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Baby Carriers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Carrying a baby is the most natural thing in the world, parents feel the desire to have their children close and the baby is much calmer and more comfortable when someone carries him. In this sense, and as a way to give your arms a break, you have the option of using a baby carrier. This useful accessory facilitates the transfer of your baby, distributing her weight evenly over the shoulders, back and hips, giving you freedom of movement. With the desire to help you while you evaluate your purchase options, we have made this comparison based on the opinions of users who recommend some models such as the Montis Explore Evolution, a backpack designed to go camping with your baby or take it on a trek without compromising comfort. On the other hand, and for a more casual use, the Jané Kangaroo is a functional backpack, with an ergonomic design thanks to the abdominal belt that distributes the weight.

Opinions on the best baby carriers

To make a successful purchase, we recommend you review the products rated by our customers as the best baby carriers of 2022 and for this we have prepared a summary of the characteristics that make these items stand out in their category.

Mountain baby carrier

Montis Explore Evolution

If you like hiking and hiking, having a baby doesn’t have to change that, especially if you use a mountain baby carrier like the Montis Explore Evolution.

This high-end backpack has a light and resistant aluminum structure that gives it a maximum load capacity of 25 kg, so the time of use of this product can be extended until the child is approximately 5 years old. It is worth mentioning that the product itself is light, reaching a weight of 2 kg.

The backpack chair has an adjustable height in 6 levels and a side access that facilitates the entrance of the little one. Meanwhile, the wide, padded straps provide good support for carrying the backpack.

In addition, both the seat and the backrest are also padded to offer maximum comfort to the little one, not to mention the ventilation and protection against the sun and rain built into the backpack.  

Hiking parents consider this to be the best baby backpack of the moment, as it adapts to their needs for excursions and trekking. Here we mention some of its pros and cons.


Support: The structure has a lumbar support that distributes the weight to improve ergonomics during carrying.

Safety: To hold the baby well, it incorporates a 5-point harness and padded shoulder straps.

Access: To put the baby inside, the side access is used, which is very simple and easy.

Extra: Includes a small removable backpack in which you can carry various things and that also attaches to the structure.


Instructions: Several users comment that the instruction manual is deficient and lacks more information.

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Jané baby carriers

Jane Kangaroo

This model can qualify as the best baby carrier thanks to its compact and functional design, being suitable for babies from 3 months to approximately 4 years old, as it supports a maximum weight of 14 kg.

With a unisex look, this backpack features 7cm wide straps to offer better support without compromising wearer comfort. For its part, the breathable inner fabric maintains good ventilation for the baby.

It should be noted that its dimensions are 27 x 12 x 40 cm. In terms of weight, this backpack barely reaches 200 g, which ratifies how comfortable it is to carry, while the baby’s comfort is prioritized thanks to the padding that supports the back well.

There is no doubt that Jané remains at the forefront of childcare products, which is why many users consider it to be the best brand of baby backpacks. For this reason, we invite you to learn more about the aspects that distinguish this model.


Ergonomics: The abdominal belt and the lumbar support allow the weight of the backpack to be equally distributed between the back and the hips for the comfort of the carriers.

Headrest: This complement favors the correct development of the head in small babies.

Design: It is a completely unisex backpack and its neutral tones do not get dirty easily, so it is a point in favor well appreciated by parents.


Sweating: A user comments that to go hiking with the baby, this backpack makes you sweat a lot in the contact areas.

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Manduca baby carrier

Manduca MANS-PL

When reviewing user opinions, you can realize that this Manduca model has earned its place as one of the best baby carriers of 2022, being chosen by parents who trust its quality.

One of the most outstanding features of the Manduca baby carrier is its adaptability to carry newborns, since it incorporates a special seat that allows you to raise the little one and hold him without inconvenience. Also, it has a fabric hood, designed to protect him from the cold or cover him while he sleeps.

Regarding fastening, this backpack uses a three-point system as a safety pin that improves the infant’s grip and prevents accidents and possible slips. In addition, it presents adequate support for the child’s neck and head, which favors their comfort and care.

This model can be found in different colors, all neutral to be considered unisex designs.

Several users agree that this represents a good investment, being one of the most sought after by parents due to its outstanding features and that we list below.


Time of use: This item can be used safely with newborn babies up to 2 years old, being a very useful equipment to carry your little one.

Adjustment: You can wear the backpack from the front, from behind or from the side to favor the comfort of the transfer and give visibility to the little one while traveling.

Resistance: It has been manufactured with resistant, natural and good quality materials, being suitable to support up to 20 kg of load.

Assembly: The backpack can be easily placed without the help of another person.


Texture: Several customers point out that the outer material has a slightly rough texture and they believe that this may be uncomfortable for the baby.

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Chicco baby carrier

Chicco EasyFit

With a maximum capacity of 9 kg, this compact backpack can be adapted to your body as if it were a T-shirt to make carrying something simple and very practical.

This product is endorsed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, as it favors the M-position of the baby’s legs. This position reduces the risk of hip dysplasia, a very common condition in the use of non-ergonomic backpacks.

For its part, the adjustment of the Chicco baby carrier is done quickly through the four fasteners that allow adaptation to the growth of the baby. It is necessary to mention that this backpack barely weighs 400 grams and its dimensions are 15 x 31 x 8 cm, so it will not take up much space and less closed because it can be folded.

If you want to know more about this product, we suggest you continue reading to know the positive and negative aspects that distinguish it.


Position: This product favors the M position of the baby’s legs, a position recommended by doctors to avoid hip dysplasia.

Placement: The easy design of the backpack allows its placement as if it were a shirt, being quick and simple.

Foldable: When you don’t need to use the backpack, you can fold it completely and store it without taking up much space.


Capacity: The maximum weight that this backpack supports is 9kg, so its time of use will be limited by that range.

Support: Some users report that the lack of lumbar support makes their backs hurt after prolonged use of the backpack.

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Babybjorn baby carrier

BabyBjörn 021072

When we look for the best baby carrier, Babybjorn products stand out among the results for the quality of their construction. Such is the case of this model made of a soft and resistant material, the 3D Jersey.

The design of this Babybjorn baby carrier is ideal for carrying newborns thanks to its ergonomic design and adjustable support for the child’s head. 

In terms of functionality, this carrier can be used in two positions: with the baby facing you or facing forward. The first allows the caregiver-baby ties to be strengthened, because the little one feels safer with the warmth of the mother or father. The second is appropriate for older babies, who can already hold their heads up and are curious to discover everything that happens around them.

If you are close to deciding which baby carrier to buy, we advise you to take a look at the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Construction: The 3D Jersey fabric in this carrier favors the baby’s perspiration, it is also soft to the touch and keeps the baby well protected.

Adjustment: The clasp system is very simple and allows the front part to be removed when the baby has fallen asleep to lay him down in the crib. 

Maintenance: You can wash the backpack in the machine at a maximum temperature of 40°. 


Time of use: This model is oriented for newborn babies up to 12 months due to its mini design, or until it weighs 11 kg.

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Ergonomic baby carrier

GBlife Multifunctional 4 in 1

Much has been said about how counterproductive some baby carrier products can be, for this reason it is better to look for an ergonomic baby carrier that does not compromise the child’s physical development, one like this one from GBlife.

This 4-in-1 multifunctional backpack has a design that incorporates a seat for the hip that reduces the risk of dysplasia, allowing an M posture. Additionally, it offers the versatility to be used in different ways to always prioritize the comfort of the baby.

It should be noted that the adjustment system with a belt and padded straps is comfortable for the carrier, since the baby’s weight is distributed evenly to avoid lower back pain, since the width of the straps relieves pressure on the shoulders and spine.

In terms of utility, this backpack includes a pocket where you can store your money, cards or mobile phone to keep your hands free when you go for a walk with your baby.

To be sure of your purchase, we suggest you read this summary of the positive and negative characteristics of the GBlife backpack.


Seat: This backpack has a seat designed to maintain the correct development of the hip, allowing the baby to always be in an ergonomic position.

Versatility: You can use the backpack in 4 different positions: facing you, facing forward as a kangaroo, on the back, ideal for hiking and horizontal transport to carry the baby while he sleeps.

Grip: Belt and shoulder straps offer a stable and comfortable grip for the wearer.


Information: An instruction manual that teaches how to place the baby in the different positions is missing.

Space: Several users comment that enough space is needed to store the backpack because it is a bit cumbersome.

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Boba baby carrier

boba 4g

Among the best baby carriers of 2022, this Boba model stands out, made of plastic and cotton, favoring your comfort and that of the little one, in addition to washing the product.

The ergonomic design of this backpack allows carrying babies from 3.5 kg to 20 kg, while the fabric offers efficient ventilation for use during the summer without being disturbed by the heat. In addition, to provide a good coat for winter days.

Another feature that we can mention about the Boba baby carrier is the accessories that it includes to expand its usefulness such as the adapter for newborns, hood and footrest to give the little one greater comfort and very functional pockets.

To choose the one you like best and suit your style, Boba offers you this product in different colors and designs with pretty prints to be a useful accessory for going out with your baby.

With the variety of products and the quality it offers, Boba is considered by some customers to be the best brand of baby carriers. Therefore, we select the 4G model to point out its pros and cons.


Fabric: It is a product designed for the comfort of the baby and his parents during the summer, since it is thin enough not to cause the infant to heat at any time.

Foldable: It is very easy to fold and store, taking up little space, which allows it to be carried anywhere without problems.

Washable: This backpack can be machine washed at a temperature of 30°. So you can always keep it clean.


Chafing: A client states that the fabric of the upper part that is in contact with the baby’s neck is not soft enough, so chafing is generated in that area.

Price: Some customers point out that the product is expensive compared to other similar models of various brands.

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Deuter baby carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort II

Another outstanding model for hiking with children is this Deuter baby carrier, a product recognized since 1996 as the first child carrier certified by European TÜV and GS safety.

This backpack has a load capacity of 22 kg, distributed in 18 kg for the weight of the child and 4 kg of luggage that you can arrange in the different compartments arranged in the product.

In the design, the comfort of the baby and the carrier prevails, since the child will be seated and will have a support cushion for the chin, so they can lie down when they are tired, in addition to incorporating stirrups as footrests.

For its part, the carrier can adjust the backpack to their height and build thanks to the Vari Fit system, also supported by the padded belt that offers support at the hips, while the load adjustment straps help establish the center of gravity of the carrier. the backpack, a very important aspect for hiking.

There is no doubt that this backpack will be a great investment if outdoor and mountain walks are your thing. That is why do not forget to review the list of pros and cons that this product has.


Support: The little one will be very comfortable thanks to the chin pad, so he can lie down when he is tired.

Balance: The Air Contact System favors the control of the backpack for the carrier, because it offers a balance of the load and the correct distribution of the weight.

Storage: Side pockets increase storage capacity to carry other useful things for the ride.


Accessories: The hood for the sun and the rain must be purchased separately.

Price: The cost of this backpack is very high, but its features and benefits make up for the value.

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Vadue baby carrier

VAUDE Kindertrage Shuttle Comfort

Definitively, the improvements in the design of baby carriers for hiking have opened the possibility for parents to share these hobbies with their little ones and not stop practicing their favorite activities, without sacrificing the comfort of the baby.

For this reason, we recommend the Vadue Kindertrage Shuttle Comfort baby carrier, a stable model that adapts to the growth of the little one until it reaches a maximum weight of 18 kg.

This backpack has a padded backrest that keeps it suspended on the back, relieving the load and reducing lower back pain. In addition, the lap belt helps to absorb some of the weight, making it easier to navigate uneven terrain.

In terms of storage, this Vadue backpack is very useful because it has a large space under the seat that will serve to store what you need as well as other pockets of different sizes that will help you carry the baby’s things in one place.

Now you can review the list of pros and cons that we found in this product to check its benefits and negative aspects.


Backrest: The padding of the Tergoligth backrest and the waist padding allow the backpack to be loaded comfortably, especially on uneven terrain because it is suspended on the back.

Compartments: This backpack has large and small pockets that can be used to carry diapers, snacks, toys and everything you need to go hiking with your little one.

Footrests: The stirrups incorporated into the sides of the backpack allow the child to rest their feet on them, for greater comfort.


Washing: According to a user, the backpack cannot be disassembled for washing, since the fabric is sewn to the metal structure.

Hood: Rain and sun protectors must be purchased separately.

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Tuc Tuc baby carrier

Tuc Tuc 06558

With a unisex design, this backpack offers comfortable carrying for parents and baby, since it is multiposition. In this way the little one can go facing the caregiver, facing the world or on the back of the carrier.

Its use is indicated for babies with a minimum weight of 3.5 kg, however several parents affirm that it is from 3 months when the baby adjusts well to the backpack, since smaller ones are uncomfortable to carry because the posture does not is adequate.

This Tuc Tuc baby carrier backpack belongs to the Life in the air line where denim is the protagonist in the design of the products and in the case of this backpack the front pocket stands out, ideal for storing money, cards, keys or a mobile phone.

As for the grip, this product has a wide belt and padded straps that allow the weight to be well distributed in the support points so that carrying the baby is comfortable for the parents.


Adjustment: The adjustment of the backpack is very simple, its placement does not take much time and the thick belt is adjusted according to the carrier’s build.

Position: With this backpack you can carry the baby in three different positions, adjusting to the child’s age and comfort.

Appearance: The appearance of this backpack is very attractive and discreet, a classic and functional design.


Size: Although the maximum weight is 12 kg, some parents point out that their 9-month-old babies already outgrow the backpack.

Colors: Some users comment that it would be attractive if the denim design were available in other colors.

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Ergobaby baby carrier

Ergobaby Original

With a classic and functional design, this Ergobaby model allows parents to carry their little one comfortably without feeling fatigue or muscle pain. This is possible thanks to the distribution of weight between the carrier’s waist and shoulders, while the baby maintains a natural posture, being 100% ergonomic, which has allowed it to take the place of the best quality baby carrier. price, according to consumer opinion.

You should know that this product can be used in three positions: front, back and side, so you can choose the way that is most comfortable for you. In addition, the padded shoulder straps and belt increase comfort for the wearer thanks to their high-density foam.  

Regarding the load capacity, this backpack can be used by babies from birth, with the special cushion, and until the baby has a maximum weight of approximately 20 kg.

The Ergobaby Original collection is highly recommended by users for being a functional backpack, easy to use and above all, comfortable. We summarize some of the positive and negative aspects that customers highlight about this model.


Cushion and protection: It has a suitable cushion to lift the baby, so it can be used with newborns. It also includes a hood with UPF 50+ to protect the little one from the sun’s rays.

Adjustment: As the baby grows, the size of the baby carrier can be adjusted to give it greater comfort.

Pocket: It has a practical pocket, so you can store a handkerchief, mobile phone or keys without problems.


Assembly: A user states that the placement of the backpack is somewhat complex, especially during the first days and usually requires the help of another person.

Volume: According to the comment of a user, this baby carrier is very bulky, so it takes up a lot of space to store it.

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Other products

CuddleBug GreyWrap1

When we talk about cheap and quality baby carriers, this CuddleBug model is one of the best options on the market today. Its reliable design allows your baby to have more contact with you, strengthening the emotional ties between you with physical contact. In addition, due to its manufacture in breathable fabric, it can be used with the little one from birth, without this causing problems or discomfort.

This wrap comes in a single size of more than 4.5 meters, made of cotton with elastic, so that it can easily adapt to the body of the parent and the movements of the baby.

In the same way, it can fulfill different functions. Firstly as a baby carrier and kangaroo, giving the baby a position close to the chest, where he will feel protected. Also, it can be used as a nursing scarf and postpartum belt, as it helps abdominal muscles recover and reduces swelling.

An evaluation of this backpack indicates it as one of the cheapest on the market, allowing you to obtain quality at a low cost. Here we describe some of its highlights.


Weight: This backpack is responsible for correctly distributing the weight on the back, facilitating the use of the arms at all times.

Comfort: It allows you to have your baby close at all times, so you can perform different tasks without leaving him alone or walking with a stroller.

Fastening: The product adapts to the baby’s body, keeping it attached to you at all times, without you having to worry about accidents and you can even breastfeed while it is in the sling.


Placement: According to some users, this baby carrier is quite difficult to put on, so the use of a mirror is needed to complete the task without much problem.

Elasticity: Its fabric is very elastic, which causes inconveniences when using it with large babies, since they slip inside the backpack, according to several users.

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How to choose the best baby backpack

There is currently enough information on the importance of ergonomic carrying during the growth of the baby, since the purchase of an inappropriate product can have negative consequences on the child’s development. For this reason we have prepared the following guide to buy the best baby carrier, so you will have the most important aspects that you must evaluate in this product for its acquisition.

Shopping guide


On this point it is necessary to explain that the best way to carry the baby is when he is supported on his bottom and not on his genitals. This was very common to see in the old baby carriers in which the baby was left hanging in a totally unnatural position, as well as with his back towards the caregiver, which affected the correct posture in c.

All these errors generated hip dysplasia in many babies, a malformation that occurs when the head of the femur and the pelvic cavity do not fit correctly and rotate in the wrong position, affecting the normal motor development of the child.

For this reason, choosing an ergonomic baby carrier is essential. These products have padded seats or special designs so that the baby adopts the M position facing the parents, in which the knees must remain above the hips. This reduces the risk of dysplasia.


Backpacks come with a minimum accepted weight range as well as a maximum load capacity. It is important to identify and respect these values ​​so as not to compromise the safety of the child.

There are models that claim to be suitable for newborns, but the truth is that they do not adapt to the size of the baby or do not provide the necessary comfort for ergonomic carrying. Others admit a minimum weight of 3.5 kg and a maximum load of up to 15 or 18 kg, the highest range.

This information can determine your investment if you want to use the porter for a longer time, then it is worth buying a backpack with enough carrying capacity.


As part of an ergonomic backpack, the handles play a very important role, since the distribution of the baby’s weight depends on them for the comfort of the parents and the child.

Therefore, the straps and adjustment belts in a backpack, good and economical, must be wide and padded so that the weight is not concentrated only on the shoulders or on the back, but rather that it balances between the support points. This will prevent lumbar ailments in parents after a day of portage.


Although physiotherapists always recommend that babies should be carried facing their caregivers, the truth is that as the baby grows an

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