The 9 Best Baby Teethers of 2022

Baby Teether – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Baby teethers have been designed to relieve the itchy sensation experienced by children during the teething period, making them an indispensable product. In addition, some of them can be cooled so that, when bitten, they help in the process of deflating the gums. For example, Mr.Van Cactus for Kids stimulates tooth eruption and encourages good oral hygiene habits, because its cactus-shaped structure incorporates a brush and textured areas for biting. But if you are looking for a colorful teether with a built-in rattle, WEofferwhatYOUwant U5-KDKM-Z05V could be a favorable choice for your baby.



The 9 Best Baby Teethers – Opinions 2022

Selecting a baby teether could be a time-consuming task, since the models are often varied, both aesthetically and in terms of the benefits offered after use. Next, you will know nine baby teethers mentioned on the web among the best of this year.

silicone baby teether

1. Mr.Van Baby Silicone Rubber Soother Teething Toy

This could very well be the best baby teether for its cactus themed design and functional use, which will not only help your little one to quickly relieve itchy gums thanks to its textured structure, but will also be convenient for encourage daily brushing throughout his life.

With this silicone baby teether, you will have a product free of toxic agents, so you will not have to worry about the generation of allergies, in the delicate skin or gums of the little one, due to contact.

In addition, it should be noted that it is a highly resistant material, which you can expose to a temperature range of -70 to 280°C. In this sense, it is possible to wash it in the dishwasher, sterilize it in the microwave or put it in the refrigerator to cool down and, when bitten by the child, help reduce inflammation of the gums.

Rated as the possible best baby teether of the moment, you will find this model. Here, its advantages and disadvantages.



Resistant: This product resists thermal changes from -70 to 280 ºC, making it suitable for microwaves, refrigerators or dishwashers.

Use: The little one can use the teether to stimulate the gums, relieve itching and promote good oral hygiene habits.

Cleaning: You can wash the teether under the tap or in the dishwasher, as you wish.

Safety: For the manufacture of the product, food-grade silicone without toxic agents was used.



Size: Its format could be a bit small compared to other models.

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Baby teether 3 months

2. WEofferwhatYOUwant Teether Toy for Babies +0 Months

There are those who comment that this could be one of the best baby teethers of 2022, aimed at children from zero months and up to 1 year of age. This is due to its functional design that incorporates a sphere center, which serves as a rattle to stimulate the sense of hearing. Likewise, it has a total of 12 colored rings, with a flexible and textured body.

The structure has a height-width format of 14 x 14 centimeters, which are suitable dimensions for the anatomy of any child’s hand. Thus, you can enjoy a correct grip at all times. 

In addition, this 3-month-old baby teether has been made of a polymer free of BPA or other toxic agents, which makes the teether a safe product for infants. Likewise, it is a material that offers a quick manual cleaning method under the tap.

Here the details of a model of WEofferwhatYOUwant, which is commented among the recommendations of the buyers.



Cleaning: This is a teether that is easy to wash under the tap, thanks to its structure. 

Design: The teether has a sphere center with a rattle and teething rings, which make it attractive to the infant.

Format: Its 14 x 14 format offers correct handling in the child’s hands.

Recommended age: Thanks to its functional design, its use is recommended from zero months to 1 year of age.



Scent: Initially, you may notice a slight scent on the teether, but you can wash and sterilize it to remove it.

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2 month old baby teether

3. Chicco Soft Relax Silicone Teethers 2M+ 2Ud

Among the cheapest teethers on this list of recommended products, this convenient pack of two stands out, marketed by the iconic manufacturer Chicco. These pieces have been made with high quality certified material and free of toxic agents such as BPA.

It is a 2-month-old baby teether, whose ring-shaped design offers an ergonomic grip for the infant’s hands, while the series of reliefs arranged in the structure adapt to the child’s gums to massage it, stimulate it and calm the itching sensation.

In addition, you can incorporate the teether in the refrigerator, so that it cools down a bit and, when bitten by the infant, it will help reduce the characteristic inflammation of the teething period. Also, it is important to mention that the product has a light weight, and, in addition, it can be easily sterilized or disinfected with a soft cloth and alcohol.

Chicco competes to be the best brand of baby teethers with models like this one, whose pros and cons could be interesting.



Non-toxic: The silicone used is BPA free, which makes it 100% safe for the baby.

Reliefs: The teether will adapt correctly to the baby’s gums, due to the series of incorporated reliefs.

Use: You can place the teether in the refrigerator to cool down and calm the itchy gums of the little one.

Cleaning: Due to the material of the structure, the cleaning and sterilization process is facilitated.



Design: Its design could be unattractive to infants, as it is not very large or colorful.

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Baby teether necklace

4. Kefu MeBB Chic Baby Nursing Teether Necklace

There are those who consider that this model could be the answer to which is the best teether for babies, since it has an innovative necklace design, so that it is the mother who puts it on. In this way, when carrying out the breastfeeding process, the child will entertain himself with said piece and will not pinch the mother’s breast.

In addition, this baby teether necklace is completely safe for the child to bite, due to its manufacture in food-grade silicone, which is a material free of BPA and other toxic agents, which could come off and cause allergies in the little one.

It is important to mention that the structure of this necklace is light and has several textures, so that it adapts better to the child’s gums. Also, the cleaning method will not take much time, because you can put the product in the dishwasher or disinfect it manually.

If you still don’t know which baby teether to buy, you might be interested in this model with the Kefu quality seal.



Non-toxic: The food silicone used is free of BPA, so it is safe for the baby.

Cleaning: You can easily remove dirt and bacteria by washing the teether with warm water.

Usage: With this necklace, you will relieve itchy baby’s gums and stimulate the eruption of teeth.

Design: It is a teether with a necklace design, so that the mother can put it on during breastfeeding.



Closure: The closure of this necklace can be very easy to open, so you could lose it if you are not careful.

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Wooden baby teether

5. Mamimami Home 2PC Wooden Teethers

Mamimami Home presents us with a wooden teether for babies, with a bracelet design, made with completely natural, certified materials and, therefore, free of any type of toxic agent that can cause an allergic reaction in the child.

The product is composed of a pair of bracelets. The first one incorporates a total of 12 spheres of various sizes, in food-grade silicone, and the silhouette of a friendly elephant in polished wood and with well-crafted finishes, for the safety of the infant. For its part, the second piece has 10 beads and a wooden bird.

It is important to highlight the fact that this teether will not only help the child to relieve itchy gums, due to the various textures present in each of its parts, but it is also a pleasant toy that can accompany him before and after the dentition.

This is a baby teether with pros and cons that might catch your eye.



Wood: The manufacturer complemented the design with a couple of pieces of certified wood with a pleasant touch.

Silicone: The silicone of the basins is also certified, so you do not have to worry about the release of toxic substances.

Design: Its bracelet design with the silhouette of an elephant or bird is attractive to children.

Cleaning: You can easily clean these teethers with a damp cloth with water or alcohol.



Instructions for use: The incorporation of an instructions for use manual in Spanish is missing.

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baby fruit teether

6. Faburo 3 Pieces Pacifier Fruit Baby Feeder Pacifiers

If you want your children to start experimenting with new flavors such as fruit, but you are afraid that they may choke on small pieces, then you can consider this fruit teether for babies, with a colorful design, on your shopping list., functional, safe and easy to wash.

It is a convenient set consisting of three units. Each of them has a different format, aimed at a specific stage of the baby’s life. For example, the smallest teether, whose dimensions are 2.3 x 3.8 centimeters, is aimed at children between four and six months. 

For its part, the structure considered to be medium, 2.9 x 4 centimeters, is suitable for the period of six to nine months, while the third fruit lollipop, 3.3 x 4.5 centimeters, can be used from of the nine months.

If you want your little ones to eat fruit, without having to worry about choking, consider purchasing this product. More details below.



Cleaning: Cleaning the product will not be an inconvenience, since it is suitable for dishwashers.

Set: The set includes three teethers with different sizes, which adapt to different stages of the infant’s life.

Use: With this product, the child will be able to start eating fruit safely.

Clip: Thanks to the fixing clip, the teether will not fall to the ground unexpectedly, when manipulated by the little one.



Instructions: It would be useful if the manufacturer added an instruction manual for the correct handling of the product.

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baby cold teether

7. Playgro Jerry Giraffe Cooling Teether 0186336

If you have already given yourself the task of reviewing the different purchase portals, specialized in items for the little ones in the house, it would not be surprising if you have found this recommended model as the best value for money baby teether. Its giraffe-shaped design and great color are attractive to children. In addition, this product incorporates a cold system, so that the child’s gums relax and deflate when biting the structure.

For the manufacture of this cold teether for babies, a food polymer was used, which is characterized by being free of BPA or any toxic agent that could affect the health of the infant, due to direct contact. 

Likewise, it is worth highlighting the format of the structure and the weight of only 31.8 grams, which are suitable for the child to be able to manipulate the teether easily, with their small hands.

This is a baby teether valued among the cheapest, whose pros and cons you can review below.



Safety: The polymer used is free of BPA or any other toxic substance, making it safe for children.

Design: Its giraffe design is very attractive to infants.

Texture: The various textures in the teether help in the child’s tactile learning.

Weight: It is a teether that can be easily manipulated by the child, due to its light weight.



Refrigeration: The teether is likely to concentrate the cold for a short time, compared to other models.

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4 month old baby teether

8. Chicco Fresh Relax Cherry Design Teething Teether

Chicco never ceases to amaze its thousands of followers and, on this occasion, presents a 4-month-old baby teether with a cherry design that can be refrigerated. In this way, by biting the structure, the child will get immediate relief, refreshing his gums.

The teether is made of food-grade silicone, and has a textured surface, which aims to provide a pleasant massage to the child’s gums after each bite, gradually stimulating the eruption of teeth. In addition, the structure incorporates a pair of ergonomic handles, for a secure grip, which adapts to the small hands of the infant.

Also, it is of interest to comment on the light weight of the product, for correct handling at all times and ease of cleaning, with the help of a soft sponge, neutral detergent and fresh water, since due to the flexibility of the silicone, the product does not must be sterilized.

With this cold teether, you can reduce inflammation of the baby’s gums. Next, the good and the bad of this model.



Grip: An ergonomic grip area is incorporated, suitable for baby’s small hands.

Cold: The area of ​​the cherries can be cooled in the fridge, to reduce inflammation of the gums.

Textured: The variety of textures in the structure adapt to the child’s gums to massage and stimulate it.

Cleaning: You can easily wash the teether under the tap or clean it with alcohol.



Sterilization: This product is not suitable for sterilization, so you must take precautions so as not to damage it.

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Giraffe for baby teether

9. Sophie La Girafe 616400.0 Box

With this baby giraffe teether, you will not only help the little one to relieve the discomfort in his gums, due to teething, but you will also be able to quickly stimulate the baby’s senses. This is possible, thanks to the fact that the product has a convenient giraffe shape, in which new colors, textures and aromas stand out for the child. Also, pressing the structure will generate a whistling sound that will activate your hearing.

For the manufacture of this funny giraffe, natural rubber with a pleasant soft touch and flexible body was used, which is easy to bite at any stage of the child’s teething. In addition, this is a synthetic material free of BPA or other harmful agents.

We cannot forget the method of cleaning the product, which is very simple. You just have to rub the giraffe with a soft sponge, impregnated with neutral detergent and, finally, remove the excesses with plenty of water.

This is a baby teether with an attractive giraffe design, capable of stimulating the infant’s senses. Here, more details.



Aroma: The structure of the teether gives off a pleasant aroma, which is relaxing for the baby.

Colorful: With this teether, the little one will stimulate his vision, due to the combination of colors added to the structure.

Material: The natural rubber used does not have toxic agents that are harmful to children or the environment.

Whistle: After being pressed, the teether will generate a pleasant sound for the child’s distraction.



Instructions: In the absence of instructions in Spanish, you should clarify your doubts on the official website of the brand.

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Shopping guide

To acquire a baby teether with a functional design, resistant body and safe manufacturing, you should carefully review the quality indicators present in the different models offered on the market. Next, we present you a guide to buy the best baby teether, which could be of help to you.


The design is an aspect that cannot fail to be evaluated in any comparison of baby teethers, since it directly influences the benefits obtained by the little one when using the product.

For example, there are teethers with fairly simple designs, which are designed solely for the little one to pick up and bite quickly, to calm the itching sensation. In this sense, we could highlight the nursing necklaces and small bracelets, which incorporate textured beads and even polished wooden figures with a soft touch.

On the other hand, there are other models that aim to stimulate the child’s senses, by incorporating additional elements to the structure, such as sounds, either by means of a whistle, by pressing the teether, or through an integrated rattle. Likewise, there is the variation of cheerful colors in the different parts of the product, non-toxic natural aromas and textures.

Finally, we must mention the cold teethers, which have a compartment to be filled with water and, after being refrigerated, the structure can help reduce inflammation and refresh the child’s gums when biting.


No matter how affordable the baby teether you are planning to purchase, if it is not designed with an ergonomic grip method that fits properly in a child’s small and delicate hands, then your purchase might not be as convenient as you think. Likewise, it is important that you check the dimensions and weight of the teether, since this can favor or harm its handling.

Although the design of the structure can influence the type of grip, it is also true that it cannot be a completely linear teether. In this sense, it is necessary to check that, if it is a thematic product in the form of an animal, it has curved contours that facilitate handling. On the other hand, the teethers with rings must provide adequate space, so that the little one can freely insert his hand without mistreating himself.


Regardless of the design theme offered by the selected teether, this type of product should always offer a variation of texture on its surface. In this way, when the child bites the structure, it will get the desired relief for the characteristic itching in the gum area, due to teething. 

Likewise, if the child has different soft reliefs, it can stimulate the rapid eruption of the teeth. Perhaps this feature in the teether can influence how much the product costs, but remember that its effectiveness in relieving teething discomfort could be worth its cost.

When reviewing the models offered by the market, you will find teethers with various shapes of animals, others with basins, rings, among others. Although they are completely different aesthetically, they all incorporate a slightly textured surface, suitable for adapting to children’s gums without damaging them. For their part, there are teethers that are completely smooth, but, because they have a more flexible body, they adjust anatomically to the baby’s oral cavity in its first months.


Baby teethers are products designed to be in direct contact with the child, so it is vitally important to maintain their cleanliness, to avoid the generation of allergies or throat infections. Let us remember that the main function of this structure is to be taken to the infant’s mouth, to be bitten. In this way, the discomfort of the eruption of the teeth will be relieved.

For this reason, it is important to verify that the product is easy to clean, that is, that the material can be washed directly under the tap and rubbed with a neutral detergent, to quickly get rid of dirt and mold embedded in the surface. Likewise, there is the use of the dishwasher, which will help us minimize cleaning time. However, such a process is not suitable for all models. Thus, the ideal is to verify if this process is among those recommended by the manufacturer so as not to deteriorate the product.

In addition, you should confirm that the baby teether can be subjected to a sterilization process to eliminate germs. Let us remember that, although it seems a common procedure in this type of product, there are silicone teethers that, if exposed to high temperatures, could be damaged.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a baby teether?

The first thing to do is sterilize the teether. To do this, it is necessary to verify that the structure and its materials are suitable for undergoing this process, since some models cannot be exposed to very high temperatures for a long time. Thus, the disinfection process may involve passing a cloth with alcohol and letting it dry.

If it is one of the models that can be refrigerated, the time that the product can remain in the freezer should be consulted in the instruction manual. Also, for cleaning, some teethers can be placed in the dishwasher, while others require manual washing. When the child is introduced to the use of the product, the process must be supervised and her reaction observed, since it is possible that the shape, temperature or other characteristics of the article may be strange at first contact.

Q2: How to sterilize a baby teether?

To sterilize the teether, you will need to pour water into a pot and place it on the stove until it reaches its maximum boiling point. In this way, you can turn off the heat and insert the teether into the respective pot. Then, put the lid on and let it rest for at least five minutes.

After this time, you can remove the teether from the water and place it on an absorbent cloth to dry. Keep in mind that cold models cannot be sterilized, so you should clean them with a soft cloth and, if you wish, apply a solution of water with alcohol, for better disinfection.

Q3: How to make a baby teether?

If you’re planning to make a homemade teether for your baby, you’ll be glad to know that you have plenty of quick and easy options to accomplish your creation. You just have to check on the web a portal specialized in the preparation of this type of product, select the design that you like the most and acquire the respective patterns, to proceed to cut them on the fabric.

Then, join the pieces with a needle and thread manually or you can use the sewing machine. Inside the teether, you can place grains of rice or cotton. Remember to take care of the finishes in each of the joints, to avoid breaking the structure, due to the constant manipulation by the child.

Q4: When to use a baby teether?

Health experts recommend the use of the baby teether from the age of three months, which is the time when the first teeth usually begin to appear in infants. Thus, the gums can be stimulated, relieve itching and refresh them, depending on the model. 

Q5: When should a baby teether be changed?

Baby teethers are designed to be used according to the eruption of the infant’s teeth, so you must be attentive to make the change. For example, according to experts, the first teeth to start to sprout are the incisors, for which a rubber teether is convenient between zero and four months.

Afterwards, the premolars will begin to bud and the use of a cooling teether will be the most appropriate, since it helps to deflate the gums and relieves itching. On the other hand, didactic teethers are the best ally of children from six months of age, because during this stage the molars begin to appear.

Q6: Which is better, a silicone or wooden baby teether?

Both silicone and wooden teethers are recommended for babies. However, they do have some differences. For example, silicone designs are softer and adapt better to the gums than natural wood ones. For its part, with the latter, you do not run the risk of exposing the child to any type of toxic agent present in the synthetic material, but if you are not careful when washing them, mold can be generated on the surface.

Q7: What does a cool baby teether have inside?

You may have heard of cold snappers, or coolants, as they are also known. It is a small highly flexible food-grade polymer structure that carries distilled water inside and must be placed in the fridge beforehand to cool down. In this way, you give the little one’s gums a lot of relief, especially during the first four months of age, which is the moment when the teeth begin to sprout.

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