The 9 Best Crocs for Kids of 2022

Crocs for kids – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The daily life of the little ones in the house is characterized by being full of dynamism. Hence the importance of providing them with shoes that are comfortable. With this in mind, the Crocs brand has developed a wide variety of designs full of originality, color and technology for the comfort and health of children. A model that offers wide possibilities to combine on warm days is the Crocs Crocband Sandal PS K, a casual design that incorporates a velcro closure for easy use. For its part, the Crocs Crocband Flip GS is practical for the beach and the pool.



The 9 Best Crocs for Kids – Opinions 2022


We know that as a parent you worry about finding shoes for daily use that are comfortable, safe and that do not cause damage to the development of your little ones. For this reason, we leave below some interesting models of the Crocs brand, from which to select the one that meets your expectations based on the requirements of your child or the time of year.


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1. Crocs Crocband II Sandal PS K Sandals Unisex

As children grow their feet do too; For this reason, experts recommend that they wear comfortable and safe shoes for the development of the foot. When choosing sandals, many users look for economy, choosing models that are cheap, but that at the same time offer resistance, comfort and quality.

If we focus on its appearance, we can see that this model can be among the best Crocs for children of 2022, as it has an attractive style for everyday use. Its design allows air to flow throughout the foot, reducing the possibility of bad odors, while providing mobility and cushioning with each step. In addition, the velcro closure makes it easy to mount and adjust. You might also be interested to know that these cheap kids’ Crocs are made of lightweight Croslite polymer, so they can be worn for short hikes, the beach, and the pool.

In the search for the best Crocs for children of the moment, you may be interested in knowing a little more about this product.


Sole: The soles are embossed and made of EVA, so they offer good cushioning and resistance.

Unisex: They are available in 4 neutral colors that can be used by both boys and girls.

Safety: They have a velcro closure that adjusts to the size of the ankle and a reinforcement at the toe to prevent toes from being hit.


Size: Sizes are listed in standard American sizing; For this reason, you must make sure to look carefully for the European equivalent.

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2. Crocs Electro Kids Unisex Clogs

Crocs are designed to be comfortable, waterproof and lightweight shoes; being so, they could be a successful option to provide comfort and safety to the smallest of the house. As we well know that you want to acquire the best quality-price Crocs for children, we will detail the qualities of this model below.

As for their composition, we will say that they are made with foam on the outside; while the soles are made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is a type of thermoplastic polymer of good quality and resistance. In addition, you should know that they are easy to wash and can be bleached with chlorine, as this does not deteriorate their composition and tone.

In terms of design, these cheap Crocs for kids are closed at the front and have an adjustment strap at the back, an aspect that provides good support to the foot.

Choosing the cheapest, most resistant and good quality clogs on the market is not an easy task; That is why we invite you to know the pros and cons of this product.


Ventilation: They have 3 holes on both sides of each clog and 10 on the top for better breathability.

Color: This model is characterized by the combination of two bright and striking tones.

Insoles: The inner part of the clog is contoured to give greater comfort to the sole of the foot.


Cost: The cost of these crocs sandals tends to vary depending on the color and size you choose.

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Boys’ Crocs Flip Flops


3. Crocs Crocband Flip GS Beach & Pool Shoes

Opting for the best Crocs for kids that they can wear during the summer to keep their feet comfortable and cool is a simple task; Well, the Crocs Crocband Flips GS are designed with a foam padding patented by the brand, known as Croslite. This material allows the product to be lightweight, durable, and fun to use. It also provides good cushioning and support all day.

Regarding its appearance, the simple, retro and sporty style of these Crocs flip flops for children is available in neutral tones, thus being a unisex model. Among other qualities, the soles have contoured insoles so that the feet of the little ones have comfort and rest.

On the other hand, we don’t want to forget to mention that the flip-flops are buoyant, so they can be found quickly if your child accidentally drops them in the water; because we know that these setbacks can happen often.

Being a good alternative when going to the beach, pool or being at home, this model has features that you may want to know.


Non- slip: The soles have grooves that prevent them from slipping on wet floors.

Comfort: The design of the flip-flops is flexible, comfortable and light; In addition, the interfinger is made of fabric so as not to cause damage or discomfort.

Maintenance: The format of this model makes the inner sole easier to wash and dry.


Format: Manufacturers recommend not exposing them to intense sunlight or high temperatures, as they can be deformed.

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4. Crocs Classic Slide Kids 204981-410 Unisex Flip Flops

All the shoes in the wide range of Crocs are designed with a closed-cell resin (Croslite), which represents an innovation in this type of footwear, since the material provides properties such as lightness, flexibility, softness and comfort. This model of Crocs flip flops for children is no exception, its classic design is easy to put on and take off. They also offer a roomy fit for added comfort.

These Crocs are a good alternative when worn in places such as swimming pools or during vacations at the beach, even for day-to-day use at home, as the foam cushion on the sole cushions the contact of the sole of the foot on the ground. floor at every step.

To make a good choice when buying them, our recommendation is that you pay close attention to the size and consult the size equivalence table between the American and European standards. 

Crocs may be the best brand of sandals for children. For this reason, learn more about the qualities that this model offers.


Thick sole: The sole has a cushioned Croslite cushion, so they are comfortable to wear all day.

Hygiene: The material with which they are made can be washed and dried quickly.

Design: As it does not have laces or adjustment tape, the model fits on the foot without any problem.


Ventilation: This model does not have ventilation holes in the upper part, so you can feel a little heat in the instep area.

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Boys’ Crocs Sandals


5. Crocs Crocband Sandal Kids Unisex Sandals

Children’s feet do not stop growing, for this reason we must take care of the footwear they use daily. In this sense, this model could meet all the characteristics expected of a shoe, since Crocs sandals for children are designed to provide support to the foot through an adjustment strap without being very rigid, letting the ankle It can be flexed without any problem.

Now, if you are also wondering which are the best Crocs for children; in these sandals you may be able to find the answer, because it is a safe shoe made in one piece, so by not having seams or welds, friction and discomfort that can cause injuries are reduced. We do not want to forget to mention that this model is wide and has non-slip properties, preventing the little ones from slipping on wet surfaces and falling.

To detail a little more the qualities of this product, we present some pros and cons that are of interest.


Design: This product has a more casual style, in relation to other beach models of the brand.

Holes: It has holes at the top of the instep to customize your sandals with Jibbitz.

Versatility: This design has a sporty band on the sole that gives it versatility to wear casually at home or for a walk.


Perspiration: Being made of plastic materials, on very hot days the feet could sweat a little more than normal.

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6. Crocs Swiftwater Expedition Sandal Kids with Unisex Bracelet

Children are always on the go, they love to explore and play with land or water; For this reason, it is normal for your shoes to get dirty or wet. In this sense, the Swiftwater Expedition model can function in any of these situations. Likewise, the dimensions and materials with which these Crocs sandals for children are made have been chosen to adapt without problem to humidity; since they can be washed several times without losing their shape or color.

Delving a little deeper into the qualities that make this model stand out is the design of its sole, since the upper part is made of lightweight Croslite material; while the outer one has herringbone-shaped flex grooves that offer good traction in and out of the water. We should also mention that the sole measures approximately 1.25 centimeters, so the child’s foot will be protected.

The advantages and disadvantages of a product can help you make a quick and safe decision when making the purchase.


Double adjustment: It has two hook-and-loop straps that adjust at the ankle and instep, to give greater support to the foot.

Traction: The sole with flexible herringbone grooves give this model great traction.

Comfort: This product has Crocs Comfort technology, which provides extra comfort when walking.


Cost: The price of these sandals is a bit high compared to other models of the brand.

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Crocs Kids’ Clogs


7. Crocs Crocband Clog K Clog Unisex Kids

This model follows the classic line of the brand, as these Crocs clogs for children have a profiled sole with good support; as well as a platform that keeps the soles of the feet safe, betting on a healthier posture with each step. Another noteworthy point of this product is the closed cell structure with which the Croslite material is made, present throughout the design, as it provides many qualities to footwear. For example, it prevents problems with sweating, preventing bacteria from growing inside the shoe.

On the other hand, these clogs are designed to withstand daily use by the smallest of the house, because we well know how restless and adventurous most children tend to be. In addition, the ergonomic design of the model allows them to move easily and comfortably, preventing chafing, irritation or other inconveniences. 

If you don’t know which Crocs for kids to buy and want a product with a versatile style, here are some pros and cons.


Colors: This model has a great availability in colors, since on the page we can find them in 14 shades.

Style: As the classic and retro design does not go out of style, they can be worn casually at all times.

Customizable: In the upper part it has holes to which you can place accessories to customize them to your liking.


Size: It is advisable to choose one size larger, considering that children’s feet grow quickly.

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8. Crocs Unisex Kids’ Classic Clog K Clog

Crocs Classic Clog K clogs for kids are the traditional model that we all know. This comfortable non-slip design allows them to play in the water or any other surface; while keeping the foot protected. Regarding its composition, this product, like others of the brand, is made of 100% Croslite material. On the other hand, it has a Roomy fit, this means that the interior of the shoe is spacious, to give extra comfort.

You may also be interested to know that the lightweight sole of these clogs does not leave any marks on the ground and the pivoting support strap that is located in the heel, gives you a stable and secure fit when walking. Finally, we can add that the ventilation holes of this model can fulfill 3 functions: improve breathability inside the shoe, customize them with Jibbitz and help water and dirt to escape easily. 

Read more details of the product, so that you are well informed of all its qualities.


Quality: Despite being an economical model, these clogs have the same quality as any other brand product.

Humidity: Thanks to the properties of the model’s materials, it does not absorb moisture and, if it gets wet, it dries quickly.

Strap: The heel strap is well secured to give the foot a secure and stable fit.


Finish: This model is a little simpler compared to others of the brand. However, it offers a variety of colors.

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Kids’ Crocs Boots


9. Crocs Handle It Rain Boot Kids Unisex Wellies

For our selection to be complete, we could not miss a model that allows us to have all the features of Crocs products on rainy days. These are boots made in a unique format, with the patented closed-cell resin, or better known as Croslite foam, which gives them a completely waterproof construction, so the rain will not limit the fun and comfort of the little ones. home.

As for their format, these Crocs boots for children are unisex and have the appropriate height so that they can move freely. Likewise, its adherent sole gives it a secure footing, avoiding slippage. On the other hand, they are available in 3 colors, such as pink, yellow and green; each of them combined with the brand’s logos and two front holes to customize them with details to suit each little one.

When the rain is present, it is good for children to have shoes to face it. We invite you to analyze this model in detail.



Design: Their integral design made from Croslite foam makes them completely waterproof, keeping children’s feet dry.

Handles: The boots have large handles that make it easy for children to put them on and take them off.

Heel: It has a flat, non-slip heel and a convenient height that provides adequate support when walking.



Inner lining: The model does not incorporate a fleece lining, so the use of appropriate socks in winter should be considered.

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Shopping guide


In a short time, the founders of Crocs achieved great popularity in the market by creating functional, fun and comfortable footwear. Hence, not only professionals enjoy its use, but also the little ones who carry out countless activities, without letting their feet rest. If you are interested in knowing more about them, then you will find a guide to buy the best Crocs for children.


The Crocs brand is characterized by using a material developed from a closed cell polyamide resin, which is known as Croslite foam, in all its variety of models. Hence, it is not rubber, rubber, plastic or any thermoplastic polymer, such as those commonly used in the manufacture of this type of fresh footwear.

Patented by Cros, this material provides footwear with qualities that ensure the infant an anatomical base that provides their feet with a good level of comfort. Likewise, it allows it to adapt to the user’s skin based on their body heat and offers an adequate thermal sensation. In the same way, it presents a high level of friction with the ground, so that the footwear is adherent, anti-fall, lightweight and even anti-scratch.

Based on the above, regardless of how much an original Crocs model costs, you are sure to acquire comfortable footwear, with which your little ones will be prepared to enjoy the natural environment, while their feet will be protected and ventilated regardless of the summer season. anus.


Since its inception, this brand has been adapting to new trends, thus creating various designs with colors and models that never lose their main objective, comfort. For this reason, in case of any need, the infant can make use of these shoes, mostly cheap, without being inhibited from participating in a trip to the beach, going for a short walk and even enjoying the rain.

Among the most common designs are flip-flops, very light for use at home; as well as its opposite, the rain boots that, thanks to their completely closed format, allow the child to move around in the rain and go for walks through green areas, rivers and others.

The brand also offers sandals, which have a support in the front part to protect the fingers and a velcro strap to fasten in a personalized way to the heel, being convenient for short walks or creating a casual style during the summer.

Others that cannot be left out are the classic clogs, which through their characteristic design cover the infant’s feet and, like sandals, have a strap to provide good foot support. Therefore, no matter what your choice is, each of these models are available in a wide variety of colors and combinations and even with drawings of fashionable characters. So, all you have to do is make a comparison of Crocs for children, so that, depending on the design, you can choose the one that you like and that suits your requirements.



Being a personal product for daily use, its hygiene becomes mandatory, even more so if it comes into contact with moisture and soil. As is known, these elements can influence the proliferation of unpleasant odors and stains, which alter the nature of the material despite the good qualities it offers, since we know that some models incorporate accessories and textiles to provide extra benefits.

Hence, if you are looking for practicality, it is best to opt for more traditional Crocs or for their accessories to be removable and easy to maintain. Similarly, thanks to the fact that its closed-cell resin has antibacterial properties, the proliferation of batteries or fungi is greatly reduced and, therefore, the appearance of bad odors from footwear.


In some cases it has been heard that this type of footwear is harmful to the feet. However, many times the injuries attributed to them are due to the misuse they give them, either by opting for a design that is not appropriate for the occasion or by choosing an inappropriate size. On the contrary, there could be many benefits that this brand offers to children and their parents, by selecting the appropriate size, guided by the equivalence tables between the different shoe size systems used worldwide.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to dye Crocs for kids?

Crocs are always available in a wide variety of colors and styles, but if you want to add your personal touch, opt for paints that are special for plastic. Look for a brush or any type of applicator with which you feel safe when working and newspaper, to delimit the area where you are going to paint. Also, it is recommended that it be done in a ventilated area. Then, visualize the design you want and put it on the Crocs with some pencil or chalk. Finally, proceed to paint and let them dry for several hours before using them.

Q2: How are Crocs for kids sized?

This brand is characterized by making its footwear in an American sizing, but given its popularity, online stores like Amazon offer measurement tables with different equivalencies in correspondence with European, United Kingdom and other sizing. So you should observe these tables in detail, to choose the best size for your little one, although it is recommended that you opt for one size more than the one you commonly use, since they can offer greater mobility, comfort and will last longer.


Q3: How to tell genuine kids’ Crocs from a knockoff?

The great popularity of Crocs has even led to the appearance of countless imitations. In many cases they are evident because in a short time of use they leave an unpleasant odor on the feet or they break in a few weeks. And although before the purchase it is somewhat difficult to differentiate them, there are certain characteristics that give them away. The original Crocs always have their logo and drawings in a characteristic area of ​​​​the brand. On the other hand, the quality of its material could be distinguished to the touch and its colors should always stand out.


Q4: How to wash children’s crocs?

After your little one is done playing in the yard or taking a walk, their Crocs need to be cleaned. This type of footwear is characterized by not requiring special cleaning and care, however, remember not to leave them in the sun or put them in the dryer, as they could be deformed or reduced in size, and also avoid the use of chemical products. Use cold water and mild soap for a deep clean, and if they’re just a little dusty, a damp cloth can get them clean quickly.


Q5: How to stretch children’s crocs?

If you notice that the Crocs are small for your child, it is advisable to change them for the appropriate size, but, if this is not possible, you could use a few tricks to achieve the exact measurement. Putting them in boiling water for a few seconds is one of the quickest options, or use a hair dryer. In both cases, leave the Crocs exposed to heat for several minutes. When you perceive that the shoes are a bit cold, you should put them on the little one’s feet so that they adopt the required shape and size.

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