The 9 Best Gift Wraps of 2022

Gift Wrap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Wrapping gifts is one of the traditions that remain in force over the years. When a celebration approaches, beyond the present that we are going to give, we must consider the importance of the wrapping, so that the gift has a special touch that shows our appreciation for that person. Among the models that make a good impression, The Twiddlers 12 Sheets stands out, a product that has bright colors with attractive designs. If what you are looking for is quantity and quality, so that your gift has an elegant appearance this Christmas, you might need the Kraft Reel Pakot, which offers you 100 m of paper.



The 9 Best Gift Wraps – Opinions 2022

Each celebration requires a different design, so choosing the most appropriate wrapping paper for the occasion is something that speaks to your good taste. To help you in this decision, we present a comparison of the best gift wrap that you can find on the web. The idea is that your gift stands out from the rest with style.

original wrapping paper

1. The Twiddlers Assorted Paper Designs

For some, choosing a wrapping paper can become a tedious task; Therefore, if you are one of those people who does not decide on a particular model, this product is designed for you. It is a set of 12 sheets of 50 x 70 cm with different designs; so if you are looking for a selection of wrapping with the best gift papers of 2022, this is one of the options that you could consider.

The designs, presented with great color and different themes, allow you to wrap gifts for all kinds of occasions; from anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Christmas and New Years. In addition to receiving this original wrapping paper, the manufacturer also includes matching labels, which allow you to write a small message to give your gift a more intimate and special touch.

Thanks to its quality and versatile quality, it is a wrapping paper that you could consider in your comparison. Learn more about this wrapper.


Variety: You will receive different designs for different occasions, so you will always have a wrapping paper that suits the moment.

Details: Their designs, in addition to being attractive, are rich in details, which enhances the appearance of the gift.

Labels: Includes labels that match the different wrapping papers.


Size: As the sheets are cut to standard sizes, it may not be suitable for large gifts.

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2. Anzon Mories Botanical Gift Wrapping Paper

If you want to decorate your gifts with style, and without spending a fortune, this model could be the best value for money wrapping paper. Not only is it one of the cheapest you can find on the market, but it also offers variety and quantity.

It is an original wrapping paper presented in three rolls each with 9 sheets, designed with attractive botanical motifs thought of nature and with full color details. In addition, it is a paper that is easy to cut, either with a knife or scissors.

It is made of 80GSM white kraft paper, which gives the product high quality. Likewise, the prints are designed based on vegetable and soy inks, so it is not only recyclable, but also totally safe, ecological and non-toxic.

This is a product that could meet your expectations. For more details on the characteristics of this paper, we invite you to evaluate its positive and negative aspects.


Ecological: The materials used in its manufacture are natural and free of toxins, such as vegetable inks and soy.

Design: It offers you a print based on a botanical and natural theme, in highly attractive matte colours.

Multipurpose: Thanks to its original designs, you can use it for all occasions and celebrations.


Thickness: It is a gift paper that is thicker than other similar products, which could make it difficult to handle.

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Christmas wrapping paper

3. Pakot Roll of Gift Wrap Kraft Laid Design Stars

With more than 25 years in the industry, the renowned Spanish brand Pakot specializes in the manufacture of fancy paper, printed polypropylene, decorative ribbons and bags. For this reason, this roll of wrapping paper from Pakot, with its high quality, could be a good buy.

This model is especially useful when the Christmas season approaches, when you need enough paper to cover all the gifts that you are going to give at this time. Likewise, it could also be used in commercial environments, where it is required to wrap large quantities of gifts.

Its presentation is given in a 70 cm wide reel, which contains 100 meters of Christmas gift paper, with a design that includes a red background and gold stars; which favors an elegant and distinguished presence.

Due to its long history, prestige and high quality of its products, Pakot could be the best gift paper brand of the moment. Meet more than one of its best models.


Quantity: You will receive a roll of 100 meters of Christmas paper, making it suitable for gifts this season.

Materials: It is made with a type of high quality paper, such as laid kraft.

Timeless: Its elegant and timeless design is a trend that does not go out of style during the holidays.


Storage: In the case of a large coil, you may need extra space for storage.

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4. Walolo Christmas Wrapping Paper 6 Designs

If you are looking for a gift wrap for Christmas, with the purpose of covering the gifts that you will put under the tree, this product could be a good option in terms of variety and quality. It is a paper presented in 10 loose sheets, with a standard size of 50 x 70 cm, which favors the ability to wrap most gifts.

It offers you six different attractive designs alluding to the Christmas season. The designs match each other, having a warm color palette, which allows you to combine the entire space you are going to decorate. Among the motifs available on this paper we have adorable Elk, lantern, Christmas tree, snow, snowman and Elk color.

It is a Christmas gift wrap made with eco-friendly products with the environment. In addition, you will receive stickers with which you can personalize the gift.

Walolo’s proposal could be the best gift wrap of the moment, given its variety and usefulness. Then we invite you to read a summary of its most outstanding aspects.


Traditional design: The various Christmas designs are not only attractive and colorful, but also have a traditional and warm touch.

Stickers: Additionally you will receive a set of stickers, which match the wrappers, in order to personalize your gifts.

Eco friendly: It is a product made in an eco friendly paper with nature.


Thickness: It has a thickness that could be difficult to stick with low-quality adhesive tape.

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vintage wrapping paper

5. Pakot Havana World Map Kraft Wrapping Paper Reel

If you need to wrap a large number of gifts and don’t want to have loose paper everywhere, the best wrapping paper might be one that offers you a handy spool, to keep it organized and close at hand. This presentation is offered by this Pakot paper, a product that has a reel that contains 100 meters of high quality and manageable packaging.

It is a vintage gift paper that does not go out of style and that you can use in various celebrations. To do this, it has a timeless design that offers you the world map in brown tones on a beige background and, in addition, it has great visual richness in terms of details.

Likewise, in order to please the most select tastes, the manufacturer offers you the option of choosing other attractive designs, with different themes and colors for all occasions.

As an elegant and attractive product, this could be the paper you are looking for. Take a look at its main features below.


Weight: Its weight of 60 g makes it light and flexible, to be handled by anyone.

Utility: Thanks to its flexible quality, it is a wrapping paper that you can comfortably use to work on crafts or simply to decorate your gifts.

Quantity and variety: You will receive a reel with 100 meters of eligible paper among several available designs.


Specific designs: The availability of a Christmas or birthday design on this type of vintage paper would be appreciated.

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6. Ruspepa Vintage Gift Wrap Printed on Pearl Paper

Buying wrapping paper can seem complicated, but there are options that offer you simple solutions, like this vintage wrapping paper printed with bold floral patterns on a pearlescent base in pink, blue, silver and white. It is a pack of 4 individual sheets that provide dimensions of 76 x 100 cm, which favors the wrapping of small and large boxes.

It is a paper with a delicate satin touch, suitable for any occasion, regardless of whether it is a wedding, anniversary, Mother’s Day, birthday, Valentine’s Day, baby shower, even when you want to surprise a special person. Likewise, it could be very useful for handicrafts, given its softness and flexibility.

Additionally, you can also select the model of your choice among several available print patterns, which adapt to any taste and style.

This is one of the cheapest and best quality wrapping papers, so you might want to consider it. Next, assess your strengths and weaknesses.


Size: Its sheets measure 70 x 100 cm, so you can easily wrap any gift.

Design: It is a paper with a beautiful floral pattern on a highly attractive pearl base.

Lines: On the reverse you will find grid lines that favor straight cuts.


Presentation: Its presentation is given in folded sheets instead of rolled, so slight creases could be seen in the gift.

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pretty wrapping paper

7. Sfesnid Rolls of Gift Wrap and Satin Ribbon

When you are looking for beautiful wrapping paper, to make a bag or to line a box, these wrapping paper rolls could be the best option if you want your gift to stand out. It is a product that provides an original and contemporary style thanks to its highly attractive modern design.

The manufacturer offers you a set with 8 rolls of wrapping paper with dimensions of 42 x 60 cm each. The colors offered are: 2 white rolls, 2 black, 2 grey, 1 purple and 1 pink. In addition, it also includes 6 rolls of satin ribbon (3 meters each), 3 bows to wrap gifts and a set of stickers to write personalized messages. Because of this, you will be able to unleash your creativity and give a well-presented gift.

It is a very useful paper for all kinds of decorations and celebrations. We invite you to evaluate a summary of its most outstanding aspects.


Originality: The designs on this paper are original, so you won’t have to make an effort to make your gift stand out.

Functionality: You will be able to create a whole range of possible combinations for your gifts, as well as decorate environments and carry out handicrafts.

Accessories: You will also receive bows, ribbons and stickers, so you will not have to make additional purchases.


Size: Its size could be reduced when it comes to wrapping large gifts.

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8. Ruspepa Kraft Gift Wrap Roll

Nice wrapping paper not only makes a good impression, it could also be a reflection of your good taste. In this sense, if you are still wondering which is the best wrapping paper, which gives you a touch of originality and class, this Ruspepa model could be a recommended option, since we are dealing with an attractive and high-quality paper.

It is a pack that has 4 rolls; each one has a different pattern where vintage tones are combined with the original designs offered by each model. For this reason, it is a product that is not only suitable for wrapping gifts, but also suitable for crafts and artistic inspirations.

In addition, it is a high-performance and flexible model, since each roll has 76 x 305 cm of paper with a weight of 80 g/m2.

If you are a lover of details and good taste, this wrapping paper could be what you are looking for. Next, read the most important aspects of this product.


Kraft paper: This is a high quality Kraft paper, which you can use in all kinds of arts and crafts.

Prints: Each roll has an original print with a different theme: alpaca, hedgehog, strawberry and cactus, recommended for various occasions.

Versatility: Its dimensions allow you to wrap all kinds of gifts regardless of size.


Casual: Its designs are casual, so if you are looking for an elegant paper for a formal occasion, you could analyze other options.

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Children’s wrapping paper

9. Gukkk Gift Wrapping Paper and Ribbon Roll

Gifts are one of the best ways to express love to a child and the wrapping you use could create an experience that will leave a lasting impression on their childhood. For this reason, a children’s gift wrap, suitable for the little ones, is a detail that you should not neglect when giving gifts.

This Gukkk model is a paper that has all the appropriate characteristics for children’s wrappers, since it offers bright colors with a palette of tones that range from subtle to vibrant. In addition, their designs have themes that include fun figures of animals.

With the purchase you will receive 8 sheets of paper with 8 different designs and 2 rolls of ribbon suitable for boys and girls. In addition, it is an appropriate product for various celebrations.

If you are going to give a gift to a child and you do not know what wrapping paper to buy , this model could be the most suitable. Next, its qualities and disadvantages.


Diversity: The designs it contains are varied, fun and full of color, so you will have diversity to choose from when it comes to wrapping.

Resistant: The high quality of the paper offers resistance and does not lose its color with the glue.

Ribbons: You will also receive two rolls of ribbons, with which you can give your gifts that extra decoration.


Stickers: The inclusion of stickers is missing, to write short messages.

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Shopping guide

There is no better way to surprise someone than through a gift. A gift says a lot about your personality and your good taste, so it is essential to wrap it in the best way, so that it makes a good impression. In this sense, there is a wide variety of wrappers on the market for all styles and celebrations, so you won’t have to worry when looking for one in particular. However, to get a quality product you should evaluate the most important characteristics of your options. To do this, we present this guide to buying the best wrapping paper.


Design and users

For a gift to make the best impression, it must be wrapped in an attractive paper suitable for the celebration. For this reason, when you analyze your gift paper comparison, you should consider the design as the main aspect that you should look at.

To make your gift stand out and be appropriate for the occasion, it is best to choose a design that suits the moment you want to celebrate. As a holiday approaches, the demand and production of gift wrap increases, so you can find a wide variety to choose from.

Holidays like Christmas require eye-catching papers with Christmas patterns like stars, snowflakes, gifts, reindeer or Christmas trees. If it is Valentine’s Day, the most suitable could be those with hearts and flowers; while for Halloween, themes such as ghosts, witches or pumpkins are indicated.

As a general rule, try to choose an appropriate design not only for the celebration, but also with the recipient of the gift in mind. For this reason, you will be able to find gift papers specially designed for men, women, young people and also for children.

However, many times a print is not necessary; so choosing a paper without a theme and where color is the protagonist could also be a good alternative. You just have to add some accessories such as ribbons or bows to complement the decoration.


Choosing the right color for wrapping paper is essential. Colors allow us to convey emotions and feelings; its spectrum ranges from the brightest to the darkest. In this sense, choosing a bright color could be the appropriate one for the gift that you will give to a child or a young person. While the darker tones could be intended for specific occasions such as Halloween.

Warm colors like pink, red, orange and yellow are associated with love, home, melancholy, friendship and closeness. These shades could be appropriate for holidays like weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day, or any time you want to give a gift that shows your emotional bond with another person.

On the other hand, cool colors like violet, blue and green are associated with a professional level, with them you can wrap a gift to give to a partner, work colleague or secret friend.


People who are professionally dedicated to DIY, arts and crafts know the importance of paper weight. This aspect will determine its weight in a square meter and its measurement is expressed in gr/m2; For example, if the grammage is 80, it is indicating that a meter of paper weighs 80 grams. The ease or not of using it in packaging or at an artistic level could depend on this measure.

A light weight paper is ideal for all kinds of gifts, as it offers greater flexibility and you will not have problems when using tape or glue; on the other hand, they are products that have a lower resistance. On the other hand, papers with a higher grammage give the impression of quality and given their resistance over time, they can be recycled. However, the larger the gift, the more difficult it may be to handle and stick together.


With regard to materials, this aspect is also relevant when choosing the wrapping for a gift. The materials used could be a determining factor in knowing how much a specific paper costs. Although there is a wide variety on the market, here we will only mention one of the best sellers due to its high quality.

In this sense, we have that Kraft paper is the material used par excellence to cover gifts. It is a versatile, flexible, highly resistant, biodegradable and recyclable material. Plus, it’s inexpensive and accepts paint, glue, pencils, and markers.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a paper gift bag?

Paper gift bags could be a wise option when the present cannot be wrapped in paper. There are many methods to do them and there are all kinds of them, so you don’t need to be an expert to do this job.

In general, you should only have a ruler, scissors, glue or tape on hand. Once you have selected the most appropriate paper for the occasion, proceed to cut it according to the size of the gift.

Next, fold the top edge down 2.5 cm and then form a tube with the paper, so that the crease you made is on the outside, then secure it with glue. Open the pocket that was formed by the fold at the bottom, flatten it, and then fold the top and bottom tabs toward the center. To finish, glue the bottom part with adhesive and the bag will be ready.

Q2: How to decorate a gift paper bag?

Decorating a gift bag is a fun activity, in which you can show your ingenuity and creativity. If the gift bag does not have handles you could add them; To do this, choose a ribbon that matches the design on the paper, then cut it to the size you want. Next, open two holes on each side of the bag, here you will put the tape that you are going to use as handles.

Depending on the chosen design, you could also choose to make small drawings with messages using markers; Likewise, you can put bows on it or use stickers to give it a personalized touch.

Q3: How to cover gifts with wrapping paper?

Wrapping gifts is an art that for some people could be complicated, while for others it is just another craft. In general, to wrap a gift you must evaluate the shape of what you are going to cover. In the case of boxes, their shape is usually that of a cube, these formats being the ones that require the least skill. While if it is a cylinder, a sphere or any other shape, the level of difficulty could be raised.

For this reason, to correctly cover your gift, and regardless of its shape, you could visit any tutorial website and follow the recommendations of craft experts.

Q4: How to make bows with wrapping paper?

Making bows could be the hardest part of decorating gifts, especially if you’re one of those people who doesn’t have enough craft skills.

When it comes to a simple bow, start by choosing a ribbon with the size you want, place it on the front and make two equal ears on both sides. Proceed to cross them so that the left is on top, then you will need to move this part behind and under the other side to form a knot. Finally, you match the ties to finish the task.

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