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Baby Changing Tables – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

One of the special moments that you will share with your child is the diaper change, which is not only about hygiene, but can be a fun moment that will be repeated many times throughout the day. Therefore, one of the most important items you should have is a changing table. If you are looking for a spacious piece of furniture with an integrated bathtub, the Safety 1st Dolphy may be the right product. Its structure has a removable padded surface, under which there is a convenient plastic bathtub. In addition, thanks to its multiple compartments you can have everything you need for your little one’s hygiene at hand. Another prominent changer among the first places is the Plastimyr 5970063 model, which incorporates a bathtub with drain and a removable changing table, arranged on top of a chest of drawers made of PVC plastic with a pleasant touch, with four spacious front drawers.

Opinions on the best baby changing mats

To help you in your search, we have summarized the characteristics of several products that stand out among the best baby changing mats of 2022, recommended by users and endorsed by manufacturers.

baby changing table

Safety 1st Dolphin 

Changing tables are very useful products for parents, since they allow them to offer their little ones a suitable surface to change them daily. In addition, depending on the model, they will be able to have all the child’s personal hygiene items in this structure, for a better user experience.

This is the case of the present baby changing table from the Safety 1st house, which has been designed with a padded and safe surface to place the infant. This cover can be easily removed to access a convenient bathtub integrated in said area. Likewise, you will have a series of compartments, towel rails, a mesh and a larger lower tray.

On the other hand, we have the bearing system attached to the four bases of the structure together with their respective locking mechanisms. In this way, it is easy to move the structure from one space to another easily and leave in the past any fear of unexpected slippage.

This is a two-in-one product, which will allow you to change the baby and bathe him, as you wish. Learn more about this model below.


Bearings: You can easily move the structure thanks to the incorporation of a bearing system in the bases.

Compartments: The changing table has been provided with several compartments that will allow you to quickly access the baby’s items.

Bathtub: A fixed bathtub is incorporated under the changing table surface, in order to bathe the baby with ease.

Mattress: The attached mattress offers a comfortable surface for you to place the child while you change him.


Assembly: The changer requires prior assembly of some of its parts, but this is a simple task.

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Baby changing table

Plastimyr 5970063

With this Plastimyr product you will enjoy a functional structure, which you can use to change and bathe the baby. Likewise, its design is suitable for you to store the infant’s clothing and personal care objects.

It is a piece of furniture made of PVC plastic, which is a resistant, rigid material with good stability. This structure incorporates a total of four drawers with slot-type handles for quick opening and safe closing. In addition, the equipment has a bearing system at the base, with the purpose of facilitating its mobilization.

On the other hand, there is the upper part of the comfortable baby changing table, in which a convenient bathtub with drain and a side tray are integrated, designed to place soap, shampoo and bath sponge in it. In the same way, you can place a padded changing mat with an anti-tip format over the tub, which prevents the child from falling unexpectedly.

Next, learn about the main details of this piece of furniture with triple function.


Wheels: A bearing system is incorporated in the base of the structure, which allows rapid mobilization.

Side tray: Thanks to the small side tray, it is possible to have the baby’s shampoo, soap and sponge close at hand.

Cleaning: Due to the synthetic manufacture of the structure, you can clean it with a damp cloth.

Design: With this model you will have three products in one, since it serves as a changing table, bathtub and chest of drawers.


Drawers: Drawers may be a bit fiddly to open for some people, requiring some force.

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baby changing mat

Baby-Jou Hello Little One

For those parents who are looking for the best changing mat for babies, many users recommend this model from Bebe-Jou, a laminated baby changing mat for chests of drawers, bathtubs and convertibles. This product has an ergonomic design that gives excellent support to your baby’s head and neck. In addition, it reduces the pressure exerted on the child’s body during diaper or clothing changes.

It also has fun and innovative colors and drawings. On the other hand, the dimensions of this changing table are 72 x 44 x 9 cm and its weight is 540 grams, so it will be easy to move it around and place it where you need it, as well as being very easy to clean due to its plastic coating.

If you still don’t know which baby changing mat to buy to place it on your baby’s dresser, this model is highly recommended by several users thanks to its ergonomic design, so we summarize its positive and negative aspects to help you in your decision.


Design: The mattress is designed to offer comfort to your baby, being ergonomic and reducing the pressure on the child’s body when changing diapers or clothes.

Colours: This mattress is available in different colors and drawings.

Size: This changing table measures 72 x 44 x 9 cm, making it suitable for various types of dressers, bathtubs and convertibles.


Anti-tip system: The changing table does not have an anti-tip system, in this way when children learn to turn around they can fall if they are not supervised.

Support surface: Some users comment that the support surface is small and when changing the child, if he urinates all the liquid goes to the center.

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baby changing mat

Cam C209/243

This is a baby changing tub made of metallic tubes with a resistant and light body, varnished with white pigment. In addition, said structure has been provided with a convenient bearing system in its four bases, designed to facilitate its movement from one area of ​​the room to another.

Likewise, the upper area of ​​the product stands out, in which there is a spacious rigid polymer bathtub, free of toxic agents such as BPA and pleasant to the touch. Its interior has some soft rubber supports, so that the child can acquire a correct position, without tipping over while being bathed.

In the same way, you can place the padded and waterproof changing mat on the tub, with a folding mechanism towards one of the sides, while in the lower part of the structure there is a lower tray for placing towels, diapers, clothes and toiletries. baby hygiene.

If you are looking for a baby changing table that is easy to handle, the pros and cons of this model could be convenient.


Bearings: The bearings incorporated in the bases facilitate the movement of the changer.

Folding: You will save space when storing the changing table, due to its folding design.

Side tray: You can have soap and shampoo close at hand, thanks to the side tray.

Manufacturing: You will enjoy a safe support for the child, because the structure was made with resistant materials.


Instruction manual: Although an instruction manual is not included, the assembly process will not be an inconvenience because it is intuitive.

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Folding baby changer

Cute 567501 Brevi

The usefulness of having a folding baby changing table is evident when traveling, visiting grandparents and storing the furniture in a small space, for that reason this Lindo model is among the best baby changing tables of 2022. 

The collapsible metal frame of this changing table has non-slip coating on the feet, to increase safety when in use. For its part, the bathtub function is very useful thanks to the anatomical tray that incorporates a side soap dish and a drain to facilitate emptying.

As for the changing table function, the surface has a very useful anti-tip protection and the structure is capable of resisting up to 11 kg. Additionally, the lower tray offers space to organize diapers, baby wipes and other personal hygiene items. 

This model is available in two options, Pearl Bunny and Beige, both presentations are neutral colors and totally unisex. 

If you don’t know which baby changing mat to buy, you should take a look at the most outstanding features of this model to decide whether to buy it or not.


Structure: The metal and folding base has non-slip feet for greater stability when it is fully open.

Functionality: The changing table also works as a bathtub, as it includes a large and resistant bucket.

Design: The changing table is available in gray and beige with unisex prints. 

Drainage: The bathtub incorporates a drainage tube that makes it easier to empty it over the sink or shower. 


Bucket: The bucket is completely smooth and does not have a reducer or seat for newborns.

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Baby changing mat

Belino 608650

Many users consider that this is the best value for money baby changing table, as it is functional, with high quality materials and cheap. It has a weight of 996 grams and dimensions of 48 x 70 x 8 cm, and can be placed in various comfortable and convertible bathtubs.

Likewise, it has the necessary resistance to support children up to 2 years of age and provide comfort to babies, since it is made of high-density foam that offers support to your baby. In addition, it incorporates a removable cotton terry towel for easy washing. On the other hand, this baby changing mat comes in different colors and with various drawings.

This baby changing table is one of the cheapest on the market. However, it has certain qualities that distinguish it in its category and that we tell you below so that you know its positive and negative aspects.


Materials: This changing table is made of high-density foam, likewise, its exterior is laminated and incorporates a cotton terry towel.

Variety: It is available in grey, beige, pink and turquoise, in addition, it has different designs to choose the one you like the most or combine with the baby’s room.

Cleaning: The center towel is fully removable and machine washable. While for the exterior you only need to pass a damp cloth or wipes.


Spare parts: Some users comment that there should be the possibility of buying spare parts for the towel, because when it is washed it shrinks and they do not have another one to use.

Spills: This model is not laminated, so be careful with accidental spills and dry quickly to avoid bad odors and stains.

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portable baby changing table

Cambrass Star

This portable baby changing mat is designed so that you can have everything you need to change your child’s diaper close at hand at all times. In addition, it is made in such a way that it can provide the greatest comfort to the little one, offering adequate comfort during each changing session. In the same way, because it is foldable and small in size, it is easy to take anywhere, favoring its rapid deployment if unexpectedly necessary.

Another important aspect is that it has a laminated and water-repellent side, so that nothing can penetrate the fiber and cause internal damage, while its other side is made of soft textile so that you can use it as a traditional mat if necessary.

In addition to this, it maintains different color presentations, keeping its beautiful starry design, so you can choose the one you like best, adapting to your needs without being a problem.

Being a portable changing table, it is important that it occupies little space and that it meets some characteristics, so below we give you a summary of them.


Folded: It is very well folded and without much effort, allowing you to take it wherever you go.

Toilet: It can be easily washed thanks to its waterproof surface.

Padded: It is very soft, which is good for your baby to be comfortable while you change his diaper.


Closure: This product maintains a closure that uses small velcro to hold on, which many users do not like.

Size: According to comments, it is a bit small and may be insufficient for large babies.

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Baby changing table accessories

Baby changing mat cover

Lilly and Ben adjustable

It is always necessary to have changing covers to protect some baby products such as changing mats and mats. In this sense, Lilly and Ben present a pair of resistant covers that do not shrink, wrinkle or discolor with washing, maintaining their shape for a long time. In addition, the fabric is fluffy, so you will not be able to see through it, allowing complete protection.

In the same way, the surface of the baby changing mat is soft and delicate with the child’s skin, thanks to its 100% cotton construction, which also makes it effectively absorbent, in case of leaks or spills..

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How to choose the best baby changing mat

If you are going to have your first baby, surely you have thought about acquiring all those objects designed to take care of the little one in the best conditions and that are within your budget. One of them is the changing table, the place that will serve you to make the numerous diaper changes that the little one needs inside or outside the house, and there are so many models on the market with similar or different designs that we have brought you a summary in the form guide to buying the best baby changing mat so you can invest your money wisely.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of changing tables for babies, you will realize that there is a wide range of models in this category that, if you are not clear about what you want, may make your choice even more difficult. For this reason, we must start by identifying furniture-type changing tables, which are functional for storing the baby’s clothes in the drawers they have for this purpose, as well as personal items for the child’s hygiene and on the countertop is the surface prepared for lay the baby comfortably and make the change.

Many of these pieces of furniture are designed to match the crib or other items in the baby’s room, thus achieving harmony in the decoration. This also applies to portable models, available in different colors and even those that come as an accessory in bags to go out with the baby.


Related to the previous aspect, it is important to identify the type of material according to the design of the changer. It is recommended that the countertop type be made of a resistant material such as wood or a derivative to offer greater durability, considering the fact that when the baby grows up he will continue to use the changing table as a wardrobe or chest of drawers. Generally, this aspect determines how much the product costs.

In this sense, there are other types of folding changing tables that have a metal and stable, but light, structure that is easy to transport, store and assemble so that the use of the changing table is very simple. Considering these main types, we must note that the surface on which the baby is placed must be padded and have a waterproof coating to avoid damage from occasional liquid spills, which are more frequent than you imagine during diaper changes.

security and cleanliness

One of the most important rules for using a baby changing table is to never lose sight of the little one or neglect him for a moment, because although when they are newborns their mobility is scarce, when they enter the fourth month many babies begin to move with more force and can to turn over, which would be a hazard if they are on a changing table unattended.

For this type of object, many manufacturers incorporate positioners that help prevent the baby from moving abruptly, other models have a non-slip coating so that the baby stays in place and increases the safety of the changing table, even if it is an economical one.

In any of these cases, the changing table must be easy to clean, either with a damp cloth or by machine if the cover is removable, so you can always keep it clean to place your baby on it.

height and mobility

The changing table is designed so that the parents or the caregiver can change the baby comfortably, which is why the height of the furniture must be carefully reviewed to identify if its dimensions correspond to the ergonomics that adults need, because if it is very low or very high will be awkward to use.

The same applies to the mobility of the changing table, since some models are fixed but others have two or four built-in wheels to be able to change places easily. In the latter, it is important to verify that they also have brakes to avoid that when the baby starts to walk or another child in the house can pull the changing table, causing an accident.


They say that a cautious mom is worth two, and if you don’t want to miss a single detail for the arrival of your baby, having a portable changing table will also be very useful, so you’ll be sure to place the little one on a comfortable and clean surface to do diaper change when they are away from home.

For these cases, there are the changing bags that incorporate a drop-down attachment on which to place the baby, which generally has a padded and waterproof lining. But, there are also the pads that you can take with you in the car and that will be useful to change it on the bed or a dresser with a spacious countertop. This alternative is of great interest for those who have a tight budget or who already have a wooden piece of furniture at home that they can use as a changing table.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to organize a baby changing table?

When changing the baby, it is essential to have everything you need at hand and that it be in a comfortable place for both the baby and the person changing it. In this sense, it is important to organize all the elements in such a way that they are easily accessible.

Ideally, place all the hygiene products you will need in the top drawer or on a nearby shelf: wet wipes, diapers, powders, creams, etc. And equally important is having a place to dispose of used diapers and wipes nearby.

Remember that you should never leave the baby alone, for this reason it is so important to have everything you need close to you at the time of a diaper change.

Q2: How can I make a cover to the baby changing table?

The first thing is to choose a fabric that is soft and easy to wash. To do this, you must start by measuring the fabric on the changing table and cut it to that measurement, leaving about 3 centimeters more on each side. Then, you must do the same with the sides, remembering again to leave a few extra centimeters to be able to sew the cover without this implying a decrease in the actual measurements.

Next, it’s a matter of sewing all the pieces together and remembering to finish all the edges so they don’t fray. Add decorative elements if you wish and wash the cover before putting it on.

Q3: My baby is growing but still in a diaper, how long can the baby changing table be used?

This will depend on several factors, starting with the type of changing table you have, because if it is a piece of furniture, it can be used for longer than if it is a wall-mounted changing table. The reason is simple, it must support the weight of the baby.

Changing tables are usually quite useful even when the baby has stopped wearing diapers, as it is still a fairly comfortable alternative to dress them, so its use will depend on how long it turns out to be a flattering option and your baby stays calm in it.

Q4: I have little space in my little one’s room, where is the best place to put the baby changing table?

What you should focus on when placing your baby’s changing table is practicality. Choose a site that is particularly comfortable for you; remember that it is a space that you will use frequently, several times a day and at night too.

That is why many people choose to place it in a place near the baby’s crib to facilitate its use, especially during the night shift.

Q5: How to assemble a baby changing table adaptable to a chest of drawers?

These options are the perfect complement to simple cribs that do not have a built-in changing table. Its placement is usually quite simple, since all measurements are standard and most are extensible and adjustable.

Each model has its particularities in terms of materials used and systems to fix them on the chest of drawers. They can have built-in snap hooks that cling to the edges of the dresser, or have buttons or Velcro to secure them. This will largely depend on the manufacturer of the changer.

How to use a baby changing table

The changing table is an important element when you have a baby, since it will give you the comfort and confidence to perform diaper changes properly several times a day. That is why you must know how to use it efficiently, without problems or delays, because there will be times when you will not have much time available.


Like most baby products, it’s important that you keep your changing mat clean from the moment you arrive. In addition, you must pay due attention, from the opening of the package, so that you can eliminate the presence of any foreign element that could cause harm to your child.

Also, you should remember to inspect the changing table after use, especially if you use a cover, to determine the right time to wash it. It is also recommended that you can keep the surface of the changing table covered, preventing it from getting dirty during periods when you do not use it.


It is always important to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, since he is the one who knows the product best and what it can do. Read the user manual that comes with the changer carefully and keep it in a safe place, so that you can refer to it whenever you need it.


Once you have read the instructions you will be able to assemble the changing table with much more confidence. We recommend that you place all the pieces in a wide place (such as on the floor) so that you can easily see them. In addition, in this way, you will be able to classify them conveniently so that they can be used more easily later. It is also worth mentioning that you must have the appropriate tools for the job, as well as ask for help if necessary so that everything goes well.


Among the recommendations for using the changing table, there is one that is essential and fundamental: never leave your little one alone in it. This is because it can move and cause an accident, such as falling or knocking over or picking up something it shouldn’t. For this reason, uninterrupted supervision of the child while on the changing table is vital.


Take into account that if your changing mat maintains a weight limit, it is for a reason, so you should not force it to hold more load than is appropriate. If you are one of those who prefer not to have to pay attention to details, it is best to choose a strong changing table such as a changing table or a folding mattress type, which you can use whenever it suits you without problems.


If you decide on a folding changing table, you must have a suitable place to store it, so that it does not get dirty or damaged. It is important that you can always have it at hand and that this site is protected from the elements, keeping the product in good shape.

Another aspect that you should consider is that it is not interrupting the path or being in the way to reach other things, since the continuous movement can cause it to inadvertently suffer damage.

DIY: Dare to make the changing table for your baby

From the birth of the baby until he is 3 or 4 years old when he manages to control his sphincters, we assure you that there will be thousands of diapers that you will change in that period and although after a few months you will become a professional, it is always useful to have a changing table in the baby’s room, which has the right height for the parents and the process of changing the diaper is carried out comfortably.

Here we propose some ideas that we have compiled thanks to the great information highway: the Internet, where creative people share their projects on how to make a changing table for your baby by reusing some furniture or building it from scratch.

Repurpose an old dresser

If you have a chest of drawers at home that needs to be restored, you can turn it into a changing table for your baby, you can start by smoothing out any roughness on the surface, if it is made of wood, then you can apply a coat of paint in the color you like and that it goes in tone with the decoration of the baby’s room.

On the countertop of the dresser you should place a changing mattress that you can buy on Amazon or in childcare stores, they are easy to recognize because they have a particular design with raised edges to act as wedges that prevent the baby from moving. These mattresses usually have a waterproof and removable cover that you can remove to wash. There are models with different motifs, colors and designs that you can choose to combine the whole set.

Another very attractive idea can be to paint each drawer in different colors and place decorative handles that you can get at any DIY store.

changing basket

If you don’t like the idea of ​​just placing the mattress on top of the dresser, you can also use a low-sided bassinet and place a padded surface covering the inside of the basket to give your baby a soft, cuddly platform for their changes.

Take advantage of spaces and cabinets

In many houses or apartments there are small spaces arranged like open closets where we put shelves and make shelves to organize books, clothes, lingerie and much more. These spaces have become allies when it comes to reorganizing the house and preparing it for the arrival of the baby, avoiding the purchase of furniture for which there is no more space.

For these cases, the closet is conditioned to create the changing area and take advantage of existing divisions or make new ones to arrange baby clothes, crib clothes, personal hygiene products and the necessary elements for changing the diaper.

On one of thes

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