The 8 Best Tipex of 2022

Típex – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although the phrase that it is human to err is very true, it does not mean that you are not always prepared to correct the mistake or change your mind. The typeface has been, for more than half a century, a solution for this in the office world and for those who use paper as a means to transmit data and information, even in this era of maximum digitalization. For example, the Bic 8706142 is a great ally allowing you to instantly correct and rewrite on its resistant white tape, and the Milan 1301140 allows you to correct on any type of paper without leaving evidence on photocopies or faxes.

The 8 Best Tipex – Opinions 2022

These concealers have a lot to offer in the office and beyond. Learn about the following 8 options to correct that will make you walk through the best versions of both tape and liquid.  

tape typex

1. Bic Tipp-Ex Micro Tape Twist Box of 10 Units

It’s amazing how the popularity of a brand was able to create the standard name for this product. Many refer to it as a corrective typeface, tape typeface, or simply a typeface. Although it was bought by another big brand, the Tipp-Ex name is still a reference when it comes to wanting to make corrections that maintain neatness and sharpness on paper. 

Here you have the opportunity to acquire 10 units in a single purchase that would be excellent aids as very useful implements in offices, schools and even for the family if you have children or relatives in college and university.

This model comes with a blue exterior and 8 meters of white tape with a width of 5mm. Its tip and dispenser work great to glide smoothly across the paper preventing the tape from rolling or jamming inside.

The best brand of typex is now part of the Bic family. However, there is nothing surprising since the characteristics of this product reflect its very quality. 


Size: Its dimensions are so small that it is not a problem to place it in the holster or bag pocket. 

Drying: The speed of its drying and the waiting time to rewrite it is much less than with a liquid one.

Polyester: Uses polyester as a material to create a strong tape that won’t break or tear during use.

Package: It is a purchase of 10 units that, in addition to good supply, offers you a great price compared to an individual purchase.


Color: As an alternative to just blue, you could also choose 10 units of the same model in its multicolor version, however, its cost increases with a significant difference. 

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2. Kasimir Correction Tapes Box of 10 Office Student

This type of tape is made with one of the most resistant materials and with the best properties for easy sliding. The polyethylene terephthalate offers a compatible and shiny surface so that it can be written on with pencil, ballpoint pen, pen, gel and even markers. 

All this makes this tape perfect to be used both in the business world and in school activities. The details of the dispenser’s gear mechanism, as well as the 8 meters of tape, are perfectly visible thanks to its completely transparent design on a side cover. 

In addition to its fast drying, this correction tape is safe to use for both children and adults with some type of allergy to odors. In addition to meeting FDA requirements, there is no odor during use from start to finish. 

When you are wondering which type to buy to have in your business briefcase or university bag, you should not doubt the advantages of this particular model.


Material: It is a transparent PET tape whose resistance makes it strong so as not to break or peel off. 

Coverage: Its 5mm width gives it the possibility of covering a good space on which to correct. 

No shadows: The use of this tape on the original papers where you make the corrections is imperceptible when using the fax or photocopying machine. 


Transparency: If you are going to use the tape only to cover something and you are not going to rewrite on it, it may be something transparent and you should double pass it.

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Tipex Milan

3. Milan Pack 5 Tape Concealer

Whether in blister, display box or can, the Milan typex are among the most recognized in quality by users. In fact, in 2016, this brand once again demonstrated why it is among the best. The compact design of this tape typex corrector grabbed the attention thanks to its ability to be used by right and left handed people.     

It has a full 360º rotation tip that gives left-handed people the opportunity to adjust it to their way to make a precise and orderly placement of the tape on any type of paper.

You can not worry if the document to be faxed or photocopied has any correction made with this 5mm wide tape, since the result is completely invisible and no one will notice that there was such an amendment. 

Apart from a beautiful design in assorted colours, this fast and accurate correction tape has more to offer. 


Drying: Its drying is instantaneous, which allows you not to waste a second to correct and continue with the work.

Patented: The left-handed design of this boat is an exclusive creation of the Milan R&D department and as such has been patented.

Brand: It is a product created by a brand with more than 100 years in the elaboration and perfection of elements to erase.


Quantity: Its 6 meters of tape may seem few when you compare other options that offer 8, 10 and even 12 meters.

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4. Milan Correction Tape 3 Units

If you want a model that works properly, then you can consider this Milan brand model as one of your alternatives, which has been categorized among the most efficient because its dry mechanism does not get stuck, nor does the tape hang.

In addition, it has a practical design, compact in size, which allows you to carry it in the comfort of any case, since it is small and similar in shape to that of a lipstick. Also, this dry correction tape is suitable for left-handers because its tip rotation is 360 degrees. 

Due to its properties, this model has fast and precise adhesion, which offers the possibility of using it on any type of paper, without leaving marks on photocopies or faxes. It is available in assorted colors such as yellow, blue, orange and turquoise, and three units are included in the package.

To delve more into the details of this model, you can take a look at its pros and cons. 


Units: The package contains a total of three units of correction tape, with presentations in different colors for greater attractiveness.

Slide: It can pass over any type of leaves with a fast, clean and precise slide. 

Size: Each unit is compact and portable, with a suitable correction size of 5mm.

Use: It is a model suitable for both lefties and righties because its tip has 360º rotation.


Adherence: It may happen that the corrector does not adhere to the surface immediately.

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liquid typex


5. Bic Tipp-Ex Shake’n Squeeze Liquid Concealer

From the tape format we moved on to the liquid typex, a very popular form of use that goes beyond the sole use on paper. Although Bic also has liquid presentations in bottles, this shake and squeeze model is presented as an alternative to the bottle and brush.

In addition to being among the cheapest on the market, its format will make you feel like you’re writing with your usual pencil or pen. To see ink on paper, on the wall, or even to cover up a blemish on a white shoe, simply shake and press on the soft, bulky part of the pen.  

They are 8 ml of special high-performance white ink that you spread over the area to be covered with its fine metal tip. With this purchase you can enjoy the best value for money tipex promoted in a blister that comes with three units.

In addition to the advantage of being able to control the flow with the force of the pressure, this corrector has more positive aspects. 


Versatile: In addition to paper, its use can be useful to cover imperfections, mark or write names on other types of material. 

Cap: It comes with a transparent cap that protects the metal tip from any damage and also allows you to clip it to your notebook or pocket.

Brand: It has the quality of a brand that exceeds 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of liquid correctors.


It lifts: You should press only a little when you are going to make a correction in a small stroke, since, if you put a lot of ink, it will take time to dry and writing on it could lift. 

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6. Paper Mate NP10 Liquid Correction Pen

In 1980, Paper Mate purchased Liquid Paper and years later began offering this convenient and practical pen-style presentation format. A total of 84 ml of liquid tipex is at your disposal in this box of 12 units. When you are wondering what is the best typeface to do a clean finish correction, this model may be the answer.

Each unit contains 7ml and its body is made of a very flexible material that accepts pressure on its bulky part so that the correction fluid comes out and is dosed according to the width of the area where you will make the correction.

Its needle tip is used to apply in a very precise way and erase the error in any type of written, printed or photocopied document. Its white cap with pocket clip protects the tip and helps prevent the liquid from drying out.

Among the most useful stationery products on the market, this one can certainly fill that space with your description.


Design: It is like another pen that you can carry in your pencil case or pencil holder. Its design is white and green with a glossy finish.

Rugged: Not only is the body of the pen comfortably flexible to the touch, it will remain intact if dropped.

Tip: Its tip is so fine that it allows the smallest and most precise corrections such as accents or signs.


Drying: You must make sure to remove the excess ink from the tip and cap it tightly after use, otherwise it may dry out.

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Tipex of pen 

7. Pentel Pen ZL31 Micro Corrector

For fast and accurate correction result, you may need to equip yourself with this white tape as it is easy to use and portable, convenient and compact in design. 

The manufacturer Pentel ensures that, by acquiring this model, the user gains superior quality for the correction of details on sheets of all kinds, because it has been manufactured with a metal tip that allows the liquid to be dispensed precisely, with a great margin of accuracy..

In addition, its sliding is fast and continuous. Being opaque white in color, this liquid provides almost complete coverage. It also includes a plastic lid to prevent the liquid from spilling and in this presentation three units are offered, which is a sufficient supply to make a good number of corrections to your documents. However, 1, 6 or 12 units can be chosen, according to what is required by each person.

To learn more about this model, we have elaborated pros and cons that will help you analyze its properties.


Design: It has a portable and compact design, available in blue, with a lid to prevent spills. 

Units: The package contains a total of 3 identical units with a good level of slip, which is an adequate supply.

Smell: The smell of this product is not uncomfortable for the user, since it is not very concentrated.

Precision: Thanks to its metal tip, with this tape it is possible to correct precisely.


Intensity: It may be necessary to make a second pass of the liquid to completely correct intense colors.

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8. Carioca B99420727 Blister Concealer Pen

Although it is true that people choose according to their tastes, pen tips have very good opinions compared to tapes and bottles. This model could be considered as the best typex if your area to be corrected is small and you need punctual precision. 

It is an Italian quality correction ink that you can use on a variety of types of paper with almost imperceptible effects when you write on it. You won’t have to wait long to write after applying it, as it dries fairly quickly. However, this is important to keep in mind and keep the pen capped when not in use. 

Its design is the classic pen corrector with a bulging area that is shown as the indicated one to press when you want the liquid to flow. Its resistant metal tip gives you the peace of mind that it will not break or give way when pushed.

It is one of the cheapest and quality alternatives that you get in pen-type correction fluids. Let’s see more points in its favor.


Texture: By spreading the ink properly, it is left with a smooth texture where it can be rewritten without problems.

Tip: This is a correction pen with a high-precision tip made of very strong metal.

Quality: The Italian brand Carioca guarantees that all its articles for writing, coloring and correcting are manufactured and tested with great care. 


Double pass: Perhaps, when observing the correction, you can feel that what you said is still noticeable and you have to do a double pass for full coverage.

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Shopping guide

In case you realize an error before printing, it will only be enough to press a few keys and that’s it. Also, if you’re writing or drawing in pencil, a good eraser won’t leave a trace of what was there before. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re working with a pen or marker or realize the mistake after printing. This guide to buying the best typex will guide you on what options you can purchase to have the solution at hand.


It is known that, although it began as a brand, today the term typex has been consolidated to refer generically to useful correctors for writing on paper. Unless we are talking about legal documents that involve signatures of consent where the use of amendments is not valid, the typex can be used in any other type of document or drawing. There are two types of white to cover the error on paper: liquid or tape. 

Both have points in favor that you should consider depending on the use you need to give them. In general, the liquid implies a higher return on your investment. Whatever package it comes in, milliliters of ink can be spread more efficiently. This gives, at the same time, the possibility that the correction fluid can be used at convenience and without restrictions for small or large amendments. 

However, the drying time is longer than you should expect if you use tape types. You shouldn’t really expect anything with the tape, as it dries instantly. It will be enough to apply, return the dispenser and pick up your pen or marker again so that the surface is ready to rewrite on it. 

Another of the indisputable advantages of the tape is precision. It comes with a predetermined thickness and straight-line shape that are valued by people who suffer from tremors in their hands. But, if what you want to erase covers a lot of space, then you would have to put several tapes to cover it.


It has already been mentioned that the liquid or tape form are the protagonists of the correction in offices, schools and homes. However, when making the comparison of typex and knowing which is the most convenient type, it follows that you choose the form of presentation that we like the most or satisfy in quantity.

Among the types of tapes you will find transparent or colored dispensers, for right and left-handers and with gear systems that allow the tape to flow smoothly without clogging up to the last millimeter. Evaluating what the tape is made of is also very important, as its material will ensure that it does not break or cause allergies due to odor or contact. 

When talking about liquid concealers, you should start with those packaged in bottles. They bring a small brush, brush or foam rubber applicator with which to spread the white ink. They are perfect for large corrections or uses that go beyond paper.

The pen-type corrector is a design created to use liquid ink in a more precise and exact way in small spaces or very punctual corrections. Its format is just as you would have a pencil or pen in your hands, so its way of use is not strange. It usually depends on a bulging area in the middle where the user presses to meter out the ink output.


In the case of tape correctors, the market offers dispensers of different brands and different quantity options in meters of length. Whether they are cans or correction rollers, there are alternatives from 5 to 12 meters of correction tape. Similarly, there is variation in its width. Although the tape is generally 5mm to cover 12-size characters, wider widths can also be found.

Both the bottle and the pen presentation vary in terms of milliliters and are highlighted on the outside of the product. The bottle ones generally contain a greater amount, but regardless of one or the other, to enjoy the benefit of the ink for a long time, it must be kept covered. Likewise, in ballpoint pen types, the thickness of its metal tip affects the precision you want in the correction. 

All these characteristics influence how much it costs or how cheap the concealer can be. However, if you visit Amazon frequently, you can benefit from the constant promotional packs in blisters or boxes that different brands offer and that are usually very affordable.    

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a tipex?

If the activities on your calendar or agenda change frequently, then you should always have your tipex at hand. If it is liquid, shake the bottle or pen well before applying a little on the data you want to change. Spread the ink with the tip of the pen or the brush, as appropriate. The important thing is to let it dry and it will be ready to write on it.

On the other hand, for the tape one, it is very important to have the paper on a firm surface, since you must take the dispenser, rest your index finger on its upper part and continuously press until the end, lift it up and write in one direction. time. If there is any loose tape, it is rewound, without problem, to return it to its wheel. 

Q2: How to remove typex from clothes?

The quick-drying characteristic of the tipex means that its removal requires more than just water at first. Ideally, scrape the stain as far as possible first, then loosen what’s left with acetone-free nail polish remover, and finally run the piece under warm, soapy water, brush, and rinse.

In case the clothes are made of a fine fabric such as silk, the use of vinegar is preferable to nail polish remover and you must be very careful with brushing.

 Q3: What is the tipex made of?

The type of tape is made of different plastic materials. PET is one of the most valued since it is a highly tear-resistant film. In general, this type of tipex is presented in transparent or colored plastic dispensers. On the other hand, the type of ink is achieved thanks to liquid elastic polymers and solvents, among which petroleum naphtha, titanium oxide and mineral spirits could be named.

Q4: How to erase pen without tipex?

Although the typex makes the error disappear in seconds, it is valid that you want to try to delete it without it because you don’t like it or, simply, you don’t have it at hand and you have to solve it. If you’re writing in pen and notice a mistake, don’t try to remove it right away first, as you could cause a bigger stain. The market offers special erasers for ink that can come in pencils or sticks. 

The important thing is to know that you do not pass the eraser and that’s it, but because it is a bit hard, it must be passed slowly and delicately from left to right until you begin to see that the ink begins to disappear. 

Another effective way is to soak a swab or stick in alcohol or nail polish remover to put it on the ink you want to erase, press and rub. This method works, but it must be done very carefully and patiently so that the paper does not tear. 

Q5: Where to throw the typex? 

Once the content is used and finished, the bottles, pens and dispensers could be recycled as plastic, however, you have to be attentive to the suggestions. The plastic casing of a tape dispenser is accepted in the packaging container, however, for those of liquid correction it is advisable not to place them in the rest container, since they are classified as dangerous household products.

Q6: How to fix a typex? 

For liquid tipex, it is best to use a solvent that your brand recommends. You could also go to a paint store and buy a generic one, but for that use. Depending on how lumpy or dry it is, you can start with three or four drops and then see. Add the product to the liquid corrector and shake it very well for about a minute, try and decide if you should repeat the process or not. 

In case it is that the tape got stuck, opening the casing is the first step. Look at which of the two wheels is the problem. Unroll the tape, straighten it, and then roll it back in the direction it was in, otherwise it could jam again or break.  

Q7: Who invented the tipex?

All the versions attribute the invention of the typex to an American typist in the 1950s. Bette Nesmith Graham, who was fond of painting and dedicated to typing as an occupation, found in a type of white paint the solution to the need to correct mistakes while typing on your typewriter.

She herself developed and perfected the formula that she first called Mistake out and that was later marketed around the world as Liquid Paper, as it is still called today.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Instant- Milan-Bismark Cinta correctora 3 modelos surtidos

Esta compra representa la adquisición de tres de los mejores típex del 2022. Un típex Milan, uno Bismark y uno Instant vienen en sus distintas presentaciones para cumplir con el objetivo común de dar la solución ante un error que rectificar.

Tanto la cinta Bismark como la Instant tienen un dispensador similar con un sistema de ruedas visibles gracias a su tapa transparente. Al igual que la Milan, estas dos coinciden en el mismo ancho que abarca 5mm, pero no en la misma cantidad. El bote de la Milan ofrece 6 metros, la Instant 8 y la Bismark 12 metros de longitud.

La diferencia de diseños, materiales y combinación de colores coincide en querer brindar a los usuarios la suma de 26 metros en total de cinta de calidad para corregir de manera rápida y mantener al documento con una presentación limpia y ordenada.

Estos 3 modelos surtidos reúnen en sus tamaños, cantidad de cinta y estilo de puntas características para convertirse en una muy buena opción.


Pack: Son 3 cintas correctoras respaldadas por marcas destacadas en el mercado que te dan la oportunidad de comprarlas en un pack.

Calidad: La calidad del material de estas tres cintas hará que funcionen bien sin despegues ni roturas.

Precio: Son 26 metros de cinta correctora entre los tres que puedes adquirir a un coste muy competitivo.


Tamaños: Aunque se sabe que las tres son de un formato diferente, podría incomodar que la Bismark no sea tan compacta como las otras dos y necesite mayor espacio para guardar.

MPM PA138-3 Pack de 3 bolígrafos correctores

Ciertamente, el objetivo del diseño de estos típex de boli es brindar implementos de oficina para lograr correcciones exactas en espacios muy pequeños. Por ejemplo, un solo número o un signo de puntuación mal colocado pueden cambiar el sentido de todo.

La punta metalizada y extra fina de 1-2mm de este corrector puede ayudarte para estas correcciones y como marcador para escribir en superficies plásticas de colores oscuros. La tinta se seca rápidamente y queda adherida al material para identificar diversidad de productos. Además, podrás rotular todo lo que necesites con los 7ml de tinta de cada unidad. 

Cualquiera sea tu misión, tienes tres bolígrafos con un diseño muy simple y ergonómico para lograr que su tinta blanca correctora salga fácilmente. Lo que podrían ser solo dos se convierten en tres unidades en esta compra con un precio de competencia. 

Este podría ser el mejor típex del momento para quien busca la combinación de calidad, cantidad y un muy buen precio, además de otras buenas características. 


Cantidad: Es un blíster que por un competitivo precio te ofrece la cantidad de tres bolígrafos correctores.

Punta: Lo fino de su punta te permite realizar enmiendas muy pequeñas, así como el trazado de letras finas.

Bolígrafo: Su ergonomía de agarre te hace sentir que tienes un bolígrafo en tus manos para utilizar y guardar. 


Flexibilidad: La ventaja de su flexibilidad se debe aprender a controlar al momento de presionar, de lo contrario, para una corrección pequeña saldrá mucha tinta.

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