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Baby Rattles – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When our children are young and still do not know how to express themselves well and everything is new, it is a complex task to entertain them and be aware that they do not take anything that is toxic or dangerous for them. For this reason, one of the options to keep them distracted is rattles, as these help our little ones by stimulating their senses with sounds, lights, materials and colors, as well as improving coordination when trying to take what they see. And it is that, with the number of models that we can find on the market, there are some that can even be used during the teething process, carried in the stroller, the crib, used as a bracelet or in the bathtub, among others. When doing a search, we found the Playgro Clip Clop model, a teething rattle with a pretty cow shape in different textures. On the other hand, we have the Chicco Rana 3m+ that stands out for having a frog design and being light and easy for children to grasp.



Opinions on the best baby rattles

For centuries, rattles have been the quintessential instrument for entertaining babies and currently all designs have been renewed, offering the market a wide range of options for you to choose the one you like best. For this reason, we have made a summary with the products rated by users as the best baby rattles of 2022.

Playgro Clip Clop

When we look for the best baby rattle, we find this Playgro model that is also a cow-shaped teether. Likewise, it is made of different types of fabrics to, in this way, stimulate the child’s sense of touch when she picks it up.

In addition, it incorporates soft plastic parts free of toxic elements in its body, and thus will help our little one with his gums during the teething process.

On the other hand, you should know that this product has dimensions of 15 cm x 6 cm 20 cm and a weight of 141 grams that favors the baby’s coordination and develops adequate precision when using his hands and small fingers. We can also highlight that this model emits different sounds through the bells that it incorporates to help with the development of hearing.

This Playgro model has benefits that make it one of the favorites of many customers, who consider it the best baby rattle of the moment. That is why we summarize its positive and negative aspects below.


Textures: For the development and precision of your baby’s touch, this model incorporates different types of fabric such as stuffed animals, felt and, of course, plastic.

Handle: The rattle has a plastic handle so that the little one can hold it and develop their coordination.

Variety: It is available in blue and pink with details in other beautiful and striking colors that help the little one with his visual perception.

Quality: The rattle is made of high-quality fabrics and plastic, with resistant seams and appropriate finishes.


Hygiene: A user states that despite the fact that the instructions indicate that it can be washed, it can only be cleaned superficially with a cloth.

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Chicco Frog 3m+

When searching among the cheapest rattles, we highlight the Frog model from Chicco, a product that, as its name indicates, has a frog design and is available in green with some purple details.

Likewise, this can be used as a teether for the teething process, since it is made of 95% soft plastic that, when biting, relieves the discomfort in the child’s gums.

On the other hand, the rattle incorporates a sphere in its center that contains small balls that jump and produce sound to stimulate the child’s sense of hearing. We can also highlight that it has dimensions of 14 cm x 12 cm x 3.5 cm and a weight of 45.4 grams, making it light and easy to grip for babies from 3 months. In addition, it is available in the form of a frog and a giraffe and each one brings different options to improve manual coordination.

Chicco is a company that has more than 50 years and a presence in more than 120 countries to which it carries all its products for children, which is why many users recommend it as the best brand of baby rattles. This is how we have chosen the Rana model to tell you about its benefits.


Teether: This model is made of soft plastic that is ideal for your baby to bite on and relieve the discomfort of his gums when he is in the teething period.

Lightweight: The rattle has a weight of 45.4 grams, making it suitable for children from 3 months of age.

Sphere: It incorporates a sphere that rotates and inside which are the balls that produce the sound, they also jump, allowing the child’s visual development.


Rubber: Several users state that the biting part should be made of rubber and not plastic, because for some babies this can be very hard.

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Dolity Montessori Rattle Rattle

Dolity’s Montessori Rattle Rattle model is among the best rattles of 2022, as it is a set of elements made of soft wood of the highest quality, with an optimal finish in colors, brightness and sanded edges.

This pack includes a line rattle, a petal rattle, a round rattle and a half circle rattle, all based on the Montessori learning design to stimulate children’s senses from a very young age. Therefore, each of them has different dimensions and weights.

Likewise, each rattle has elements of different colors and shapes, in addition to emitting different sounds to stimulate the child’s auditory, visual, motor, cognitive, observational and coordination abilities.

It should be noted that the manufacturer recommends its use in children over 3 years of age. However, babies will be able to reap the full benefits as long as parents supervise the use of these rattles.

We recommend you review the characteristics of this model if you still do not know which baby rattle to buy, as it has aspects that make it a smart and long-lasting investment and that we summarize below.


Set: This model is a set of four different rattles. Including a line one, a round one, a semicircle and a petal one.

Materials: The rattles are made of high-quality treated wood, with a good color, gloss and sanded finish.

Easy grip: Each of the rattles has different dimensions and weights, but all are manageable for a small child.


Toxicity: The manufacturer does not indicate whether the paint is non-toxic, which is why many parents say that they may not be suitable for biting.

Supervision: A user comments that if it breaks, the child can swallow the pieces of the material and cause suffocation or any other accident. However, the material is strong and durable.

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Pedro Duran 245840

If you are looking for the best baby rattle to make a christening gift or elegantly celebrate the birth of your baby, we recommend that you review the characteristics of this Pedro Durán model, which is made of 925 millimeter signed silver.

This beautiful piece is made up of a two-part design, the upper part is a sphere where the bell is located, which when moved rotates in it to emit the typical sound. In addition, this part is decorated with floral motifs and a chick in the central area, while the lower part is an elongated support and two types of arms that support the sphere.

On the other hand, the manufacturer indicates that its cleaning is only done with a dry cloth, since it does not have any preservative material that protects it from oxidation. We can also highlight that it comes in a beautiful box and includes a certificate of authenticity for the silver, so it can be an ideal gift for future parents.

This Pedro Durán rattle has various characteristics that you should review if you still have not chosen a specific model, and that we list as negative and positive aspects to help you make your decision.


Design: It is a classic-style rattle, with a sphere design with floral motifs and a chick in the center, where it incorporates a bell, as well as an elongated support that supports the sphere by means of two types of arm.

Silver: This model is made of 925-millimeter silver. In addition, it includes a certificate of authenticity.

Gift: The rattle comes in a nice box that you can use especially to give it as a gift.


Price: It is the most expensive rattle on the list, however, the cost is proportional to the quality of its material.

Teething: This model cannot be used as a teether during the child’s teething period due to the hardness of the silver.

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Baby Charms 12756

The Baby Charms Crochet Rattle model is recommended by customers as the best value for money rattle, as it is made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton with a soft 100% polyester filling, so it will last a long time and its price is reasonable. totally affordable.

As for the size, this product has dimensions of 13 cm x 5 cm x 30 cm and a weight of 499 grams. On the other hand, it consists of two spheres joined by a kind of tube, and in them are the bells that emit the sound when your child shakes it.

We can also highlight that the surface is made with crochet woven by means of crochet and can be removed, in order to machine wash it and achieve greater hygiene for your little one.

In addition, this model is available in blue combined with green, red and white. As well as in pink together with the colors red and fuchsia, so you can choose the one you want for your little one.

This model is one of the cheapest rattles in this summary, however, it has a series of positive and negative characteristics that you must evaluate to know if it is the right one for your little child, and that we will tell you about next.


Surface: The cover of the rattle is made of crochet, so it is a handmade work, free of industrial or chemical processes.

Cleaning: This model prioritizes hygiene, since the cover can be removed for machine washing and keeping it clean.

Shades: The rattle is available in a color combination of blue, red and green, as well as pink, red and fuchsia.


Gums: This model is not suitable for use as a teether.

Weight: Unlike other rattles, this one is the heaviest at 499 grams, so it can be difficult to handle for children of a few months.

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