Set: The purchase includes the container cups to collect the urine, so you have everything on hand to carry out the test comfortably.


Pregnancy test: It is a set designed to identify only the moment of ovulation, since it does not include pregnancy tests.

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6. Ecloud Shop 60 Ovulation Predictor

Not only expensive tests can be trusted. As an example, we have these test strips that are among the cheapest in the selection and that have obtained very good opinions from their users.

It is a package with 60 ovulation tests, enough to carry out a very detailed analysis day by day of the changes in the amount of LH hormone secreted by the body. Thus, you will be able to accurately identify the time of ovulation.

To use them, the procedure is similar to that of other strips, since you only have to collect a small amount of urine and dip it to the line. The result appears a few minutes later.

Another important aspect is that it also has a considerable number of pregnancy tests, since it includes 30. This way you can know if your conception project has achieved its purpose.

Many people may find the best ovulation test to be one that is affordable and reliable. Learn more about this Ecloud proposal.


Quantity: Because it has 60 ovulation tests, this set is one of those that allow a more detailed follow-up. 

Price: Its cost is affordable, so it is not necessary to spend too much money to identify the optimal time to get pregnant.

Pregnancy tests: You do not need to make additional expenses to know if your plans have been successful.


Accessories: This package does not include cups to collect urine or any control application.

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7. Wondfo 50 Ovulation Urine Test Strips

A certified product always gives greater confidence. For this reason, Wondfo mentions that this test has the records that guarantee its quality, such as ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2012. In addition, it is a brand with more than 2 decades of experience.

More specifically, its sensitivity is 25 mlU/ml, which is why it is considered very effective in detecting the presence of the hormone LH. In addition, the package includes 50 strips that will help you check the changes that occur in your menstrual cycle day by day, and its 3.5 mm format allows for comfortable handling.

If you are wondering how quickly the test can be performed, you should know that you only need to wait 3 minutes, after inserting the absorbent section into the urine, so it will not take you long to read the results.

In case this product has caught your attention, you should review our summary of relevant aspects.


Sensitivity: The test has a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml, making it effective in detecting the hormone LH in urine.

Ease of use: Its procedure for using this test is the traditional one. So you don’t have to study complicated instructions.

Presentation: Each strip is sealed and has been provided with a desiccant that keeps its characteristics intact until used.


Pregnancy test: Unlike other packages, this one does not include pregnancy tests.

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8. Afac Ovulation Test

This ovulation test is one of the most sensitive on the market, since it detects 10 mIU/ml and the results are given in just 3 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long. The manufacturers have paid special attention to giving you a complete experience to prepare for your pregnancy, because, in addition to the 20 strips included in the purchase, this kit also comes with 20 collection cups for urine and a calendar to know on which days of the cycle you will be. ovulating. 

The rods are rigid and although this increases their price, it also makes them stronger and easier to handle. In addition, they come separated in aluminum packages that keep them clean and safe. The results are easy to read and you only need to dip the stick for three seconds to get them. In case of doubt, you only need to read the user manual. 

If you are looking for a very high sensitivity and you do not mind paying a little more, then stop looking for which ovulation test to buy, because this is ideal. 


Materials : The materials make the strips rigid and easy to handle. 

Kit: This pack comes with 20 strips, 20 collection cups and, in addition, a calendar to follow your menstrual cycle from start to finish. 

Time: You only need 3 seconds of immersion and 3 minutes of waiting to get the results. 


Sensitivity: The rods are so sensitive that they could give false positives if the instructions are not followed, so care must be taken. 

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Shopping guide 

If you want effective results, you need to be serious about buying a good ovulation test kit. To do this, you should pay attention to different characteristics of importance. This guide will help you with your purchase process. 


Having a baby is one of the dreams of many young and old couples. For this reason, if you are a woman who wants not to waste the opportunities to get pregnant, it is necessary to make an extensive comparison of ovulation tests to consider different products and be able to acquire the best model for you. 

When you are looking for an ovulation test, you will notice that not only the prices vary, but also the types of tests. The most common are disposable strips, which are your best option if you are looking for a good and cheap test. These strips have a somewhat complicated type of operation at first, but by following the instructions that must be included in the purchase package you will be able to learn to interpret the results and know when to use the first ones so as not to waste them. 

If you don’t care how much the product costs and prefer to be guided by quick readings and efficiency, then your best option is digital tests. Clearblue is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to these models, therefore, it is a good option to acquire one of their creations. Digital tests also work through urine, but unlike disposable strips, you won’t need to be guided by bars or colors. These will show the result on the small screen so you know without a doubt if you are ovulating or not. 


When making your guide to buying the best ovulation test, you should keep in mind that, unlike pregnancy tests that only need to be used once, tests to know if you are ovulating require several uses. The recommended minimum quantity is 6 or 7 tests, if they are disposable strips, or about 4 if they are digital tests. If you don’t yet know how to use tests effectively, then these numbers may be higher. Due to this, the more units the package has, the better purchase it will be. 

Not only will this give you room to make mistakes while you learn to know your cycle, but it will also better adapt to irregularities in the month. In addition, you can leave some extra tests for the following month as well, in case you do not get pregnant and want to keep trying. 


Another thing you should always keep in mind is the sensitivity of the tests, as this will determine the reliability of the results. The most common and recommended are the 20 mlU/ml ovulation tests, however, there are tests with various levels of sensitivity, ranging from 10 mlU/ml to 40 mlU/ml. These changes in sensitivity occur because women have natural concentrations of LH and it is necessary to detect when this increases exponentially. 

It is not recommended to purchase 10 mlU/ml tests because they tend to give false positives, detecting the hormone in a follicular phase and not ovulating. Tests of 20 or 30 are the most reliable, as they can be positive from the ascending phase of the ovulatory period to the peak of LH. 

The 40 mlU/ml are ideal for detecting the peak of ovulation, however, if you miss the day, then you will have to wait until the next month, since these tests fail to detect the LH surges at the beginning of the ovulation period to keep you attentive, unlike those of lesser sensitivity. 

However, no matter what sensitivity you choose, what will really determine the success of the detection is following the guidelines included by the manufacturers. 


For complete family planning and more convenient use of the product, many ovulation tests come in kits that come with other products and accessories included to keep everything in one place. 

Most of these kits come with pregnancy tests so you know if your fertility evaluation using ovulation tests worked correctly. These are several too, in case you have to keep trying and need to check again if the pregnancy happened. 

Other sets come with small urine collection cups, so that the testing process is simpler and more comfortable, avoiding accidents. The most complete ones bring ovulation cycle calendars to help you maintain more effective control. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use an ovulation test?

Using an ovulation test is extremely easy if you know when to start testing. If you don’t know your cycle, you could spend a lot of disposable strips, but the more you know yourself and the more control you have, then you won’t need to use as many ovulation tests. 

By day 8 or 9 of your cycle (assuming a 28 day cycle), approximately 3 to 5 days after your period, your body should be preparing for ovulation. From that date, start using the disposable strips, collect some urine and dip the end of the strip into it. 

If they are digital tests, these will tell you if you are ovulating or not. If they are disposable strips, then they will show a dark line above the control line to let you know when you ovulated. 

Q2: How do ovulation tests work?

Much like pregnancy tests, ovulation tests work using a urine sample. A couple of days before ovulating, the woman generates a large quantity of luteinizing hormone (LH) and the disposable strip is responsible for detecting the presence of this hormone to indicate to the woman that in about 17 or 20 hours she will begin to ovulate.

Sometimes it is necessary to do the test several times to determine exactly when ovulation started. Digital ovulation kits work under the same concept, however they show the results on a small screen. 

Q3: How to interpret ovulation tests?

To show the presence of luteinizing hormone in the urine, the disposable strip shows a line that is darker or the same color as the control line it has. If it is negative, the line will not appear or will be lighter than the control mark. All models have a legend so you know exactly how to read the test and what the result means. 

In case of using a digital test, the interpretation is easier, since the screen shows the result so that you have no doubts about whether you are ovulating or not. This can be given with a word, with a symbol or with a happy face, it all depends on the model you have purchased. 

Q4: How does Clearblue Ovulation Test work? 

The Clearblue Ovulation Test is one of the most purchased due to its effectiveness in displaying the results and how easy it is to interpret them. Its structure is similar to that of a pregnancy test and its mode of use is identical. 

You will have to go to the bathroom to urinate on the small end of the rod, while the components are responsible for detecting the presence of the hormone LH to let you know if it is time to try for a baby. You will know that the result is positive if the screen shows a happy face. 

Q5: Can I use an ovulation test as a pregnancy test?

No. Despite their similarity in design, their functions are different and their detection systems focus on different hormones. The ovulation test focuses on the hormone LH, while the pregnancy test looks for the presence of hCG. 

There are cases in which ovulation tests can help determine if there is a pregnancy when there is an absence of menstruation. Because both hormones are similar at the molecular level, it is possible that ovulation tests show positive when you are not ovulating, in the case of a pregnancy.

It should be noted that this does not occur in all cases and that, if it does occur, it does not always mean that it is a correct result. It is best to use the appropriate test for the situation in which you find yourself. 

Q6: When to do the ovulation test? 

The ovulation test should be done about 4 or 5 days after your period ends, since the hormone LH begins to make an appearance. If it is a disposable strip, the line will begin to darken as the days go by, indicating that ovulation will begin between 17 and 36 hours later. Confirming this, if the line is darker than the control bar, it indicates that you are at the peak of ovulation. Digital tests are also used between the same days. 

Q7: How many days is the ovulation test positive? 

Ovulation tests should give positive results for 2 or 3 days, as this is the normal period in which a woman ovulates on a monthly basis. 

Q8: If I have a positive ovulation test, when can I have intercourse? 

If you want to have a baby, then that same day and the following 3 days, in case you have exactly marked the beginning of ovulation.

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Clearblue Pack Ahorro: 20 Pruebas de Ovulación Digital

La hormona luteinizante es segregada por la hipófisis y representa un papel bastante importante en lo que respecta a la fertilidad de la mujer, por lo que es necesario conocer los días de mayor producción de la misma. 

Para ello, este test de ovulación ha sido desarrollado por laboratorios Clearblue, poniendo a tu disposición un total de 20 pruebas o tiras de color rosado, que deberás introducir en el dispositivo de cuerpo rígido incorporado. En él, se ha colocado un práctico sistema de lectura digital. De esta manera, sólo tendrás que sumergir la banda en la orina y seguidamente esperar a aproximadamente tres minutos para saber si estás en tus días fértiles. 

Así, en caso de ser detectado un aumento en la concentración de esta hormona notarás que el círculo marcado con la cara feliz en la estructura del aparato se tornará colorido. Además, el producto incorpora un segundo dispositivo con un par de cintas azules, que son dos pruebas de embarazo confiables.

Los pros y contras de este producto podrían resultarte interesantes si estás en la búsqueda de un dispositivo para conocer tus días fértiles o estado de embarazo. 


Diseño: Las tiras tienen un ergonómico diseño para una práctica manipulación.

Prueba de ovulación: Dispondrás de 20 pruebas para que puedas precisar el incremento de la hormona LH a lo largo de varios días.

Prueba de embarazo: Se incorporan dos pruebas de embarazo, cuyo resultado es revelado en apenas dos minutos.

Higiene: Este producto es completamente desechable y fabricado en materiales hipoalergénicos.


Resultados: Es probable que exista un margen de error en los resultados de la prueba de ovulación, que dependerán de la química de cada persona. No obstante, las pruebas realizadas lo señalan como eficaz en un importante número casos.

Easyhome 50 Pruebas de ovulación ultrasensibles

La razón por la que este producto es tan buscado es porque cualquier duda que tengas será resuelta, ya que el uso de la aplicación móvil Premom, compatible con Android y también iOS, podrá reconocer tus resultados haciéndolos más claros, y también podrá predecir tus días más fértiles. Este producto ha sido fabricado siguiendo los estándares de la FDA, por lo que es seguro, y, además de eso, ofrece un resultado con una precisión de hasta un 99% de eficacia. 

Las tiras traen una sensibilidad de 25 mlU/ml para detectar la fase ovular desde el inicio, en un periodo corto de tiempo, de tres a cinco minutos. Cada una de las 50 tiras son fáciles de  manipular y de lectura sencilla, ya que, con solo unos segundos de inmersión, las líneas se marcan de forma clara. Si tienes dudas, solo debes tomar una foto y la app podrá hacer la interpretación por ti.

Quienes busquen la modernidad encontrarán el mejor test de ovulación del momento en este producto, pues es un sistema nuevo y dinámico que mejora la lectura de los resultados. 


App: La aplicación móvil hará que la lectura de los resultados sea más rápida y sencilla, en caso de que tengas dudas. 

Cantidad: La compra viene con 50 tiras para que no haya problema en seguir la fase de ovulación los días que sean necesarios. 

Seguridad: Este producto está hecho bajo los más estrictos estándares de la FDA, para ser siempre seguro para ti.


Vencimiento: A diferencia del habitual formato de Día/Mes/Año, este producto muestra la fecha de vencimiento con AA-MM-DD. Es necesario prestar atención para evitar confusiones.

Clearblue Kits de Test de Ovulación

Si no deseas utilizar un test de ovulación de tiras y prefieres un modelo digital, este definitivamente es uno de los mejores para ti. Este test de ovulación Clearblue representa la calidad y efectividad de la marca. Se trata de un kit de tests de ovulación que trae 20 varillas de material rígido para que puedas hacer todas las pruebas que necesites.  

El resultado se dará en forma de una carita feliz para que sepas si estás ovulando, y si no lo estás, simplemente saldrá un círculo sin cara en la pantalla; este método hace que no sea necesario complicarse leyendo instrucciones difíciles. A diferencia de los tests de tiras que debes sumergirlos, con este producto solo necesitas orinar sobre el extremo y esperar el resultado. El modo de uso es sencillo y bastante cómodo también. De todas formas, si necesitas ayuda, podrás leer las indicaciones incluidas en la compra, pues se encuentran en castellano. 

Clearblue es una compañía dedicada a la creación de productos referentes a la fertilidad de la mujer, por esa razón, es considerada la mejor marca de tests de ovulación digitales.


Digital: Este es un test completamente digital, para ser fácil de usar. 

Días fértiles: Los tests logran detectar dos días de pico fértil en la fase de ovulación. 

Cantidad: El pack trae 20 varillas de prueba para que puedas intentarlo

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