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Babycooks – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 2022

When you have a baby it is essential to think about their diet, trying to make it as healthy as possible. For this task it is advisable to have appliances that can facilitate daily activities. Such is the case of the Babycooks, products designed to carry out several jobs with a single device such as steam cooking and mashing, which considerably reduces time in the kitchen. To help you choose a Babycook that suits your needs and desires, we have made a comparison with features and user opinions that can make your search easier. One of the most prominent is the Béaba Babycook Original Plus, a versatile and functional kitchen robot that can even serve as a bottle warmer and sterilizer. On the other hand, there is the modelBéaba Babycook Solo, available in attractive colors and very functional to defrost, cook and grind your baby’s food, and even heat it without complications.

Opinions on the best babycooks

To help you in your choice, we have selected several products cataloged by users as some of the best Babycooks of 2022, so based on their characteristics and evaluations, we have prepared the following comparison.

Babycook Béaba

Béaba Babycook Original Plus

The healthy nutrition of babies is essential for their normal growth, for this reason the Babycook Béaba 6 in 1 offers the possibility of preparing food using steam cooking.

This technique allows you to take advantage of all the nutrients in vegetables, greens and meats, as well as using the juices collected from the evaporation process to crush the solids and complete a preparation rich in vitamins and minerals.

The novelty of this equipment is that it integrates the heating jug on one side with which you can heat and sterilize the bottles. In this way you can concentrate in a single space the most useful appliance to take care of the baby’s utensils and prepare his meals when he starts complementary feeding.

It should be noted that the cooking jug has a capacity of 1100 ml. In addition, the equipment integrates automatic shutdown and sound and light alarm to warn that the process has finished.

For many parents, this is the best Babycooks of the moment, so we invite you to read more about its differentiated characteristics in positive and negative aspects.


Functions: This kitchen robot allows you to cook and grind food, as well as defrost and heat it. Additionally, it integrates the function of bottle warmer and sterilizer, a well-appreciated novelty.

Capacity: The cooking jar is XL size, that is, it has a maximum capacity of 1.1 liters.

Speed: Steam cooking takes only 15 minutes, so preparing your baby’s food won’t take much time.

Indicators: It has a warning light and an audible alarm to indicate that the cooking or heating process has finished.


Plug: The plug is of the English type and does not include an adapter.

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Beaba Babycook Plus

Designed for large families or parents of twins, this Babycook Béaba incorporates two jugs with a capacity of 1.1 liters, one on each side, in which several foods can be prepared simultaneously.

Like other kitchen robots, this model allows you to steam food and then grind it. Also, if you keep refrigerated food, you can use this equipment to defrost and heat it.

With a very simple operation, this appliance has a fast cooking function in a time of 15 minutes, in addition to incorporating the automatic shutdown with audible indication that makes its use even easier. It is necessary to point out that the jars are made of resistant and BPA-free plastic, so they are totally harmless to store your baby’s food directly in them.

Béaba has definitely positioned itself as the best Babycooks brand, according to many users, so this double model has features that are worth highlighting. Here we list them in pros and cons.


Jugs: Each jug has a capacity of 1.1 liters, so you can prepare more food for the baby or babies.

Operation: The handling of this robot is very simple, since it only has a button that you must turn to perform the desired function.

Off: The cooking function incorporates an automatic shutdown, that is, it turns off by itself and warns with a sound indicator that the food is ready.


Texture: Some users affirm that the texture of the crushed is somewhat lumpy, so it can generate rejection in some babies when they perceive the lumps of the food.

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Babycook Solo

Béaba Babycook Solo

For those who want compact and functional equipment to prepare baby meals, the Babycook Solo is a good option, as it concentrates the functions that are most used in these robots with a very simple use.

This equipment steams and grinds food, as well as defrosting and heating stored food, all in the 1100 ml jar. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this product includes different accessories such as the spatula, the smoothie filter or anti-splash cover, and a recipe book to complement its usefulness.

In short, its compact size and easy operation make this robot an essential element for any mother, since its small size makes it easy to move, not to mention how easy it is to clean. Consequently, this equipment can be a good ally for family trips and help maintain a healthy diet for the baby.

Many users recommend Béaba equipment because they have been able to satisfy the needs of parents, so we are going to point out the main positive and negative aspects that stand out in this particular model.


Utility: It allows you to prepare your child’s food in a short time and keep it warm, as well as simplifying the whole process.

Size: It is a compact and manageable equipment, easy to carry from one place to another.

Accessories: The addition of the spatula, recipe book and anti-splatter cover make up for the value of the product.


Coloration: A user indicates that the cooking jar has turned a yellow color after several uses, affecting the appearance of the appliance.

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Other products

Beaba Neo

Among other products on this list, this babycook stands out, made with high quality materials. Specifically, it consists of a stainless steel container to pour the water with which the cooking steam will be generated. This piece has a couple of duly identified buttons on the front area, to program the operation of the equipment. 

Likewise, there is the glass jar equipped with an ergonomic handle made of rigid polymer, free of BPA and with a pleasant soft touch; while the internal blade system allows you to grind, mix and cut food. Thus, it is possible to prepare rich and healthy baby food, purées, among other recipes, depending on the age of the infant.

Also, it should be mentioned that this is a device considered ecological, because after its start-up it generates low energy and water consumption, which will gradually benefit your billing for monthly services. 

If you are looking for an efficient and easy to use baby cooker, you will be interested in knowing the pros and cons of this model.


Cooking: You will preserve the nutrients and flavor of the food, thanks to the steam cooking system.

Blades: Stainless steel blades offer fast and precise cuts when processing food.

Handle: You will be able to handle the jug in complete safety, as it incorporates an ergonomic handle.

Ecological: You will enjoy a low consumption of water and energy, because it is an ecological device.


Noise: After starting up the equipment, a certain level of noise is generated, which depending on the context may be more or less perceptible.

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Philips Avent SCF870/20

Positioned by its customers as the best price-quality baby cooker, this Philips Avent model is a two-in-one device, since you can steam and grind food with the same device.

Its water tank capacity is 200 ml, allowing you to cook any food for your little one in a healthy way. In addition, it has a security system that works by detecting both the jar and the lid of the device in order to activate it.

Likewise, it is a very suitable babycook for places without much space, since it is compact and can be easily stored, weighing only 2 kg, which facilitates its mobility. Also, it has a 70 cm cable that makes it easier to use, even with the plugs far away.

As for the accessories, the equipment incorporates a steamer/blender, a spatula, a measuring cup and a recipe book, designed to give you ideas for combinations and menus.

For many users, Philips is the best brand of babycooks, since it has very good quality and is very versatile in terms of use, always helping to prepare meals in a short time.


Double function: This babycook allows you to prepare steamed vegetables and grind them just by turning the same cooking jar.

Speed: It favors that you can have your baby’s food ready in an adequate way and without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Space: This product is very easy to store and you can use it in places with little space, allowing you to cook without problems.


Noise: This equipment tends to be very noisy during use, so it can disturb the environment and prevent communication when close to it.

Shredded: Based on comments from some users, we can say that this product can leave large pieces during grinding, making it necessary to check the food before giving it to the baby.

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Babymoov Nutribaby Zen

If you are still looking for the best babycook, perhaps Babymoov’s Nutribaby Zen is the product you need: with its 5-in-1 system that allows you to sterilize, cook, heat, defrost and blend, being suitable for use from the birth of your baby. baby until he begins his complementary feeding and even his first years of childhood.

For sterilization it has a capacity of up to 3 bottles, a process that also serves to heat milk. This option is really useful if you have more than one baby to feed.

Similarly, it has baskets for steam cooking that facilitate the separation of different foods, thus preserving their nutrients and flavors separately, respecting the preparation times for each of them.

Also, it has the function of automatic shutdown and memorization of previous programs. In addition, its LCD screen provides an important tool to configure the equipment properly.

To make an intelligent purchase, it is necessary to look at the characteristics of the products when deciding which babycook to buy. To do this, we leave you the details of this Babymoov model below.


Versatility: It has the capacity to sterilize, heat, defrost or steam fruits and vegetables, so it can be used in different ways as many times as necessary.

Jar: The container that incorporates the equipment allows you to easily observe the process and the state of the food, so you will be able to know if there are any lumps or the exact moment in which it is ready.

Separation: The cooking basket allows food to be separated into three groups, so you can prepare several products at the same time without mixing their flavors and aromas.


Recipe book: The team indicates that it includes a recipe book, which is no more than a brochure, according to a user’s comment.

Speed: This model has a somewhat fair cooking speed for some customers, taking longer than usual to steam. However, it stands out for its efficiency and functionality.

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Miniland Chefy 5

The positive comments that this product has from its users make it position itself as one of the best babycooks of 2022. Its functions make it a great help when it comes to cooking, heating, grinding, defrosting, and sterilizing.

The innovative design of the equipment allows its addition to the kitchen to be non-discordant, since it is elegant and compact in size, compatible with reduced spaces. In addition, it has a convenient cord holder, so you can always keep your babycook tidy.

Likewise, it is easily removable, which improves its cleanliness, being compatible with the dishwasher. This product offers access to download a book of healthy recipes and nutritional advice on feeding your baby from 4 months. It also includes three baskets for cooking of different sizes and easily stackable, two dividers, three lids, special tongs, a silicone ring and a carrying bag.

Another very good option in terms of babycooks is this Miniland model, designed for your comfort and the correct nutrition of your baby, characteristics that make it stand out from other similar equipment.


Intuitive: Its operation process is very simple and intuitive, so it will not be a problem to use it in any of its functions.

Transportation: Because it is very light and small, it can be moved from one place to another without problems.

Accessories: It includes several elements that enhance its usefulness and make it easier to prepare your baby’s meals.


Sound: According to some customers, this device emits noise when it is in operation, becoming a bit uncomfortable at times.

Grinding: When used in the grinding function, it may take a little longer than the indicated time, especially if the food is not too soft.

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Leogreen 2 in 1

When you are looking for cheap and quality babycooks, this Leogreen model should be among your options. Its duo system makes the process of preparing food for your baby much easier, so you won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen, since the 190 ml capacity tank and the 500 ml jug favor the preparation of several portions of food..

The jar also has a comfortable and useful design to hold it, and a secure-closing lid, which prevents accidents when mixing edibles. For its operation, it has a timer for cooking, making your work easier without having to be very attentive.

And to extend the useful life of the equipment, it incorporates protection against overheating and overloading, which makes it very convenient, not to mention its stable design with non-slip feet so that it stands firm on the countertop.

Among the cheapest babycooks, this model stands out for its quality, offering functional equipment without spending a lot of money, as its characteristics are totally acceptable, which allows you to spend less time in the kitchen and much more with your baby.


Power: The heat unit has 250W of power, while the grinding unit offers 150W, enough power to prepare your baby’s baby food and baby food with a suitable texture.

Timer: It has a timer that can be adjusted according to the type of food you want to prepare, facilitating the use of the product.

Stability: It incorporates non-slip feet to fix its positioning and stability, providing you with security.


Tank: The water tank for steaming is quite small, so you must be aware of adding more liquid when necessary.

Marks: The equipment has marked the time indicators it uses, which are progressively erased.

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How to choose the best Babycook

When we are parents our priority is and always will be the well-being of our children, especially when they are babies. And it is that at this stage the first care is essential for proper development. For this reason, we pay a lot of attention to their complementary feeding from 6 months. So if you want to know about the appliances that will help you in this phase, keep reading our guide to buying the best Babycook.

Shopping guide


When starting a comparison of Babycooks, it is important to know the capacity of the jar or the food container, since the amount of food that we can prepare in it will depend on this.

In the market you can get a wide variety of equipment with different capacities ranging from 500 ml to 2 liters. In this sense, it is important to identify the capacity of the water tank and the capacity of the food jar.

Some jars have a dispenser engraved to know the amount of liquid and food that we are adding, this is a very useful and important aspect that facilitates the process.

Principal functions

A Babycook, in general, and regardless of how much it costs, has the function of processing food in different steps: the first is to steam vegetables, meats, vegetables or any ingredient used in the preparation.

Next, you must go through the grinding process to purée the cooked food. These are the main functions of a Babycook equipment.

Now, some well-appreciated pluses are the defrost and heating functions. Both have been designed with the practicality of many mothers in mind, who can prepare several portions of meals and freeze them for later consumption, without affecting the nutritional quality of the food.


With regard to the functions that have been added to some kitchen robots such as the Babycook, we cannot stop talking about the bottle warmer and sterilizer.

Although not all equipment incorporates these functions, the high-end equipment has been allowed in the design to occupy more space to accommodate a tank that serves to heat bottles or sterilize baby utensils.

These additions undoubtedly make the product more expensive, but their functionality allows Babycooks to be a more complete investment for families who do not have to invest in individual sterilizers or bottle warmers, currently popular products in the childcare market.


There are specialized brands that sell Babycook equipment and also offer a variety of accessories that complement the use of the kitchen robot. For this reason, many users prefer to acquire those appliances that already include several accessories and make an initial investment, in order to later avoid new expenses and thus make the most of the usefulness of their Babycook.

Among the most common accessories for the sale of these appliances we can mention the spatulas and spoons to stir, the anti-splash lids and even recipe books that will facilitate your stay in the kitchen.

It should be noted that many manufacturers also offer parts and spare parts, considering that with continuous use of the equipment some components need to be changed, without affecting the functionality of the processor.


Even if you choose the cheapest kitchen robot, in a Babycook you should always appreciate the point of cleaning. This is because this equipment will be in direct contact with the baby’s food, so hygiene is essential to keep your little one healthy.

In this aspect, equipment that can be disassembled and whose removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher are very efficient, thus facilitating the task and allowing a deeper disinfection of the equipment.

In case of manual cleaning, the glass must be large enough so that you can wash it with the sponge and remove the remains of food that adhere to the area of ​​​​the blades.


There is no doubt that the support of a recognized brand adds added value to Babycooks that many users appreciate. This is because with the support of a good brand you can guarantee the acquisition of a good quality equipment.

In addition to that, after-sales service and warranty are also aspects that many renowned brands prioritize so that users can handle the product correctly.

Consequently, paying a little more for a well-known brand and a functional product will result in long-term savings, because when necessary you will be able to change accessories and other components for much less than what you would pay for a new processor.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, Béaba Babycook or Philips Avent?

Most of the Béaba models, in addition to steaming and processing food, can also defrost and heat food. While the Philips robot is a more basic model that can only cook and grind food. In conclusion, it is difficult to say which of the two is better, since each responds to the main needs of its users, and it will be the consumers who decide which they prefer. The important thing is that both are good quality, functional equipment and have the support of recognized brands.

Q2: How to defrost in the Babycook?

To defrost the food, the principle of a bain-marie is used, since the food will be placed in a suitable container without a lid in the cooking jar and 1 to 3 measures of water are added to the cauldron, depending on the amount to be defrosted. Then the cooking cycle starts.

When the cycle end signal is activated, it is recommended to use an oven mitt or a cloth to remove the container from the jar, being careful not to burn yourself, at this point it is necessary to stir the content to homogenize the heat.

Q3: Where can I find accessories for Babycook?

In the case of the Béaba brand, the online stores have a wide catalog of accessories to complement the kitchen robots, from spatulas to containers to preserve food, and even spare parts such as the steam basket or the jugs, for if they suffer any damage you can replace them and continue using the processor. Consequently, each brand must have its own line of Babycook products and accessories to ensure the versatility of its equipment.

Q4: What to do when the Babycook has brown water?

With continuous use of the Babycook it is possible that the jug becomes stained, this is completely normal because it is the hardness of the water and the content of mineral compounds that produce this coloration. It is best to use purified or bottled water to prepare your baby’s food, and if the jug has turned a very dark or unpleasant color for you that does not change with deep washing or the Béaba cleaning product, you can always replace it with a new jar.

Q5: How to descale the Babycook with vinegar?

Manufacturers recommend continuously descaling the processor, every 6 to 8 uses and depending on the hardness of the water in the region where you live. To start cleaning, the equipment must be cold and unplugged: place a mixture of ½ cup of water and ½ cup of vinegar in the water tank. Let this solution act for 12 hours or overnight. The next day, discard that mixture in the sink and proceed to wash it as usual, but first check with a flashlight that all the sediments have been removed. You can repeat this operation and after thoroughly washing the water tank, finally you must turn on the equipment and perform two steaming cycles to complete the cleaning.

Q6: How to puree in the Babycook?

You can use a single type of vegetables or several to prepare a nutritious puree for your baby. The first thing you should do is wash and chop the vegetables, then place them in the steamer basket. Using the jug and the indicators, fill the boiler with water to start cooking.

Next, you must adjust the jar, place the basket with the vegetables inside and close the processor, now press the power button. Depending on the model of your Babycook, a light and a steam symbol may come on.

The cooking process lasts between 15 or 18 minutes and at the end an alarm will be activated. After this, you must carefully open the robot and use the included spatula to remove the basket very carefully. Once this is done, you must pour the vegetables inside the jar without removing the water that remained in it, since it contains all the nutrients that were obtained during the vaporization.

Now you must grind the food using the rotary button to make small pulses, depending on the model of appliance you have. So you grind until you get the desired texture, according to your baby’s age and preferences.

Q7: Why does my Babycook stop by itself?

The correct operation of the processor allows it to stop automatically after 15 or 20 minutes of cooking the food, this is a function that stands out for avoiding overcooked food or the risk of damage to the equipment.

But, if your Babycook turns off without this time elapsing or not having finished cooking, then it is presenting some type of fault. Therefore, it is best to call the seller or contact technical support for advice on this.

Q8: Can I use frozen vegetables in the Babycook?

Although it is best to use fresh vegetables and foods to prepare your baby’s meals, you can also use frozen vegetables, which you can take out beforehand and leave at room temperature if you are not in a hurry. But if patience isn’t your forte, you can always use the same Babycook to thaw the vegetables and then add more water to finish steaming them.

Q9: How to sterilize the Babycook?

To sterilize this product you can use the cooking cycle to vaporize the water in two or three cycles, you can also disassemble the equipment and thoroughly wash the moving parts to sterilize them in the traditional way.

It is worth mentioning that by carrying out the continuous cleaning and descaling recommended by the manufacturer, the product is free of impurities, so it can be considered completely safe to prepare baby food.

Q10: Can a rusty Babycook be repaired?

The rust inside the boiler is produced by continuous calcification, that is to say that the necessary maintenance has not been carried out on the product. It is best to avoid reaching this situation by performing decalcification periodically.

Now, if the rust is on the blades of the blender jar, this part can be disassembled and washed very well to remove the rust, using the products recommended by the manufacturer. In any case, if the oxidation persists, it is best to change the equipment and if it is still under warranty, contact the seller.

Q11: Which is better, Babycook or Thermomix?

The Babycook is designed to prepare baby food in small quantities, while the Thermomix can process larger amounts of food, as well as being able to be used for different recipes.

Consequently, both pieces of equipment are the same when it comes to functionality when it comes to preparing the baby’s meals. But, if you already have a Thermomix at home, it is not entirely necessary to purchase a Babycook. However, you must take into account that the latter are more compact and easier to transport, as well as being much cheaper than the Thermomix.

In short, your decision will depend on your needs and budget, so you can make your own comparison to make your decision.

How to use a Babycook

Although many believe that it is just another junk, the truth is that the Baby

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