The 9 Best Crib Sheets of 2022

Crib Sheet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The sheets for mini cribs and, therefore, for babies, must be made of fabrics that are pleasant and soft to the touch that, in turn, are also safe for the little ones. If you want to know some recommendations, first of all, you could review the Pekitas 18mmod1-BL model, a set of sheets for a mini-crib with a beautiful and relaxing design, which offers several pieces made with 100% cotton. Secondly, you may be interested in the Pirulos 00113120, an alternative, also made of cotton, that you can use unisex, thanks to its delicate design. It offers several clothes for the bed and even the pillow.

The 9 Best Sheets for Mini Crib – Opinions 2022


The rest space for the baby must be spotless and offer a high level of comfort, which guarantees its rest throughout the night, and for this it is necessary to have the best sheets for mini cribs. If you do not know which ones you could buy, you may be interested in reviewing the options that we have selected in this comparison.

Sheets for mini crib 50 x 80


1. Pekitas 3 Piece Fine Sheet Set


One that could be the best crib sheet is the one found in the Pekitas 18mmod1-BL set.

It is a pack where you will find 50 x 80 centimeters, 80 x 120 centimeters and 30 x 50 centimeters sheets for a mini-crib, respectively, since it includes a bottom sheet, a top sheet and a pillowcase.

All the elements have been made using 100% cotton, guaranteeing a soft touch finish in the fabric, ideal for the rest of the smallest of the house.

Likewise, it stands out that they have a unisex and attractive children’s design, presenting a teddy bear lying on a hammock which, in turn, comforts and relaxes, thanks to the fact that it is embroidered with neutral colors and in light tones.

This Pekitas product could become the best crib sheet of the moment and, therefore, perhaps you should learn more about it:


Set: Pekitas 18mmod1-BL has several items to dress the mattress, including a pillowcase.

Elastic: The sheet has an elasticated edge, designed to facilitate its installation on the mattress.

Presentation: The product is presented in an attractive gift box, in case it is to be given as a gift.

Design: Its design is delicate, beautiful and unisex in style, being suitable for boys and girls.


Loose threads: You must use them with care, to prevent the threads of the sewn design from coming loose.

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Crib sheets for winter


2. Pirulos Luna 100% Cotton Sheet Set


Being among what could be the best crib sheets of 2022, we now present you the Pirulos 00113120 set.

We are facing a set of mini crib sheets for winter, which includes its respective top sheet, bottom sheet and pillowcase. It is white and has an embroidered children’s character in one corner, which gives it an innocent and delicate look.

They are made of cotton fabric and can be used both in winter and summer, considering the density of the fabric. They also have the Oeko-Tek 100 certificate, focused on ensuring the safety and health of all the garments in the set.

Its size presents standard measurements for crib mattresses and the colors could be interpreted as unisex, avoiding inconveniences to combine when using them.

Pirulos may become the best brand of sheets for cribs, since it has attractive options and advantages such as its Pirulos 00113120 model:


Design: The gray color design makes the sheet attractive for boys and girls, as well as being relaxing.

Set: With the acquisition of this model you will obtain several garments to use on your baby’s mattress.

Materials: All the pieces have been made of cotton, providing softness to the touch.

Certificate: It has an Oeko-Tek 100 certificate, guaranteeing that the fabric does not have elements that are harmful to health.


Detergent: Avoid the use of aggressive detergents, as they could make the fabric stiff.

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Flannel sheets for crib


3. 10xTen Star Flannel Crib Sheet Set

This 10xDiez alternative could be considered the best value for money crib sheet, since it has an attractive design, good quality and suitable for the little ones.

This set of 10xDiez offers you the classic elements for mini crib mattresses, that is, bottom sheets and top sheets, as well as a cover to place it on the pillow.

However, it is striking that you can choose the size of the top sheet according to the type of cot, whether it is a mini cot, travel cot or standard. This ensures high compatibility and ease when you want to dress the mattress.

On the other hand, you can use these flannel sheets for mini cribs in boys’ and girls’ rooms, thanks to the unisex design of their fabric, which features a cute bear in shades of gray with red details.

When you’re not sure which crib sheet to buy, weigh the pros and cons of each option before deciding:


Touch: The fabric used to make these garments has a very soft touch for the baby’s skin.

Double-sided: The design is present on both sides of the sheet, so it can be used on both sides.

Presentation: The product comes in an attractive box that you can use as a gift.

Design: The printed bear is delicate, cute and suitable for children’s clothing.


Warm: Keep in mind that the sheets are warm, so you should try not to keep the baby too warm.

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Coral sheets for crib


4. Pekitas Bebe 3-Piece Coral Sheet Set


If among so many options, you cannot decide which is the best sheet for a mini-crib, we recommend you take this Pekitas model into account, especially if you are looking for a set for girls.

This mini crib sheet is 80 x 120 centimeters and is accompanied by a 50 x 80 centimeter bottom sheet, in addition to the 30 x 50 centimeter pillowcase; all standard measures that will facilitate its use at home.

The clothing is of good quality and 100% cotton has been used as the material for its manufacture, so that your baby can enjoy a soft touch when resting on his mattress.

It should also be noted that they are classified as coral sheets for mini cribs, thanks to the velvety finish that will considerably increase the softness of the fabric when touched.

This Pekitas brand alternative has multiple benefits that could tip the scales in its favor, if you don’t know which option to take home:


Winter: They are a little thicker than other sheets, being useful during the winter.

Touch: They have a long fluffy touch, so they are quite soft and pleasant to rest on.

Elastic: The sheet has elastic on its edges, helping to hold it against the mattress once it is on.

Embroidery: The embroidered design on the sheet is colorful and cute, with childish details.


Finishes: The finish of the materials could be of better quality, but they fulfill their purpose.

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Fitted sheets for mini crib


5. Cambrass 3030 Fitted Sheet for Baby Crib


Cambrass offers a purchase alternative if you are looking for fitted sheets for a mini-crib with its 3030 model.

This is a model with a simple but practical design, with which you can properly dress the mattress of your baby’s crib. It has a size of 50 x 82 centimeters and is made of white cotton, being easily combined with all types of mattresses.

It has corners equipped with elastic rubber, which will be in charge of holding the sheet to the mattress, so that your little one can move freely when lying down without the risk of the piece coming off.

On the other hand, the cotton used is of Egyptian quality, offering hygiene and fit for the comfort of your baby. It can be easily cleaned and is durable compared to other sheets.

If your intention is to save money by choosing the crib sheet, this option is one of the cheapest and has advantages that might interest you:


Simple: It is a simple option with which to cover the mattress when putting your baby to bed.

Fabric: It is made with good quality fabric, breathable and with a pleasant touch.

Adjustable: Thanks to the elastic edge, the sheet is easily adjustable to the edges of the mattress.

Washing: You can wash from home without problems, using detergents and delicate cycles.


Wrinkles: You may have to iron it after washing the sheet, due to the marks left on it.

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Set of sheets for crib


6. FlyIdeas Set of 3 Pieces Bed Sheets Mini Cot Next2Me


From the FlyIdeas brand, we want you to know the set of sheets for the Next2Me Co-sleeping model, since it offers multiple benefits and its elements are practical.

It is a product designed especially for the little ones in the house, as it presents children’s designs and prints capable of capturing their attention. It is made up of 3 pieces, specifically, 2 fitted sheets and 1 mattress protector.

The protector is waterproof, so it will prevent moisture from reaching the mattress itself in the event of liquid spillage. This will help preserve it better, so it can be used longer.

In the case of the sheets, both have different designs, as well as elasticated corners, which can help you put them on easily, without the risk of them coming off during the night.

If you have been interested in the sheet set offered by FlyIdeas, you should probably also check its advantages and disadvantages:


Materials: The sheets have been woven with organic materials free of chemicals or harmful substances.

Protector: The protector, being waterproof, is ideal for children who are beginning to leave the diaper.

Cleaning: You can wash the sheet without problems in a domestic machine at a maximum temperature of 30 °C.

Certificate: Offers a certificate that guarantees the safety of the product and the necessary level of health.


Stiffness: The fabric may feel a little stiff at first, but it will soften with a few wash cycles.

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Chicco crib sheets


7. Chicco Set of 2 fitted sheets


Chicco is a reference brand in baby products, so we couldn’t forget to consider its Next2Me model in our selection, a set of sheets for a mini crib that is quite useful for your baby’s mattress.

The set is made up of 2 bottom sheets measuring 50 x 83 centimeters, which offer their respective elastic edge, ideal for installing them without problems, as well as securing them. They can be washed at home and are quite resistant, so you can use them with complete confidence.

They have different designs, where one is white and the other is white with a pattern of silhouettes similar to hearts in various pastel shades, being useful for boys and girls. Also, being Chicco crib sheets, you will obtain a certain degree of guarantee, by purchasing a product that you know is of good quality and safe for your little one.

As Chicco is one of the best-known brands, you should review the important details regarding its set of sheets for mini crib:


Set: With the purchase of the Chicco set you will get 2 fitted sheets for a mini-crib, which you can use alternately.

Designs: Each one has a different design, so you can change the look of the mattress.

Elastic: They have elastic edges that will help them stay in place.

Age: They can be used with babies from 0 to 8 years old, without problems.


Pillow: A pillowcase is not included, as in other purchase alternatives.

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Interbaby crib sheets


8. Interbaby Amigos Crib Sheet Set


Another of the cheapest options for crib sheets is the Interbaby 04033, a set of several pieces with which you can dress your baby’s mattress appropriately.

With the purchase of this model you will get the bottom sheet, the top and the cover, all maintaining the original style of the main garment, with its children’s characters and the gray and red border.

They are made of cotton and their dimensions are 103 x 77 centimeters for the top and 85 x 52 for the bottom sheet, so you can handle them comfortably and they will be compatible with practically any crib mattress.

On the other hand, the Interbaby crib sheets come in a gift-style box-type package, being a useful alternative in case you need a good gift to go to your friend’s or family member’s baby shower.

With the intention that you can acquire the right model for your baby, below, you will find more details regarding this set of sheets:


Design: The bear and rabbit print has multiple details and neutral colors, which make them attractive.

Case: The set of sheets comes in a gift package, being ideal to give away at baby showers.

Materials: They are made of 100% cotton, providing safety and durability.

Touch: Its texture is soft and suitable for use with babies.


Washing: You must be careful with the washing detergent, since the red color of the design could fade.

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Crib sheets for baby


9. Ti TIN Mini Crib Sheet Set


Ti TIN has some baby crib sheets for you that could be what you were looking for, to increase your little one’s level of comfort at home.

The dimensions of these pieces are 28 x 50 centimeters for the pillowcase, 80 x 129 centimeters for the top sheet and 80 x 50 centimeters for the bottom sheet. These measurements will make them easy to put on, adjust and wash when you need it.

It is also noted that they are safe and comfortable, being made of 100% cotton fabrics and presenting a simple star print design, which can be combined well with the style of any room.

As for their practicality, they have elastic edges, to facilitate their mounting on the mattress, in addition to having a density of 100 gr/m², to provide warmth during cold nights.

Before choosing the sheets for your baby’s crib, we advise you to take into account both positive and negative aspects:


Style: The print on the crib sheets is unisex, so you can use it with both sexes.

Density: The fabric has a high density, providing resistance and a long useful life.

Print: They have a simple decoration, but pleasing to the eye and suitable for infants.

Cleaning: You can easily wash them from the comfort of your home, avoiding spending in dry cleaners.


Stiff: At first, the fabric of the sheets may feel somewhat stiff and you will need to wash them to soften them.

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Shopping guide

Accessories for children’s use, including bedding, can be found in a multitude of models, designs, sizes and preparations. In this guide to buying the best crib sheet, you may be able to find the necessary tools with which to make a successful investment.

sheet design

One of the aspects that is normally analyzed in a comparison of crib sheets is the design, print or embroidery they have, since it must be suitable for the baby and durable on the fabric.

Considering that these types of sheets are for crib mattresses, it is common to find models with prints of simple and delicate figures, which give a sense of serene joy to the whole. In these cases, the motifs of stars, polka dots, lines or any style that catches your attention are often chosen.

In the case of embroidered designs, you can find sheets that have colored borders or one or more animated characters in one of their corners, which give the crib sheet a childish touch. When checking the embroidery, you must make sure that the fabric is resistant and that it does not have loose threads, to guarantee its durability.

Likewise, when choosing the colors of the fabric of the sheet or the design, we recommend you consider neutral and pastel tones, if possible unisex, to ensure good compatibility with the baby’s other clothes.


part size

Apart from the aesthetic aspect of the sheet, it is very important to check that it is the right size, to be able to be placed on the mattress without having to bend or stretch it too much. This will help make it more comfortable and not come out at night, thus affecting the baby’s rest.

In order to choose the right size, you must first know the measurements of the mattress and try to choose a sheet that is compatible with it. Most crib sheets can be a bit larger than the mattress, but this will help keep the fabric from overstretching, as well as prevent it from coming off the edges.

In this sense, it should be mentioned that it would be a success if it has elastic edges, since this material provides a certain grip capable of keeping it in place at all times.


clothing fabrics

It is likely that the fabric and its manufacturing finishes are determining points to know how much a mini-crib sheet costs and, since they are garments for babies, it is essential that they are soft, safe and comfortable in every way.

One of the most recommended and popular fabrics for making baby clothes is cotton. This material, being soft to the touch and quite safe for children, is usually one of the most used in sheets, blankets, covers and more. Thanks to this, it should not be very difficult to find a set that is comfortable and beneficial, for the child’s rest.


washing and care

Something that many parents tend to evaluate thoroughly before buying any garment or piece of fabric for the child’s use, is the washing and care that can be given, preferably at home.

Since they are designed to be used by young children, crib sheets should provide easy and inexpensive maintenance. Therefore, it is an advantage to consider that they are mostly made of cotton and can be easily washed at home.

However, before choosing the crib sheet, you may want to verify that it is suitable for washing machines and find out about the recommended cycles and detergents for cleaning. Thus, you will be able to choose a good and economical crib sheet, with which to guarantee the full rest of your baby throughout the night.

other garments

Last but not least, we advise you to be very attentive to the other items that can accompany the crib sheet. Something that characterizes this type of products is that they can be offered in sets, which have other pieces that you might need when dressing your baby’s bed.

In general, it is normal to find offers that include, in addition to the sheet, a pillowcase or a blanket, to cover. These pieces are essential for the child’s rest and, if you don’t have extra ones on hand at home, it will be very useful to consider the sets that provide them at no additional cost.

In addition to this, you should not overlook the fact that they also have the right touch, fabric, finish and dimensions, so you can easily put them on your little one’s bed.

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