The 8 Best Pregnancy Belts of 2022

Pregnancy Belt – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Some pregnant women may suffer from ailments in the back and lower back due to the weight of the belly, the use of the pregnancy belt being an effective alternative to help strengthen the weak muscles of the abdomen during pregnancy. A recommended option is the Neotech Care NTCT004 model, a maternity belt that provides support for the abdomen, back and belly, maintaining good breathability thanks to the ventilation side panels. In addition, this product is available in three colors: white, black and beige, as well as in different sizes to adapt to the growth of the belly. Another very popular model among users is the Chicco 00001126000020, because it is easy to use, has an adjustable velcro closure and adapts perfectly to the changes experienced during pregnancy.



The 8 Best Pregnancy Belts – Opinions 2022

Specialists recommend the use of a pregnancy girdle to help strengthen the muscles of the belly and abdomen of pregnant women, so that they can feel comfortable, without the back suffering the consequences. Next, we are going to analyze 8 models considered by many users as the best pregnancy girdles of 2022, so that you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

prenatal pregnancy girdle 

1. Neotech Care Pregnancy Belt Maternity Belt

The growth of the abdomen during pregnancy can cause some discomfort, especially in the back and belly. But, with the use of a prenatal pregnancy belt, such as this Neotech model, these ailments can be reduced.

Of this product we highlight its belt format with a removable abdominal lifting accessory that helps suspend the belly without adding pressure. For its part, the high design offers good lumbar support, while the compression straps adjust to achieve the desired tension and prevent the girdle from slipping or rolling up. 

In order for this level of adjustment to be possible, this model has a composition of 52% polyester and 14% elastodiene. The rest is cotton that allows good breathability.

This model has several characteristics that can position it as the best pregnancy belt in our selection, and for this reason we have summarized some of them in pros and cons. 


Adaptable: The design of this belt allows it to adapt to the growth of the belly thanks to the velcro fastening system.

Ventilation: The elastic side panels favor ventilation, while providing the necessary compression for efficient support.

Sizes: You can choose this girdle in four sizes, from S to XL, using the measurement from the lower back to below the abdomen as a reference, confirming the sizes with the reference measurement table.


Washing: The manufacturer recommends washing the girdle by hand, so it is not advisable to machine wash or dry this product.

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Chicco pregnancy girdle 

2. Chicco Girdle band for pregnant

For those women who prefer the classic band-type models, the Chicco pregnancy belt can be a good alternative, because it is light and easy to use. In addition, it is highly beneficial in terms of relieving lumbar and back pain suffered as a result of the weight of the baby during pregnancy.

As for its manufacture, we can highlight that this girdle is made of cotton, combined with a soft elastic fabric, giving you comfort when you are wearing it, being suitable for going out for a walk, to do your shopping or simply to be at home.

Another aspect to highlight is its adjustment system, since by having adjustable velcro, you only have to place the girdle on your abdomen and close the velcro, which is very convenient because the model adapts to the growth of the belly and the changes of pregnancy.

Chicco could be considered by many people as the best brand of pregnancy girdles, thanks to its extensive experience in the baby accessories market.


Design: It has a very traditional and easy-to-use band-type design, which adapts without problems to the size of your belly.

Construction: This model is made of cotton in combination with elastic materials, providing lightness and softness during use for pregnant women.

Velcro: It has a velcro closure system, which allows you to adjust the pregnancy belt by simply putting it on and taking it off, making it very easy to use.


Size: So that you can enjoy the benefits of using this girdle until the end of pregnancy, it is recommended to choose the largest size, as a different size could be too small for you. 

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Pregnancy lumbar belt 

3. Babygo 4-1 Pregnant Support Belt

The 4-1 pregnancy lumbar belt from the Babygo brand is a very versatile model, since it provides many benefits to pregnant women, as it is a support belt that serves to protect the pelvis, hips, abdomen and back from injuries. ailments that occur in the female body due to the weight of the baby during pregnancy. 

Additionally, this girdle can be used after childbirth, to help you recover your old figure because, according to the manufacturer, using the belt can alleviate postpartum discomfort and this contributes to an acceleration in the healing process.

Also, it should be noted that this girdle has been made of 75% polyester material, combined with a soft elastane, so it is quite light and breathable, which translates into comfort and safety for the mother. 

The use of this prenatal girdle provides many benefits to help make your pregnancy process more pleasant, being considered by many users as the best pregnancy girdle of the moment. 


Benefits: With this prenatal girdle you can help relieve tension in the lower back muscles, lift your belly and correct posture.

Materials: Its elaboration is made with good quality materials such as polyester, combined with a totally soft and breathable elastic fabric.

Closure: Its velcro closure system allows this girdle to be fully adjustable, which facilitates its use, adapting to the growth of your belly. 


Cost: The price could be a bit high for some budgets, but it is a good investment to alleviate the ailments of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy girdle belt 

4. Ultnice Pregnancy Belt Support Maternity

The Ultnice pregnancy girdle belt is one of the cheapest options in this comparison, made with good quality materials that provide adequate ventilation and comfort during use. In addition, it comes in a nice pink color, which you can combine with your clothing.

The use of this type of belt is recommended in cases of hip or pelvic ailments, as a result of the weight of pregnancy, because it helps relieve these discomforts, maintaining firmness in the abdomen, which allows it to be more comfortable. easy to walk, bend or sit.

Additionally, it is an efficient method to correct posture and strengthen the abdominal muscles that have weakened during the gestation process, a benefit that you can obtain with this Ultnice model, which is also fully adjustable and easy to put on, thanks to its hook-and-loop closure. velcro.

To choose a suitable pregnancy belt, you need to pay attention to its adaptability and the quality of its materials. So we recommend you check the pros and cons of this model, which is one of the cheapest girdles.


Material: Its combination of polyester fiber and spandex materials help this belt effectively fulfill its function of providing support during pregnancy. 

Adjustable: Another interesting advantage of this model is its ease of adjusting comfortably to the growth of the abdomen during pregnancy.

Benefits: The girdle is recommended for use in the last months of pregnancy, because it will help relieve pelvic and abdominal pain during that period.


Size: You must be careful when choosing your size, since this model is indicated for those people with an abdominal circumference that oscillates between 80 and 110 cm.

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Girdle for after pregnancy 

5. Okpow 3 in 1 Postpartum Girdle 

If you are looking for a post-pregnancy girdle, you have to take a look at this 3-in-1 model from Okpow. This girdle is made up of three different belts in a single product, which fulfill a specific function: a lower one for the belly, the second designed for the pelvis and another for the waist.

This model would be of great use to help you comply with the recovery process after childbirth, as it helps to relieve discomfort, restore the shape of your body much faster, which is beneficial to regain your confidence, and get back to having pre-pregnancy figure.

Another advantage of this product is that it has been made with a comfortable elastic, breathable, good quality fabric that does not roll up when you sit or move. In addition, its maintenance is simple and it can be washed without inconvenience. 

Probably, this postpartum girdle may be one of the most expensive on the market, but you will like its functionality and reducing capacity after pregnancy.


3 in 1: This girdle includes 3 belts in one product, adjusting your belly, waist and pelvis in one go to speed up your postpartum recovery. 

Breathable: Its manufacture with breathable fabrics, such as polyamide, allows sweat not to concentrate in the core of the girdle, which makes its use more pleasant.  

Postpartum benefits: Facilitates the process of reducing the size of the uterus, helping it return to normal, redefines your waist, supports the belly and relieves back pain.


One size: Keep in mind that this model is one size fits all and this could be inconvenient, but its ability to adjust and adapt is quite efficient.

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Other products

6. Siywina Maternity Belt 

The Siywina model is considered by many users as the best price-quality pregnancy girdle, since it has a fairly affordable cost and will support you during the growth of your belly in the gestation process, but you can also use it to help you in postpartum recovery.

Also, it should be noted that this girdle is made with an elastic material, which allows the band to stretch and adapt to the size of your belly. Additionally, it is easy to adjust and its structure is very thin, so you can easily wear it under your clothes, since it will not be noticeable.

With this maternity belt you will be able to walk, sit and even exercise in complete comfort, as it will help reduce the pressure that pregnant women usually feel on the pelvis and waist, providing gentle compression on the abdomen.

If you still don’t know which pregnancy belt to buy, reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the Siywina belt could help you decide.


Design: The band-like design of this prenatal girdle is quite simple and practical, which makes it easy to wear and put on.

Washing: To keep this prenatal girdle in good condition, it must be washed by hand, with a neutral detergent, and dried in the shade outdoors.

Comfort: This model provides comfort and support to your belly during pregnancy, relieves lower back pain, being useful even in the postpartum period.


Allergies: Please note that this belt is made of synthetic materials, which could cause allergic reactions on delicate skin.

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7. Bracoo MS61 Adjustable Maternity Belt

Although it is difficult to know which is the best pregnancy belt, there are many models that can give you an accurate idea, thanks to the benefits they provide during the pregnancy process. 

Such is the case of the Bracoo RB585 girdle, with a belt-type design and a powerful velcro closure system, which facilitates adjustment on your belly. Likewise, its manufacture in resistant materials must be highlighted, which provide comfort and effective support during pregnancy.

But not only relieves prenatal discomfort, because this girdle has great versatility, as it can be used as an element to shape your body in recovery after giving birth. 

Another detail of this model is that it comes in a beautiful pink tone that adds delicacy to the belt. In addition, this girdle can fit hips that are up to about 117 cm wide.

To buy a good prenatal girdle, it is necessary to verify that it is adequate to provide you with support in the last months of pregnancy. For this reason, we summarize the pros and cons of this model to determine if it is the most suitable in your case.


Posture: Using this belt can help you correct your posture during pregnancy and postpartum, reducing lower back pain.

Intuitive: Its belt-like shape with adjustable velcro makes the placement of this girdle quite intuitive, facilitating its adaptation to the size of your belly.

Uterine prolapse: Thanks to the support that this girdle offers to the pelvic muscles, the appearance of uterine prolapse can be prevented.


Maintenance: It is not advisable to machine wash this girdle, as it is recommended to wash it by hand with cold water and it should be hung to dry in the open air.

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8. Pinpoxe Pregnant Support Belt

A highly recommended option is this support belt made by the German brand Pinpoxe, which could be the solution for muscle ailments caused by pregnancy, such as sacroiliac dysfunction, bladder pressure in the abdomen and hip stretching. 

Its elaboration is based on cotton combined with polyester, being highly breathable and antiallergic. Another feature of this model is its three-dimensional design, with an auxiliary belt that facilitates lifting the abdomen and reduces the sensation of movement in all directions, while relieving muscle ailments in the pelvis and waist.

Additionally, you can use this belt after having your baby to contract the pelvis and return it to its original position, which highlights its versatility. On the other hand, its velcro closure system facilitates the adjustment of the girdle, effectively adapting to the growth of the abdomen in the prenatal stage.

Learn a little more about the advantages of this Pinpoxe girdle, which could be a good purchase option to relieve muscle pain in the last weeks of pregnancy.


3D Design: The three-dimensional design of this prenatal girdle offers significant support in the lower back, as well as a padding sensation in the abdominal area.

Breathable: It is made with a breathable and elastic fabric that provides great comfort when walking, as it adequately absorbs heat and does not cause chafing.

Support: It has a portable velcro band that facilitates the adjustment of the girdle, adapting the support to the growth of the abdomen during pregnancy.


Instructions: The instructions are in German, which can make it difficult to install, however, it can be quite intuitive and simple.

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Shopping guide 

In the last stage of pregnancy, the mother is more tired and her belly is heavy, it is difficult for her to walk, sit or stand, so the use of a prenatal girdle could be a great alternative to help support the belly and relieve pain. pregnancy pain. So, in this section we have made a small guide to buy the best pregnancy belt, because choosing the most suitable one is not so easy, since there are certain aspects that we must take into account to make an intelligent purchase and that we will explain to you. continuation. 

clothing materials

One of the main elements that you should check when making your comparison of pregnancy girdles is the material with which they are made, as it is important that they are soft in texture, that they do not squeeze the abdomen too much, that they do not cause chafing and that they are comfortable.

In the market you can find girdles made with different fabrics, cotton being the raw material par excellence, since it is a material of natural origin, breathable, soft and that adapts adequately to the growth of the womb. 

Other models usually combine different synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, polyamide, among others, as well as elastane, which is the element that gives elasticity to the girdle, providing the necessary grip for the fastening function of the straps. prenatal girdles.

Closing and fastening system

Regarding the fastening system, we can highlight that the most suitable in a pregnancy girdle is Velcro, a component that allows the girdle to be correctly adjusted around the body and that adapts to the growth of the abdomen during the gestation process. Another notable advantage of the velcro closure is that it facilitates the process of removing and putting on the girdle, making its placement easier. 

Another important point that you should pay attention to is related to the design and the support provided by the pregnancy belt, since depending on the type of model you are looking for, this can influence how much the product costs. 

It is recommended that the prenatal girdle can be adapted to your abdomen as the baby grows inside the uterus, so it would be very wise to buy a girdle that you can use throughout your pregnancy and even help you in recovery postpartum

In this context, it is good to note that there are models in the form of a “tube” that mold to your abdomen, their texture is very soft, they come without seams and you can use them at all times. Others have a belt or band type format that is placed on the belly and serves as support for your belly, as well as provides support to the lower part of the back. 

Another interesting alternative is composite girdles, which are more sophisticated, as they incorporate pelvic belts, belly support and waist support, reinforcing the lower back. The good thing about this type of prenatal girdles is that they give you greater security when walking.


Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful experiences that a woman can live, but the process of adaptation of the female body to the growth of the baby in the womb is sometimes not very pleasant, mainly due to muscle and joint ailments that are usually felt during pregnancy. the last weeks of pregnancy. 

For this reason, specialists recommend the use of a prenatal girdle when the woman’s bone and joint openings, due to pregnancy, are quite painful and uncomfortable. In this sense, you should note that the chosen girdle offers good lumbar support, generates relief in the back area, serves as support for the belly and is capable of avoiding extra problems derived from the additional weight of the baby.

size and maintenance

It is not enough to buy a good and cheap pregnancy belt, it is important that the chosen model is the correct size. Keep in mind that it is not a shapewear, so it is not recommended that this type of garment be very tight, since it would not be good for the baby. Usually, you can choose between different sizes: M, L, XL or XXL, so you have to be patient and carefully look for the size that fits your body dimensions.

Finally, we recommend that you choose a girdle that can be cleaned without inconvenience. There are models that can be put in the washing machine, although most must be washed by hand to prevent them from becoming deformed, but if the girdle is made with quality materials, maintenance is carried out without problems.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a pregnancy girdle?

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of a pregnancy girdle, the first thing you should do is consult your obstetrician-gynecologist if the right conditions are given to use it or, on the contrary, its use is not convenient. 

Now, to place the girdle on your belly, you must check its instructions for use. For example, if it is a belt-type girdle, you have to place the back of the girdle in the lumbar area forward, around your abdomen and in the lower part of the belly, holding with the velcro until you feel adequate pressure.. If it is a multi-piece girdle, it is important to first place the girdle that will support the lower back and back, adjusting the velcro to support that area. Then the girdle is incorporated that serves to support the waist and is fastened with the elastic tensioners, so that there is adequate compression. Finally, the piece adapted for the lower abdomen is placed, fixing the Velcro at a bearable pressure for the baby. 

Q2: When to use the girdle in pregnancy?

In general, maternity specialists recommend the use of a pregnancy girdle in the event of any condition or discomfort in the mother, such as back or lumbar pain, in order to correct these ailments or to make them bearable.. In this regard, obstetricians recommend the use of this mechanism between the 25th and 30th weeks of pregnancy, because during this time the strongest pains begin to occur. 

It is not convenient to use the girdle all day long, it is appropriate to use it if you go for a walk, for a walk or if you are going to be standing for a long time, to help you support the weight of the baby. Remember to remove it to sleep and avoid its use during the first months of pregnancy, unless your doctor has prescribed it, which often happens occasionally in women with multiple pregnancies.

Q3: Can I use a wrap as a pregnancy girdle?

Definitely yes. Many women choose to use the wrap as a pregnancy girdle, since it fulfills the same functions as this product, that is, it is very useful to help you protect your lower back, back and to support the weight of your belly without much effort. In addition, its use helps you to familiarize yourself with the sling before the baby arrives and so that the fibers of the fabric are stretched.

However, it is important to know the correct technique for putting on the wrap, as the wrap should not be too tight and you should not feel any pain while wearing it. This is because if you press too hard you could restrict your little one’s movements, as well as hinder the proper growth of your uterus.

Q4: How to clean the pregnancy girdle?

Keep in mind that pregnancy belts are made of a special material; They are resistant, but at the same time delicate. Therefore, it is recommended that they be washed by hand so that they do not lose their shape and elasticity. Likewise, you should use a neutral and non-abrasive soap, avoiding products such as bleach.

To dry it, it is recommended to put the pregnancy belt outdoors without direct sunlight, because if you put it in the dryer you run the risk of damaging it. It is also not convenient to squeeze it to remove excess water. As for the washing time, the most successful thing is to wash it every four days, but everything will depend on the use that you are giving to the girdle. 

Q5: How should the pregnancy belt fit?

It is important that the chosen pregnancy belt is in accordance with your weight and size, since it should not be too tight to the body. Keep in mind that you are not looking to shape your figure, just relieve the pain generated in the back, hip, pelvis or spine. So the most successful thing is that you can sit down without problems and breathe well with the girdle on.

Q6: What fabric is best for a pregnancy belt?

In this product it is advisable to avoid exclusive compositions of elastic fabrics, being necessary to choose those that allow perspiration and that do not make you sweat too much. Also, you should make sure that the fabric is not going to produce any allergic reaction, so the most common materials in the manufacture of pregnancy belts are cotton, polyester, breathable viscose, nylon, polyamide, among others, being the first one of the most recommended.

Q7: Where is the pregnancy belt placed?

The pregnancy belt is designed to support the lumbar vertebrae, so its adjustable belt-type design allows you to place it under the belly to give you a sense of stability, without putting pressure on the baby. So, when putting on your girdle, you just have to adjust the velcro, positioning the garment in the lower part of the belly as if holding the pelvis, and that’s it.

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Gratlin Cinturón Prenatal de Apoyo a Maternidad

Si estás buscando una faja de embarazo prenatal, este cinturón de la marca Gratlin podría ser de mucha ayuda, ya que se adapta a las diferentes etapas del embarazo, gracias a su tejido elástico compuesto por un 92% de poliamida y 8% de elastano, que le proporcionan comodidad y una buena transpiración a la piel del abdomen durante su uso.

Adicionalmente, su diseño sin costuras y elasticidad permite acomodar adecuadamente el crecimiento abdominal, siendo muy útil porque te ayuda a aliviar el dolor de espalda, gracias al refuerzo que lleva la faja en la parte inferior trasera.

Otra ventaja destacable de este modelo, relacionado con su diseño, es la comodidad que podría brindar al proporcionar un soporte completo, reduciendo la presión que se genera en la vejiga y contribuyendo a que haya una adecuada circulación sanguínea, razones que le dan a esta prenda el lugar de la mejor faja de embarazo de esta selección, según sus usuarias.  

Esta faja de Gratlin podría ayudarte a llevar tu embarazo felizmente, disminuyendo los dolores de espalda. Por ello recomendamos que revises sus pros y contras.


Rozaduras: Gracias a su diseño sin costuras, es menos probable la aparición de rozaduras.

Banda inferior: Su refuerzo en la banda inferior y un tejido especial en la espalda brindan un soporte adecuado y ayudan a evitar molestos dolores lumbares.

Elástico: Una ventaja de este modelo es su elasticidad que le permite adaptarse a las diferentes etapas del embarazo.


Tamaño: Esta faja viene en diferentes tamaños, siendo recomendable elegir el que mejor se adapte a tus dimensiones para evitar inconvenientes.

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