The 9 Best Nursing Shirts of 2022

Nursing T-shirt – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The stage of breastfeeding a baby is a unique experience, to which it is sometimes difficult to adapt. However, the process can be much easier when you wear the right clothes, which make the task of exposing the chest easier. This is what nursing shirts can offer and lately, manufacturers design them in such a way that they are multipurpose, as they adjust to your anatomy, compress the tissues a little, so that they gradually return to their place, and there are fresh. You can find this, for example, in the extra- soft Roseanne model, as it is made of cotton and elastane. In addition, each cup opens independently for greater practicality, and since it does not have rings it is very comfortable. On the other hand, the Herzmutter 5300 shirtIt offers the advantages of a polyamide and elastane composition, for those who seek a better fit in the silhouette.



The 9 Best Nursing Shirts – Opinions 2022

Because each woman is different in her choice of clothes, the way to make a comparison of t-shirts will also be very personal. But in our selection we have tried to gather the best rated models of this year, maybe you will identify one that fits what you are looking for.

Nursing undershirt

1. Roseanne Practice T-Shirt Nursing Top Underwear 

Among the garments that should not be missing in your drawer, to achieve a good experience in the process of breastfeeding your baby, is the undershirt for breastfeeding. If you are looking for one that is easy to maintain and has a soft texture, you can look at this Roseanne model.

It includes in its design removable cups with clip, so you can discover the chest with one hand. And because it’s seamless, you won’t have a problem with the fine skin in this area chafing.

On the other hand, it is offered in 5 different sizes, S, M, L, XL and XXL, so you can select the one you need according to its measurement table.

In addition, being made with elastane and cotton fibers, it adapts to the contour of your figure without being too tight or causing discomfort, so it is not surprising that many women consider it the best nursing shirt.

Before buying any product, take a good look at its possible drawbacks and advantages. This way you can avoid unexpected surprises.


Versatile: It is a garment that can replace the bra, so it is considered very practical, you can even sleep with it.

Fresh: Its high concentration of cotton fibers make it a breathable and comfortable shirt.

Maintenance: You can wash it at home without any problem, as it has no special specifications in this regard.


Drying time: Due to its high cotton content, it may take longer to dry than other shirts. 

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2. Jueshanzj Halter V Neck Sleeveless Underwear

Searching among the cheapest options on the market, but with better comments, we found this model that you can choose from in 5 beautiful pastel shades, which may interest those who do not like the traditional black and white.

In addition, it is made of fresh cotton fabric, which can be a suitable choice for summer. Continuing with its design, we must also highlight its decorative lace detail that surrounds the torso and also the chest area. You might also be interested to know that the chest section is seamless to prevent chafing and discomfort.

In relation to its practicality, the snaps of this undershirt for nursing make it easy to expose the breast to feed your baby comfortably and you will not have to wash it manually if you do not have time, as it is compatible with machine washing, to make it easier. the process. 

The best nursing shirt of the moment for you could be the one that meets your expectations at a reasonable cost. Find out more about this model below.


Softness: Because it is a cotton garment, it is breathable and comfortable, convenient qualities for hot days.

Design: Thanks to the casual style and its light colors it can please young moms.

Practicality: Its clasps and structure allow comfortable breastfeeding. In addition, they keep the chest ventilated.


Size S: The manufacturer only offers from size M to XXL, so if you need a small shirt you will have to keep looking or check the size table in detail.

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Nursing Tank Top

3. Herzmutter Nursing Shirt Tank Top

With a pre-shaped design, this tank top for nursing provides a good fit to the female anatomy in the postpartum stage, keeping the tissues in place without causing discomfort. This is due to its 80% polyamide composition, a resistant, soft fiber that maintains its shape despite use. That’s why we include it among the best nursing shirts of 2022.

Similarly, you should know that this shirt has no seams, so you can forget about the inconvenience associated with them. Likewise, in terms of its freshness and breathability, it is also a very comfortable garment.

To choose the right size, it is available in several sizes and is offered in traditional colors such as white, black or beige. Not forgetting to mention that if you need more than one garment, you can opt for their two-piece packages.

Due to its fit, which can adapt to the body like a second skin, this garment could offer what you need. Its pros and cons are shown in the next section.


Seamless: Due to its pre-molded format, it dispenses with them in the most uncomfortable areas, so they will not be marked on your clothes.

Sizing: Being made of polyamide, it is elastic, so it offers a better fit and is available in various sizes.

Removable cups: Breastfeeding is easy thanks to its removable cups.


Warmth: Recommended for fall or winter as it can be warmer than expected.

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4. Gratlin Women Cotton Maternity Tank Top Nursing Bra

If you have to breastfeed your baby in the summer, it’s best to look for a cool nursing tank top; in this way you can be more comfortable and tolerate the weather without problems. In this sense, a proposal that could meet your requirements is the one offered by Gratlin, since its composition of 93% cotton, which is combined with 7% elastane, allows it to be a breathable shirt, but one that fits the body.

To make breastfeeding more comfortable, its cups are removable by means of clip fasteners, which you can release with one hand while holding your baby.

Another interesting point about this model is that it has an elastic band that keeps the chest section in place, a detail that has been positively commented on by women who have tried the product.

To achieve a successful and happy breastfeeding, many factors must be taken into account, but if you have the right garment you will have an important part covered.


Elastic: Due to its 7% elastane construction, this piece can offer a good fit and freshness.

Colors: You can choose this garment in traditional colors such as black and white, which can be combined with the rest of your underwear.

Maintenance: Due to its fiber composition, it is an easy-to-maintain shirt.


Sizes: You must carefully review the table of measurements and equivalences, to find the one that adapts to your build.

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Long-sleeved nursing top

5. Smallshow Women Long Sleeve Maternity Nursing Top

If the temperature has started to drop and you need a long-sleeved nursing shirt, there are also very interesting options on the market, like this one from the Smallshow brand that offers you a very soft and warm fabric, but without being too dense.

It is a garment that you can use to wear on a day-to-day basis and due to its versatility, it could continue to be useful even if you are no longer feeding your baby, so by investing in it, you can have a piece that will accompany you for a long time. weather. In addition, the manufacturer offers packages of 3 pieces of different colors, so you have variety.

Another aspect that makes this model stand out is its cost, which easily fits into any budget, which is why it well deserves the rating of the best quality-price nursing shirt in our selection.

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to change your style. Check if this model fits what you need.


Practicality: Thanks to its layered design, you do not need to take off the garment and it will be easy to feed your baby or express milk if you are not with him.

Looseness: It offers amplitude in the waist section, so that in the postpartum you feel comfortable.

Maintenance: You can wash it at home, so you do not need special procedures to keep it impeccable.


Colors: The manufacturer offers this piece in predominantly dark tones, missing other colors.

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6. Aibrou Long Sleeve Nursing Shirts

A good gift for breastfeeding moms in the winter is a long-sleeved nursing top. But you should make sure that it is made of a warm and comfortable fabric.

In this sense, the composition of the Aibrou option is quite cozy, since it is made of cotton. However, being thin, it allows you to comfortably wear another garment over it if the weather requires it.

In relation to its design, it consists of a layered front torso, which offers the comfort to expose the chest without difficulty and can be classified as a casual style shirt, suitable for daily use. Also, its V neck gives it a youthful touch. While on the other hand, it should be noted that it can be used from pregnancy, so it is versatile.

Many firms compete to become the best nursing shirt brand, analyze the pros and cons of this model to assess if Aibrou deserves your vote of confidence.


Style: It can be a t-shirt suitable to combine with leggings or jeans, so it is versatile.

Comfort: Its composition offers softness and warmth, without being a very heavy garment.

Versatility: It is a garment that, due to its elasticity, adapts to both the pregnancy and postpartum periods.


Size: Carefully check the equivalence of sizes, as it may be a bit narrow.

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Other products

7. Happy Mama Woman Top T-Shirt Maternity Nursing Double Layer

Crosswise stripes in contrasting shades can offer a casual and sporty look when added to t-shirts. This is, in part, what this model can offer you to dress comfortably on a daily basis, while you enjoy the breastfeeding period.

This shirt is made up of layers that, in addition to being practical, are very discreet. Similarly, it should be noted that 95% viscose fabric and 5% elastane were used in its preparation, so it is a model with a pleasant texture, which molds to the figure.

On the other hand, the combined tones are neutral and could favor any skin tone, without forgetting to mention that it is a garment that you can use with leggings, leggings, etc. In addition, due to its sleeveless design, it is a cool shirt that you could use in the summer.

Some nursing shirts may be cheaper than others, but if the model of your choice meets your expectations, then it could be the one for you. Check the summary of pros and cons of this model.


Colors: Due to its style with neutral tones and easy to combine, you can use this shirt with almost any pants.

Elastic: Thanks to the combination of viscose and elastane, it fits your figure and highlights it, which can be attractive.

Maintenance: It is a resistant garment that you can wash at home without complications.


Length: Please note that this is a longer garment than the standard in a t-shirt.

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8. Zeta Ville Maternity 2-in-1 Layered Effect Nursing Top

In the event that you ask a mother who is still breastfeeding her baby, which is the best nursing shirt, she will surely recommend a model that is comfortable and soft. To cover these important needs, the Zeta brand has developed a practical casual garment that makes feeding your baby easier and that you can continue using after breastfeeding, as it is fresh and comfortable.

Unlike other models on the market, it does not have layers on the front, but on the sides, which offers greater discretion. On the other hand, it is offered in a wide variety of solid colors, to easily combine with your favorite jeans or leggings. Also, it should be noted that it has a ribbon at the waist that adds style to the garment and frames the hip.

If you don’t know which nursing shirt to buy and you are looking for something different, check out more features of this product in detail.


Design: This is a shirt that, due to its design, offers discretion during the breastfeeding period.

Colours: The variety of tones offered is wide, so you can choose your favorite and combine it with your clothes.

Composition: Its fabric has a combination of viscose and elastane, making it resistant to use, soft and easy to wash.


Freshness: It may not be very fresh because the front part has two layers.

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9. Utovme Women Maternity Nursing Shirt

Combined lines t-shirts do not go out of style; they help create a casual style and look great with jeans, for example. That’s why we’ve added a long-sleeved nursing top with this type of print to our selection. In addition, it must be noted that it is one of the favorites of the network.

If you are wondering about the combination of tones, you can buy it in white with blue lines, blue with white lines or gray with white. In addition, it should be noted that this textile design helps to camouflage the layers that make it up and allows the breast to be exposed to feed the baby.

Regarding its composition, it is a garment made of cotton, therefore it is very soft, breathable and easy to maintain. These same qualities mean that it can be used on any occasion, even for sleeping.

Learn more about this model, so you can determine if it is what you are looking for to be comfortable.


Discreet: The lines of this shirt make the section that opens for nursing less obvious.

Warmth: It can provide light warmth if the weather is a bit cool, making it suitable for fall.

Comfort: Its composition makes it a flexible and comfortable shirt, which makes the breastfeeding process easier.


Large sizes: It is only offered up to size L, but perhaps when reviewing the measurements it will fit what you need.

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Shopping guide

The acquisition of a garment, whatever it may be, cannot be taken lightly, because it will depend on it that when using it we feel comfortable. In the case of nursing shirts, it is no different, so you must take into account some specifications so that your choice is correct. Next, we will highlight some points that you should not forget when making your comparison of nursing shirts.

Materials and comfort

Comfort is one of the first aspects to observe in any model that you want to include in your selection. Remember that this garment will be in constant contact with your skin, but so will the fragile skin of your baby’s face, and if its fibers are not soft enough, both of you could experience chafing. For this reason, the choice of the composition of the shirt must be taken into account. The good news is that if you are wondering how much a soft and comfortable shirt costs, the answer is that you will not have to invest too much money, as there are many that are very cheap.

In fact, we can recommend fabrics such as cotton, which, in addition to being a good and economical bet, which fits almost any budget, also offers freshness.

In the event that you prefer something more firm, so that your figure is framed, you can opt for a percentage of elastane or polyamide in the garment. These fabrics are elastic and adapt to the body like a second skin, but they also allow air to pass through. This last point is relevant in inner nursing shirts, because you should not forget that the breasts, due to the feeding process, can get wet and it is important that they dry between feedings, to avoid problems of infections and fungi that would put breastfeeding at risk. successful. However, if it’s an outdoor shirt, you might have a wider variety of fibers to choose from.

Design and practicality

We will continue this guide to buy the best nursing shirt focusing on its design, as these are the important points to review in any model and will depend entirely on your preferences and goals. While some women prefer something simple, that replaces the bra, other women see in the nursing shirt a way to dress well on a daily basis and to comfortably feed their baby. For this reason we can classify them according to their style, in inner or outer garments. 

If it is an undergarment, you should make sure that it is breathable and fits the body correctly. It can be with straps for the summer or, on the contrary, have long sleeves and cover most of the body if it is for the winter.

In the case of t-shirts that are used as a garment, the purpose is that you can access the chest in a simple way, without having to reveal yourself too much. To meet this requirement, designers turn to models that are layered. In this way, you can easily breastfeed your baby by lifting the layer that covers the breast with which you are going to feed the little one.

Now, if you opt for a garment with removable cups and brooches, you should keep in mind that they are easy to put on and take off on each occasion. In this way you will prevent your baby from getting restless while you get everything ready to feed him. In this sense, manufacturers have been quite creative and use snaps that are easily attached. However, you should be careful to check that they are at the correct height, especially if your chest is large.


A nursing top will need to be washed often. In fact, it may need to be washed even more than any other garment, as milk leaks during feedings can be frequent. For this reason, we invite you to review the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding its washing and care, so you can assess whether it is an easy-to-maintain piece or, on the contrary, you will have to resort to manual washing or special procedures. At this same point you might also be interested in knowing if it is compatible with ironing and the use of the dryer.


Last but not least, you should check the sizing of the garment so that it fits your body comfortably and you don’t get a surprise. It is common for manufacturers to use their own size chart, so there could be differences from one brand to another. The best way to choose the correct one is to measure your chest circumference and identify which classification in the table this measurement corresponds to.

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